Evernote Safari Web Clipper Now Available!

Evernote Safari Web Clipper Now Available!

Posted by on 05 Oct 2011

Posted by on 05 Oct 2011

Our brand new Safari Web Clipper extension is now available from the Apple Extension Gallery. Get it now from Apple in the productivity category. You can also download it directly from our site.

How it works

The Web Clipper is designed to help you save all the great web pages and content that you come across on a daily basis. Whenever you see something you like (a recipe, research topic, travel destination), click on the Web Clipper in your toolbar and you’ll have the content of the page saved forever.

There are three options clipping options for the Safari Web Clipper:

Article clip
Click the clipper when you’re viewing an interesting article, and the clipper will automatically highlight the body of the page. A popup will appear, which allows you to choose your destination notebook and some tags.

Selection clip
Highlight the parts of the page that you like, then click on the elephant. The Web Clipper will send just what you selected—text, images, link, and all— into your Evernote account. You can also do this by selecting an area of the page, right clicking, and choosing Clip selection to Evernote. This method will clip in the background without a popup.

Full page clip
Click the clipper without making a selection, then choose Full page from the clip option drop down. This will place all of the content from the page into your Evernote account. Be aware, that there’s a lot of stuff on a page that you might not want, such as navigation and styles. Take that into account before using the full page option.

Your personal best of list

Whenever you visit a site that you clip from often, you can click the Web Clipper to see a list of everything you’ve ever saved from that site. To access this Best of click on the domain name that appears at the bottom of the clipper popup.

You can also view and search through all of the notes in your Evernote account right from the clipper popup.

Things to keep in mind

There are a few items that we’re working on…

  • When signing into your Evernote account, the cursor doesn’t appear. Don’t worry, it’s there. Just start typing.
  • Due to changes in how Safari Extensions function, we can no longer support the clip to PDF option.
  • All clips are sent to Evernote Web and then synced to your desktop and mobile devices.

We’re excited to have a native clipping experience on Safari. If you were using a Beta version of the extension, please uninstall and reinstall from the extension gallery. For those using the bookmarklet, we recommended switching to the new extension. Happy clipping!


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  • Spencer Marsden

    This has been missed, but I’m not thrilled about now being forced to keep the Evernote icon on the Toolbar. Big fan of keeping the Toolbar clean.

  • Chris Gonzales

    Pfft, like anyone uses Safari anymore!

    Just kidding, good work as always 🙂

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Sweet!!! Better late than never.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Sweet, better late than never!!!!

  • Lynda Williams

    Just what I was looking for last week. 🙂

  • Gordon Robb

    Any chance of this coming for safari on the iPad?

  • Peter Spencer

    The option (by holding down the shift-key) to save a web page as a PDF is no longer possible – which is a real shame. Even clipping “Full Page” does not result in the web page being correctly saved – they often look a half-finished mess.

    The only solution is to hit the print icon and then “Save PDF to Evernote”.

    I use “Evernote Account Switcher”, and so the above solution also means I’m saving to whatever Evernote Account I’m logged into as an app; rather than with the Safari web clipper, which saves to the account your logged on with in Safari.

  • Andre

    Does it work with mobile safari?

  • Steve

    @Gordon Robb:

    You can manually add Evernote clipper to iPad Safari. Not perfect, but it does work well.

    Look here for instructions:

  • iGeorg

    I love it! Thank you!

  • Thomas Hinna

    Just what I went on to your site to find. Boom! It was there on the front page 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  • Mark Moser

    Is there any chance that the notebooks could be ordered in the notebook stacks hierarchy?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Not at this time, but thanks for the suggestion.

  • Roquentin

    Rats–used the old clipper mostly for adding information to a notebook that has sensitive business information in it, so it isn’t synced. Since this works only with notebooks that are synced to the web, it’s fairly well crippled for my uses. If Evernote offered notebook-level encryption, this wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Marcel

    Just to let you know that, unfortunately, the extension is not working in Safari 5.1.1 (OS X 10.7.2).

    • Andrew Sinkov

      This is probably because you are running a beta version of OS X. We’re looking into it.

      • Marcel

        Hi Andrew,

        Yes, I am running the 10.7.2 GM that should be released on next week. I just would like to “advise” you about that.

  • Joshua Ochs

    This is a major downgrade from the previous extension, which allowed clipping directly to Evernote without the web and syncing – which was extremely valuable if you wanted to clip to a local notebook. This is critical if you’re clipping pages with sensitive information (account details and the like).

