Trunk Spotlight: News360 Analyzes Your Interests in Evernote and Presents You With Customized News

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 30 Nov 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 30 Nov 2011

  • App/developer name: News360
  • Location: Sunnyvale, California
  • Price: Free
  • Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Tablet, iPad, Web

Keeping up with the news can be hard. Staying on top of information is often a time-consuming process that involves finding and tracking sources, and filtering through a lot of stories that we’re just not that interested in. There’s a new way to discover news that matters to you: News360, an intuitive news reader that scours over 10,000 sources from around the web. With the new Evernote integration, News360 actually figures out your interests and delivers personalized news streams based on your interests. Here’s how.

News360 + Evernote

When you tap on ‘My Interests’ in the left-hand tab of the app, you’ll be prompted to create a News360 account. From there, you’ll be able to connect your Evernote account with your News360 account simply by authorizing the app.

News360 will analyze your account, figuring out what kinds of things you’re interested in based on things you’ve clipped from the web. Once your account has been analyzed, blog posts and articles that match these topics will be presented to you in a slick, easy-to-browse interface. You can edit your interests, adding categories, topics, and titles to create a customized news center for yourself — right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Tablet, iPad, or on the web.

A 360 Reading Experience

When you open an article in News360, you’ll be given the option to learn more about highlighted people, companies, and places within the article, broadening your knowledge, without losing your place. These topics can also be added to your Interests, to further personalize the news that is served to you. Articles that you might want to remember can be saved to your Evernote account for later reference.

You can also check out the 360 view, a super visual way to discover interesting stories you might not otherwise come across. We think this integration is really useful because it allows you to discover news in a fresh way using using the content in your Evernote account. To help further refine your recommendations, don’t forget to save interesting articles back into Evernote. Give it a shot.

Download News360 >>>

The Evernote API

News360 was able to do all this thanks to the open, free Evernote API. You can also create amazing Evernote-integrated apps and products. Take a look at our developer site for more information.


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  • John

    Doesn’t this create a privacy/security issue? If I were to authorize this app to go through what I have in my Evernote, which includes some personal stuff, along with webclips, it can see everything. Every person organizes their Evernote differently so there isn’t one defined place for the app to look for suggestions, it has to look at everything. Doesn’t it?

  • Justin

    It took me a while to figure how to do this, as it’s not listed under the settings for the iPhone. But like John said, I’m not to keen on allowing services to analyze my notes like this (A tag-clouding app? Perhaps, but not something like this.). What I think would honestly be more beneficial would be handling these two issues: (1a) Provide a JavaScript web clipper that will work on the iPhone/iPod Touch (even on mobile-formatted pages) or (1b) Provide a more full browsing experience than what is included within the app. Essential things like an address bar and the ability to have multiple windows or tabs. The first solution would be preferable, as it would still run on Safari, which is already tried and true. The second issue is text formatting within the app. I don’t know if you guys tried to duplicate what Apple put in their natively so you could share code across platforms (I really don’t know if that’s possible… my understanding of that is ery limited… much in the same way that I thought it would be logical to give patients medicine that was 300% effective would be the cure-all for cancer as a child.), but it’s frustrating that version after version doesn’t fix not being able to simply see what I’m editing because the magnifying glass doesn’t show up. I know you all have a lot on your plate ad you’ve done so well so far, I just think it would be good to take care of a few basic things before you move on to the next feature.

  • GregHK


    This sounded like such a good idea that in a brain dead moment , I authorized the app to access my Evernote notebooks and the results were not worth the effort. So how do I now de-authorise? It would be very helpful to be able to see what Apps have been authorized and what have not.

    To me, security is still a big issue with Evernote- there needs to be a way to Encrypt whole notebooks.

    Thanks, Greg

    • GregHK

      Hi, well this will teach me to check things out before I comment. There is a way to de-authorize an App:

      Login to the Web interface,
      then connected services.

      This make me feels a little better.

      Thanks, Greg

  • Paul Higgins

    Not happy to authorise an application that can create notes in my system which is what the request says, have deleted it.

    Paul Higgins

  • Suzanne

    First of all, I think the apps is great, since I love to keep myself updated with the latest news. I like the fact that I can even customize the news or informative articles I get to read using my iPad. I will try this apps and see for myself how it goes.

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