iOS Update: Stability improvements and bug fixes

Posted by on 22 Oct 2011

Posted by on 22 Oct 2011

iOS 5 is fantastic. Our transition to it has been somewhat less than stellar. Which is why we’re unbelievably happy about today’s 4.1.4 update, which addresses four of the major issues that our users have been seeing, plus a slew of other stuff.

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Here’s the list of what we fixed:

  • Fixed: a crash that would occur when dragging the text selection markers.
  • Fixed: a crash that would occur when the magnifying glass came up.
  • Fixed: a crash that would occur when downloading/syncing offline notebooks.
  • Fixed: an issue that would cause attachments and images to be removed from notes when editing.
  • Reduced the occurrence of Pending Synchronization issues, and fixed problems for users that currently have pending notes.

There are still a couple of issues that some of our users are reporting that we haven’t been able to address in this update, but will very soon. In general, if you start experiencing a recurring problem, the first thing to try is to uninstall Evernote and re-install it. That tends to fix about 95% of the issues we see.

While making sure that all major problems are resolved is our top priority, we’re also working on some exciting new features and capabilities. Stay tuned.

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  • Bobby

    Thanks for the update evernote guys.
    Keep up the great work, I am trying to get all my mates onto evernote and hopefully upgrade to premium.

    Its so awesome.

    Hey when are you guys going to do another podcast? Because I enjoy listening to your podcasts whilst on the underground on my way to work, its awesome.


    Bobby F
    in London, Uk

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It’s recorded. Just needs some editing. We’ll post it soon.

  • Alok

    Does this update fix the pinch n zoom capability?

  • Terri

    I didn’t complain, because I knew you guys would fix the issues shortly. Thanks!

  • Paul

    “iOS 5 is fantastic. Our transition to it has been somewhat less than stellar.”

    This ranks right up there with, “Other than that, what did you think of the play, Mrs. Lincoln?” Kidding aside, THANK YOU for the update. I didn’t realize how much I’d come to depend on Evernote on the iPad.

  • K. Price

    Oh, how bout a hint on those new features…even one feature? I love to beta test, if you’re at that stage.

  • Gordon Robb

    Thanks. Downloaded and tested as I was suffering 2 of the above problems. Works a treat now.

  • Ankur

    Thanks for the quick update. It fixed the sync bug I was experiencing on the iPad.

  • apz

    This bug is still there: If I crop photos in iOS 5 on iPhone 4S and then import them into Evernote they stay uncropped..

  • Alessandro Scarano

    Sad, but doesn’t work for me. Still crashing after uninstalling/reinstalling/rebooting.
    It happens when I edit a note. iPad 2, iOs 5. Let me know if I can give you further information…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, please contact our support team: Thanks.

  • EN Lover

    Could you clearly state whether the mangling of (cross platform) plain text notes has been addressed?

    I was forced to downgrade to 4.1.1 and don’t want to do that again – but what a mess.

  • John Pearce

    The upgrade seems to have repaired the sync problem I had on the iPad, but synchronization on the iPhone is quite slow.

  • Björn Bengtsson

    The android app is actually better than the iOS app in some areas:
    2.When you choose checkbox and presses enter, it continues to write checkboxes.
    3.It is faster to navigate through the GUI

    Luckily I have one of each 🙂

    I am a premium user, of course 😀

  • Simon Callan

    Are you going to fix the bug where the iOS app will suddenly start inserting hard spaces, and screwing up formatting? I’ve recently started using evernote hard enough that I was thinking about upgrading to premium, and now I’m about to abandon it, and move to something else.

  • Gary

    My iPhone an iPad evernote crash whenever I try to access a shared notebook. I can see the icon of the shared notebook. But when click to view, it crashed.

  • Paul

    iOS download makes existing notes blank

  • Ming

    Hi Evernote Team,

    I was using the product on my iPhone 2g and Mac for years, thank you for the increateble application.
    however, when I upgrade the version of iOS ,the application crashes
    every time while launching in iOS 3.1.3; I reinstall it and reboot my device for sevaral time but useless.
    Is that a bug? Or evernote won’t support iOS 3.1.3 anymore?


  • Jesse

    I use Evernote on an iPod Touch (4th Gen) and I feel annoyed at how the text layout isn’t (completely) optimized for small screens. I have to scroll horizontally sometimes 🙁

  • test


  • David

    I used to use Evernote on a 1st gen iPod Touch. Now it crashes at startup every time I try to run it. Are there any plans to fix this for older devices?

  • John

    Evernote crashes at startup on 2nd gen iPod Touch. Uninstall and reinstall doesn’t help. Thanks! I love it on my iPad.

  • Dennis Jebber

    I downloaded Evernote about a year ago and have never used it. It has never recognized my user ID so I just don’t bother with it. Thanks anyway.

  • Paul

    I also upgraded from the App Store, and now Evernote won’t even start on my 1st gen iPod Touch. How can I get the previous version of the application?

  • Baci


    Evernote 4.1.4 does not run on iOS 3.1.3.

    Honestly, I do not understand what happens with software development these days… Guys, do you **really** submit the latest Evernote to Apple without executing the very basic functionality tests on several different real iOS devices?

    Or do you test eveything on the latest shiny iPhone 4S only?

    • Neil

      I am having the same problem. Can’t open Evernote 4.1.4 in IOS 3.1.3 on an iphone 3G. I use Evernote constantly so reverted back to version 4.1.3 till fixed. Version 4.1.3 works great.

  • Rick Gringhuis

    My wife is having the same open > add note screen > crash problem on her 1st gen iP Touch. I tried hard reset, delete > reinstall methods with no luck. Whas up wiith this????

  • Ned Swan

    Evernote crashes every time I try to load it my iPhone. I used to work fine, but after I updated a couple of days ago, it now will not load on my iPhone. Very frustrating.

  • Delia

    Pls help, Evernote was not loading on my IPhone 3GS so I uninstalled it, but when I tried to reinstall it the Evernote icon is there but it just says “Waiting” and it won’t reinstall again 🙁

  • Ben

    Has the sync problem that deletes your notes been fixed. Example, I go out in to the field ( no wifi ) take 100 notes each with 3 or 4 photo and then go to the office to sync only to have the days work vanish?