    I’m extremely disappointed to see Evernote drop the ball on this.

  • Jon

    The personal best of list for a website is a really nice feature. Will it be coming to the Chrome extension any time soon?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      This feature is available in the Chrome Web Clipper. Click on the domain name button at the bottom of the popup that appears when clip a page in Chrome.

  • M.K. Brumbaugh

    Well, now that I’m totally confused by the above comments, I think I’ll just stay with the Premium Evernote I love dearly, and skip the Safari Web Clipper for now!

  • David

    I appreciate the effort to bring native clipping back to Safari after the issues with version 5.1, but I’m disappointed that the new clipper extension works essentially the same the bookmarklet; the clip is sent to Evernote Web and then synced to your desktop app. Do you plan to release a future version with the functionality of the previous Safari web clipper so we can clip notes directly to the app?

  • John Luker

    I’d rather they get the iPhone app to sync properly EVERY time than to add functionality to iPad Safari. Until then Evernote is useless to me.

  • Gajah

    Thanks, finally. But just installed it and got an unhelpful message about conflicting browser extensions. It even referred to Google Chrome extensions! (This is in Safari 5.1 on 10.6.8 mind you.)

    It would be useful to know which of my extensions conflict and why? I don’t have that many, but likely “culprits” include: Faceblock, Tynt blocker, AdBlock, DevonThink, 1Password. For sure if you told me it conflicts with AdBlock, I’d choose Adblock over Evernote.

  • Russell

    How do I remove the button that was already there (the one that didn’t seem to do anything)

  • Tim Satterfield

    Nice, very nice. Use Ev ernote every day, but stashed pages & articles to read later all over the place. Now I can keep them all…organized 🙂

    • Gajah

      Tim, you do know that Safari has a built-in read-it later function right? 😉

  • F

    The old Safari-Clipper on Snow Leopard (Safari 5.0.5) worked like a charm.
    (both full page capturing and save-as-PDF-saving was just perfect)
    The new released version for Safari 5.1 on Lion slows down the clipping process.
    Not only it opens this window allowing me to add keywords (nice option to be sure, but while clipping I like to just throw all the pages in, and don’t want to wait for evernote to fill in metadata)

    But essentially worse: The new Webclipper doesn’t seem to capture webpages in their original Layout anymore. What gets synced to evernote is a mess of unformated links, text and pictures.

    sadly my workaround on lion is saving everything to instapaper instead and when I’m back to an older Mac running OSX 10.6 I go through the instapaper list and clip the pages to evernote with the old version of the web clipper. Sad.

    Dear Evernote Team: Will the layout-correct web clipping come back to the Safari-Clipper?

  • SteveT

    the extension is not working for me – Safari 5.1 and OSX 10.7.1

  • Nick

    Does not work, balloon comes up empty. Safari Version 5.1 (7534.48.3) OS X 10.7.1, deleted Evernote stuff from Internet Plugins before install. No messages on conflicts. What do you do?

    • Jakob Bignert

      Here are some things you can try: Install from Safari Extension gallery or the direct download link. Restart the browser. Login using the extension. If you see an empty popup leave it in that state for a while. Usually it is syncing in the background and the notification has not surfaced. That has worked for the majority of users. Sometimes clearing the cache helps to get to the right state.

  • Tom

    A quick question, will it be possible in the future sometime to press the little Elephant icon in Safari 5+ and get a local clipping, like in Firefox?

    Would be really great in the future if it is technically possible to do so!

    • Jakob Bignert

      Hi Tom – this is the most significant change in Safari 5.1 that we are currently blocked by the extensions security model to talk to native applications. If that changes in Safari we will re-visit that capability.

  • Shamil

    What a shame. Bring back the absolutely brilliant pdf clipper – please? Figure out some way of doing it. The new one isn’t anywhere near as good. PLEASE FIX – REALLY UNHAPPY!

  • Lucia

    Hi is there a Evernote Clipper for android?

  • Nebojsa Jovanovic

    Sorry guys, but it still doesn’t work! I’m really not amused cause I’m paying money for a pro account and it still doesn’t work! When I’m going to clip an simple page the clipped part in Evernote doesn’t look like the original page. This isn’t the same quality which I saw before!

  • markie

    Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but clipping a selection of a page doesn’t seem to work. The highlighting disappears as soon as I touch the clipper button.

    • Jakob Bignert

      @markle – That is one of the known issues in Safari 5.1. This should be fixed in upcoming releases of both Safari and the Evernote extension.

