Three Great New Features Come to Android


Three Great New Features Come to Android

Posted by on 17 Nov 2011

Posted by on 17 Nov 2011

Editor’s Note: This note was updated with minor edits on June 5, 2015 to more accurately reflect the current Evernote feature set.

Today’s Android update (3.3) offers three new capabilities that are going to make a lot of people very happy. We’ve significantly improved notebook sharing, made Skitch a more integrated part of the app, and created a dedicated widget application for those that couldn’t install a widget previously. Here are the details:

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Full-featured Notebook Sharing

You can now share your notebooks right from Evernote for Android. This means that your Android device is now perfect for working with your colleagues and classmates, anytime.

To share a notebook, go to the notebook list, then tap and hold a notebook. Next, select Sharing Settings from the list. From there, you can share to your heart’s content. Share any of your notebooks with either select individuals or with the entire world. If you decide to stop sharing, you can revoke access by individual or from everyone. The best part? You can do all of this from wherever you find yourself.

One thing keep in mind: you must have a network connection in order to share your notebooks.

With this update, Evernote for Android has the complete sharing experience. You can share notes and notebooks, accept shared notebook invitations from other Evernote users, and view those notebooks right inside the app. Nice.

More Skitch Goodness

Our annotation app, Skitch, is growing like crazy—over 1,500,000 downloads in under 3 months. Wow. There are a lot of people that are going to enjoy update. It’s now easier than ever to use Skitch from Evernote.

All you need to do is tap an image in Evernote—either in note view or slideshow view—choose to open it in Skitch, make changes, and then save it right back to Evernote. Here’s how:

  • Tap and hold an image inside the note or tap an image in slideshow view
  • Select Edit in Skitch
  • Make your annotations
  • Tap on the elephant icon to be taken back into Evernote

Once back in Evernote, you’ll be asked whether to replace or append the image. Choose Replace to update the old image with the new. Choose Append and the new image will be added to the end of the note.

The Widget App

While many of our users know and love the Evernote Widget, there are a lot of people out there that have never been able to use it. Short story: if Evernote is installed on the SD card, you can’t install the Widget, which is why we created a separate Widget App. It works regardless of where Evernote is installed. We encourage all users to get it.

The purpose of the Widget it so give you fast access to key Evernote features. You can create text, audio and snapshot notes, as well as jump right to the search screen. If you opt for the Large Widget, you can also view your recent notes. To make a Widget, tap and hold on the home screen and choose the Evernote Widget from the popup.

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And more

We also fixed a number of bugs and made a bunch of improvements to the app’s stability and language support. For those of you on other platforms, you’ll be seeing more sharing features soon. We’re also working hard on bringing Skitch to iOS and beyond. Stay tuned. There’s lots of exciting stuff on the way.

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  • tess

    I have a Kobo Vox, and Android tablet. It doesn’t, however, have access to the Android Market. Is there still a way for me to DL Evernote to my Vox?



    • tess

      That should have read “Kobo Vox, AN Android tablet…”

    • xavier.delplanque

      you can download the latest beta version here:

      • tess

        Thanks for the info 🙂 That’s great!

  • kmf

    Thanks for the widget!

  • Raymond Brigleb

    “We’re also working hard on bringing Skitch to iOS…”

    Yeah, I’ve loved skitch for a long time, as a Mac app. Since OS X and iOS have so much in common, I’m confused as to why you’ve fast-tracked Android development so much. It’s frustrating.

    • Anshuman


      • Chriz

        It’s not them — Android has much looser standards around their app store, while Apple is really controlling and slow to approve.

    • Benn

      Perhaps it’s because Evernote, along with many other companies, have realised that there are actually considerably more android devices out there than iPad/iPhones!

      Nice work Evernote 😀

      • Jason

        Ding!!! Exactly Benn

      • Amanda

        Thank you for doing it on Evernote not Apple! 🙂

  • Anshuman

    you’ve made two updates for skitch on android

    and have yet ignored the primary users for which skitch actually began…how can you ignore apple iOS for skitch…keep it coming

  • Mike

    I love Evernote, but as many have requested, the ability to use a stylus to mark up existing notes and create new notes with handwriting would be awesome. If it could be treat just as you do with an image that would even be ok (ie. processed offline for handwriting recognition and searching).

