Introducing Evernote Clearly: One Click for Distraction-Free Online Reading

Posted by on 16 Nov 2011

Posted by on 16 Nov 2011

I like getting comfortable when I read. I grab a cup of tea, sink into my favorite chair, put my feet up, and then crack open the book. Getting cozy and tuning out distractions helps me focus. Unfortunately, online reading doesn’t let you do that. Before you even finish the first paragraph, you’re clicking on links. Five minutes later, you’re buying a new tent and wondering how you ever got there.

There’s a better way. Introducing our new browser extension, Evernote Clearly. Available now for Google Chrome (other browsers are coming soon).

Get Evernote Clearly from the Chrome Store ยป

With one click, Clearly hides all distractions from blogs and articles, allowing you to read in peace.

How it works

Click on Clearly whenever you visit a blog post or article. Clearly slides in, showing an alternate view of the page without navigation, ads, or links to other content. When you’re done reading, click on the return arrow and Clearly slides out of the way, so you can continue browsing the site.

Multi-page articles
If you launch Clearly on a multi-page article, it will automatically turn it into a single page. No more clicking from one page to the next.

Save it for later

You don’t always have time to read everything in the moment. That’s why we built a web clipper right into Clearly. Click on the Evernote icon in the side bar, and the page will be saved into your Evernote account. You can even set tags to go along with all of your Clearly clips.

The auto-tag feature is a great way to easily create reading lists in Evernote that are accessible from any computer, phone or tablet you use.

Make it yours

Clearly offers three beautiful theme options:

  • Newsprint: Like reading a newspaper
  • Notable: Clean modern look
  • Nightowl: Dark background, perfect for nighttime reading

Not a fan of the presets? You can make your own. Go into the extension preferences and create a custom theme. You can customize just about everything in Clearly from fonts to colors to alignments.

You can also customize keyboard shortcuts to launch Clearly and clip to Evernote.

All inside your browser

Clearly does all of its processing magic right inside the browser. It never sends any content to Evernote, or anywhere else, until you choose do to so.

A great web clipping companion

With Clearly, you now have two Evernote buttons for your browser bar. Our Web Clipper will help you capture anything you see online and Clearly will give you a clean reading experience. We hope you like it. We plan on bringing Clearly to more platforms and more languages soon. Let us know what you think.


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  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski โ€”

    I declare this a WIN.

    I had been using ReadItLater, but it felt very unnatural to not have everything I read in Evernote. This makes things much easier for me.

  • Bes Zain โ€”

    Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hopefully one day, we can use Clearly (built into Evernote maybe?) to read all the bookmarks or links we may have saved into Evernote.

    • Andrei Thorp โ€”

      Great idea!

  • Jamie โ€”

    Like Readability, but 2 years behind! Or a year behind Safari Reader!

    • Gavin โ€”

      I can’t stand Readability’s clumsy scrolling behaviour. Safari Reader only works in Safari. Well done Evernote on a great Chrome page reader.

    • GTK โ€”

      I just tested three different articles, from three different web sites, using both readability and Clearly. Clearly works much better. Readability retains the fonts from the web version in evernote, but loses some links and the defaults don’t retain the title. Evernote converts the basic font into the client defaults, but retains all the links and the relative formatting. Very very smooth.

  • Ashu Joshi โ€”

    I am an Evernote Premium Customer – when would I be able to save articles and read them in a “Clearly” mode or an “Instapaper” mode from my iPad?

    • Otรกvio โ€”

      I’m looking forward this feature ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jeffrey Eisenberg โ€”

      I’m a premium subscriber and I want that too.

      • Davide โ€”

        Me too I want this feature on iPhone as Premium Subscriber!

  • Chris Gonzales โ€”

    I already use Readability for this sort of thing, but I’ll definitely give Clearly a try and see which one outperforms the other.

  • Phil โ€”

    There is a free bookmarklet that does a similar thing and can be used in almost any browser, including mobile Safari. It will send an instapaper-like version of the article to your evernote account.

  • Regnareb โ€”

    Other browsers ? Oh so Opera will have his Evernote extension !

    • Paul โ€”

      I hope so.

      Can anyone confirms that?

      • Karsten โ€”


    • Nacho โ€”


  • Dennis โ€”

    When is expected to be available on safari? I want it now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good Job , I use read it later but I found this more useful since I can add it to Evernote.

