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Personal Trainer Chad Williams Uses Evernote to Help Customers Achieve Fitness Goals (Small Business Series)

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 22 Sep 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 22 Sep 2011

  Name: Chad Williams
Profession: President, AnthroPhysique, online
personal training and nutrition consulting
Company: AnthroPhysique
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada


Having been a personal trainer for years, Chad moved away from one-on-one personal training to start his own gym (a CrossFit facility) and run group coaching classes. He has since converted his practice into an online coaching business, delivering customers individualized training programs. All of Chad’s program packages include a Premium Evernote account to help customers stay on track, regardless of whether they’re at the gym, at home, or out at a restaurant.

I use Evernote, Everywhere:

I Use Evernote for…

Evernote has become a core part of my business. I use it with my clients to help them monitor their progress. I also use it as a communication tool. When a client signs up for one of my online training packages, I provide them with a Premium Evernote account. But that’s just the beginning.

Here’s how Evernote helps my clients achieve their fitness and eating goals:

  • The sign-up process: When clients sign up for training, I first have them sign up for an Evernote account. From there, they get their introductory information through Evernote.
  • Getting started: To get started, they save their “before” photos and measurements in Evernote.
  • Staying in touch and logging progress: Since I’m able to share notes with clients, we can collaborate and I can provide feedback that they can access from any device, wherever they are (at the gym or at a restaurant). Clients share their progress log with me once a week. [Learn more about Sharing in Evernote]
  • Shared workout plans: I share fitness programs and workouts in Evernote. These days, a lot of people have their phone at the gym, so they’re able to pull up their workout plan and log their results, which I’m able to review as soon as their notes sync.
  • Tracking eating habits: Clients also log what they’re eating in Evernote. If they’re at a restaurant and have their phone, they’re able to discreetly pull it out and take note of what they’ve eaten.
  • Working with clients using different devices: All of my clients have different phones and devices. Because Evernote is available for virtually any computer and mobile device, all of my clients are able to use it.
  • Visualizing trends: Having everything in one place means it’s easier to see trends and progress. I can make observations like ‘you’re good during the week, but things fall apart on Fridays and Saturdays.” Evernote helps me get customers back on the path to success.

Why Evernote is a great business tool

Since I’ve integrated Evernote into my business, it has not only helped me deliver better services to my clients, but it’s also helped save me time, and given me the opportunity to grow my business:

  • Sharing with clients is easier: Communication doesn’t involve long email strings. Before Evernote, I used to email PDFs to clients and we would exchange 5-6 emails to communicate. With Evernote, it’s much simpler: the information we want to share is already there. [Learn how to attach files to your notes]
  • Working across time zones is more streamlined: I work with clients around the world. Evernote makes collaboration a much easier to streamline process.
  • Capturing business ideas is a snap with any device: I use Evernote for all of my business plans and ideas. I write blog posts in Evernote and also use it for research quite a bit.
  • Saving web content means I’m always on top of new trends for my clients: I’ll often clip articles and studies from websites that I follow that I think will help me be a better trainer to my clients. [Download one of Evernote’s browser extensions]

Most useful feature:

Sharing. It’s the way I communicate with clients. I also love the Web Clipper and take pictures of all of my receipts. One of the best things about Evernote is that it’s so flexible. I use it as my to-do tracker and have separate notebooks for my personal life, coaching life and computer consulting that I do (I use tags to separate them and love filtering through tags).

I’ve noticed that my clients, who are introduced to Evernote as a tool to help them communicate with me, often start using it for other things (like collecting their own recipes). The longer they use it, the more value they see in it not just for tracking their business goals and communicating with me, but for various other aspects of their lives.


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  • Lynn Carolei

    What a great use of Evernote. I didn’t realize it had SO much capablity! Thx

  • Lloyd D.

    I use Evernote as well. I have an account for work as well as a personal account for billing, planning, etc…the skies the limit. Thanks Evernote.

  • Bob Stanke

    As someone who works in the health and fitness industry at one of the largest and most successful health club companies in America, this was an awesome example of the power of Evernote for fitness professionals. What surprised me the most is the ability to creat such visually-appealing notes, like the screenshot of the recipe. Is that truly possible to do in Evernote? Ii guess I need to dig in a bit deeper…

    Thanks for the great case study!

    Bob Stanke

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Bob, definitely! You can download one of our browser extensions and start web clipping – you can capture a screenshot, or anything you see on a website (images included):

  • jaileer

    i totally just searched for 15 minutes until I found the cookbook that contains the coconut squash pancakes. Then I read the rest of the article.

    • samalamadingdong

      share with the class?

      • Chad Williams

        You can find the cookbooks from Mark’s Daily Apple:

  • Robert Greenwood

    I am working with a new gym. Trading web services for personal training. Love the idea of using Evernote to track my progress (part of the gym’s new website) and great tool to share with them to use with other clients.

  • Paul

    This is a really interesting use case as the Sharing feature is central to what Chad’s doing with Evernote. I’ve always looked at sharing as a feature, but not necessarily a core feature. This gives me a whole new way to look at using Evernote.

  • Apollodōros Phlamandos

    This is very nice to read 🙂 I have discovered it myself and tried it out to check it out, not expecting much of it… But after a day or two I couldn’t live without it anymore 😀 I never tried sharing though… No-one to share it with… yet 😛

  • Matt

    I’m a personal trainer in Franklin,TN and people here seem to be using their phones and ipads for everything they do and every phone shows up different.I’ll be giving this a shot for sure.

  • Don Thibodeaux

    I am fairly new to Evernote but one of the things I use it for is to take photos of my expensive equipment along with related information including license plate numbers, VIN numbers, serial numbers and account numbers that I frequently use. As it syncs with my Iphone I have the information where ever I go. I also take photos of people to place with phone numbers to help me remember who they are. Also getting ready to re-start a lawn service and will use Evernote for creating schedules to bring along with me as I work. I love Evernote!

  • Don Thibodeaux

    I also use Evernote to track my Health and fitness along with BMI index, blood pressure readings, etc. I actually build formulas into Lotus Symphony and use a software called “click to” and send the program to Evernote.

  • tperri

    Please make Evernote for the HP touchpad! Please! The palmpre version installs but is useless.

  • Gabriele

    Hi I’m an italian user of Evernote,
    I use it on Mac, Android and web from Google Chrome Extension.

    Can I suggest you to add not one web page but one mobile web page so I can use Evernote also from my Bada phone?
    Mobile web from smartphone I think can improve user experience.

    Thank You,

  • Jeff Sutherland

    Great ideas in here! I’ve also been using Evernote to track my CrossFit workouts, I wrote about how I’m using it here:

  • candee clark

    Chad actually introduced me to Evernote when I started with his coaching. It is a great way to keep yourself organized and I never really have an excuse to procrastinate logging in information; it’s literally at my fingertips. I have enjoyed being able to see my own progression as well.

    • auntbitsy

      So Candee, did he remember to send you the questionnaire? 😀

      (it’s in the snapshot on this page!)


      • Chad Williams

        Haha, good eye auntbitsy! I did remember to send it to her 🙂

      • Dragomir

        […] to cmonemt below on any specific topics you’d like to discuss! You can read back HERE and HERE for past Tweetups we’ve […]

  • Anne

    Thanks for sharing. It will be of great help to me.