The Completely Redesigned Evernote Firefox Extension

The Completely Redesigned Evernote Firefox Extension

Posted by on 19 Aug 2011

Posted by on 19 Aug 2011

Today, the Evernote Firefox Extension gets a major update for Firefox 6. There are tons of exciting new features and capabilities including a completely new popup interface, the ability to search your Evernote account whenever you search Google, Bing or Yahoo, and more.

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Clipping options

The Firefox plugin allows you to choose where your clips should go: to Evernote on your desktop or to Evernote Web. By default, if the plugin detects that you have Evernote installed, it will send clips there. Try both and see which one you prefer. To change your preferences, go Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > Evernote Preferences.

Sending Clips to Evernote Web

The biggest change you’ll see in this update is the completely redesigned look of the popup that appears when you clip to Evernote Web.

Article Clips
The Firefox Extension is smarter than ever. If you’re reading an article or blog post, click the elephant and the extension will automatically highlight the body of the post. Next, click on the button labeled Clip Article. That’s it. If you prefer, you can highlight an area of text and then click the extension. To clip the entire page, click on the arrow next to Clip Article and select Clip Full Page.

Site Memory
All of us have our favorite sites. We tend to return to those sites often and clip the posts we want to save. The redesigned Firefox Extension lets you see everything you’ve ever clipped from a given site—sort of like having your personal Best Of for every site you love. To view your clips, visit the site, click on the extension, then click on the domain name in the lower part of the popup. Snippets of all your clips will show up.

Simultaneous Search
One of the other features that is available when you clip to the Web is Simultaneous Search, which will search your Evernote account whenever you do a Google, Bing or Yahoo search. You can enable this by checking the checkbox on the popup sign-in screen.

Sending Clips to Evernote on the Desktop

The Evernote Firefox Extension also lets you clip directly to the version of Evernote that you have installed on your desktop. This is a great option if you’re looking for a completely streamlined clipping experience. You can select the area that you want to clip, then click the extension. The clipped portion of your page will go right into Evernote and you can keep on browsing. Later, if you want, you can go back and add a tag or move the clip into a different notebook.

Tell us what you think of the new look and feel of the Evernote Firefox Extension.

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  • Chris Gonzales

    Looks just like the excellent Chrome-extension update from a while back. I like that you guys are focusing on unifying the user experience across platforms 🙂

  • Mike Bishop

    The article does not mention that it does not work with Firefox on Linux.

  • 红领巾

    I only concern when can we get the so-called “Completely Redesigned Evernote Chrome Extension”?

    • Chris Gonzales

      The Chrome extension was already completely redesigned like this months ago. The Firefox extension is just really behind.

  • panoptican

    I know Linux is less than 5% of users, probably even less than 1%, but it still must represent thousands of users. Not only that, Linux users are generally influencers when it comes to tech so it baffles me that Evernote continues to leave out Linux support for their software. And anyway, how hard is it to make a Firefox extension that works with Linux?

    • WN


    • EVpremiunuser_on_LINUX_UBUNTU


      I’m a Premium EverNote user,
      using the Web interface on Ubuntu LINUX.
      (there is no Evernote client program on Linux…).

      I feel cheated by the EverNote mgmt & team,
      and their claim that EV “runs on all platforms, OSes, devices”…

      Someday the FTC will discover this false claim!

  • Bernie Orosz

    Just installed on FF 6.0, but all screen clips default to basic formatting, even though “Keep only the basic formatting” is not checked. My option is set to send clips to “Evernote on your desktop”.

  • Jim

    Thanks for the update.

    Why isn’t the “Article Clip” also available when clipping directly to the desktop?

    • jbignert

      We are working on enabling article detection also for native clipping in a future release. Stay tuned.

  • Olivia

    What about making it possible to use it with Linux?

    I mean, I can understand that there’s not a Linux desktop client (I don’t think it’s fair, but I can understand it), but there’s no point in limiting the Firefox extension only for Windows users… I have Evernote on my Android and now I can’t use it with my notebook anymore. Makes it kind of pointless.

  • John Hendry

    What about a Safari extension?

  • Koh

    No support for Ubuntu/Linux !!?

