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Lindsey C. Holmes, Evernote Small Business Ambassador Shares Her Business and Marketing Tips

Lindsey C. Holmes, Evernote Small Business Ambassador Shares Her Business and Marketing Tips

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 01 Mar 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 01 Mar 2012


We’ve heard from many of our small business users that Evernote is an invaluable tool for keeping track of ideas, projects, and to collaborate with teammates. Today, we’re excited to announce our newest Ambassador, who will be sharing her tips for using Evernote in a small business setting. To kick things off, we’re handing the mic over to Lindsey C. Holmes. For those of you attending SXSW this year, check out the meetup Lindsey is hosting in Austin!


Lindsey C. Holmes is the founder of LCH Business, her digital marketing agency. Her company develops mobile applications and works with clients to create social media marketing campaigns. Lindsey’s passions include GTD, digital marketing, digital PR and Evernote. See how she runs her business on Evernote.

I use Evernote, Everywhere

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Web

I use Evernote for Running my Business

I’ve been an Evernote user for three years and in that time, it has changed the way I think; a phenomenal feat for a free tool. In the context of my business, I use Evernote for a combination of marketing and GTD (David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology). Here are some of the reasons Evernote has become invaluable to me:

  1. Evernote is seamless. As a business owner, I travel a lot, work from home and in the office. I have a staff of 8 and Evernote helps me manage my workflow, regardless of where I am.
  2. Evernote is totally flexible. It has just enough structure to it that I can organize my notes however I want. The more I started using it, the more it helped me with my productivity, and allowed me to actually process information faster.
  3. Evernote helps me create. Because I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to adjust myself to a structured system, I’m able to focus more on the creation process, and organize however I see fit. The tool doesn’t own me, I own the tool.

How I use Evernote for Marketing

I’ve been using Evernote to capture and create for years, but recently, I’ve realized its huge potential for distribution. Evernote is the most cost effective marketing tool I use and it has allowed me to completely streamline my process. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Evernote’s sharing features. At my company:

  • We create Shared Notebooks for all of our events. It’s easy for me to be out in the field and drop something into Evernote and know that anyone that has access to it will see it. I also love the ability to share something with my Twitter and Facebook networks, straight from my Evernote account. I love that I can use one tool to do so many different things. [Learn about sharing from Evernote]
  • I use Evernote for document storage. I store all of my documents in Evernote, where I can easily edit them, export them as PDFs and drop the edited version right back into the note, where it will always be available to me.
  • I use Evernote as my distribution tool. I’m able to send emails to my team right from my Evernote account, which makes the communication flow extremely efficient and effective.
  • My office is completely paperless. I rely on my Doxie scanner and Shoeboxed (a service for digitizing paper and saving it to your Evernote account)  for helping me process paper and then get rid of it.

Every new company staff member is trained on how to optimally use Evernote; it’s invaluable to our business!

Evernote for sentimental mementos, serial numbers and more

The more I use Evernote, the more uses I find for it. Here are a few ideas:

  • I take pictures of outfits before trips. This helps me pack whatever is appropriate and know which pieces in my suitcase go with what.
  • I keep information about my dog, Banks, in Evernote. When we arrive at the vet, I can pull up my dog’s medicine and immediately provide the vet with all the information he needs.

  • I have a notebook for my parents and my little sister. These notebooks include photos and even medicine information. If I’m visiting my sister in DC where she lives, and my parents need me to pick something up for them, I’m able to find everything I need in Evernote.
  • I take pictures of birthday cards. I realize that with Evernote, it’s about the sentiment. By snapping photos of cards with Evernote, I’m able to look at my collection in Evernote much more than if it was kept in a box somewhere. I’ve become a digital hoarder!
  • I store computer serial numbers in Evernote. To keep my gadgets’ serial numbers handy, I snap photos of them using Evernote.

The bottom line is: whenever I come across something that I think could be made easier, I go to Evernote first.

Evernote for networking and events

I go to a lot of events. Since I’m a very organized person, I take lots of notes and photos of business cards. I drop them all into a Shared Notebook that other people who may have attended the event might want to access. It takes the stress out of trying to share notes and tips!