  • Hadret โ€”

    And I’m still waiting for “normal” Firefox extension update for 8 ๐Ÿ™

    • jbignert โ€”

      @Hadret – wb Clipper with Firefox 8 support just got approved @

      • Hadret โ€”

        Great news. So, now I’m waiting only for Evernote Clearly for FF8 (:

  • Lisa D โ€”

    Wow! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kaos โ€”

    This would be excellent in Firefox, can’t wait!

  • Mike โ€”

    On this website clearly will display the content of the home page not the page you are currently reading when activated

  • Ed โ€”

    This is a great start. I like how clean it makes a lot of overly complex pages.

    Where it runs into problems in my initial testing is with multi-page articles. If the extension could either fetch the rest of the article from subsequent pages, or provide access to the link for the next page while staying in Clearly, that would make it even more useful. From a clipping standpoint, the former option would be great, but either one would make it much more usable. As it is right now you have to go back to the original page (exiting Clearly), scroll down to the next page link, then hit the Clearly button, and then do it all over again if there is another page.

    It is already very useful, and I look forward to seeing it continue to evolve. Thanks for continuing to make great products.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Clearly does support multipage article viewing. In many cases, when you visit a multipage article, Clearly with combine all the pages into one, and mark where the page breaks are. We’ll keep improving this functionality to make it work on more sites.

  • Robert Williams โ€”

    How do you auto-tag articles that are sent to Evernote using Clearly?

    • Steve K. โ€”

      Click on ‘Customize’ button in Chrome, then ‘tools’, then ‘extensions’, find Clearly in the list and click on ‘options.’

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Right click on the Clearly icon and go to the Options screen. There you’ll see a “Tag with” section. All clips, will be marked with the tag you set.

      • J โ€”

        Too many steps to do this every time you need a new tag. Makes more sense to tag once in the evernote app, yes?

  • nan โ€”

    Waiting for Firefox, too–this would be great! I’m a big fan of Evernote, and tell lots of people about it.

  • Flokass โ€”

    Is it based on Readability? It looks like that.

  • Patrick โ€”

    I’m trying to use the extension on Chrome 17.0.938.0, and it does nothing – I can click the icon as many times as I want, and the page never changes. Is it not working on developer versions of Chrome?

    • Patrick โ€”

      So, after playing around with my extensions, it seems that Clearly doesn’t play nicely with Better Pop Up Blocker. *sigh*

    • Jakob Bignert โ€”

      Chrome 17 is beta. For best performance use Chrome stable builds.

  • Carl โ€”

    The reading experience is great in Chrome when you activate Clearly. However, when you clip the article in Evernote, you get a very boring note.

    Would it be possible to keep the beautiful Clearly style in Evernote? It would make the reading experience a lot better on the iPad.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      We’re looking into options for that. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Ischa Gast โ€”


    • macfixer โ€”


      • Davide โ€”

        + 1

  • Ashu Joshi โ€”

    Used it – and having two buttons for Evernote does not help me. I have a “Read It Later” button – does a nice thing – sends it to my Instapaper account. I have the readability option available to read on the browser. This release should have been combined it with sending a readable version to my Evernote account/notebook so that I can read in on my phone or tablet.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      It does that. When you click Clearly, you get the option to send the page to Evernote by clicking on the elephant icon. Then, you can access the article from any device you have.

      • Ashu Joshi โ€”

        I should re-phrase. If the Elephant will clip and send…. that’s a big IF ๐Ÿ™‚

  • fjpoblam โ€”

    Looking forward to a Safari extension or iPad app, to obviate the need for sync between laptop and iPad… Tweet us when you have it.

  • Doron Algam โ€”

    The way it looks I will probably stop using “turn off the lights” extension. Great job!!! Please make it fast for Safari and Firefox.

  • Mark Johannsen โ€”

    Pixar called, they want their lamp back!

  • Kevin Blakeley โ€”

    I think its a great start but there are two features I would like added:

    1. When you clip the article, anyway to keep the theme/formatting with the article so its nicely formatted in Evernote?

    2. While the auto tagging feature is neat I miss the ability to specify other tags when clipping to Evernote. Right now I still have to use the clipper to get that functionality and I would rather not.

  • Gina โ€”

    Great if you’re reading, not so great if you want visitors to click on your ads!

  • Noah โ€”

    Please make a multi-column reader. Everyone is doing these full width readers and no one seems to want to mimic the old newspaper style of multi-columns which some of us find far faster to read.