  • Richard Prior

    Dear Evernote,

    Thank you for a little something but this is not what any of us have chosen to pay a ‘premium’ for.
    The Web Clipper is not particularly useful and what we all are asking for is a to be able to save directly to Evernote. This clipper is not working anyway, I am using Safari and it is telling me there are problems with ‘Chrome extensions’ despite my never having used it.

    Since the option to clip directly to Evernote from Safari ceased to function, I have barely used Evernote and am seriously thinking about cancelling my subscription.

    Please can you fix this as Evernote is losing a lot of goodwill and recommendations as a result.

    Kind Regards

    • Martin Perry

      Totally agree, my Evernote premium subscription is due in 2 days time and for the first time in 3 years I am seriously having to look for a replacement service, as the lack of a proper Safari clipper means my account is hardly used any longer. I had feared the lack of functionality the plugins in other browsers have to live with would some day come to Safari, but it’s sad to see that day come nonetheless.

      Hoping this can still be fixed and the full functionality returned to the Safari clipper.

  • James

    I’m not a paid subscriber. One of the things holding me back is that Evernote doesn’t seem entirely there yet as a notebook solution, at least using a Mac and iPad. I’ve been a long time Circus Ponies NoteBook user, and am reluctantly looking at alternatives since cloud sync doesn’t seem to be coming to NoteBook anytime soon. Evernote is getting there but is not yet a replacement. The Mac app has some occasional odd behavior when editing text (usually it chokes on text I paste in that has block indents, and I’ve also encountered weird issues with converting pasted text into unordered lists (the app seems to choke on carriage returns). The view options for notes needs more flexibility, too (why can’t an entry take up only 1 line when using Snippet View? why can’t I change the layout of the panes?)

    That said, I agree with others here that the new Safari clipper really needs the ability to capture a PDF image of a page, and it should be able to clip to local notebooks.

  • redfood

    It doesn’t always seem to work for me. I’m loosing pages. I’ll stick to opening pages with Evernote via the developer menu. It works more like the the old clipper, it is faster, and most importantly – its consistent.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Maybe you’re using a beta version the clipper?

  • Extremely frustrated pro user

    I am a very frustrated Pro user. I have been patiently waiting for the restoration of function that I paid for. These changes, while an improvement over the existing bookmarklet are not even close. The ease and rapidity of saving full formatted webpages or safari reader pages to a local notebook with a single right click appear to be permanently gone. As that is what initially coverted me to an enthusiastic Evernote user, happily advertising to my friends and family, I am not pleased. I will be looking for a new service unless I hear of convincing plans for a true restoration of function.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We understand your frustration. Unfortunately, the things that changed are outside of our control. Both the PDF functionality and the ability to save to the desktop version of Evernote are no longer permitted by Safari.

  • Benjamin

    Evernote clippers should be designed to preserve the FULL “look and feel” of the original webpage document. Thanks

  • Alex

    Its not working with Safari 5.1.1. Correct?
    Will there be a solution soon?

    • Jakob Bignert

      It now works with Safari 5.1.1. Normally the extension auto-updates when we have released a new version. Latest released version is 1.0.1.

  • SJE

    And now it is broken again…Just updated to Safari 5.1.1. and OSX 10.6.8 and now the clipper will not accept userID complaining that username must not have special characters. Real handy when IDs are based on email addresses. Honestly – HOW HARD IS IT TO GET THIS RIGHT????!!!!!!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Apple updated Safari, so we’re working on making the Clipper work with the new version!

  • Syd

    Any idea when it’ll be fixed for Safari 5.1.1

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re working on it. Hope to have it very soon.

      • ilium007

        How soon ?? It’s now the 24th !

  • MrO

    can’t make it work with Lion, any one else?

  • TRA

    The old Evernote Safari Web Clipper, that would clip to PDF and that worked was amazing. Please figure out a way to bring back that killer feature. Quit, blaming apple. Evernote used to be my favorite app. Help…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tim, we’re also big fans of that feature. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to bring it back. We have clippers for all browsers and Safari was the only browser that allowed us to offer the PDF clipping functionality. The latest changes to Safari make this impossible.

  • Tim Armes

    This is awful. It’s so SLOW.

    I really need to clip directly to Evernote – it’s my primary use case. Using Evernote is now unbearable.

