Evernote for iOS Update: Shared Notebooks, Offline Notebook Improvements and More


Evernote for iOS Update: Shared Notebooks, Offline Notebook Improvements and More

Posted by on 20 Dec 2011

Posted by on 20 Dec 2011

Editor’s Note: This note was updated with minor edits on June 5, 2015 to more accurately reflect the current Evernote feature set.

Today’s Evernote for iOS (4.1.7) update lets you share entire notebooks with anyone you like. It also includes a number of stability improvements and improves access to offline notebooks for Premium users. Here’s the update:

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Notebook sharing

Sharing entire notebooks is great when you’re working with a group. Evernote for iOS already lets you share single notes, now you can do that with notebooks. Here’s how.

  • iPhone: From the Notebooks screen, tap Edit, tap the notebook, choose Share this Notebook
  • iPad: From the Notebooks screen, tap Edit, tap the notebook, tap the Share icon

From there, the Sharing Settings screen will appear, letting you choose to either make the notebook completely public or to share with specific individuals. To make sharing with individuals easier, choose emails from your Address Book by tapping the blue plus icon, or enter them manually.

If a notebook is public, you can post a link to the notebook on Twitter and Facebook, from the Sharing Setting screen. You can also copy the URL and share the notebook via email or IM.

Manage sharing
The Sharing Screen is also the place to go if you wish to add new people, remove people, modify access privileges, or stop sharing a notebook completely.

Premium feature: Easier access to Offline Notebooks

Premium users are able to take entire notebooks offline for access whenever and wherever they like. In this update, we’ve made it easier for iPhone users to browse to offline notebooks, which are now listed near the top of the notebooks list. Go there to view your Offline Notebooks or tap on the gear icon to add new ones, remove old ones, or take everything offline.

And more…

We’ve made a number of under-the-hood improvements, as well, including making the application significantly more responsive during the note editing process. We have lots more in store. Stay tuned. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our new iPhone apps: Evernote Hello and Evernote Food.


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  • Mr O

    +1 on that 🙂

  • dolphinr

    Notebook Sharing finally comes, have been waiting for so long. 🙂

  • Jose Riveros

    And yet stacks are still not honored.

    Curious as to the reason why?

    • Philip Constantinou

      You can access your stacks on the iPhone. From the Notebooks list, tap the (i) and change the sort order to Stacks. We’re still working on a good UI for stacks on the iPad.

      • Boris Lewandowski

        +1000 for THIS hint. Thxs!!111!!

      • David Cornish

        The way reeder handles folders (click to see all items in the folder or pinch zoom to expand a folder to see the feeds inside it) works really well for me and could be a great way to handle stacks on the iPad

  • Ryan

    I really like offline notebooks and sharing, but I think the concept of limiting the concepts to “notebooks” is incorrect. How about “offline saved searches” or “public saved searches” instead?

    This makes it easy to have content offline or shared and not have to worry about which notebook it’s in or having to share more than you want to just to have it available offline or shared.

  • Boris Lewandowski

    Great update, really. But unfortunatley the app is still crashing very very very often. Hate it. PLEASE fix it. Thxs.

  • L Davis

    How does the offline notebooks feature work? I gather you get on your iPod/Phone (I’m using a Touch) and download the notebooks you want to view offline. So what happens then when I add more things to that notebook while I’m at my computer again? Will syncing automatically make those things available offline? Do I need to go and download that whole notebook again to update it for offline use?

    Is this feature available on the app for the Nook Color?

    I’m seriously thinking of a premium account, but I need to be sure it’s going to do what I want, or it’s no good to me.

    • Mohan

      Unfortunately, offline feature (available in premium only) doesn’t really give you access to your notes offline.

      You won’t be able to view your notes without an active (and fast) net connection.

      Don’t know why evernote team continues to neglect this crucial bit.

      • Heather

        @Mohan – Once you become Premium, you need to sync your notes offline to your device in order to use them offline. If you have not synced them for offline usage, yes, you will still need to view your notes while online.

        We recommend using Wifi for the initial sync.

  • Michael Bruns

    Please! Nested Tags on the iPad version! Having individual thumbnails of all 500+ tags is just a big mess – not very convenient. I need an viewing option for a simple tree structure, like the desktop version, or the android version.

    I promise I’ll get premium if you add support for nested tags!


  • TM

    Need to be able to see Stacks on iPad and be able to create, delete and edit notebooks on iPad. The tablet version of Evernote on Android is much better than on iPad – use that UI. This is sooooo long overdue on the iPad.

  • Jason

    @Philip–why access to Stacks only, and not ability to creat Stack in iPhone? If I traditionally begin by creating Stacks, this work flow is screwed if creating any new note/notebook on the iPhone.

    Also, why no view by Stacks option, or view all Shared Stacks/Notebooks/Notes option?

  • Aaron Uballe

    Can you guys make the “Search” button also a Web Browser? Maybe split screen until you focus on the search box or the URL bar. Then you can type in a webpage in the browser bar and it’ll bring it up, then we can do web clipping in the app! Maybe make it an “Awesome Bar” so it’ll do a google search if spaces are in it, or a url if none.

  • Veronica

    Hi. I can’t seem to get the notebook sharing feature working properly. When I follow-up the steps to share my notebook, the other person gets a link, but it’s to a blank book. And when I look into my “shared” notebooks, none of the notes are shown.

  • Justin

    It’s really a good news.

  • James

    Does Evernote plan to make shared notebooks available to sync offline?



    Can you please tell me how you sync offline?

    I’ve recently had a nasty surprise.I have a premium evernote desktop account and I want to sync it directly with my iPod evernote program selectively (only the notebooks i want to use on the go.) I’d rather not put my information in the cloud at all if I don’t have to? I’ve downloaded the iPod program but do not have wifi am rarely around it.

    The live chat told me I could not sync offline. I don’t use wifi but if it was just once I could go to a restaurant and do so.

    Is it too much to ask that I could sync directly from my computer to my iPod?



    I heard the iPod app will not sync directly offline with my computer version. Will the android one do this or is it also wifi and cloud dependent?


  • Cole


    Isn’t that ludicrous? Why in the world wouldn’t someone want to directly connect between their devices rather than using the internet.


  • aspirant


    I m not a premium user. When I am sending an invite for sharing.the invitee is not getting it. and even vice versa too

    Why so ? Can anyone help ?