Trunk Spotlight: iMeet and Evernote for More Dynamic Meetings


Trunk Spotlight: iMeet and Evernote for More Dynamic Meetings

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 03 Jan 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 03 Jan 2012

  • App/developer name: iMeet
  • Price: $39/month, free 30 day trial
  • Platform:Web

Nice to iMeet You

These days, many of us have to attend conference calls and meetings in which the participants are spread out across a lot of different locations. Increasingly, we have less face-to-face interaction and more voice chats, which means that presentations aren’t as dynamic, it’s hard to get everyone on the same page, and the real value of collaboration is lost. That’s why we’re so excited about our new integration with iMeet.

When you sign up for iMeet, you create a virtual ‘room’ that you can ask up to 15 people to join. Enabling video means you’ll see everyone in your meeting in one place and interact as if you’re all sitting around the same conference table. With our new integration, you’ll be able to bring Evernote right into your room to capture more insightful information from your meeting.

Evernote + iMeet: More context around your meetings

In addition to enabling you to invite people into your own private meeting room, iMeet also lets you share files and your Evernote notes in a visual way with everyone in the room, fundamentally transforming the way that you’re used to exchanging information when meeting with someone via your computer.

If you make a habit of taking diligent meeting notes in Evernote or want to share your notes, you’ll love this integration.

  1. First thing’s first: authorize your Evernote account by hovering over your own meeting cube.
  2. In your profile, you’ll see a little Evernote icon.
  3. Once you click on it, you’ll be asked to authorize the app.
Once your account is synced with iMeet, you’ll be able to do a few very cool things:
  • Pull up a note from your Evernote account to share with everyone in the room. The host of the iMeet meeting can share a note that will float to the forefront of your screen and be visible and accessible to everyone in the room.
  • Create a new note from your Evernote account. Any iMeet participant can link and use their Evernote account privately while in a meeting.
  • Take group notes. If you click on the Notes button next to Chat, you can take group notes in the ‘Room Notes’ area. You can save the content of the group note into Evernote. In addition to the content of the note, it will also include information like who contributed to the note as well.
  • Take notes for yourself. Going to ‘My Notes,’ you can type away, without disrupting the conversation, and save your personal meeting notes to your Evernote account.

Ideas for using iMeet with Evernote

There are plenty of good reasons to use iMeet with Evernote. Here are just a few.
  1. For HR and recruiting. Use iMeet to conduct webcam interviews with potential candidates and take notes in Evernote to remember what you liked and didn’t like.
  2. For sales training. Practice customer-facing presentations and elevator pitches with colleagues. Save collaborative feedback to Evernote.
  3. For team meetings and presentations. Share Evernote notes, PowerPoint presentations, and Word documents on screen while discussing them with colleagues.
  4. In a legal setting. Use iMeet to conduct a deposition or share documents with opposing counsel. Jot down questions in ‘My Notes’ and refer to them in Evernote later.
  5. In an education setting. Whether you teach at the school or university level, use iMeet to connect with colleagues, share research, etc. Pull up an article you clipped using the Evernote Web Clipper and float it on screen during your meeting.

Bonus: If you’re one of the first 130 people to sign up for an iMeet trial, you’ll get one year of Evernote Premium! Give iMeet a try now (it’s free for the first 30 days).


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  • Sharon Stevenson

    You make a mistake in not showing a video of what iMeet looks like and what it can do. We all now come to expect this to really understand what the app offers. Just a friendly suggestion.

    • Susan

      Sadly –
      I have to agree with Sharon.

      • Ginny

        For a closer look at iMeet and everything it has to offer, please visit There you’ll find a complete rundown of iMeet.

        Here is a short video that shows iMeet’s capabilities.

        iMeet’s blog also features a post on how to use Evernote with iMeet. This can be found here,

  • Alex

    I have to agree with Sharon AND Susan

  • trex

    Ditto, a video is required for all tutorials. The web is very much a visual medium.

  • Shane Phillips

    how do u know if u are the first 130 people to sign up for the free trial? thanks
    i just signed up yesterday for the trial

  • anhtuan

    That right ,The web is very much a visual medium. i like that article

  • Gil

    Right now I’m using Skype to meet with alot of business and related work people. Shouldn’t you like, increase the number of people that can be in a room? Meetings don’t always involve a small number of people. There are big meetings as well.

  • Harold

    Conference calls that are virual are mandatory these days. It lets you do business that is convenient and efficient. The internet has opened up a whole world of virtual contact.

  • Darren Brewer


    The vast majority of virtual meeting have less than 5 participants/guest in a room.

    the beautiful part about iMeet is that all 15 people in the room can have thier webcams all on at the same time. There are plans for iMeet to host several hundred people ( the release will be sometime in 2012)

    when compared to skpye iMeet offers several advantages

    skype is limited to 6 guests, iMeet 15

    skype requires guests to download, iMeet requires no downloads

    skype has no social media integration, iMeet integrates with Linkedin / Facebook / Twitter / Flickr and of course Evernote