Evernote for Android Update: Auto-titles, Improved Layout, Save and Continue, and More

Posted by on 24 Jan 2012

Posted by on 24 Jan 2012

Today’s Evernote for Android update (3.5) includes a number of great improvements, including smart titles for notes, the ability to save as you edit, better layout and styling of image attachments, and more. Let’s take a look.

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Auto titles

There are times when you need to remember something on the go — a fast snapshot or a quick voice memo. Evernote is great for that. The problem was, how to find those notes later? In this update, we’ve come up with a great solution: auto-titles for untitled notes. Now, Evernote will create a title based on the content of the note and time that the note was created, making it much easier to find it later.

Improved image layout in notes

We’ve also made some improvements to how snapshots appear inside your notes. There is now padding around images, so if a note contains several images, they show up nicely spaced and easier to view. As always, if you tap on an image, you can view it in full-screen view. A long tap lets you annotate it in Skitch.

Save anytime

If you compose lengthy notes on your phone or tablet, then you’ll like our new Save feature. Tap the Save button in the note and a version will be saved to your device’s memory. No need to exit the note. When you’re finished, tap Done and the note will Sync.

And more…

This update is also full of bug fixes and reliability improvements. You’ll notice that notes save much more quickly. We have lots more to come. Stay tuned.

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  • Jason Stovall


    I started a foodie tribe called Renegade Foodies @RenegadeFoodies. We take pics, videos, and share recipes and places to eat. I’m having the time of my life!! wondering when are you going to have Evernote Food App for Android? Would love to to participate in any research or info you might need to help as long as it has to do with food and travel)

    Evernote is exactly what we need to harness the power of our social sharing, social proof and creating our tribe, can contact at my other email, Thanks a million.


    Jason Stovall
    Renegade Foodies (Boss) 🙂

  • josh klenoff

    the single biggest change that would get me using this much much more is making it searchable from outside the application. with launchbar on mac, i can search my mac (kind of like with Spotlight) and it would be neat to have results well organized, too.

  • Petter

    Is there a image layout in the windows version of Evernote as well? When I take pictures using Evernote on Android with a big resolution, let`s say 2592×1552, is there a way to fix the image layout in Windows afterwards? Like a zoom function or something of that nature?

    Thank you!

  • Jose Rodriguez | ERP

    Fantistica actualización, ya la tengo instalada en mi HTC Sensation y funciona muy bien.


  • chuck

    Now that we have auto-titles please DO start a note with the cursor in BODY not the title!!

  • josu

    I want to upload my evernote files to the box aplication, but when it is done, it does not read them due it does not recognice the format of the data . Is there any way to save them in a proper way?

    thanks for your patience.

  • philip

    A month and a half after the announcement, my kindle fire finally has a 3.4 version available to download. Is there anything you can do to get updates through Amazon faster?

  • Zhazchaa

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  • Dave Smith

    I’m hoping that one of the next efforts will be to make Evernote for Android behave a lot more like Evernote for PC, where changes can be automatically saved whenever the application state changes – for example, in Evernote for PC, if you jump from one note to the next, the changes in the prior note are saved.

    I use Evernote on the PC, as well as on my Android phone and tablet – and while I’m more likely to keep an Evernote session on the phone brief, this is not as likely to be the case for the tablet – for example, I’d like to be able to take extensive notes during a conference using the tablet as the conference is ongoing. What I’ve found is that it’s far too easy to lose changes on the tablet, if you change applications, or want to refer to another document or application, the editing session closes and the changes are lost.

    Ultimately, I don’t really want a “done editing” button on my Android tablet, I just want it to save automatically whenever I leave that pane, the way it works on a PC.

    Otherwise, I’m absolutely loving Evernote, it has been a lifesaver for me toward getting away from paper-based notes.

  • Mesmorino

    Can an option for auto-titling to be disabled be included please? It is annoying, bordering on infuriating because I do not appreciate EVERY note I create on someone’s birthday being titled as a note from their birthday. This intrusive feature means I am now forced to create a title for every note I create, including such astounding and important tasks as “get milk and eggs”. At this rate I’m just going to end up making the title the note itself.

  • john

    I need a way to use the previous autotitling, now all notes from a day have the same title which is not good. A settings option to let us pick which way it works would be great! Also, how do I change a auto title from android?

  • Jacob McDowell

    I hate auto titles.
    I’m posting this here as well as on Evernote’s forums because i care. I know my particular case is unique, but i also know my opinion isn’t. In my case, i use evernote audio notes extensively for documenting epileptic seizure activity. Previously, the note would have been titled simply with the date and time. Perfect. If i can’t talk after a seizure (more often than not) simply creating the note will give me a timestamp, which is essential. Now, though, the autotitles are completely useless, and will ultimately be replaced manually with exactly what was previously automatic. Thankfully i can (read:have to) look at the *.amr’s file name to retreive the timestamp & rename the note. Kludgy and a significant reduction in ease of use. I had seven seizures yesterday – renaming these notes via a somewhat cryptic filename is now required, hence making these auto titles a deal-breaker if they stay.

    How hard could it possibly be to make this “feature” an option, and why in god’s name wasn’t it an option to begin with ?

  • Sean

    Yes, I agree with above poster.. I wish there was a way to turn off the auto-titles. It is infuriating to have have every note begin with what’s in my calendar for that day, for example “Note from: Urinary Tract Infection” enough said!

  • Edward

    Yes, again – date and time as the default title would be so much more useful – particularly when using the Android app. On my phone I get ‘note@Banbury’ as the title and this is no use at all. Certainly, the nearest town to where I live is Banbury but it is several miles away – and irrelevant.
    As a new user I am finding that there is so much that is brilliant about Evernote but this could certainly be better.

  • Larry

    Auto Title – my auto title only ever shows the city & state. But it always has the wrong city. Google maps shows my exact correct location, so i am not sure where Evernote is pulling the location information from.

    I would like to be able to edit the location information, such as correcting the city. I would like to be able to have it default to the date and time.

  • Guillermo Giulini

    Please no more auto titles. I don’t need to have my all day notes from any of my many calendars show up in evernote ever. untitled note and time stamp worked GREAT for me. this is making me not use the phone for quick audio notes which is one of the biggest reasons for even using evernote. Don’t make me go back to MS OneNote please!!!! someone? anyone? come in Houston, come in… just give us a check mark to turn the auto titles off in the settings somewhere… please… oh please….

  • Jhon

    Auto tittle bring a new dynamic solution for us,which gives title note on the content. Google is continuously updating its Android phone so that it could compete with Apple iphone.

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    Very impressive and stylish…its great colors.

  • Geoffrey Allan Plauché

    Yes, I wish there was no save button or check button to end editing. I wish Evernote just autosaved changes every second and saved the note when I exit it. I also wish Evernote would treat the first line of a note as the title if the title field is empty. Get the interface out of the way as much as possible unless we want to use it.