New Evernote for iOS Update Fixes Three Issues

Posted by on 06 Oct 2011

Posted by on 06 Oct 2011

Earlier this week we released an iOS update that added some nice new functionality and fixed a slew of bugs. Unfortunately, we still had three issues that were left unresolved, two of which were really hurting our eyes. They’re now fixed!

Evernote for iOS version 4.1.3 fixes double spacing of new lines, makes Helvetica the default font and resolves a crashing problem on iOS 5.

Available now from the iTunes App Store or check for updates on your device.


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  • Carl

    thank you

  • David

    And I thought you had finally fixed it, but – oh no – still double spaced lines.
    With a company like yours I can’t believe this problem is around for over two years.

  • Phil Saunders

    Brilliant news! Much appreciated.

  • Harco te Lindert

    After upgrading to this version on my iPad1, it crashes during sync. I removed the app completely from the iPad and reinstalled it after which it worked again…

  • Palo

    Thank for fix pb with double spacing of new lines !!! But there is one small thing to be fixed, each blank line contain one whitespace in WIN client, if note was updated on IOS.

    • Palo

      there is added one space character at the end of editing line,
      and one space character is added to each blank line

  • Ross Collins

    New notes now use Helvetica as the default font. However, existing notes, without font formatting, i.e. using the default font, still show a serif font, i.e. not Helvetica. This is particularly weird as the default font on my Mac desktop app that these notes were created on was set to Helvetica.

  • Greg

    Thank you! Writing and editing on my iPad is now a joy.

  • Raymond Brigleb

    “makes Helvetica the default font”

    I love you.

  • darnelltmia

    Love ever note. Using Evernote now in the planning of my own cafe idea. Thanks Evernote.

  • James

    Since the last few updates, word wrap of all things is broken. Is wraps halfway through a word, or decides to wrap when there ist 50% or more of the blank line left.

    Also, after creating a note on my iPad, saving and re-editing, it tells me some formatting will be lost. Very strange since any formatting I created (bold, underline or bullets) was all created on the same device. It seems to report this after a sync

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Gaul

        It’s not fixed yet? I am having the same problem and have just updated . What should I do about this wrap problem?

  • Larry

    iPad editing now works very well. And syncs back and forth with the PC version. Thanks for persevering to get the glitches worked out. We all love Evernote and want to use it in as many ways as possible.

  • David

    Still double spaced lines when editing a note on my iPad that was created on my Android phone. Win client -> iPad works alright.

  • Barnabas

    Not sure if this happened on 4.1.3 or 4.1.2, but I’ve found the increased indenting of bullet points annoying on the iPhone – there isn’t much horizontal space to waste, after all! I’m guessing this (and things like the font size of heading and subheading formatting) was changed to bring it into line with the desktop version, but if this is a common sentiment, any chance the indenting could be reverted to that of 4.1.1?

    Possibly related: noticed some issues with word wrap since I updated: sometimes the new line starts halfway through a word, and if you erase enough in the middle of a paragraph that a word on the next line should jump back onto the previous line (hope that makes sense), it doesn’t happen.

    Probably unrelated: since the new Evernote app was launched, the magnifying glass for tap-and-hold (i.e. for selecting text) keeps disappearing on me. No idea if it’s a more widespread issue or if it’s just me, though.

    Anyway, nitpicks aside, love using Evernote! It’s great being able to tag notes easily and edit them without having to use a slow program like MS Word.

    • David

      I agree about the bullet points. And as James noted above – word wrap on iPad 2 doesn’t work at all.

  • Andy

    I’m still getting crashes when syncing one of my notebooks with this version of Evernote from a fresh install on my iPad2. Are there more fixes in the pipeline?

    • Andy

      I tracked down the crashes to memory usage on the iPad 2. iOS 5 (GM Release) is jettisoning Evernote process (in iOS parlance) due to high memory usage and this seems to be main cause of crashes. I have reinstalled from the App Store and re-synced from the install.

  • James Smith

    This is a bittersweet update. I’m glad you fixed the line spacing, but now Evernote for iOS 4 splits words when they reach the edge of the screen, or randomly drops half a sentence to t
    he next line, leaving
    enormous breaks in the sentence. This paragra
    ph is typed to look like what my text currently looks like in Evernote. It’s maddening.

    • Anthony Finkelstein

      Please, please solve this. I was told you had a fix in beta – but come the latest update this very basic function is still broken.