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  • Dallas Council

    Thanks for posting these! I love to read how other people are using Evernote, I always walk a way with a great idea to try and implement in my business!

    • Lindsey

      Thanks Dallas! Glad you like the post. I hope to provide you with more tips. Come on over to the forum.

  • Shin, Soonho

    ———–Relating that—–
    I use Evernote for document storage. I store all of my documents in Evernote, where I can easily edit them, export them as PDFs and drop the edited version right back into the note, where it will always be available to me.

    Actually, I still have not used Evernote as a document storage. According to my experience, it was hard for me to edit the documents from Evernote. How can I be able to use it efficiently? I would like to know it specifically, including practical examples.

    • Lindsey

      Hey Soonho. One of the best parts about Evernote to me is that I can actually put ANY type of file in a note. I have even been known to add small self-contained applications to get them off of my computer, because you can actually run them from Evernote… So in the case of your documents… If you drop a Word Document or a Pages Document in a note and click on the file inside Evernote, it should launch your word processor application. You can the edit and save your document as usual, and it will update inside of your Evernote (!). Here you have created your source file and this lives in Evernote. If you have another copy on your system, you can delete it. Next, if you need to share the document outside of Evernote, click export or save to PDF, depending on your system. My system is configured to save this PDF into a new Evernote note. If yours is not, just export/save the PDF to your desktop. If you have to save to your desktop, just drag the document back inside. Then you can share to Facebook, Twitter, Send an email, or get a link that you can paste to LinkedIn, Pin in Pinterest, Bookmark on Digg, Delicious, etc. — In this example you would have started using Evernote for your file storage, created a note of content to share, as well as created the start of an online capsule (or a Shared Notebook) if you wish. Hope this was helpful.

      • Wendy

        Lindsey – I’d been reluctant to delete a document from my computer after pulling it inside Evernote, because it just showed up as an icon or file, not as the document itself. I was worried that that was just a link to the existing document on my Mac, and that if I deleted the original, the EN version would disappear too. So, this is helpful. Maybe I can start pulling more of those document files and folders over into EN now…


  • Kathleen Howell

    Great post! You shared a few tips I had not thought of.. LOVE Evernote!

    • Lindsey

      Me too Kathleen! Glad you liked it! Hope I can be of help to you in the future.

  • Thomas

    Excellent post Lindsey. I am very curious as how you implement your GTD system in Evernote. It is stories like yours that inspires us small business people with the realisation that we are on the right track with a great toll at hand!

    • jeffrey swainhart

      Evernote (EN) is the perfect medium for capture. It’s at any of your devices and inputs print, image or voice.

    • Lindsey

      Thanks Thomas! Yes, GTD is a huge part of this process. In fact, the crux of my GTD lies in the fact that I can access things very quickly, because everything I need is pretty much in one place. So gold star for both of us. Now… the integrations in the trunk, specifically the ones around GTD, are integral. I have played around with Work_Etc for my business. Though I later created my own system around Evernote’s API, mainly for branding, Work_Etc is a great tool. For more personal GTD, I use an app called Awesome Note on the iPhone. It creates notebooks around my lists. For example “[a_Note] Errands,” “[a_Note] Follow Up.” There is a two way sync so that if I am inside Evernote, and I add a file to “[a_Note] Follow Up,” when I visit Awesome Note to work on my todos, that info is included in the ‘Follow Up’ list. GTD teaches us to add as much content around our task for efficiency. If I need to work on a keynote presentation for a client, there is nothing more efficient than being able to add the presentation to my to do list, create the presentation, save it, send it and then check it off. So to recap, test some integrations in the trunk for a GTD tool that works best with your lifestyle (could be a few), but the very basics of Evernote (notebooks, tagging, checklists) will help as well. Try to use your Evernote workspace for as much you can.