    One of the downsides is that the iPad does not support very accurate writing using a stylus. However, I just recently saw this new active stylus called Studio Pen from Byzero (I have no affiliation with them). See

    It seems to provide very accurate writing on an iPad and would make the PERFECT companion to Evernote! I believe they provide an SDK for a developer to integrate it into their app.

    Any chance we’ll see something like this (or any other active stylus) supported in a future version of Evernote?


    • xavier.delplanque

      Have you tried to create a new note with a Skitch attachment? I would let you draw a picture in your note and the OCR technology would recognise your writing. I think that’s pretty much what you want.

      • Mike


        The problem is that Skitch does not support an active stylus, thus leaving either your finger or a passive stylus. Neither of which is accurate enough to write regular sized handwriting.

        Any chance that Skitch will be extended to support active stylus’s and handwriting?


    • Mike Graham

      Bravo Evernote Folks… Evernote is amazing… Skitch integration is brilliant…

      I’d like to second the request for active stylus support. Drawing and editing sketches is my number one work flow. I was pitching Evernote to a OneNote fan recently and that is the one area where OneNote wins over Evernote (but only for legacy tablet PCs, which is a TINY market).

      • Mike Graham

        Just been playing with new Evernote & Skitch on Kindle Fire… VERY HAPPY !!!! Pinch zoom solves fat finger problem nicely… guess I can cancel that finger surgery 😉

        Sync’d my skitch note with PC, opened image from note in SnagIt Editor, gave it a nice border, and pasted it into my tech specs document. too cool !!!

        Makes my Kindle Fire like a third screen that I can draw on and take with me when I go mobile – love it…

    • Jeffrey Myers

      That’s the only thing that keeps me from using Evernote–no stylus support. I have a tablet pc and a Samsung Galaxy Note; no stylus support is a deal-breaker for me.

  • Richard

    I can hardly wait to use the widget.

  • Circular Knitting Girl

    Oh, so awesome thanks dudes at evernote!

  • Ranjith

    The new widget app is a lifesaver. Cant wait to try that on!!

  • Ulyntseva Svetlana Yugoslavna Borisovna

    Обожаю,люблю, не могу без него,грущу без Слоникика!
    Мне 1000 и одна кнопка пришлите и ,от всей души спасибо команде Слона и от слоника

    • Maxa

      I completely agree!

  • Xxzc

    great app!

    although notebook encryption is definitely missing!

    • xavier.delplanque

      Thanks for the feedback, that’s on our list.

  • Milan

    Great! Well done 🙂

    Two important features still missing.
    1. Editing or viewing 2 or more notes at the same time.
    (i.e. source document/draft/idea on the left and a note for editing on the right).
    2. Undo! It has happend to me several times that I accidently selected and deleted a whole lot of stuff.

    Especially editing and viewing more than one note at a time would make a huge difference. The difference between a nice gadget with kind of the ability to do work on and a tablet to be productive on!

    • xavier.delplanque

      Interesting, thanks.

  • Paolo Marani

    The only feature i REALLY MISS on Evernote is UNDO/REDO feature (Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Y) and REVISION HISTORY when document is sved multiple times.

    • xavier.delplanque

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Arvid

    Still missing the option of creating an “evernote://” link in the mobile app..

    • xavier.delplanque

      We will see what we can do, thanks.

      • Don

        I hope you can implement it and the sooner the better 🙂 Please also consider adding the ability to merge notes in the Android application. Thanks!

      • Daniel

        That would be really good.

        I’d also love “evernote://”-links for saved searches! (both for android and other clients…)

  • Sundancepjm

    Do you have ability to add tasks with reminders?

    • xavier.delplanque

      Not for the moment but this is on our list.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Amanda

      Second this. I’m currently using Any.DO but having one app for everything will be perfect. Hope it comes out soon.

  • Sebastian

    I would love to try out your Android app but unfortunately it asks for too many permissions. Why should I allow the application to read private and secure protocol data?!? Please change this to reasonable permissions.

    • Steph W

      Ditto. Same type of excessive permissions required to use Clearly and hence I won’t be using either.

      • Maxa

        Sorry you will be missing out on the greatness of Evernote.

  • pulak bhatnagar

    Unlike evernote for windows, evernote for android doesn’t let me insert images between the text. It creates a disconnect from the desktop app and also creates a disconnect in the note itself since u cannot put images in between the text.
    Can this feature be added please? It’ll help a lot of us a great deal!

    thanks 🙂

    • xavier.delplanque

      We’ll consider your feedback, thanks.