  • Brenda

    Hi! Why is it not available for Linux??? Until now I used the previous version of the extension, running Firefox on Ubuntu 10.10. Now I can’t use that version if our extension because it’s not compatible with Firefox 6 (the current stable release) and I can’t update to the latest version because I get this message:

    Please note: This add-on is not compatible with your operating system.

    It’s very very wrong… I understand that you don’t provide a native client for Linux (anyway, we ave NeverNote for that), but please AT LEAST keep maintaining this extension.
    Linux is my main platform and I became a subscriber assuming that we’d keep this thing working on Linux.

    I hope you can solve this!

    Thanks in advance,

    -Brenda Fernández

  • kristy

    Well, the new evernote pop-up box worked great, until I updated to Firefox 6.0 today after seeing this post. I have the newest extension and Firefox 6 now and now Evernote clipping is back to the old version. What a disappointment.

  • Bill Bruckner

    I was astonished that this plug-in does not work with Linux under Firefox 6. The beauty of most browser extensions is that they are cross platform. It is sad enough that there is no software client for Linux. At least Linux users can use the web version, which is OK, but having the extension made it great. I think I will seriously have to think about using a web application like Pinterest instead.

  • Joachim

    Hey lovely evernote-team!

    although I updated to the new extension, the procedure and behavement is still the old. Can not find the new features.
    I use 5.00.170767 even german or english version.
    Do you have probs with FF6?

    thanx in advance for your quick response and repair.


  • Andy Murgatroyd

    Fantastic! Can we have the same functionality for Safari 5.1 please?

  • Mark Forster

    I downloaded the extension from the link given in this article and it appears to be exactly the same as the previous extension. None of the features or redesigns mentioned above appear. What am I doing wrong?

    • jbignert

      Mark – the new design is applicable when sending clips to web. Visit the options page and try the setting for sending to web.

  • Sai Ram

    pls let the extension work for linux firefox too. U have fans here.

  • Lenildo Medeiros

    Thank you very much for the completely redesigned evernote Firefox extension. Fantastic! Any similiar plans for thunderbird 6?

  • Bremen

    It doesnt want to work on firefox 6.0. When i try to instal update it doesnt download anything.

  • jbignert

    Hi all, Linux support for Evernote Firefox Extension is coming real soon.

    • Kurt

      Neat! Waiting for it with bated breath.

  • Joe Thomas

    The Evernote team has developed well-designed, useful systems (based upon the #’s) for millions of users. I find it interesting that of the previous comments so far, it seems very difficult for people to express much that is positive. That’s unfortunate, in my opinion.


  • keith bohanna

    mea culpa – it was the settings defaulting to the desktop client

    it works for me


  • Mark Forster

    20% of the comments are from people who can’t get this to work on Firefox 6. Sounds like a serious problem to me.

    • Don

      Works fine on my FF

    • Marty

      Works on mine too, but I don’t like it.

  • B. Moore

    The newest update to Evernote Firefox Add-on will NOT remember is toolbar position in either Firefox 6 or Firefox 3.6.20 on win xp sp3.

    very very annoying.

  • Marty

    No place to add my own comments like with the bookmarklet. I like the other features, but this omission makes it nearly useless for me. It also doesn’t recognize when I’ve selected text in the new Yahoo! mail. So I can’t just clip a portion of an email. Another deal=breaker.

    • jbignert

      You probably have the setting of sending clips to desktop, try sending to the web.

      • Marty

        Then what is the advantage over the bookmarklet? I tried it and it’s just more clunky for clipping. So it might be a useful extention, but its not a great clipper IMHO.

    • Najwa

      Ironically, I like the version that (finally!) works on Opera, better. I don’t like the small pop-up and prefer the sidebar. I miss being able to add notes from the sidebar. I don’t see how this is an improvement with regard to the interface.

  • jbignert

    Hi all,
    We have a Safari Extension Beta available here, please read the notes:

    • Erico

      When the version 6.0 for Firefox will be come?

  • Tom

    +1 to B. Moore.
    Id like it to stay in Menubar but it comes to Navigation Toolbar after rebooting PC.

  • amir

    2011-2014 with no updates?
    RIP firefox extension…

  • Erico

    When Web Clipper for Firefox will be upedate for version 6.0?