      • Reed Fraasa

        Lindsey, you are awesome. You have inspired me to pursue EN for business. We have been thinking of incorporating EN into our business (couple of us use it for personal now) as we implement some GTD practices. We are not sure if there should be one corporate EN account that everyone shares or should each person have an EN account with a common shared folder? What are people doing. We have 6 people in our company. Thank you, Reed

      • Ted

        For a step-by-step process on how to use Evernote to integrate GTD methodology, users should also check out Incredible amount of detail here on getting started in an organized fashion.

  • Diane

    Serial numbers! Excellent idea! Another notebook being created.

    Great article, I always love these.

    • Lindsey

      Thanks Diane! If security ever becomes a factor for you, i.e. You don’t lock your computer. Try encrypting the actual numbers. Highlight the serial number in the note, go to ‘edit’ and select ‘Encrypt Selected Text…’I’m in the forum if you need help.

      • Nigel

        Thanks for all your tips Lindsay. I like the encryption function. I didn’t realize we could do that. I tried it out but found that even though encrypted the item can still be deleted. Is there a way around this to prevent encrypted info from being deleted?

  • Rob

    I just snapped the contents of my wallet just in case .. . .

    • Lindsey

      Rob – believe it or not, I left my Driver’s License at home once rushing to Costco. :/ Of course I was stopped by the police. I pulled out my phone and showed the Officer the copy of my License I keep in my Evernote. He let me go! I think that was when I officially became a convert. 🙂

      • Seth Goldstein

        I just did this. Great idea!

  • Concerned user

    Yet, for all its usefulness, Evernote could be made better. It still lacks wiki markup like features, integrated graphics and notation, scrap booking, and more.

  • Shirley Johnson

    Thanks Lindsey this was extremely helpful!

  • Kim

    Great blog post!
    I also use Evernote for EVERYTHING! You said “I use Evernote for document storage. I store all of my documents in Evernote, where I can easily edit them, export them as PDFs and drop the edited version right back into the note, where it will always be available to me.”

    I didn’t know you could put the edited version of a PDF right back INTO the SAME NOTE….?
    Can you explain how you do that?

  • Keli

    Evernote has remarkable capabilities but how do you use them optimally ? Please get in touch with some training materials.

  • Patricia Christian

    Nice to see a familiar (Family) face. This is is Pat Ed’s wife and I am working on going paperless. I have file drawers of course work that I want to file digitally. I just bought a scanner and have to play around with it. I want to able to scan directly into Evernote. Looks like you are an expert in this area. If I need help I know who to contact.

  • Robert

    That’s for the info Lindsay, very helpful.

  • Tina

    Thanks for all the great ideas! I am using evernote for business and private bits and bobs, the only thing I worry about sometimes is: Could all the information get lost through some technical glitch? I think I would be in a right mess..
    Also, apart from keeping my devices safe and locked, is our information safe? (eg customer information)
    Thanks for your help!

  • gaylee schachter

    Just learning about Evernote…. beginning a small business, always an organized person if I can get hold of all this I know it can help me…… any suggestions for a new bee????

  • Tamara

    I just downloaded the program after working Korea and a person in the class had her life organized around Evernote. I am ready to do it! You thoughts help a lot.

  • Raymond

    Had stopped using evernote, now just went back straight to using it. i learned about it all over again. Cheers!

  • Karen

    Lindsey, this great! I didn’t about the text encryption for account numbers. Thanks so much.

  • michael moore

    Okay – so here’s a challenge…..I am a very busy design professional – a gunslinger with no assistants, aides-de-camp, or help in any way. I teach at a local college, 6 classes/week (3 courses)….the local college is only 150 miles away and so I spend a lot of in-the-car time.