  • gabbsmo

    Doesn’t work. I click the button and all I get is a white window. Nothing is clipped to evernote 🙁

  • gabbsmo

    Something is clearly wrong with the login screen

  • Jakob Bignert

    We have a new version of Safari Web Clipper 1.0.1 with support for Safari 5.1.1
    For best experience please restart your browser after installing it.

    Get it here:

    • chris

      This new update still has the special characters issue for me (10.6.8, latest App Store Evernote)

      • chris

        (latest Safari + webclipper too)

    • SJE

      Also still have the same special character issue – no change to bug. This is SO frustrating! Really don’t want to have to start looking at alternatives…

  • Mike Q

    This is more of a rant about Apple than Evernote, but here goes:

    I’m still using OS X Snow Leopard, and unwittingly “upgraded” to Safari 5.1 via Software Update. I couldn’t believe how many things ended up broken as a consequence. I ended spending a whole day trying to figure out how to revert back to Safari 5.0x, which is where I now plan to stay. I’m a Pro user of Evernote and I rely on the right click menu on a daily basis. I also heavily rely on 1Password’s right click menu every day, and that also got broken in the 5.1 update. I can’t believe the arrogance of Apple sometimes. This was such a disruptive upgrade, and no warning was given (as far as I am aware) as to how much it would affect day-to-day usage.

    I have to say that in the brief time I used the new Evernote clipper it felt like a huge step backward compared to the way in which Evernote clips in 5.0x – slow, inaccurate and inflexible, not to mention relying on a button rather than a context menu in order to use it. If these changes have been forced upon you by Apple breaking plugin support then I sympathise, but I also find it incredibly frustrating. I’m finding it incredibly hard to reconcile the loss of the right-click menu. Being forced to use the slow and unreliable web clipper is not even a close substitute for how things were before Apple decided to just go and break everything.

    I know this sounds extreme, but I Was close to buying a new Macbook Air, but now that I know that it would mean being forced to use Lion with Safari 5.1 I am quickly re-evaluating my opinion. I can’t tell you how much I hate this browser upgrade.

    So, for me at least, it’s going to be Snow Leopard and Safari 5.0x for the forseeable future – where I get proper access to Evernote’s desktop clipping features in a quick and reliable fashion via a right-click menu. The same goes for 1Password. If anything, this “upset” has made me realise exactly how much I use and rely upon these two plugins on a daily basis – to the extent of basing my entire OS decision on them!

  • Miniyou

    So many time waiting for this clipper and I miss the main function I used previously : send image to Evernote!!!!

    Now is very tedious. You have to make a selection. There is no direct left click shortcut!!!!!!

  • ilium007

    Safari 5.1.1 has broken clip to article. Can;t select parts of the article with up / down / left / right anymore… Please fix.

  • Richard Prior

    Dear Evernote,

    I upgraded to a premium account as I was using Evernote so much. I even bought a desktop scanner to scan to Evernote and about a dozen colleagues started using Evernote on my recommendation.

    I used to click the Evernote icon on my Safari toolbar and it would save to PDF in the Evernote application. I cannot use this killer application at all and am now having to cut and copy urls and email them to myself, which is pretty pathetic really. Your new Safari Web Clipper is not working for me at all.

    Mu usage over the past month is less than 500KB, hardly justifying a premium subscription.

    Please let me know if there is a solution in sight, or failing that, how to cancel my subscription as otherwise the free version will more than suffice for access to my previous notes.

    I strongly feel that you should offer a refund if the ‘killer’ feature we all paid a premium for is no longer available.

    Would people please be able to recommend a different application to replace Evernote if they are unable to help?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Richard, unless Safari significantly changes, that feature will not be returning. If you would like to change to a free account, please contact our support team:

  • Peter

    Does not work in Safari 5.1 on Lion.

  • Peter

    The context menu of evernote in Safari 5.1 does not work. But the menu items of many other programs do work, i. e. Devontink or Things. So i think the is yours not apple.

  • Jakob Bignert

    Full context menu support including ‘clip images’ ‘clip URL’ will come in the next release of the Safari Web Clipper.

  • Todd

    I am getting an error message about Chrome in the safari extension. Using Safari 5.1.1 on OS 10.6.8.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      We’re working on getting this fixed, Todd.

      • Todd

        Thanks for the quick reply.

  • plindhout

    Sorry, but I can’t seem to be able to clip at all with the new version installed. Highlighting in Safari then clicking elephant icon opens the Evernote window but doesn’t clip. Nor does first clicking the Icon and clipping the article. Am I missing something here?

