Evernote Removes File Type Restrictions for Free Accounts

Posted by on 07 Sep 2011

Posted by on 07 Sep 2011

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

Life has enough complicated rules to keep track of, so we like to simplify wherever we can. In that spirit, we’re happy to say that we’ve just simplified how file attachments work for Free users. As many of you know, Free users had been previously limited to putting only text, image, audio and PDF files into their notes. That restriction is now gone, so both Free and Premium users can attach any type of file to a note. Easy Peasy.

Watch Your Head

The reason we lifted our file restriction is that we want to allow our users to store everything related to an experience or memory in a single, visual, searchable place. However, please keep in mind that the note size and monthly upload restrictions haven’t changed:

  • Free users can make a single note up to 25MB in size and can upload up to 60MBs of new stuff every month.
  • Premium users can make a single note up to 50MB in size and can upload up to 1GB of new stuff every month.

Adding files to Evernote

Now is probably a good time to refresh your memory on how to put files into Evernote. Virtually every version of Evernote supports adding files.

Desktop and Web

  • Mac: Drag a file into a note or onto the Evernote dock icon or use the File -> Attach File menu option.
  • Windows: Drag a file in a note or right click in a note and choose the File option.
  • Evernote Web: Edit a note, then drag a file onto the note header or click the paperclip icon.


  • iOS: When viewing a file, tap the Share icon in the top right, then tap Open with…Evernote.
  • Android: When editing a note, tap the paper clip and choose File.
  • BlackBerry: From the home screen, tap on the Upload file option.
  • WebOS: Select File from the New Note screen.

We’re excited about this change because it will let more of you get more out of Evernote. We have lots of new features in the works, including some exciting ones for Premium users. Check out our Evernote Premium page to learn about all the great reason to go Premium.


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  • Thomas Getchius

    This is excellent, thanks so much!

  • Chris Gonzales

    Nice to see you guys taking care of even the non-Premium users. A lot of other companies wouldn’t even think of it.

  • Yanni

    Absolutely it is one way from here on…Evernote will definetely be the king of its kind…i made my decision…my Lion (mac os x) has an elephant for its best friend!

  • Jazreen

    Awesome! I’ve always wanted to upload some PSD files and powerpoint slides.
    This feature definitely helps!

  • tesslt

    Thanks so much! That’s fantastic. I’m a huge Evernote fan, using it especially for backup of my schoolwork and research.

  • Werner willker

    You forgot to tell that’s possible to upload a file oder note by email 🙂

  • Theresa

    Love it. Looking forward to the day I can be a Premium member!

  • Clifford

    Evernote just keeps getting better and better. Thanks!

  • Shelby Hill

    Sweet! Evernote rocks! I use it every day in my home business.

  • Gudjon

    Thanks so much! Best note taking and organizing program ever!

  • Rob


  • Stan stevenns

    thank You! From a starving grad student….

  • TheGurkha

    Excellent. I have a premium personal account, but I use a free account for work. This just made my life a lot easier. I used to convert everything to PDF before sticking it in EN – now I can just hurl the file into EN.

  • Carl Spackler

    Super DeLuxe Mucho Excellante!!!

    • Tim

      Best comment I ever read.

  • Kuby McCarty

    I love this application! This wonderful and am using it as a database of sorts.

  • Ed

    I guess for the most part with Windows Phone 7, the only way to do this is to email the file from within the app to EN, correct?

  • JBenson2

    Andrew Sinkov finishes the post with “We have lots of new features in the works”.

    Hmmm, the Due Date column perhaps?

  • clsilva

    Thanks so much! I am excited about this. I have only been using Evernote for a short time and I really like it! I am working on getting the folks I collaborate with on board. As soon as I have a few more peeps on board we will be switching to the premium version. But having this feature on the free one makes it an easier sell to get more folks to try it out. Thanks!

  • Bob Stanke

    Can’t wait to see what features you have coming for premium users if this is what you gave to the free account holders!

  • KimK

    Thanks so much! I look forward to the day when I have an income again and can upgrade to premium.

  • Fran Jeanes

    Thanks, Evernote. This is just another reason why I love you!

  • Cameron Plommer


    Next up, free shared and modified notebooks right? 🙂

  • Catherine

    It just gets better and better. Thanks guys.

  • Jeremy Rawson

    Excellent news! Thank you for this! So useful.

  • Brian

    This is huge, thanks a bunch. This makes Evernote that much closer to becoming my go to electronic brain.