    • Jakob Bignert โ€”

      That’s an interesting idea. Thanks.

  • Nicola โ€”

    Thanks for another clever idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would probably leave ReadItLater for this, were it not for one thing – RIL keeps track of where I am in the article. This is very useful, especially in long articles.

    Are you planning to implement something like this for Clearly?

  • Jay โ€”

    I really like the idea. My number one request, and I’m not sure if this is for Clearly or another plugin, is that I could share a page in Android and get the whole page saved without all the formatting into Evernote. Right now when I share a page, the URL gets saved but I must come back later to manually copy the web page article into Evernote.

  • C โ€”


  • Alexander โ€”

    That’s awesome. Thanks Evernote. But it would be nice if I could clip the article to a specified notebook eg. ‘Read Later’ cause right now it’s sending it into the main notebook only.

    • Christian โ€”

      I’m also looking forward to that

  • David โ€”

    Clearly looks worth checking, but one big problem — I can not use Chrome until when I print a web page, it has ability to print web page info URL, title, along with date. I keep looking?

  • Joe โ€”

    What’s the lamp’s name? Pixar’s is named Luxo Jr.

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Hmm, that’s a good question. Do you have a suggestion?

      • Ben Jendrick โ€”

        You should call him “Clever”. (Clearly + Evernote)

  • Eddy โ€”

    Nice feature! It’s simple, beautiful and works!!

    I usually clip to Evernote in “draft” as a Readitlater service. I even give up Google Bookmarks/Delicious, and use Evernote as a bookmark archive now. (less account = more productive)

    However, I sometimes find that the clipping extension mess up the clipping, especially inconsistent of fonts, table, etc. It often records the web page’s sidebar and also make the note UGLY. (When can Windows users have a wonderful experience without pain? *joke*)

    So I manually select the content and clip to Evernote for Windows directly.

    Hope you can investigate the problems.
    BTW, I still rate Evernote as the BEST application in my computer ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Alyona Cherednichenko โ€”

    That’s AWESOME!
    Thank u!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pspn โ€”

    Forgot it! ReadItLater :), I can’t waiting for it available for Firefox.
    It’s great feature.

  • pseudografas โ€”

    Feature suggestion: When I right click on a link and click “Clearly”, then the content of that link should be loaded in clearly, not the content of the current page.

    In any case I like this extension very much ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John โ€”

    Sorry but why duplicate other products? There’s plenty left to dol with other items.

  • Babs โ€”

    VERY difficult to Locate and Download.
    LOTS of WHAT it CAN do but not easy TO actually GET to.
    Had to download Chrome browser, then Find the Chrome extension and CLEARLY was not in the chrome app store. If you’re going to make a big splash, make indicate CLEARLY where, how to download it. Example: download HERE… Click. And make sore it Works . First real criticism of Evernote, EVER. Din’t get so big and move so fast that little errors and difficulties make Evernote ordinary and run of the mill. It is EXTRORDINARY… Keep it that way!

  • Ralph โ€”

    Can this be available as a bookmarklet? I try to keep installed Chrome extensions to a minimum for performance and resources reasons.

  • Brian โ€”

    This would be great on the iPad, and Safari, perhaps even firefox! Not interested in Chrome…

  • Steve โ€”

    The shortcut for posting to Evernote is CNTL+ALT Up-Arrow. This key combination makes my screen go black for a few seconds, like it is trying to rotate the screen to portrait mode. I’m using Windows 7. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

    • Jakob Bignert โ€”

      Try customizing the shortcut. There can be conflict depending on what software you have installed on your system.

  • Baron โ€”

    Now that Evernote is in the reading space, it would be nice if the iPhone app was able to feature-match Instapaper. Saving read position in a note, for starters.

    Instead of bookmarking articles to be archive or sending them to Instapaper to read later, I now clip them in Clearly for both!

    A bookmarklet for iOS would be great to this end as well.

  • Delio โ€”

    Does this also work with the comments of articles. That’s my pet peeve with all of these readability type services. Sometimes the comments are more valuable than the article.

  • Ryan โ€”

    This is excellent. Great work, Evernote guys. Really looking forward to having it on Safari too.

  • Stew โ€”

    This seems to work well in Chrome 15.0.874 for most articles. But it failed miserably on this one:

    I can’t even tell where it got the Clearly text from???

    • Jakob Bignert โ€”

      URL added to our testbench.

