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Announcing the 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

Announcing the 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 10 Feb 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 10 Feb 2012

A month ago, we announced Chad Williams as our Fitness Ambassador and now he’d like to help all of our users get more fit. Chad is here to get you in shape, and keep you motivated, along with other Evernote users (not to mention, some challenge-ready Evernote employees!). We’re calling it the 30 Day Challenge and it starts on Wednesday, February 15th. Are you ready?

Join the 30 Day Challenge led by Chad Williams, Evernote Fitness Ambassador

As a health and fitness mentor, Chad helps his clients achieve their fitness and nutritional goals. With the help of Evernote, he’s going to lead you in a challenge to get into better shape and change some of your bad eating habits.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. Choose any combination of the four challenges presented below.
  2. Create a notebook called ’30 Day Fitness Challenge,” or something more motivational, like “30 Days to a new Kasey.” Don’t forget to replace Kasey with your name.
  3. Every day you complete a challenge, take note of it in your challenge notebook. Take photos to track before and afters, and maybe even clip some motivational articles to help you along. [see Chad’s tips for ways to use Evernote to track your progress]
  4. Join the Fitness discussion forum to share your experience, tips, talk with other users participating in the challenge, and connect with Chad. Remember, having group support helps you to stay motivated!

Ready? Onward!

4 Challenge Options

Choose any combination of two.

2 Fitness Challenges:

  • 100 sit ups per day. This can be done in one chunk or spread out through the day. You have the option to scale this down to 50. Pick a number and commit!
  • 100 stairs per day. You can split this up throughout the day, or reduce the total number, but again, pick a set number and stick to it.

2 Nutritional Challenges:

  • Water only. Do not consume any other fluids besides water for the next 30 days. If that’s too challenging, you can also choose to only omit alcohol and soda.
  • No sugar. This one might seem simple at first, until you realize how many things contain sugar. Chad usually allows people to define what this means for them (ie: no sweets and candy, but fruit and sauces are okay).

It’s a Twitter Party!

Chad will be hosting a Twitter party on Thursday, March 15th from 6-7 pm PST (9-10 pm ET) to discuss your accomplishments, what worked and what didn’t, and how you can continue using Evernote to track your fitness goals. We’ll be offering some sweet prizes as well. To join:

  1. Create your Twitter account, login via or your Twitter client.
  2. Follow @evernotelife and @anthrophysique
  3. Follow the hashtag #evernotelife
  4. Ask questions, chat with fellow challenge participants, and discuss ways you could be using Evernote to stay fit and healthy.

Spread the word and let others know you’ll be joining by tweeting:

I’m participating in the @anthrophysique + @evernotelife Fitness Challenge and Twitter party on 3/15 @ 9 pm EST. Join us! #evernotelife

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  • Keith Colombo

    This was awesome to see. I have been using Evernote for my fitness challenges since January. I log my results and also some follow up items for my challenge members. I have several teams that I add to each month (about 5 at a time) and the results have been great.

    I like how this challenge is simple I will use some of the ideas like the water one or no added sugar to have a more simple challenge since mine are geared to full 60 or 90 day workout programs.

    Thanks for the ideas and love evernote!!

  • Thomas

    I am a fairly new Evernote user and have become an enthusiastic advocate for using it.

    Just one concern with the 30 day fitness challenge. I feel that just doing sit-ups every day might not be a balanced approach and might even lead to muscle damage. Shouldn’t there be rest days inbetween?

    Besides that I feel it is a great idea to motivate people by keeping track and sharing experiences.

    • Chad Williams


      If 100 seems like a lot, scale it back to a number that’s more reasonable for you. That’s just a suggested number. Muscle damage can occur if you are pushing way beyond your capacity so listen to your body.

    • Clinton

      You are right about the damage you can do.

      If you have back problems of any kind, be sure to balance the situps with back extensions.

      You can do these simply by laying flat on your stomach with your hands at your ears. Keeping your toes on the floor, lift your chin up off the floor as high as is comfortable, hold for one to two seconds and return to the floor.

      Do as many of these as you do situps (crunches are preferable to situps). This will allow you the balance you are looking for.


    • constantin

      Thomas, the abdominal muscles are actually very resilient, they are a muscle group that does not need rest like your back or legs or arms… just my 2c.

  • Edward "Swarovski" James

    Wish I could start this program next week. My schedule just does not permit it. I have the gym, membership, etc but not the time to start it next week. However I will follow the progress and never realized that evernote could make these types of forms for use.

    Thanks for the update Evernote. You are the best as I store all my notes and web clip on your service. I would be lost without you.