    • gacorrea

      I am experiencing the same problem. As one presses “Clip Selection to Evernote” a picture of a pair of scissors shows up, but nothing gets transferred to Evernote.

      • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

        Thanks, we’ll look into it!

      • gacorrea

        I think I have figured out what’s going on. The web clipping program seems to upload the clip first to the evernote web server. Once syncing is performed, the clipped note will appear on one’s evernote application.

      • Bimal

        Same Exact problem as Stated By gacorrea
        “I am experiencing the same problem. As one presses “Clip Selection to Evernote” a picture of a pair of scissors shows up, but nothing gets transferred to Evernote”

  • Pamela

    I can’t seem to clip an entire article. Perhaps that is too much to hope for? I just get the first page. Does anyone know if a multipage article in clippable in its entirety?

    In response to gecorrea: yes, that was my experience. Syncing put it on my computer probably from server.

  • vale

    Not working for me, either. I’m using it on Safari 5.1.1 Mac Os X 10.7.2
    I get an error about “privacy and chrome” (?) when loging-in.
    Is there any workaround?

  • Adam

    Ok, it does not work at all for me? I got safari 5.1.1 and OS X 10.7.2. Clicking the elephant opens the window but it does not clip the selected area, nor can i use any of the other clipping features such as url/full page/article.. What is going on?

  • dsa

    Why developers always make things worse?

    What bad was with old clipper? It was fast, it allowed to see exactly what is clipped, it uses either 1Password or keychain (i do not care, but i never had to enter my password). Now i have to wait 5-10 seconds to pop up small ugly window, have no ability edit clipped text, must remember my password and type it in manually.

    I understood the developers wanted to copy licorize interface, but what for?!! I gave up with licorize for sake of evernote because of unusable Licorize UI, and now i got the same in Evernote.

    I beg you, guys, bring the old clipper back. Don’t make me survive with browser bookmarks.

    • TC

      I agree! I have been sitting here for over an hour trying to figure out how to use this damn thing. The old clipper worked wonderfully for me. I am experiencing the same EXACT issues you are having and I’m so frustrated. I just want my old web clipper back. Please!!!!!!!

  • Geoff

    Tags and Notes?

    Lion and Safari 5.1

    I can clip OK but the ability to add tags and notes is greyed out. I can’t seem to find a switch to turn these fields “on” if such is the case.

    Please advise.


    • mcogilvie

      The clipper hasn’t worked at all for me since I upgraded to Lion. I’ve installed, uninstalled, selected, et cetera. Not working at all. Nothing happens. Very bad.

      • Gondy

        Same problem here; clipper only works 40% of the time. Sometimes I just get a white box that never fully opens, others it seems to have clipped but nothing gets transferred to the server (really, really annoying)!

        As for tags, it looks like it’s greyed out, but if I click on the box I can type text; it’s just that there’s NO CURSOR! Aaargh!

      • Letícia

        Same issue as Gondy with Lion. I have to wait for the box to open, which it only does half the time, clipping a full page is impossible and clipping an article doesn’t always work. And now I found out that a lot of notes I THOUGHT I had clipped just disappeared because there’s no warning when it doesn’t work and when I’m clipping a bunch of things I don’t check for each one of them immediately. I’ve been basically selecting what I want to clip and using the cmd^v shortcut. The old clipper worked so much better, this is nonsense.

  • mcogilvie

    Oh yeah, no login dialog. Just nothing. Very disappointing.

  • James

    I can’t get web clipper to work at all. It just opens up a window and says “sycronizing” and then it’s just blank. Nothing.

  • Strouty

    I think I have found a workaround for evernote and all of our complaints. I have snow leopard still so I can’t check it on Lion. I am hoping someone here can. I came across an article about issues with safari 5.1 and it was discussing a developer tab. You will have to go to safari preferences, then hit the advanced tab. At the bottom of that section there is a checkbox for “show develop menu in menu bar”. Click on the checkbox, close out of preferences. Now on your menu bar there should be a “Develop” drop down. It will give you some options, one is “open page with” there is an evernote choice, but it does a crappy job. I chose to open in safari 5.05 and a entire new window came up. There are two evernote icons, one is the old, one is the new (doesn’t work now). I also have full use of the right click and save to PDF. Can someone try this with Lion? I don’t want to upgrade without evernote. You can actually close the original safari 5.1 window and just keep browsing with the safari 5.05! I hope this works, at least is could get us through until evernote stops giving excuses and just starts from scratch and make us the best new combination of skitch and evernote, with a touch of PDF.