  • Stew โ€”

    Okay, I realized the Clearly text I saw as the first line was probably from the photo caption. But now it’s only showing the comments on the CNN article, which isn’t exactly useful (at least until you read the article).

  • Evgenia Grinblo (@Grinblo) โ€”

    Please marry me.

  • Zal โ€”

    Great functionality but missing one very important thing–the ability (to be configured in the extension’s Options panel) to specify the notebook where the clips will be sent. It looks like they are going into the default notebook, but I would much rather have them go to “web clips”. Please add this option!

  • Geert โ€”


    Just try this on wikipedia !
    Now you can READ it as a book.

    It will blow your socks off.

    evn fan.

  • Vixie โ€”

    C’mon, get it to FIREFOX!! :DDDD

  • Steve โ€”

    This is very handy. I used to do a Readability and clip to Evernote, but I got Readability’s formatting in the clip which was annoying. Clearly requires fewer clicks.

    Also it’s faster than Readability. It’s just a second or two, but if use it alot, the speed improvement is very noticeable.

    People who keep comparing this to Readability or Instapaer I think aren’t getting the point. This is to make Evernote a better experience, not to steer Evernote into the text viewer space. But I don’t work at Evernote, so that’s just a guess. However, Clearly is nowhere near making me quit Instapaper. Instapaper and Evernote are in totally different spaces.

  • Jared Pratt โ€”

    LOVE IT!!!! I used it yesterday to re-clip a couple web pages that were very unfriendly in Evernote. Much better now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Arvid โ€”

    Would love to have the option of setting a specific “notebook” for Clearly which is different from Clippy.

  • Dennis Dinh โ€”

    Great experience, I have been using it since last week

  • Chad Simpson โ€”

    This is lovely! With teachers finding so many uses for Evernote, the Clearly extension makes a great addition. Sharing an article with your class later? There’s no reason to include your google ads from the sidebars. Students doing collaborative online research? This really clears up the resources they’ll document and work from. Great work on this!

  • Ninad Avasare โ€”

    I joined evernote today only. First I was not sure about how to use evernote. But when I visited blog I find out many functionalities of evernote. Evernote’s clear tool seems amazing and something which I stumbled across for the first time. With the help of clipping we can remove unwanted part from the webpages.It just amazing.

  • Gideon โ€”

    Wow!…I have always wondered if there wasnt a way of reducing the distractions that one cannot avoid when trying to read online. Thanks !

  • Alexander โ€”

    Don’t understand all the happiness about Clearly. Doesn’t work even slightly as good as competitors, such as Instapaper. The only advantage is: it works with Evernote. The idea is great, the app looks fine. But it simply doesn’t work and it will never. I’ll show you why.

    The first time I tried Cleary it didn’t work at all. The whole content was cut off, instead it showed just the footage and the comments. This is a typical malfunction of extensions like this. You will never get it to work on every single website. But that’s what it is supposed to do: it should work. Nobody needs an extension that works 50% of the time.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but there seems to be no possibility to influence how the extension decides what is content and what is not. It would be so easy if you could just highlight the text and the extension would simply make this part more readable. But no, you think your algorithms will do it right. Instead, the extension even crashes if you try this on highlighted text. You don’t need to create magic, just a working extension.

  • Saurabh โ€”

    Awesome app. Waiting for Firefox add-on for the same to be released.

  • Anon โ€”

    If you add the ability to change the size of the margins and an autoscroll feature, it would be perfect.

    Also, needs a firefox add-on ASAP

  • Etienne โ€”

    Any ETA for the firefox add-on?


  • Tom โ€”

    Great, looking forward to the Firefox version.

  • ลukasz P โ€”

    This is so… so great.

  • Don C โ€”

    Please don’t add the kitchen sink, there are already apps to wash hands with. KISS!
    Evernote, I LOVE YOU just the way you are

  • JackieD โ€”

    Fantastic. Can’t wait for FF version (soon please).

  • Lars Tackmann โ€”

    Nifty new feature, if you could integrate it with twitter, just like Instapaper’s “Read later” then it would be insanely great.

  • Travis Weaver โ€”

    Love it. What would be great is you could add an option to clip with the same easy-to-read formatting that appears in clearly.

  • Daniel โ€”

    Awesome! Been using now for a couple of days and recommended it to friends

  • Anthony DiSAnti โ€”

    You guys should toss another link to the Chrome Web Store at the end of the article (always close with the CTA!). I had to go searching back through the article.