    Here’s my challenge – aside from teaching and managing my own design projects, I write a weekly design blog – which has blossomed since it’s first issue (01/01/11) on WordPress [] to its current form []…..and it has morphed into more of a design magazine with pages/categories dedicated to interior design, architecture, graphic design, industrial design and photography. Moreover, there are other sub-sections (Biz, eXtra, oPinion, Resources, careers) – so, I am constantly harvesting ‘stuff’ from articles, journals, blogs, etc. Recently I discovered that I could use Evernote to ‘clip’ the images in these pieces, and then email them to my Evernote account. However, as I need to actually be able to access the image files to composite, I need to find a way to shuffle a lot of this content into DropBox……and I haven’t yet discovered how to do that…….. unfortunately , Evernote does NOT provide a DropBox link……so, anybody have any bright ideas as to how I can do this? Yes – I know – I can ‘share’ a note via Evernote and actually email it to DropBox – but I need something more automatic, more already linked to the Evernote environment…….thoughts? Ideas?

    Thank you

    Michael Moore

  • Brant

    I love Evernote and primarily use it for blogging. Thanks for all the additional tips. Sounds like they found the dream spokesperson 🙂

  • feuza

    great tips and so great you are in nj

  • Jasu

    Thx for the ideas! I must admit my EN usage has somewhat dropped from its peek a couple of years back, but I think I’ll give it a bigger go again after reading this!
    Btw. Lindsey, since your company does social media marketing campaitns, I was thinking you might be interested in Transfluent, a young Finnish startup. Using their service u could effortlessly create the campaigns multilingually. At the moment TF is e.g. Helping Obama better reach the Spanish speakers on Twitter (@Obama_es)!

  • Cecilia

    Thank you for sharing! I love the snapa of warderobe idea, somehing like that has been on my mind because I keep forgetting about combinations I was happy with (not so much for travelling). Great idea to store them in Evernote!

    As for serial numbers and important documents… The other day I read that Evernote hs poor security and one should not store info that you don’t want to get stolen / abused… That’s why I don’t do that. Am I running behind on Evernote’s security situation?

  • Bart

    Great post Lindsey, always nice to see how other people use Evernote. I myself would like to add:
    – Using Skitch to quickly draw something and save this in Evernote together with all my oter stuff
    – Using JotNot Pro (iPhone app) to capture business cards and store these directly into Evernote
    – The search function inacluding OCR (text in pictures) is great (esspecially in combination with the captured business cards as mentioned in point 2)

  • Steve

    I love Evernote as well but have found that it sometimes delays its synchronizing between my devices. Recently I have turned to othe cloud technologies. Any ideas on why I’m experiencing the delays – sometimes 4-5 hour delays?


  • Dennis

    My concern w Evernote as w any of it’s competitors is the required off disk storage rendering processing speed variable or inaccessible. As a tertiary back up it is a comfort. But as a secondary portable I want the data on my drive w/o the internet retrieval.

  • Dennis

    Another problem seems to be the time consuming scanning of receipts or other items off an iPhone as in the lemon program. It was fun at first but then w scan failures and slow processing plus multitask interruptions when a call or message prempts the smartphone processing it became more time consuming than stuffing the biz card or receipt in a pocket.

  • Michael Springer

    Thank you Miss Holmes for taking the time to explain the utility of using different notebooks. I noticed that feature and shrugged my shoulders and ignored it in the past. You inspired me to learn how to add a notebook. Just started rethinking my process but VERY cool! Thanks.

  • Chris

    ” … I store all of my documents in Evernote … export them as PDFs … ”

    How do you export documents as PDFs?

    I have tried to find a way to do that, but it seems to me, that Evernote is deliberately closing that door.

    I have a Premium suscription because I thought that would enable me to take advantage of the OCR Evernote is doing; alas, so far, it seems to me that is not possible.

    Have I overlooked something?

    Thank you in advance!


  • Reed Fraasa

    Lindsey, you are awesome. You have inspired me to pursue EN for business. We have been thinking of incorporating EN into our business (couple of us use it for personal now) as we implement some GTD practices. We are not sure if there should be one corporate EN account that everyone shares or should each person have an EN account with a common shared folder? What are people doing. We have 6 people in our company. Thank you, Reed

  • Jim Sewell

    Thank you for the great article and some new ideas. I look forward to visiting your Small Business forum. You make a great addition to the Ambassador program!

  • Jeanette

    Thanks for the great info and ideas, Lindsay. Just starting to use Evernote. I had no idea how beneficial it could be in business. Will check out forum.

