How Guitar Columnist Pierre Journel Uses Evernote for Podcasting and House Hunting

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How Guitar Columnist Pierre Journel Uses Evernote for Podcasting and House Hunting

Posted by Pierre Journel on 30 Sep 2011

Posted by Pierre Journel on 30 Sep 2011

Name: Pierre Journel
Profession: Blogger, podcaster, personal productivity addict
Location: France
@pjournel @TheGuitarChannel



Pierre is a podcaster and journalist who loves geeky things, photography and running. He is passionate about music and the guitar, in particular. He is an audio and video podcaster behind The Guitar Channel. Discover how Evernote allows him to simplify his life, manage his hobbies, and recently helped him purchase a home.

I use Evernote, Everywhere

I use Evernote for…

I have many hobbies and to keep up with everything, I’m always looking for tools that will make life easier. With Evernote, I’ve found how to save time and be more productive. My whole life is in Evernote. I discovered Evernote in March 2009 from a podcast on MacReviewCast and have been an avid user ever since. No matter where I am, I can create new notes and access them immediately. I store all essential information that I might need later at some point in Evernote.

Today I have about 15 notebooks corresponding to each of my hobbies or projects. Whether for my professional or personal life, blogs, or ideas, I keep all important elements that will help advance my projects or hobbies in Evernote. As a result, I actually have more time for new activities.

Blogging and Podcasting

I’m passionate about the guitar and I’ve created two blogs and podcasts focused entirely on the instrument (La Chaîne Guitare and an English version, The Guitar Channel). Evernote is my development tool for both of these blogs. I use Evernote to:

  • Remind me about all the information I’ve gathered about music and the guitar: The keyword search function allows me to find anything whenever I need it.
  • Prepare interviews:  When I receive discs from musicians that I want to meet, I listen to them and can instantly note my questions or comments, no matter where I am — in the metro, at home or at work. Being able to immediately capture my notes is invaluable.
  • Conduct interviews: During the interview, I have my video camera in one hand and my iPhone equipped with Evernote in the other so I can simultaneously review my notes and questions.
  • Take notes: I use Evernote to research background information of an artist. I also keep notes on guitars that I’ve tested. For example,  all of my notes about the Telecaster guitar are tagged with  ‘Telecaster,’ whether it’s an article I clipped from the Web, or photos I’ve taken in a guitar store, or a manual for stringing the guitar, etc.
  • Conduct web research: I clip articles about the artist to help prepare for my interviews. [Download the Evernote Web Clipper]
  • Comparison shop: I gather want ads about used guitars for sale, allowing me to comparison shop by model and price.
  • Store photos: I snap photos of guitars and concerts I attend with my iPhone.
  • Capture Audio: I record bits of music with audio notes. [Learn how to capture an audio note]
  • Blogging: I write and edit my blog posts in Evernote.

I’m also constantly adding information to my Evernote account by email. I simply email things to my personal Evernote account. [Learn how to email to Evernote]

The post-production process and podcast history

After a show is recorded and posted online, I keep all of my podcasts in MP3 in Evernote. I use the audio function that allows me to replay any podcast from Evernote. From A to Z, I have a complete history of my notes and my podcasts. I can also retrieve information by cross-searching tags, which I never forget to add while making notes. [Learn how to attach files to your notes]

User Tip: Evernote for House Hunting

I recently purchased a home. Anyone will tell you what a challenge this can be: you’re dealing with administration documents, comparing prices and quotes. I was amazed at how simple the process was with Evernote. Evernote pushed the buying process  from an idea through to final completion. For this project, I created a notebook that helped us find the perfect property. I used Evernote for:

  • Storage of official documents (reports, bank papers, etc) that I could access anywhere I happened to be. [Learn how to attach files to your notes]
  • Capturing want ads from the web. This allowed me to discuss with my wife which properties to visit.
  • Creation of notes with all the necessary documents for contacting banks about loans, rates, official documents, and organization of quotes from contractors about renovations and ideas for things we wanted to buy.
  • Photos of the project, measurements of the rooms, etc.
  • Sending architect plans by email to contractors.
  • Snapping photos of different rooms.
  • Taking photos of furniture in store and noting all the necessary details needed for furnishing the apartment (shape, size, price, flooring, door handles).
  • Clipping items found on the Internet, including dimensions and price information for comparison shopping.
  • Creating a to-do list to help complete the multitude of tasks. I was able to strike off completed items or add new tasks when necessary.