  • Lisbeth โ€”

    every update just makes evernote better and better! Keep up the great work!

  • Denbo โ€”

    Saved clippings lose their format. Meh… I love the regular Evernote Chrome extension. It is more customizable for me.

  • john โ€”

    I want clearly, but it only works with chrome, which does NOT RUN on android phones.

  • jeremiah โ€”

    Is there a way to do this on the android systems… more specifically tablets

  • Somit โ€”

    This looks Awesome ! Waiting for Firefox add-on…

  • Junjie โ€”

    Evernote is a excellent note softwares, I have been had him for 2 years, hope it much better!

  • Alexander โ€”

    Looks very nice and worked well on the first test pages. Would love to have an option to view the text in more than one column!

  • runa โ€”

    i love you, evernote!

  • Raebo โ€”

    Now could you do something about the commercials on my TV?
    or at least the higher volume they are run at ?

    Evernote “clearly” rocks.

    Everyone gets a hug.

  • Alida โ€”


  • Paul โ€”

    Has worked well so far, any chance of a right click option like “Open Link in New Clearly Tab”

  • Germรกn โ€”

    I would have loved to try this extension IF it didn’t require me to give it access to:
    -My data on all websites
    -My tabs and browsing activity
    -My list of installed apps, extensions and themes

    That is outrageous. Why would I want to install spyware?

    • Steph W โ€”

      This is exactly why I won’t be using it. I’m already tired of so many of my Android apps requiring access to my personal data which shouldn’t be necessary for the running of the app.

  • Mulyadi Oey โ€”

    This is very similar to the Reader feature on iPad’s Safari… which I love! Thanks for keep improving Evernote; love it more everyday.

  • David Barnes โ€”

    I had bad luck with the first page I tried. It turned this: (article with lots of distractions)

    Into this: (nothing at all to distract me from the sponsored links — even the article was gone!)

  • Mhrdad โ€”

    I can take notes during a meeting on my iPhone and know that they will be ready to go on my laptop the next day when I open the app on my laptop. Those notes can then be easily emailed right from the app without having to open any other email application. Easy, quick and thorough best describe Evernote.

  • Gorka โ€”

    Guys, this add on is amazing!

  • PeterB โ€”

    First time I tested the new Clearly extension for Chrome, it looked great on screen for the item tested – just as I would have liked it to be, hiding all the html side clutter, headers and footers – but when I tried the print command, only the text printed. All the images were reduced to just little title boxes only.

    If I tried the Chrome print tool, the preview showed a single page only, with the multi-page text overlayed on top of the first page info, with no images at all. Just unreadable.

    That’s a real pity, as keeping the full ‘clean’ pages as print or .pdf copies would be of huge benefit.

    So, while this is nice step forward, hopefully further updates will prove to be even better. But congratulations for this first step, nevertheless.

  • Lisa Fulkerson โ€”

    Love it but the new stuff isnt going to make my screen shrink is it?
    Also because I work in medcine my phone shuts off every now and then cause some ones trying to get files or locations from my phone to run there program . And the place I work for dont like that and cuts me off. Do you have something in your program for that?
    Thank you for takeing the time to read this I know thousands of people with this problim who would like to use everynote but strugle with this.

    Lisa Fulkerson

  • Kenneth โ€”

    I was excited about Clearly until I looked at the permissions. It can read every page that I visit; web email, Facebook, and even the bank. This level could also use your credentials (cookies) to request or modify your data from websites. Yikes.

  • edge โ€”

    It would be nice to have a (possibly customizable) tag included when the page is clipped. Searching would be a breeze.

  • Joe โ€”

    Would love to see this for Android Tablets

  • FredPlush โ€”

    Simply brilliant!

  • Terry โ€”

    Very cool functionality. But I don’t use Chrome. I would love to see this capability in the Safari plug-in. Thanks for all the work. Love Evernote!

  • Adonna โ€”

    When you consume alot of blog content, like I do, having a tool like this will be a Godsend. Surfing distraction is probably the numbrer one time and productivity killer. The question is… what will I ever do with all of those reclaimed work hours?! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for creating such a thoughtful product.
    Connect with me:

  • Erick โ€”

    Please port this to mobile devices like Android/iOS phones & tablets!

  • mimi mcmahon โ€”

    I don’t think I have google chrome–I use safari and firefox–will this work for me?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey โ€”

      Right now, Clearly is only available for Chrome.

