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Posted by Ron Toledo on 14 Feb 2012

Posted by Ron Toledo on 14 Feb 2012


As more teachers and students adopt new technologies, including Evernote, they’re looking for useful resources to help them along the way. We’re excited to introduce them to Evernote for Schools, our new microsite devoted to helping those in the education community use Evernote more effectively.

Evernote Encourages a Lifetime of Learning

Teachers and administrators who are looking to start their students on a path of lifelong learning can find a collection of resources at Evernote for Schools including education-related case studies, videos, and a discussion forum for connecting and sharing tips and ideas for using Evernote in a school setting. Students can use Evernote to organize all their content (notes, projects, worksheets, lists and more) on all the computers, phones and tablets they use, at school and at home. Evernote allows students to build on their learning year after year by carrying their work with them from school to school, without the heavy load of  backpacks and binders.

Evernote Premium For Schools

Looking to bring the Evernote experience to your school? Our new offering is the easiest (most cost-effective) way to put Evernote Premium accounts in the hands of everyone at your school. Evernote Premium for Schools offers all our features, services and benefits bundled together at a special education rate. It’s perfect for groups of teachers, classrooms, whole schools or entire districts. Learn More

Evernote at the Florida Educational Conference

We recently had the pleasure of connecting with educators face-to-face at the Florida Educational Conference (FETC) where Carlos Fernandez, an Instructional Technology Coordinator for Leon County Schools in Florida, shared his top tips for using Evernote at school. Carlos reached out to us prior to the conference to let us know he was already presenting a workshop on Evernote. After talking with him we were so impressed with all the ideas he had, we asked him to lead our Learning Lab. During the Learning Lab Carlos was able to connect with fellow teachers and administrators, present some of his favorite Evernote use cases and help others get started and incorporating Evernote into their schools.

Check out the slides from Carlos’s (standing room only) presentation: Evernote in Education

Stay Connected

There are many ways to connect with the Evernote for Education community. Here are some ways to tap into the community.

      • Join the Evernote for Schools Discussion Forum
        Want to learn how to use Evernote in a 1:1 program? How about the best way to organize all your lesson plans? The Evernote For Schools Discussion Forum is the place to share and learn tips and tricks, best practices and more.
      • Follow us on Twitter
        The @evernoteschools Twitter account is dedicated to sharing all the great ways people are using Evernote at schools. Follow us here for tips and tricks, latest blog posts, case studies, upcoming events and activities.
      • Talking about Evernote? Let us know.
        If you’re giving a presentation about Evernote at a conference, leading workshop, webinar or just spreading the word at your school, we’d love to hear about it. Visit the site and fill out the form here.
      • Check out our events
        See what conferences Evernote will be attending and presenting at next:  Upcoming Events
      • Join our Webinar
        Sign up for our webinar: 11 ways to use Evernote in your Classroom (February 15th, 10pm PT)

We have lots of upcoming Evernote for Schools activities. Check back often for new content, videos, case studies and more.


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  • Potti


    Is there anyway to see the webminar offline? I was signed in but problems with last hour work have made me unable to attend it.

  • Michael JC

    Your Webinar is at 10pm PT? So… it’s at 1am ET, ensuring that essentially no teachers in the Eastern time zone (who generally have to get up at 4-5am to be at school when the kiddies get there), can attend. I’ve got to admit, I question the wisdom of this scheduling, but I hope that you will at least record it and make it available for download. I know my girlfriend would enjoy it.

  • Stephen Swann

    I personally use Evernote for tons of stuff! Its use in school is an awesome idea, but in my school I don’t know how we would pull it off. It would not be a problem on the Evernote side, but we are limited in funds to get tablets and computers enough to run a classroom using Evernote. I envisioned so many things I would do as soon as I starting reading this site, but the emptiness of reality soon set in. Any suggestions from your end?

    Thanks! Love the concept!

    Stephen Swann
    Cosby High School

  • Serg

    Hi everyone!
    I simply enjoy reading about technology in the classroom/schools. I was a Technology Coordinator at two schools in San Jose,CA for several year and I really enjoyed the time being with teachers, students and admin staff. I wish I could have an application like EV back in 2010.
    Right now, this app is becoming “the facto” for many educators and tech personnel because all the impressive online features it has, not just to capture data, but also to interact with your peers and share secure information everywhere, anywhere.
    I would strongly recommend educators and schools try the EV app and experience a different method to learn, share and organize online and offline data.

  • Shayne Cuffy

    WOW, I’ve been a fan of Evernote for some time but they are really stepping up now, well done guys this is great.

    Looking forward to a lot more from evernote


  • J. Donaldson

    I would like to second the suggestion to watch an archived webinar! I am regsitered for the March 13th webinar, which is 7pm EST. I teach grad classes after work, so I’ll have to miss it.

    Or could you run the same webinar at different times that day or week? Maybe with my fellow ESTers and me in mind?

  • Emil V. Toma

    Dear Evernote team,

    Please translate your client and site for use with Romanian language. Please contact me for translation volunteering. Reported to a population of 20mil, many children would take advantage to learn the software before learning english.

    Thank you,

    Dipl. Eng. Emil Toma

  • Raana

    My school is a best in Iran but I cant study this school because it was 5/000 dollar

  • Baba T

    I have just come across this from the email Evernote sent regarding updates to schools and would like to watch this webinar. Is available for download?

  • Jerry Jaros

    Where has Evernote been used in an MBA or other post-graduate program. Thanks. JJ