  • Sara

    I created a group for the Evernote Fitness Challenge: — The first challenge: do 100 sit-ups or push-ups every day for 30 days starting February 15th.

    • leif

      I clicked on the link and it´s asking for an invitation code.

      • Usman Ahmad

        try to use REDBULL as invite code.

    • Katie

      It says that I need to be invited by someone to join this…

      • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

        Hi Katie, you don’t need an invite to join the Fitness Challenge. You can join in and follow along in the Fitness discussion forum, as well as the #evernotelife hashtag on Twitter.

  • Patricia Frazier

    I’m going to try this (I’m going to do this) on the 15th. I’m a senior, so I’ll tailor it for me. I won’t be easy. I will make it a challenge. Thanks.

  • Jamie

    Great challenge, and I like how you get to choose any combination of two. Each of these challenges sound so simple on the surface, but I know that I if could manage to do just two of these: drink only water and cut out sugar – I’d lose weight for sure – probably pretty quickly!

  • danny

    I have started early I guess.
    Beginning today I am using Evernote to keep a
    Record of All the food and drink I
    Consume each day. I hope this food intake
    inventory will be the start of me controlling my diet and losing weight. I can eat a whole more than I can exercise, so I kn ow I must limit my caloric intake. Keeping track will keep me honest and raise my awareness of what exactly I am putting in my mouth every day that is keeping me overweight.
    It’s a start anyway.

  • Kevin Black

    just received the February eblast about the challenge- I’m behind! will start tomorrow and get on board- sounds like fun

  • Gahlord Dewald

    Add me to the “Just found out about this via the newsletter” crew. I’ll be joining the situppers and stair climbers tomorrow. 🙂

  • Jason Harrison

    Try the variations on the plank rather than sit ups.

  • Jennifer F.

    Hey! I’m in! I’m late joining but I’m in!

  • Shane Cheng

    I just found out about this. 100 stairs you say, does that include ascent and descent? or only ascending ones?

  • Brian Nightingale

    I have been maintaining a fitness regiment since the last week in December so I can always use a challenge. A combination of diet and fitness. I maintain my daily diet plan by following my food consumption through an App called “” available on the web with an app form my iPhone and iPad. I highly recommend this resource. Breaks down my calories, sodium, and Protien to fat consumption. So far since December, watching my diet, and following my workouts I have lost 25lbs… 25 more to go and I will be ecstatic.

    I use Evernote for just about everything I do – never considered using it for maintaining my workouts – now I have another reason to keep Evernote open on my iPad. Thanks Evernote this sounds like a great idea…

  • Martha

    What about those of us who are not supposed to lose weight and are trying to keep our bodies fit and not too slim? I swim and hike daily, but I would like something to get all the muscles into the act and at the same time not lose weight.

    Evernote is extremely versatile and I use it both for writing and research. It is an amazing app!

  • Sharon

    So nice idea! i stardet just monday to challenge myself, and now i’l track all my steps! =)

  • Kathleen McCrory

    I’m late too but I’ve started reducing sugar and have cut out coffee already so I’ll start today

  • Cindy Gibson

    Love it!!

  • Emma

    This is awesome…I love a challenge, looking forward to hearing everyones great results!

  • Aydin

    Just got informed via Evernote Feb newsletter. Will start from tomorrow.

  • Julie Futoran-Ulsted

    Bummer! My Evernote email wasn’t sent to me until yesterday, Feb 23rd. So today being the 24th, I’m already a bit behind to participate in this challenge. I’ll be trying it on my own though. Maybe I’ll get a few friends together to do this with me using evernote and start our own forum. Great idea, thanks!

  • James

    Evernote is fantastic – Chad have you tried using Addaero to track and coach your athletes?

  • csleh

    Starting this today! Can you tell me how to find the templates someone mentioned? I like the daily checklist one member had but cannot figure out how to do that. Can’t log into the forums for some reason so might just be a lurker for a while.

  • Dan

    I just got the email this morning and want to give it a go but for some reason I can’t download the forms. Is it because it started already or am I missing something?

  • Chastity

    How cool! I wish I had gotten this information in tome to start on the 15th? Any idea why I just got the email this morning? At any rate, I’ll start today! Fun!

  • Liz

    I just got the newsletter and found about this. I’m so sad that it is over a week after the challenge began. I hope I you have another one that I can be a part of.

  • Brandon Rodak


    Thanks for sharing the ways you can implement Evernote into your Fitness Challenges. I am currently using it to track my measurements during my Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.