      • hussain โ€”

        i impressed

      • hussain โ€”

        with hope and love

  • Elisabeth Robson โ€”

    LOVE IT!!! Cannot wait until it comes to Safari. THANK YOU!

  • Louis Brown โ€”

    Not so fast! The Chrome website where “Clearly” is downloaded clearly states that:

    “This extension can access:
    Your data on all websites
    Your tabs and browsing activity
    Your list of installed apps, extensions, and themes”

    If you are o.k. with that kind of intrusion, then go ahead and download Clearly. I won’t. P.S. Nothing is ever really “free”.

  • John M โ€”

    Absolutely love it! Excellent idea! Very innovative, yet exquisitely simple… Perfect!

    Thanks guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dave โ€”

    Will this be coming to Safari?

  • Michael โ€”

    You guys have done it again… love the feature!!! Now if we could just clip from clearly once we had things the way we wanted it it would be great.

  • Ken โ€”

    Fabulous. Gives my tired eyes a rest from all the Flash and other distractions. Doesn’t work on all pages but so far I highly recommend it. Is there a way to make clearly the default or to access it without having to mouse up to the button?

  • Jef โ€”

    Hi Evernote! Congratulations for Clearly, which is very easy on the eyes and yet powerful.

    Unfortunately, the plugin does not work well at all with multipage articles. Is a fix coming?

    For instance, multipage articles only get the first page previewed.


  • Charlie โ€”

    Ace extension – please add options to select workbook and tags on the fly, when you clip (like “clip to Evernote”). Thx.

  • macfixer โ€”

    Would love Clearly for Safari 5!

    • Hugo โ€”

      Yes, itยดs even better than Reader (for Safari)

    • ken โ€”


  • Tevya โ€”

    It would be super nice, if when you clicked the clip button, you could at very least select the notebook you wanted it saved to.

    • Goran H โ€”

      Ohh yeah. This is extremly important. Please add.

  • Thommango โ€”

    Nice. I really like this. Would I pay for it? Maybe a buck or two, once.

  • Philipv โ€”

    Great job Evernote. Can’t wait for the Firefox version!

  • Gary โ€”

    Eagerly looking forward to availability on Internet Explorer. This is a Godsend for us with ADHD.

  • Dave โ€”

    Just getting to know Clearly and it’s great, though it appears to share a problem I’ve noticed with Readability: when clipping from news articles, it frequently omits the author’s name and date.

    Also, when I clip an article to Evernote Web, the Custom Theme settings are ignored and the online note is formatted in boring old Times New Roman!

    Is it likely that either of these problems will be rectified?

    Finally, are there any instructions on the use of Custom CSS in the Custom Theme?

    Kind regards,


  • Dori โ€”

    I love Evernote and can’t wait for Clearly for Firefox.

  • Nikhil โ€”

    I love Clearly, I think it’s beautiful, but I would be even more delighted if it allowed me to tag and (especially) highlight text. Keep up the great work, but highlighting is major for me. Thanks!

  • Ray H Smith โ€”

    Thanks, my mind is cluttered sufficiently with information overload; so it is most beneficial to be able to read the article of interest, rather than being bombarded with unrequested advertising information.

  • Leonardo โ€”

    Well, make this app work on for example and you’ll overcome Safari’s Reader, the original attempt to make reading clean, by Apple. But then, with a layout like that it would be a shame to use this sort of extension ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I liked what you did. Congratulations

  • Ignacio โ€”

    Make this for Opera!!!! There isn’t any good extension like this on opera!

  • Shane โ€”

    I noticed the confirm installation warning listed the following things Clearly can access: Your data on all websites, Your tabs and browsing activity, and Your list of installed apps extensions and themes.

    That is a little bit concerning. Can someone from Evernote shed some light on the extent of access from this app?


    • Privacy Please โ€”

      “…the confirm installation warning listed the following things Clearly can access: Your data on all websites, Your tabs and browsing activity, and Your list of installed apps extensions and themes….Can someone from Evernote shed some light on the extent of access from this app?”

      This concerns me too. It is too ‘google-ish’ for me. It sounds like a useful application, but I’m not willing to give up privacy in order to use it.

  • Aerendir โ€”

    Great extension. But i think it should be better if the page is in evidence. One example, as you tell, is more than 1000 words. So check this extension:

    It creates a page on the screen that is less weary than a full monocrome page with a single column.
    My 2 cent, hoping so you’ll can improve your apps!