  • Strouty

    Make sure if you try my suggestion out and it works to post about it so I will know too!

  • Michael Schlierbach

    I’m very unhappy with the end of the old clipper and Evernote looses almost all of its usefulness for me now.
    I really need the layout aware “clip to pdf”. It was one of the main benefits of Evernote.
    Why do you drop essential and useful features?
    Please bring this back.

  • Rus Adrian

    Please bring back the option when i can right click on a image and save it to Evernote.

    • Letícia

      <3 please!

    • Guillermo González de Olano


  • dantetemp

    please bring back to option to clip page as pdf
    without it Evernote looks now as something significantly degraded

  • Deborah

    The new web clipper is so frustrating. Half the time my articles don’t clip and I don’t know it until it’s too late. The old clipper was so much better, why was it changed? I’m about to move on from Evernote because of this.

  • David

    The web clipper with Safari is totally unusable for me. What a shame. The old one worked fine.

    So much for progress.

  • Karen

    I understand that due to the changes in Safari, that EN hasn’t updated the web clipper. I get that it’s a lot of hard work. That being said, I LOVED the previous web clipper as well.

    I upgraded to premium specifically because I was going to be able to clip web pages for my online classes and see EXACTLY what the web page looked like (which is critical because my classes are Art related).

    While I’m sure there are many reasons why it hasn’t been updated, it seems to me that you have TONS of people who feel the same….. the forums are covered with comments requesting it be upgraded for that feature and the ability to save it as a pdf. PDF’s are universal and I find it hard to believe that EN has forgotten that.

    EN, I too am pleading to get those features back… I need true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) that makes the page a pdf and allows me to see the entire content AS IT IS DISPLAYED on the web.

    THANK YOU for all you do and all the other great EN features….. please just fix it back to the old way. 🙂

  • matbic

    The new Evernote web clipping in Safari is really starting to get annoying. I have been very tolerant as Evernote was very slow to get a version for Safari 5.1 working, but after all the wait it is just too clunky for me. It has to improve quickly now or I will have to move off Evernote.

    I understand Apple made significant changes to Safari, but if I compare your clipping software with that provided by Devonthink (which works well in Safari 5.1 Lion) I can not see why you can not enter web clippings directly in the Mac application as your old software did. It seems Devonthink can still do this, why can’t you offer this as well, going via the server is just too slow?

    This really matters – it is a major user interface issue for me, and I think many others as well. My workflow was as follows: I clip a page, then flip over to Evernote to edit/clear up/annotate/tag the article. Then flip back to the browser to find more.

    With the current clipping arrangement it takes too long to wait for the clipping to arrive down from your server. It has slowed me to a slow crawl when doing Internet research. This was a main reason to use Evernote, to support quick Internet research creating organise clippings as I proceeded.

    Now this is just not possible. I have a very fast internet connection but it still is just to slow to wait for clippings to arrive via your web servers.


  • K.

    It has been about a month since anyone from the support team has weighed in on this issue. Just wondering…Has there been any progress made on this problem?

  • K.

    another note…if I sign in to my account via the internet, the web clipper is then signed in too and works okay. However, I cannot sign in on the clipper. I am using Safari 5.1.2 and Lion 10.7.2

  • K.

    The things clipped by being signed into the web based version of evernote does not show up in my account. It is like they are clipped and nothing happens. I clipped something 24 hours ago and it still has not showed up. Hopefully the sync time is not this long. Just keeping customer service up to date with this issue since it seems to be a work in progress.

  • Robert

    The web clipper does not work! It really is a pain. I clip and clip and it just won’t show up in my Evernote account. Bummer.

  • Andrew

    Hi … The Safari clipper worked until last week for me (I’m using Lion), now I keep getting asked to sign in… I sign in, clip, then a red “1” bubble appears on the icon, so I sign in again, clip, and so on … The only way for me to clip a web page now is via PDF.

  • Anyone

    As others have stated, PDF is essential. I have no interest in clipping webpages the way this new clipper works. I want pages archived AS PDFs, nothing else, thanks.

  • Jihad Azmuddin

    Tried to use the ‘clipper’ nothing happens. not even after I get my evernote ‘synched’. Plus ‘save as PDF’ is what I thought evernote was offering.

  • Robert K.

    Ready to drop my Premium Evernote subscription for the lack of being able to effortlessly (one-click) save full webpages as a PDF. As everyone else already noted this was one of the essential reasons for me to use Evernote and after having lived with the new extension for a while I now realize I can no longer live without the PDF option.