    It is similar to your 30 day Challenge except we usually drink two healthy meal replacement shakes (Vi-Shakes) and we set a 90 Day goal. In fact, my first challenge I lost 21 pounds while my wife has lost 60 pounds over the course of her three challenges.

    Thanks again for sharing your tips – Keep them coming and to the Evernote team – Love the app on my iPad!! Talk about a mobile braindump!

    Brandon R.

  • Kerri Karvetski

    I truly admire the simplicity of these goals. However, people with bad or weak backs, like me, have been told (by physical therapist) not to do situps, and especially not to do them this way. Would you suggest an equivalently simple exercise, like jumping jacks?

  • Alexander

    Whoa I’m way behind— wish I saw this sooner.

  • Bob

    Have lost 15lbs!! Thanks for the challenge!!

  • Doc Griebelbauer

    I am so bummed I missed your challenge! How many people signed?

  • Rene Remington

    Hey I’m a little late seeing this, but I’m going to start today.
    I’m on the the water and the sit ups.

    Thanks Chad Williams and Kasey.

  • ujj

    starting this from today. have this strange feeling that i’ll complete the challenge and lose weight. the idea of putting a SUCCESS against a day in my notebook is incentive enough :). Thanks for this m/

  • Glenn

    I’m not sure if advising potentially sedentary individuals to attempt to tackle 100 (or less) situps without supervision is that great an idea. It is also questionable if this is the best choice for working towards the wholistic concept of “fitness”. I think the concept behind this idea is great. Would it be possible to find out the thinking behind starting with this activty?

  • Thiago Oliveira

    Just like Kevin, I heard about it a litle late. But it’s not too late. I’ll start on monday, since I already had plans for the weekend, and it includes a barbecue on sunday… =)

    But monday will be the first day of a new Thiago. I’ve already started working out two weeks ago (at the gym). Let’s now add the nutritional challenge.

    See you, guys.

  • jennifer congdon

    do i have to have twitter to join? i don’t do twitter.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      You do not need a Twitter account to join the Fitness Challenge. You only need a Twitter account if you would like to join the Twitter chat. You can join the Fitness discussion simply by logging into your Evernote account (you can still view comments but need to log in in order to add commentary).

  • Tanja

    I want to participate in this but for two days I’ve tried to find the app for it or where I go to sign up and cannot find anything. Can anyone help point me?

  • Samson J. Loo

    Even though I am barely seeing this I’m totally in, starting tomorrow.

  • Jenniifer Congdon

    do i have to have / use twitter to join?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Nope! You can follow along in the Fitness discussion forum. Having a Twitter account just means you can participate in the Twitter chat at the end of the challenge.

  • Kiani Stephens

    For those who are taking the challenge, I would like to send my best wishes to you. I would love to embark on such a challenge and log it, which I may do later when I have the time. However, there is another challenge I must face which is pretty similar to this. Again I would like to send my wishes to everyone that is participating.

  • juan

    “Food intake control” + “the challenge”= minus 5 pounds. :-)))
    Hey Chad, what is the next challenge going to be?

  • Karen

    Will there be another challenge? If so, when will it start?

  • JMK

    Like others, I only saw this recently so I’m going to do this in March for the month…

  • Mark

    Great timing for seeing this from Evernote… Had a couple of surgeries and these will help with rehab motivation! Water only looks cool, so I created a thirty day note with to-do check offs for each day. But, i would love to get the pic of the “You can’t get it by…” and use it for wallpaper on my iPhone. Any chance? Thanks!

  • T

    Will this come out again, for the fitness challenge?

  • George

    Eversnote isn’t yet well suited to do this kind of work. It could with a bit of effort.

    To track any goal timeline there should be a TIMELINE where to put notes to. Also this timeline should have a Seinfeld calendar stile to mark the days.

    I think it would be usefull for this kind of things and habit forming.

  • a

    interesting didn’t see this until march but still doing it on my own. thanks for the tips!

  • Elizabeth Opena

    This is awesome. I have started the water only and a little bit of sugar challenge about a month ago. It is really worth doing for our body. Working on the second floor of our building, going up and down the stairs many, many times a day has been a regular part of my day from Monday through Friday for the last three years now…a great exercise. But I want to challenge myself with the 100 sit-ups… sounds difficult for me but I can down-size to start with. Thanks for the challenge, Chad! And thanks to Evernote!

  • Pam

    I love this Idea, Is It too late to joIn?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Pam, the 30 Fitness Challenge has ended, but we hope to do more of these in the future! Stay tuned…

  • Vignesh