  • anniw

    Great updates but any chance android could have web clipper?

    • xavier.delplanque

      This request is already on our list. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Ronald Pottol

        YES! I use Dolphin Browser HD, and a number of plug ins, such as LastPass, a web clipper would be great, as it is, I email myself the link, then clip from desktop.

        While we are at it, how about a click on a link in evernote to clip the page automatically? This way I can email the links to evernote, and save a step or two in cliping.

  • xfishie

    Evernote is great but found that can’t really stop the automatic / background sync when opening it. When it start syncing, the whole evernote app will frozen and sometimes crash (maybe because I had 4000 offline notes?) This happen to every action I take even saving notes takes a minute or so! Love the app but always frustrated me.

  • tbd

    Great update — thank you!

  • Rich Henderson

    I want to second the notes with reminders need – have to use a separate app to do that right now but would like to have one integrated app for all my notes! Thanks.

  • Daniel Kent

    I really love the support and attention that Android and Android Tablets are receiving, but I am still paralyzed and can’t use Evernote for note-taking because of the lack of bullet hierarchies and indenting. Any idea when this feature might be rolled out?

    • Jay


    • Amanda

      I NEED bullet hierarchies on Android.

  • des

    Could it be possible to link evernote with sms option? I’d like be able to select and – if possible without formatting – send!

  • Rene

    What I really, really miss in the free version is a password-protect option.
    I know that the paid version has it, but I use maybe 10% of the storing space offered by the free version (mainly plain texts), so there is no point for me in upgrading for this one feature. And … the competition does have this feature in free versions. PLEASE! I want to stay with Evernote.

    • Amanda

      I use another app that password protects apps I select. There are a lot of free options out there. Why don’t you try it? 🙂

  • Ryan

    I downloaded the widget but don’t see it anywhere on my tablet. Per the market it is installed. Any ideas?

  • Thom

    We need Evernote with Skitch for BB and the Playbook.

  • Marek

    Hi is there any option to get the Evernote on my Nokia E7? I love Evernote. Thank you for the answer.

    • Claire

      I agree. It would be great to have evernote on symbian.

  • kees

    I ‘m really missing a mindmap feature in evernote. creating notes in the mapmind form would make the tool complete.

    • kees

      forget te tell that I m a heavy user of evernote on my ASUS transformer.

  • Andrew

    With Evernote I love to take pictures of interesting articles in press/magazines with my Android phone – no more tearing off and storing paper. Tagging and searching makes retrieving information so much easier and quicker.

    Would be fantastic to mark interesting part of articles with Skitch marker but unfortunately magazine page perfectly readable in 5Mpix photos after processing in Skitch gets compressed too much and is no longer readable :(((

    Can you please make an option in Skitch to leave original picture quality? TIA

    • Andrew N

      I use CamScanner free version to photo articles and convert to PDF then share into Evernote. Works really well.

  • Amanda

    Thanks for the update! Great! I love Skitch, by the way, and the update makes it even better. 🙂

  • tyler

    When is the rest of the apps coming to android?

  • Chad Lewis

    I love Evernote. How do I get a web clipper for use with Android device. I have the HTC Incredible two. Thankyou.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Chad, at this time, you cannot clip articles from the web on your Android device.

  • Andrew

    Interesting, how come evernote for Android is still 3.2.2 at the Amazon app store (where I originally downloaded the app)? Just curious that a release announcement made a month ago has not found its way there (so use to Evernote updating automatically on iPhone). I supposed off to the standard android market, but the version numbers did catch me by surprise.

  • Tristan McMannis

    I would like to echo some comments by others about including the use of an UNDO/REDO command. This seems like a fundamental command that I was surprised to learn today is not part of the Evernote application. Also, is there the possibility to incorporate auto-correct for tablets such as the ASUS Transformer which utilize a docked keyboard? I prefer the use of the full QWERTY keyboard with touchpad compared to the virtual keyboard, but have noticed that since I switched auto correct no longer works. Thanks!

  • Don

    Is it possible to put Evernote on a Nokia E7′ if it is please tell me how! Thanks Don

  • Joyce Toellner

    I really like this software, because it is an excellent way of keeping track of notesand then them with a name that will make it easy for you to find.