Evernote for Android Gets A Fun Feature Discovery Menu

Posted by on 01 Feb 2012

Posted by on 01 Feb 2012

The Evernote for Android app is packed with great features, many of which you know and some that you may not be aware of. In the latest update (3.5.1), we’ve added a feature discovery menu at the top of the home screen. The goal of this menu is to showcase some of new and existing features, ensuring that you get the most out of the app. Get Evernote for Android »

Behind the Lightbulb

Tap on the lightbulb icon and then choose an item from the menu. You’ll be taken to a screen that explains where to find, and how to use, a bunch of useful features—from creating a checklist to using Skitch to exploring new features.

New items and those that you haven’t tried appear at the top of the list. Once you view an item, it moves to the end. Check the lightbulb after every release to see what’s new. It’s a fun way to explore and learn more about Evernote. Take a look.

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  • bill fogg

    I have this version on my Xoom tablet with android 4.0 and I don’t see this feature.

    • xavier.delplanque

      This feature is available on mobile only for the moment, and very shortly on tablet too.

  • Jeff

    I have a similar comment to Bill Fogg. It seems that this new feature is only available on the handheld “version” and not for tablets. I, too, have a tablet and the UI is radically different — there is no home screen and therefore no way (that I can find) to access this new feature.

  • Buddy

    It works on my lg optimus 2x.

  • Phil Allamong

    FYI – I do not see the light bulb on the Toshiba Thrive Tablet but do see it on the Samsung Galaxy S. Both are running the current version 3.5.1.

  • Dennis

    I do not see the “light bulb” on my Asus Transformer Android v 3.5.1 or on my Motorola Droid Pro Android v 2.3.3.

  • xavier.delplanque

    This feature is available on mobile only for the moment. It will be released very shortly on tablet too.

  • fareed

    Can reminder alarm be set on evernote?
    Help me if someone knows how.

  • Bill Seashols

    My Evernote on Android phone is gone. Not on Android Market to download. Where is the problem?

  • Hugh

    There’s no lightbulb on my Droid Incredible

  • Matthew

    @Hugh…..touch the “Evernote” at the top left of your screen and you should get to the screen with the light bulb.

  • Matthew

    @Bill…..not aide why you can’t find it. Try this link:

  • Madeleine Poe

    Evernote is one of the best programs I’ve ever used. From my daily to-do lists to keeping up with my works in progress for my online business, shopping lists, drafts for articles, to just “stuff” like pithy quotes may need some day (or not). It’s all in one place, organized the way I like it. No more lost yellow sticky notes. Evernote is loaded on my tablet and in my laptop and have one or the other always with me so now I always have everything and anything I might need always with me — including a slip of paper and a pen!

    Thanks, Evernote!

    Madeleine Poe

  • Robert Homes (rohomes is my Evernote user name)

    Thanks!! I was wondering how to use Skitch but haven’t had the time to explore it. This should help me get up to speed quickly.

    Love it!!

  • rainer

    I love the feature, but I am disappointed how it works on my Galaxy Note. Skitch is OK for fingerprinting, but when trying to draw precise figures using the Note’s stylus, Skitch’s curve smoothing function kicks in and destroys the drawing.

    The must be in option to switch curve smoothing off in future versions!

  • Ernesto



  • Me

    There is no light bulb on the Acer Iconia A500 running Evernote 3.5.3 so it seems they still have not implemented the feature for tablets. They should make mention of this in the title area of this article – this feature being described is NOT for tablets.

  • Bob

    I really wish that Evernote would add the ability to password protect saved notes. Is this planned for a future release?

  • Michael

    Evernote and Skitch on my Note are indispensable.

  • Vance

    Tablets are mobile! 🙂 Features like this are much more effective on tablets than phones, hope they get there soon! I <3 Evernote

  • JJ Vastiau

    It indeed works on my Galaxy phone.

    But how does Skich work?

  • manley cates

    Real comment on development: please please please hire a joomla dev person to build a bridging module to your services, this would be a slam dunk for b2b guys on the rd. Love evernotes products you’ve really got an awesome feature set here.

  • Jennifer Blanco

    Hey guys,
    You know what would make this app more amazing, if we were able to draw/handwrite in Evernote, having this feature but in the evernote notebooks, so you can either type or draw in the same note.

  • Atif

    I don’t who will prefer making an isolated skitch note to inking on the actual notes, I have no reference to my powerpoint printouts imported from OneNote when I use skitch, please just let us ink on the actual notes, and you will have the best note taking software.

  • bj

    I just downloaded skitch on my Xoom tablet. You have to open a new note in Ever note, look at the bottom menu and you will see the heart in the left corner of the menu. Hit that button and you will see the download page as if you are in the market. After it downloads, the icon will appear on your tablet as a different app. It is a pink icon.

  • Julie Phelps

    I have the Android Thunderbolt – which I LOVE by the way – but cannot see the light bulb. What to do?

  • Julie Phelps

    Well, wish me luck! I just downloaded Skitch for Evernote (I think) from the Market. Now to learn and use 🙂

  • Ryann

    I’m a new Android user, but I’ve already been using Evernote on my desktop. Thanks for this post, now I know that I have new tools to try out on my Android!

  • kees

    When can I use colors on my evernote for android-tablets. It is there for the windows version. Really missing that.
    Also the number list and dotted list are not working properly, within a text. Come-on evernote fix this.

  • connie johnson

    still very sad that skitch is NOT available for my iPhone or PC.

  • SteveW

    Handwriting notes without having to go to Sketch and back. That’s the ticket.

  • Allan

    Solid feature – works seamless on the Droid Razar!

  • AP

    Using Evernote on Galaxy Apollo. Sometimes I take a snapshot of a to do or shopping list and save it to Evernote. Have wished for a way to cross out items without removing pic and re taking another. Skitch exactly does it! Thumbs up!

  • AP

    Also the ‘save as you go’ feature using the little star, is v useful for busy people who keep getting interrupted by children or family members! If I have to suddenly ‘drop’ the phone I don’t lose my note! Thanks!

  • Jim Wells

    The lightbulb appears on my HTC evo, but I didn’t know what it was for until today. Love evernote!!!

  • Bethany

    I have a samsung apollo and I am a very organized person and this feature really helped with my organzation. I love it.

  • Glenn

    You need to include a ‘time’ and ‘date’ button that you can press to automatically insert the current time or date into a note… Will this be possible in the future.. I see you have many other options such as adding an attachment, making text bold or italic ect… The above further option would be very useful.

    Thanks for your consideration 🙂

  • bvkcprabhu

    When will I get ever note hello for android?
    Waiting for more evernote android products.


  • TPaul

    Just updated my phone (HTC EVO) to 3.5.1 (didn’t have Auto Updates activated!). I see the lightbulb and it works perfectly! Great job, love Evernote!

  • Pat Franck

    I do a lot of cut copy & paste,I would like to have a separate file for my notes,videos & audios so it would be easy to look-up any suggestion.