Study With Evernote Peek and You Could Win a Trip to Berlin


Study With Evernote Peek and You Could Win a Trip to Berlin

Posted by on 09 Nov 2011

Posted by on 09 Nov 2011

When we built our learning app, Evernote Peek, our goal was to help you study for a test or brush up on your language skills. The ingenious folks at VisitEurope have come up with a whole new reason to use Peek: you could win a trip to Berlin!

How to enter

Install Peek on your iPad (now it even works without a Smart Cover). Get all the notebooks created by VisitEurope and start studying. Next, go to the VisitEurope site and take their Peek-inspired quiz.

One lucky entrant will win a 4-day trip to Berlin, Germany furnished by Monograms. Make sure to read the rules on the VisitEurope site before entering.

We can’t get over how cool this is. Good luck!

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  • Ernie

    Well, apparently all of us Android phone users are just left out of this one.

  • vinospizza

    iPad only? Disappointing. Came here from Twitter; no mention of iPad req’d.

  • Katie

    Evernote Peek is an app for the iPad. Hence, an iPad is indeed req’d.

    I love this app and I definitely love Europe!

  • Tiffany

    Android tablet owners need love, too, Evernote! We’d like to take Peek for a test-drive! P.S. Count me in for beta testing! I have a Motorola Xoom.

  • Ali Zainal Abidin

    ooh, when i’m going this page, i think this for all pc user. ok, i will wait for other event for pc user.

  • Turophile

    I am working on my mac book air at the moment and clicked – your ad is deceptive and not nice for everyone who’s not an ipad.

  • Teddy

    Better tell us this is for ipad user only in the ad…

  • Anton


  • Moses Opamen

    I am not clear of the connection and the understanding to derive from this exercise

  • Chaz Chillrsmrce

    Well you know the job you have to do android needs a peek too.I will be watching you

  • yc

    Silly question, but when does the contest end? It says Dec 2012 on the contest page, but the terms say dec 2011…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The contest ended in 2011. The prize must be redeemed before the end of 2012.

  • Chaz Teaz

    iPad only? This suck. What aboot pc user Evernote? Canadians want to go to germany too! XD

  • FirstHal

    Well, yet again someone needs to understand that Android is in fact the biggest user base. Time for Evernote to get real and in our wonderfully modern world – GET EQUAL!

  • sandij

    Why does the ad/link for this show up if it ended almost 4 months ago? And here are two more Android users. Evernote, please start creating android apps. I have an iPad, but not an iPad2.

  • Stacey

    Will Evernote Peak be available on Mac? If so, when?