  • Andreas

    Great news for all free accounts, very very nice. Premium user here, would like to see cloud-only notebooks feature for Premiums. Can you do it?

  • Carlos

    La mejor noticia del año, sinceramente. Felicitaciones a los amigos de EverNote. Keep the good work!

  • Chandresh Shah

    I’m almost at a point where I may just sign up for premium account – I feel obligated.

  • David Levine

    Awesome! Thank you so much!

  • Fiona T

    How wonderful is this! I am so excited! Will have to write part 4 soon to share this with my followers! Thanks.

  • Damien

    You ROCKS !!

    Thank you !

  • Dale Aceron

    That’s awesome. Evernote is such an awesome application.

    Green is now my favorite color and the elephant is now my favorite animal 😉

  • Alejandro Sorroza

    wow, thank you so much Evernote, now I can store more types of data on my notes =D

  • pin

    I want use PIN on android for free account.

  • Bin

    One comment: Can I search the inline documents by the content in it?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Bin, Evernote does not search within attachments. You can search the contents of all of your notes.

      • Mike

        Are you sure that’s correct?
        I could swear I recall that they search pdf files.

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

          Hi Mike, Evernote can search inside of scanned PDFs, but not attachments.

      • Bin

        In that case, I prefer to add link to my local files because i can use the desktop search tool to search the files, rather than attach the files(Word, Excel, PPT etc.) in Evernote.

      • Samir

        Yes, I’m realizing that Evernote cannot search inside attachments other than PDF. This is not so good. Whenever I read a book, I highlight and put my summaries inside an Excel spreadsheet. What I’m realizing from this is that there is no way to access the inside of them. What I may do instead is write a program in Access to read each line of the spreadsheet, detect if any tags are on their, and then send an E-mail to my Evernote account with the information and the tags. Oh, but there isn’t a way to get a list of all my tags yet. Or I guess I could convert my Excel sheets to PDF files and attach them that way.

      • Samir

        I also realize that for a work project or something, storing all documents on Evernote would not be a good idea, since the Word/Excel/Powerpoint files cannot be searched, while the handwritten ones can.

      • Véronique

        Hi Kasey, I was looking for this information since yesterday as I would like to be able to search inside PPT document that I upload inside Evernote for a professional usage. I’m a presales professional and it would be very valuable for me to retrieve quickly slides prepared on the same subject for others customers.
        Same for word documents … I have copernic desktop which is able to do that. Best regards

  • Alexandru

    Thank you! I absolutely love Evernote!

  • Tim

    Thank you. This makes life for my students so much easier!

  • viteez

    wooow! evernote the best!

  • Pastor Rob

    Evernotes very useful and I love it thanks alot and I have hopes someday to get to the Prem. Lvl

  • fjpoblam

    Thanks, as always, Evernote. What a superb app.

  • Molly

    Thanks Evernote! You guys are awesome!

  • Rock That


  • Phil Bliss

    Fantastic! Thanks Evernote. I am upgrading to premium now even though I don’t have to.

  • Allen Krasna

    That’s Ironic

    The Day AFTER I buy an Echo Pen so I can get a full year of Premium included. Now one of the main reasons I need premium is gone. But I am not selfish enough to be upset – to me I did not “appreciate” what EverNote could do for me till I did a few months of Premium and has access to all file types. (to me this was more important than size of what can be added)

    Here’s to hoping that new Premium Services will be coming soon to not make me fee like a fool by a day 🙂

  • Pradeep Adiga (@PradeepAdiga)

    This is awaesome! Evernote is a great app and this feature just made it better.

  • Deniz Dizman

    Cool, no need to UUEncode then copy/paste anymore.

  • EvaCatHerder (@EvaCatHerder)

    As someone who has both a personal free account and a professional premium account, I really appreciate this additional feature.

  • dantheman

    So when will it be implemented?. I have the latest version and it is still telling me to upgrade when I try and drag in an excel file.

  • dantheman

    Correction – got the latest update and I can now embed excel.

  • Bill

    Why is premium required for offline notes books on the iPhone though? As far as I can see this is a one off, not a service. I’d happily pay $10 as a one off to get a premium app but as I don’t upload enough to warrant a premium subscription it seems ridiculous that I need to pay an ongoing fee for something you let me do on my PC for free.

  • Andrew

    Niiice. Thanks Evernote!

