Skitch for Android Is Here! #evernote_etc


Skitch for Android Is Here! #evernote_etc

Posted by on 18 Aug 2011

Posted by on 18 Aug 2011

Remember when we said we were committed to bringing Skitch to new platforms? Say hello to Skitch for Android phones and tablets!

Calling Skitch for Android addictively fun is an understatement. It’s the perfect way to quickly add your mark to any image. Take a snapshot of something awesome, draw an arrow and add a caption, then post the image on Facebook. When you’re at a conference, snap a picture of the people you meet, annotate it with their names and save it into Evernote. Get it now, it’s free!

Get Skitch for Android now from the Android Market

How it works

When you launch Skitch, you’ll be presented with three options: take a snapshot, load an image from your gallery or start with a blank canvas. Let’s take a snapshot. Once you’re done, the image will appear in Skitch, ready for annotation.

As you can see, there are two rows of options. The top row of buttons make up the Action Bar and they relate to high level image functions such as deletion, undo and share. The bottom row of buttons make up the Tool Bar, which has all of your annotation and sketching tools.

The Tool Bar

Starting from the left:

  • Color and size popover: Tap this option to choose the color and line thickness of your objects.
  • Pencil and highlighter: The pencil allows you to create freehand shapes with your finger or stylus. Tap and hold to reveal the highlighter tool which creates semi-transparent lines for highlighting.
  • Arrow: Point out the best stuff with the arrows Skitch is known for.
  • Select: Tap on any object, then drag it to change its position.
  • Type: Use this tool to add text to your images.
  • Shape: Tap and hold to choose a shape, then drag your finger on the screen to create it.

Choose your tool of choice, then get started. Objects in Skitch are layered, so you can select every item you make individually. If you want to move something, tap on the Select tool, tap on the object you’d like to move, then drag it to a new location. Add some pop to your captions by choosing different colors and text sizes.

Try this: Pinch and zoom into the image to get a closer look.

Once you’re done, take a look at the Action Bar options along the top to share or save your image.

The Action Bar

Starting from the left:

  • Home: This returns you to the home screen.
  • Trash: Either erase a selected object or clear the whole screen by tapping and holding the option.
  • Undo/Redo: Step back or forward through your annotations.
  • Share: Share the annotated image with other apps installed on your device.
  • Send to Evernote: This option shows up when you have Evernote installed. More on this below…

Sending to Evernote

If you have both apps installed, then tapping on the Evernote icon sends the annotated image right into Evernote without taking you out of the Skitch app. You can then go into Evernote to add additional comments, if you like. We’re working on much tighter bi-directional integration, so soon you’ll be able to launch Skitch directly from Evernote to mark up existing notes and do other awesome things.

Advanced Options

Tap the menu button to access some advanced settings, including highlighter opacity and scaling.

Skitch Everywhere!

This is the first mobile version of Skitch ever. Now you can get Skitch on your Mac and Android device. We’re working on iPhone, iPad and other versions of Skitch, which will become available in the not too distant future. In the meantime, tell us what you think of Skitch on your Android device.


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  • MrWolf

    Huh? There’s no link in “Get Skitch for Android now from the Android Market” and there’s no “Skitch” in the Android Market.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi there, it should be in the Android Market very soon. We’ll update the post with the latest info!

  • David E Y Sarna

    I am sure you will find patience to be a virtue. Evernote will make skitch free and it will be available on Android before the sun comes up.

  • Kristoffer B

    Really cool, have been testing it for a few minutes, works smooth here (HTC Incredible S). Inspiring, easy and fun!

    A couple of things: The select tool, where you can point and circle doesn’t work as intuitive as one would like. It seems to only be working for changing colour, line thickness and deleting multiple objects, not moving them. Would be nice to have that

    And it doesn’t seem to be a way to save the files as project files (for later editing). It would be nice to be able to save it to Skitch Project file, so I could open and edit it on my Mac.

    Other than that, it works perfect, I know I’ll use it! 🙂

    • Keith Lang

      Hi Kristoffer,

      The Select tool should let you simply touch and drag objects around on the screen — not working for you?

      RE: ‘Project files’ — we’re looking into it.

      Thanks for your constructive feedback!

      • IC

        Is there any progress on the “Project files” thingy?

        It would definitely be a very useful feature.

  • Alisha

    This looks awesome! I already installed it an am playing around with it. Great way to quickly get a ‘hand written’ note into Evernote…say a phone number or something. Just draw it in Skitch!

  • Andrea

    Great app, fun and easy to use (tried on a Galaxy Tab). I hope you bring it to non-mac desktops soon, would be a great way to improve screenshots!

  • Manuel

    Nice app, I like the fact that it does a simple thing very well, just like Evernote

  • Mike King

    Looks like a great app!

    Are there any plans to enable moving the app to the SD card? I’m running out of room in phone memory.

    (The main Evernote app is enabled for SD card.)

    • Keith Lang

      Hi Mike,

      SD Card support should be working in the latest version.

      I hope that helps!

  • Kevin

    I was curious if this was also going to come to Windows Phone 7?