  • Maripat

    Hey Evernote…
    It’s been several months since my Safari web clipper has worked. Do you have any feedback for us about that?

  • Daniel

    I have installed the Safari web clipper extension, the elephant logo is there, but when I click it – nothing. It doesn’t do anything at all. Frustrating for a (would be) new user, total turn off.

  • MIchael

    I have to re upload the clipper almost after every Safari use.

  • Heather

    For those of you who miss our Print to PDF from Safari, that has been incorporated into Skitch.
    Install Skitch for Mac.

    Then, to “print” the frontmost Safari window, simply choose the option from the menu on the Skitch Frame, and from there you can “drag” your selection into Evernote.

    For everyone having issues with the Safari clipper itself, we actually have not had any issues reported to Support or on our forums about this. Please contact file a ticket ( ) so we can get this issue identified.

    • Oyvind Solstad

      Does it capture whole pages? All the way down? Or just the part visible on the screen?

    • Patricia Martin

      Hi Heather,
      I followed your advice and managed to capture a whole page as pdf. As a premium Evernote user I consider that unacceptable. Why should I have to open a second application and then follow a three step process in order to do what previously was done while I was surfing within Safari through the Evernote clipper? I am paying to you guys to make my work easier not to get it more complicated.

      Moreover, whith this method, the title of the pdf note in Evernote is the URL of the page while
      the clipper was smart enought to capture the page title itsef. Another thing: since you get the pdf through Skith and not directly from Safari anymore, the web source address is not longer available when the pdf is clipped. You either leave it on the title or you won´t be able to trace the pdf back to the original page.

      A real lame solution!

    • Vincent Cayenne

      As requested by Heather above, I did file a ticket (16051-62536) and, after a bit of back and forth to get details of what I was experiencing and my computing environment, as well as confirming the proper operation of the clipper for Google’s Chrome, I was advised that it’s a bug and that an internal bug report had been filed with the QA team lead.

      Perhaps if others also file tickets, the QA team may amass enough info to facilitate getting this fixed…

    • Doug

      Since Skitch is now the way to get PDF captures of web pages into Evernote, why not have a better connection between skitch and evernote. Now, I have to pdf via skitch, then move the pdf into a note. An option to “PDF to Evernote” would be fab. The GIGANTIC downside of Skitch PDF’s is that there isn’t any live text, it is a rasterized screenshot. #lame.

  • Oyvind Solstad

    Also – why isn’t there a Send to Evernote in Skitch? That doesn’t make sense?

  • Patricia Martin

    I’m definitely upset with the changes on the web clipper. I got a premium account just because its ability to clip to pdf pages just with a click. I used to do press clippings I need for my work. Evernote looses almost all of its usefulness for me now.

    I really need to know if the “clip to pdf” is functionality is going to be restored anytime soon. Without it I am not going to pay for a premium version and worse: will have to find an alternative for my work now too.

    Also what was wrong with the old regular clipper? It was fast, it allowed to see exactly what is clipped, Now I have to wait to pop up that small ugly window…

  • Patrick

    I am also a Premium user, and have to add my voice to the chorus of disappointment with the new web clipper. I, like many others, rely on the save as PDF option. From a UX perspective, you already had a great, intuitive and fast solution — the new popup box is a tragic step backwards.

    • Guillermo González de Olano

      Same thing here. Please Evernote fix that ASAP

  • Richard

    I having just moved over to a new iMac having used a PC for years with Firefox.

    With Evernotes on Firefox I was able to highlight a small part of a page – just as a reminder – and when it was clipped the note included the url automatically so I was able to get back to the site when I wanted.

    Now I am now using Safari 5.1 but I cannot find the way to clip just a highlighted section or any part for that matter and more important to me the note does not include the URL.

    Where am I going wrong please. Or is it easier to go back to Firefox or Chrome

  • Bill G

    i keep on having problems with the Evernote web clipper for Safari.
    For each article i want to clip i need to give my login details (yes, also when checking the tick box ‘remember me’. I must say that the previous clipper was far better. And apparently, i’m not the only one to have this experience;
    can you please give us a better clip experience. especially if you pay for a premium account, you want this thing to work more efficient and intuitive. thanks Evernote.