  • Martin Boehme

    This excites me more than you can know. My iPod was bought exclusively for Evernote, and every time you guys make it better, I fall in love with it all over again.

  • Buck

    Unfortunately, the iOS 5 bugs still aren’t fixed. My iPad crashes constantly. Not sure what the issue is, but I can’t use it for more than two minutes without having it crash. I thought it might be offline syncing issues, but I turned that off and the problems persisted …

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Buck, please try uninstalling and re-installing. That usually fixes crashing issues.

  • Deborah K

    So happy about the fix in the font and spacing issue!!!

  • Cameron

    The updates are very appreciated. Can I request allowing bulleted and numbered lists to become bulleted and numbered outlines (i.e. allow indented or nested bullets)?

  • Muhammed Furkan Akıncı

    That was just brilliant 🙂

  • Muhammed Furkan Akıncı

    I think there shold be keyboard shourcuts for wireless keyboard, for switching bold or using Tab options etc…

    it will make Evernote increadbly useful for any iPad user who have wireless keyboard 🙂

  • anirog

    You haven’t resolved the crashing issue on iOS 5

  • Karin

    I never experienced any crash, unitl after the update to iOS5 and the new version on Evernote. Removing an reinstalling didn’t help…

  • The Admiral

    Just installed official iOS 5, and Evernote is crashing all over the place. Reinstalled, same problems. Help!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re looking into this.

      • Robert Killington

        I think you need to tell your users that there’s something wrong and you are looking to fix it.

        I only discovered it today and see there’s a growing thread on the Forum. The response I got from Support was less than positive and is making it difficult for me to carry on espousing the benefits of Evernote, let alone using it for my work.

        Please give use some feedback! I want to see Evernote work on my iPad, it would help to know that Evernote had acknowledged the problem.

        In the meantime I’m looking for a back up plan that I can use while this is sorted and when Evernote goes belly up again.

        • Andrew Sinkov

          We’ve been able to reproduce and fix the crashing issues. We’ll be submitting the update to Apple shortly.

    • Happe

      same here. reinstalling seems to help.

  • Steven

    Just wanted to leave a feature request about generating note links on iPad. 

    I would use this feature a lot if it was implemented because I use mind maps (ithoughtshd) on iPad everyday and all attached notes in those mind maps are actually kept in Evernote. So being able to link those on ipad would be very useful. I simply switch between apps and rely on search in evernote currently but note links would save me a lot of time and effort.


  • Larry

    When I updated to iOS 5 this week, all of my Evernote notes were deleted on my iPhone 4, and now I can’t find them on Can anyone help? I had a lot of musical ideas on Evernote and I would like to recover them.

  • alessandro

    Hey, just tried it on iOS 5 – Ipad 2

    And sadly it crashes when I try to edit any note.
    I also tried to reset the device, but it’s still crashing.

  • Simon Callan

    There appears to be a bug in the latest version to do with inserting spaces, that results in the formatting getting screwed up.

    Occasionaly, the line of text I’m entering won’t wrap correctly, as if the spaces aren’t suitable breaking points.

    If I sync the note, and then export it from the windows desktop client to XML, I can see that the iPhone app has insert hard spaces instead of the normal spaces.

    In the XML the character is staored as   or a U+00A0 character, depending on whether or not I’ve edited the note on the desktop.

    I think this is the cause of the odd formatting that James Smith is seeing.

  • Atsushi

    After updating to new version, I encounterd one problem. I cannot pinch out (zoom in) notes anymore. It is not convenient for my eye. I am using iphone4 under iOS5. Does anyone have same problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Liana Hanson

    Been gone the whole month of October and updated all my devices today. Evernote crashes every time I try to type on any note on both my iPhone and iPad. Updated my iMac too. I’m prepping to move to the cloud. Very frustrating since I can’t edit anything on iPad or iPhone.

  • jeff

    I have a problem that I can’t seem to find anywhere else on threads with my iPad2, and that is that whenever I edit an existing note on my iPad it doesn’t sync / save correctly. When it goes to the autosync it just refreshes as if I had never added new text. Basically the app is unusable, I have to add new text via the web client. I can then (usually) view it on the iPad but probably 75% of the time any edits, no matter how minor, made on the iPad are erased.

    Am I doing something wrong at a very basic level here? Is there a switch I’ve not flipped on the iPad that will make this all go away?

    I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. No luck.