  • Alan Lepofsky

    Will Skitch for Android eventually be a screenshot tool for Android?

    • Rechercher

      Plus 1 to this–screen shots are an essential function, badly needed on Android. Is Google blocking it or something? I love Skitch on the Mac, use it for screengrabs all the time.

      • Keith Lang

        Hi guys.

        Yeah — Screenshots are really tricky. The most recent version of Android currently doesn’t allow any method for a user or application to take screenshots. As soon as it does, you’ll see supported in Skitch. Sorry guys!

      • Dave Morgan

        On the Galaxy S holding down the “back” soft key while pressing the central button takes a screenshot. Not sure if this applies to any other ‘droid device though.

      • Claudio

        …and on HTC Sensation (regular, XE, XL) hold down the power button and tap the Home key. It takes a screenshot and save in Gallery 🙂

      • Edward Kim

        “No Root Screenshot It” on the Android market lets you take screenshots on your phone without having to root it. After taking the screenshot, you can hit the “share” button and save it to your Evernote.

  • Howard

    Would like the option to save the new file on my phone instead of having to upload somewhere. But like the app.

  • John

    This is great news!
    I trust that you are aware that you probably have one the best brainstorming or mindmapping tools at hand even now without functions like grouping. The ever-expanding canvas just begs for it :-).
    As soon as opening skitches from Evernote works it will be a fabulous tool for work!

    Using a tablet with the app is great! Scaling selected objects works like a charm! I’m just doodling along…

    • Keith Lang

      Thanks John for the nice words.

      We’ll do what we can to build some stuff that makes sense for people 🙂

  • fraser

    So enamoured this app already. It’s also a great Mac app, but I’d echo the comments above. Screengrab would make it incredible.

  • Jasi = usb keylogger

    HTC’s true exhibition of flair on this phone can be found around the back, where the much-loved / -loathed Incredible back cover makes a return. It’s not identical to the original, but the industrial theme is still there. The cover itself has a rubbery feel to it and is made of a highly malleable matte plastic. It provides a reassuringly durable feel, and even if you succeed in scratching it up, it looks like it’ll wear its bumps and bruises well.

  • David de Beer

    Where one picture can say more than a thousand words, one arrow can make it talksome more again.
    Love this app from first try, but would love it more if, as small as it is, it could be moved to SD. Some phones are equiped with minimal internal storage.

  • Marcos

    Hey, what about Skitch for Nook Color ?

    • Don

      I’ll second that.

      I wish there was an easy method for us consumers to get apps into our preferred markets (Nook, Amazon, etc).


  • Ben

    Works really nicely, I’ve been wanting a tool like this for a while. I had expected the phone screen to be really fiddly, but I can get a surprising amount of accuracy. Free form writing/drawing is hit or miss, but the arrows, typed text and circle/square tools mean I can highlight just about anything I want.

    Combined with ShootMe screenshots on my rooted phone I can now provide great annotated screenshots from my Android device.

  • Jon W

    You guys really, really, really need to do some very basic honeycomb optimizations. I used apktool to edit your AndroidManifest.xml and add android:hardwareAccelerated=”true”. This fixed one of the biggest problems — slow scrolling and zooming — but unfortunately broke a lot of the painting (e.g. drawing was invisible). I thought about just enabling hardware acceleration for the view that controls panning and zooming, but this is hard to do without the source code. Do it, please!

  • HenrifromFrance


    can we have Skitch in the Evernote for Mac or PC Device?
    And could it be possible to find other OneNote-like features as calc i.e. 3*4=[enter]result or others ?



  • Callum

    Skitch and evernote work awesomely- but I’d give anything to be able to edit previous images saved to Evernote (or save them within Skitch). I have an ipad 2 and hopefully there will be the opportunity to sync ‘project files’ across the platforms (please 🙂

    Great work…

  • Abramo

    Despite the good user interface, I think that the impossibility to do zoom and panning without a multitouch display is indeed a severe showstopper 🙁
    I really hope this will be fixed soon.

  • Robert MacEwan

    Congratulations on getting Skitch out on Android. Perfect fit. 🙂

  • Divya

    Option to save the new image on the phone is a must !!

  • Emilio

    How on earth do I save an image to the phone? Why do I need to send to Evernote.

  • Emilio

    Just so you know I cannot Share anything to Google+ through Skitch or Evernote cuz neither seem to actually save to the phone. In either app when I go to share and choose google+ google tells me it cant share because image is not saved to phone

  • andrea

    Very good software but “Save project” on the phone (for later editing) is NOT NEGOTIABLE!!!

  • katherine

    I used skitch on the mac since the early days – one of the reasons is the screengrab feature. Now on android and the feature is missing. There,s no point then. Sorry i am uninstalling until this feature is available on android.

  • Eric@Forfait mobile

    Would like the option to save the new file on my phone instead of having to upload somewhere. But like the app.

  • Kohaku

    I loved using Skitch in Evernote on my Android but my phone broke and now I’ve got an iPhone – is there a Skitch for my Evernote for iPhone?

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