  • Royio

    i can not attch .doc file ore .one (onenote file) can you help me? maybe is bugs your new program?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Assuming you are using the latest version of Evernote, and this file is not larger than what is allowed by your account, you shouldn’t have any issues. If you are on Mac, you must be using Lion in order to use this feature.

    • Sunil

      You suhold not be using: ‘test_form’ => falseYou are disabling all checking on file uploads, which means somebody could upload something like a .exe file and actually do some bad things.You suhold be using: ‘action’ => ‘editpost’.If you need then to upload any files which are not of the mime type allowed by WordPress you can then use the filter ‘upload_mimes’ to add any of the necessary files types you want to allow.add_filter(‘upload_mimes’, ‘my_upload_mimes’);

  • Joost

    Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I still get the message I need to upgrade to premium to support all extensions. Too bad, was really excited about this awesome giveaway!

  • Joost

    Forget about my previous post; I thought I was running the latest version of Evernote, but that wasn’t the case! Problem solved.

  • Aman

    To do list and check box. Is there a way to do this on ipad2.
    Also put kids project on evernote. I want to do all this with an ipad2.
    It seems htc tablets can do more with evernote .

  • Erik

    Seems it’s still restricted for outlook addin

  • John

    This is a great addition, but I can’t seem to search Evernote to pick up words inside attachments – should I be able to do that in the free version? If not can it be done in the Premium.

    • Véronique

      Hi John, I have the same problem as you I attached a PPT file to a note but it doesn’t seem that evernote is able to do a search within the file nor with the free neither with the premium version of Evernote. Did you find a solution?
      Best regards

  • Luci Dawson

    Just tried to attach an .xls file to a new note using the icon within the note and also by drag and drop from desktop to new note, but it didn’t work. Checked for updates and pop-up said that I have the latest version of Evernote (2.2.3).

    Please advise.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Hi Luci, it looks like you’re using an older version of Evernote. Our latest version, which supports file attachments, requires Mac OS Lion. You will need to upgrade to Lion and then upgrade Evernote in order to get this feature. Of course, you can use our web version ( and attach files through that.

      • Luci Dawson

        Thanks for the quick response, Andrew. I had a stinkin’ inklin’ that my OS was the problem, but I can’t upgrade because my major client is still using Leopard and to upgrade the OS AND 3 of the programs she uses that don’t come in a Lion version yet would be counter-productive.

        And mega-thanks for reminding me that I could do what I want to do by using the web version!!!

  • Marie

    I love evernote!!!

  • Christoph Zeller

    That are the moment that makes my feel right to choose evernote!

    Initially i got a premium user to have that function, but i like the 1 GB upload space and i want to support evernote the best way i can!

    i remember a speaking with my ex-boss and he said: “Hey how many working hours per week are in your contract?” and i pulled out my iPhone, entered “week” in the search and there was the contract i scanned (naturally with the correct answer)!
    My Ex-Boss said: “Wow how did you find that so fast?” and i said: “Evernote!”

    Since then he’s also an Evernote User!

  • Nabil shehata

    Great evernote

  • Sharon Terrell

    I am a special education teacher, and have some students who could use remedial practice of math skills. I would like to record some notes and upload them to my webpage, so that my students could access them. (I am familiar with LiveScribe’s Smart Pen and have uploaded pencasts in the past). Is there a way to do this using Evernote without my students having to have access to Lion or other upgraded OS systems?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Sharon, you can create a shared notebook for your students and post your recorded notes for them there. You can share the notebook with your students via email, or you could make it public and post the link to your website. Hope that helps!

      • Ashok Shandilya

        Please make it more clear

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

          Ashok, this Knowledge Base article should help clarify the different ways you can share:

  • fabien

    Great news, i always thought Evernote will do this step one day.

    In my team at we still follow your positionning as we were very focus on memories but “emotional memories” so it implies to support: audio, video, texts…

    Go further Evernote team ! you may step to more emotional views: and compete with facebook timeline too…

  • Bobby Brannan

    Is there any chance that future releases will allow users to use Outlook as the email client like it did in previous versions? I really like the features of the latest version but have to run an older version (3.1) as well so that I can email using my Outlook contact list. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Ivan

    Hi everyone! First of all many congrats to evernote team! You guys are doing a wonderful job. One question: are planning to release Evernote edition for Ubuntu?

  • Paul Rutowski

    I am trying to drag and drop a xls file into my evernote to no avail. I am using the latest 3.3 version for Mac and I am using Mountain Lion. So far, not impressed.