I can’t imagine undertaking any project without Evernote. How has Evernote helped you get organized and maximize your productivity?


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  • Paul

    > During the interview, I have my video camera in one hand and my iPhone equipped with Evernote in the other so I can simultaneously review my notes and questions.

    How does he manage to tap the screen with both hands busy carrying his adgets?

  • Pierre


    I am very proud to be featured on the Evernote blog! It is very cool.

    I have just recently launched a new blog and podcast to share tips & tricks and information about Evernote, it is called The Elephant Channel and can be found at

    Come and take look and listen at the episodes already online and let me know what you think.

    Until then, happy evernoting!


  • Elaine

    I LOVE Evernote but have one challenge. When I copy something on my iPad and paste it into a note, it loses it’s formatting. Hate that, especially for a bulleted list like above. Is there a work around?

  • Pierre


    Actually most of the time I have in one hand either my Zoom H2 audio recorder or the Zoom Q3HD video recorder and on the other hand my iPhone.

    With my thumb it very easy to scroll an existing note to go from one question to the other or just to take a peek when I need to refer to an info in the note.


    If you want to keep the formatting your best option is to web clip what you want to put into Evernote from your favorite browser on your desktop.

    You can also add the Evernote bookmarklet in Safari Mobile but it is kind of geeky to do it and not officially supported if I am not mistaken.


  • John Mayson

    Just curious, how is one chosen to be featured in an Evernote blog? I guess I should’ve asked Andrew Sinkov at the Austin Evernote Meetup. 😉

    Thanks for the Evernote podcast. When I’m more awake I’ll give it a listen.


  • Emily

    Evernote has helped me as a mom in SO MANY ways! I can’t tell you how much I talk about it as a problem solver for everything in my life! However, I am yet to put together a comprehensive post of my own about how I use it to be a better mom, BUT my mother, an avid and tech savvy backpacker just did! I thought I would pass along a link to her latest blog entry “Evernote – A Hiker’s Companion”

  • Pierre


    The Evernote staff seems to be always on the lookout for interesting used cases, I suppose mine about podcasting and house hunting were giving a new angle.

    So no specific recipe to be featured here I think.

    Did you have time to listen to The Elephant Channel yet?



  • Ben Kleimer

    I am the owner of a Niche Residential brokerage in Vail Colorado and like Pierre, I also use Evernote to help people buy and sell luxury vacation homes. I use Evernote to keep track of properties buyers have looked at, documents (maps, tax records, plans) relating to those properties, market studies and notes for each customer. Often, instead of e mailing documents, I will create a shared notebook for a client and they will be able to see everything we have shared or discussed while viewing everything in an Evernote organized manner.

  • Pete Przyszlak

    I just pressed the link to your guitar channels and neither of them worked, I got “OOPs, this website is unavailable” I was interested, what is the specific URL?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Pete, I just tried clicking on both and the sites came up for me – perhaps there was some downtime when you tried.

  • Dagny Eason

    I am so thrilled with this – I am new to the Mac and Evernote – do I am thrilled to learn all of this!!!1

  • Kathy Araujo

    Hi Pierre!

    Since our last Evernote Meetup, I have become a fanatic! I joined the American Women’s Group in Paris last year, and have taken on the job of Communications – that means I keep the website up to date, and I also compile the monthly bulletin that goes out to all members – lots of information about meetings, groups, activities, tours etc. I could NOT do it without Evernote.

    I get scads of emails from other Board Members during the month with their contributions for the upcoming Monthly Bulletin. I use Evernote to organize them by forwarding all emails to an Evernote Notebook for that month. Then when it is time to compile the Bulletin, I create another subfolder for items I have put into the bulletin – then as I deal with each email, I move it from the month Notebook to the Entered Notebook, thus keeping track of what is in the Bulletin and what I haven’t processed yet.

    It looks like I am going to be the President of the organization next year, and I can assure you, all the Board members will be using Evernote to submit their reports and track their contributions!

    I am SO SO glad I came to our Evernote meetup last July. It was a life changer!

    There ought to be an ambassador for social, volunteer, and not for profit groups!

    Hope to see you soon,