    I love Evernote! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Derek โ€”

    I would love this kind of view for Evernote on all platforms. I use Instapaper, but it seems that Evernote could easily perform this kind of display with the App (I use Mac) and mobile app (iphone/ipad). A simple reading version where I could scroll through notes like a book.

  • Rob โ€”

    Great extension!

    Will there be a possibility in the future to send an article to Kindle (like Readability can)?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Amanda โ€”

    I’ve tried all of the other extensions that strip out formatting, and this is the best tool yet for saving recipes to Evernote. They come out looking uncluttered and I don’t have to manually delete extraneous text from the note. Nice work!

  • andre luiz โ€”

    Gostaria de saber se nao a uma versao em portugues. obrigado

  • CharlieB โ€”

    Nice!!!! Please don’t forget Opera users, Thank You! Good App!!

  • Antonio โ€”

    It is currently out of google chrome store. Something wrong on the extension?

  • keith bohanna โ€”

    I am getting “Item not found. This item may have been removed by its author.” when I click on the Get Evernote Clearly from the Chrome Store Link. A search of the store finds nothing.

    Is it me or……?


    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey โ€”

      We’re working on it!

  • pheski โ€”

    Seems to have gone missing from the Chrome Extensions store?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      We’re looking into it. Hope to have it back up very shortly.

  • Rich Tatum โ€”

    It seems to fail on multipage articles at:

    For example, I was just reading this:


    • Hizkiyah โ€”

      I believe it works now. I’m viewing multi-pages from Ars Technica and its working via Evernote Clearly

  • Nacho โ€”

    pleaseee make this for Opera! Web clipper is no good!! pleaseeee

  • Monique โ€”

    I use Evernote with Firefox… when a version of Clearly for this browser?

    • Andrew Sinkov โ€”

      Clearly for Firefox is now available:

  • peter d โ€”

    Can’t download Clearly with Windows XP. Will it ever be available for us? I am a senior citizen and need more help
    than Readability.

  • Cesar โ€”

    Please make this for Safari 5!

    • Hizkiyah โ€”

      Seconded for Safari 5!

    • Karina โ€”

      AHhh every pmgrramreos first love.. basic I remember when I tried to be hardcore and learn assembly because all my friends learned basic after I showed them a few of my incredibly retarded “games.”

  • Tim โ€”

    Really need to get Clearly released for Safari 5 users. Thanks.

  • Daniel โ€”

    Could someone tell me how to customize the page transformed? I want my clip a little bit wider.

  • Song Yong โ€”

    Excellent! Please develop Safari version too!!

  • ivander field โ€”

    Would you kindly add this CSS property to the background scheme: -webkit-print-color-adjust:exact;

    Chrome added this functionality in order to be able to print background elements (color, images).

    I use a dark theme, and I’d be awesome to keep that scheme when I print.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ruben โ€”

    Just installed Clearly in Chrome and reloaded it.
    How do I use Clearly?
    There is no sign of it in the top section of Chrome.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Benicio โ€”

    I spend time at work reading technical articles, but the layouts are distracting and misleading to people who glance at my screen, who think I’m reading entertainment. Evernote Clearly makes the article uniform and non-distracting. My only wish is that I could customize the style to look like I’m reading computer code.

  • MZK โ€”

    This article was posted last year and to date there has been no efforts to produce a Clearly like environment for iOS devices or the articles that you have already saved.
    Cannot believe you would not consider the potential advantages while small companies like Instapaper eat your lunch daily.
    I regret spending money for premium when I could have had a smoother reading experience for free from Instapaper. Just sad, get it together guys.

  • Prodigi โ€”

    +1 if you make it to opera browser!

  • Bill Herod โ€”

    Clearly wonderful – Thank You! You now force me to upgrade just because I feel so guilty using such a great product without paying!

  • F Gerard Lelieveld โ€”

    Nice App guys. However, BUG REPORT:
    in H1 tag text continues without inserting space after BR, shows “WordsFor You”
    ignores CSS monospace font in LI tag, etc, looks awful on coded text
    ignores CSS on DEL & INS tags, so text gets striked through again
    no CSS on IMG width, float: right, large images get in the way and text flow suffers

  • Newt Plaisance โ€”

    This is just what I have been looking for. I like to copy stuff to read later and this appears to be a very easy way to do it.