  • Sandeep Patel

    I thought I’d add my comments on this as well. I’m a big fan of Evernote and am a premium user. The Safari web clipper worked brilliantly on Snow Leopard, but it’s taking too long for Evernote to provide a clipper that works just as well for OS X Lion. Please get this sorted!

  • Nicola Philbin

    I am here because I am looking for a solution to my issues with the Safari web clipper now I have upgraded to Lion and the latest version of Safari. It is just useless – I also really miss the pdf clipping, I think more than half of the pages I try to clip for research now come up as saying “not clippable”. I also very regularly find that a clip has NOT been saved to Safari, with no error message etc – and I agree on the interface, I much preferred the old one.

    I am also a premium user but will NOT be renewing unless this is sorted out. Evernote has been my most useful application for the last year, now it is just not working any more for me, it is just so disappointing.

    I luckily still have the old version on an older iMac and I am now holding back from upgrading that computer purely so I can continue to use the older version of Evernote.

    Nicola Philbin

  • David

    I guess I’m not the only one still using Safari 5.0.5 for fear of losing the essential clipping features. I think browser clipping is the single most useful feature of Evernote for myself and many other users. What I don’t understand is why Devon Think has continued to provide direct clipping with Safari 5.1 but Evernote can’t seem to do it. Just out of curiosity, I wrote an Applescript that allows for direct clipping from Safari into Evernote. If you can do it with something as simple as Applescript, why can’t Evernote provide this feature?

  • Matt

    Let my pro subscription lapse because of this.

    • Chris

      I am just about to as well

  • shigeruka

    it doesn’t work on my lion OS.

  • Charlie

    I really wanted to use Evernote, but the clipper in Safari (Mac Lion)
    never worked (it says, “processing …” forever).
    So, I had to switch to Read it Later. It just works perfectly in Mac,
    iPad, and iPhone.
    I just wonder why it’s so difficult to make this simple thing work
    for Evernote ?

  • Yury Savelyev

    Here is one solution that can helps with the clip to PDF option – Add “Send PDF to Evernote” to the OS X Print dialog.

  • Jeff C


    Can somebody from Evernote please respond to all of these comments giving us an idea of if, and when the extension will be fixed?

    I share the same problem, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying it’s seriously impacting my use of Evernote.

    Many thanks,


  • ilium007

    I have switched back to Safari from Chrome due to privacy concerns only to find the the EN Clipper in Safari is still unusable.

    Why can we still NOT select what Evernote deems an Article ? When I clip as an Article (which is 99% of my clipping) I frequently get some rubbish notion of an article and have to revert to full page clipping.

    I am a premium EN subscriber and will be dropping my subscription should this not get fixed.

    I think it is evident that given the length of this thread that EN have no intention of better support Safari on OSX users.

  • Don.a.dio

    I’m still using Safari 5.0.5 as well – but I’m not sure how much longer I can keep it up. Graphics are becoming grainy and it’s painfully slow at times. But the two commands “Add to Evernote” and “Add to Evernote as PDF” are essential to me when right-clicking a webpage.

  • ilium007

    Why are my posts not being added to this thread ? They are relevant and constructive. If you want to make this application a showcase app on OSX it must play properly with Safari.

  • Paul

    The major loss of PDF clipping capability in Safari will also cause me to discontinue my premium subscription. Just not enough response from Evernote to the Premium user community.

  • Jessamyn

    I’ve installed the Evernote web clipper but it doesn’t seem to work. The icon is blank and when I click it, a pop-up window opens that is also blank. Any ideas?

  • S. Irene Virbila

    I used to use a bookmark labelled “clip to evernote” which I accidentally deleted. (I’m talking Safari.) It worked beautifully. The web clipper with the little elephant does not. Most of the time it stalls and a wheel just turns and turns saying “processing…” and never completes. Very frustrating. I’ve now got a huge backup of things I want to clip but no way to do so.
    How can I go back to the more primitive way of clipping to evernote? I also liked it because you could see what you were clipping.


  • Paul Mounts

    I’m haveing the exact same problem as Jessamyn above, but only on my MacBook Pro. It works fine on my MacBook Air; exact same system configurations. Any ideas? Pleeeaase?

  • David

    Will this Safari clipper work for the iPad?

  • hyh

    It is super slow and takes forever to load…

  • Bill K

    My web clipper on My MacBook Pro – using Safari has stopped working. I found a notice on the web that there was a problem with a new version of Safari which was being worked on. However this note was undated so I do not know if this is the current status or last year’s news

  • Sirkka

    Do I get web clipper on ipad???!!!!