  • Geof Gratny

    I am using Evernote more and more. Is there a way to hide or mask certain tasks?
    I used Palm’s desktop program for years and really miss the features.
    For GTD tasks, is there a task program attached to Evernote? I dont see one yet.

  • Phil


  • Gail

    Great tips, some of which I’ll use myself, thanks!

  • Michelle Sears

    I’ve been using Evernote in it’s most basic form. It never occurred to me that it could be used in so many ways. Thanks for sharing this post. Now I’m going to learn more about Evernote!

  • Marlene

    Im new to both iPad and Evernotes. How do you control the computer space allowance? Once saved, i.e., greeting cards; old info that may someday be needed, are you ever concerned if the computer ceases to operate that all info will be lost?

  • Susan Tyson

    I am trying to learn how I can take advantage the things evernote has to offer but I’m technically challenged. I had no idea evernote had so many application’s until I read Lyndsey Holmes article. I need to get this app figured out so I can be more efficient.

  • Keni Arts

    I use Evernote daily. I checked out your shared notes. Nice. Visited your site. Also nice. Keni

  • Carol Harlow

    I am just getting started with Evernote and am really plased to find all of these ideas. I am a Franchise Broker — I help people who want to own their own bussiness to find the right one and help them get properly connected with all of the financing and legal matterrs that have to be attended to. Might you know of anyone who would like to talk with me about such possibilities for themselves?

  • Stephen

    Great article, thank you for sharing. As a Evernote newbie I am still very befuddled how best to use. In your column, you say that you train your staff How to optimally use Evernote. That is EXACTLY what I need. Can you please share?

    Thanks for everything, you are obviously very successful. Continued best wishes, Stephen

  • Zobia

    I like how you use evernote to organize your outfits along with organizing your business. I would have never thought to do that! Adding your clothes, and organizing personal stuff with evernote, is like having your own personal assistant everywhere you go!

  • John

    Love this interview. Evernote is most accessed app/mac/iPad. I have a real busy life, and remembering the little things can be a struggle.
    I loved your comment being a ‘ digital hoarder’ – that’s me, I use a snapscan for everything. Although my diabetic medicine is not on my Evernote, it will be tomorrow, along with my dogs meds and also, all the serial numbers I can shake a stick at.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Karen

    Wow, Lindsey! That’s awesome. I’m a new Evernote user, but am totally in love with it myself. You’ve given me some great usage ideas! I especially love the “Take pictures of outfits” use! I can’t wait to explore this awesome tool and see what else I can get it to do for me. Thank you for sharing how you use it!

  • Jody

    I’m also new to Evernote so could anyone recommend a source for me to learn how to make the most out of it. It sounds exactly like what I need to get myself organized as aim just starting a small business too!


  • Deric Colbert

    I really enjoyed the tips on fully using evernote! I must get busy & start utilizing what has been shared with me!

  • pamela egnew

    Thank you for the tips. I just started using evernote. It is great..I had my phone breakdown three times -droid 4g – and I was able to get all info back. Is there a certain amount of storage you cannot go over? The scanner I will look into. Thanks. Pamela

  • Aslam

    Is there a provision to use this for everyday tasks like in taskos, tasks to do, wunderlist, or remember the milk? notifications? alerts?

  • Abiodun M.Tijani

    I have evernote on my BB and its lovely but i hav not try it on my Laptop and don`t even know how to do that, but i enjoy it on my BB phone.

  • Joel Johnson

    I use evernote for my clinic, and find that it makes like much easier and my productivity has greatly increased. I really like David Allen and his GTD philosophy.

    Thanks for such a great article.

    Dr. Joel JOhnson

  • Toya | The Limerick Lane

    This article has got me wanting a Doxie now. I’m a gadget freak. I also have used Evernote for a couple of years. I love it. It keeps me so organized. I appreciate the fact that most of my iPhone/iPad apps have a share button that connects to Evernote. I like to read my blogs on the train and I can easily email or share an inspiration to my Evernote account. I’m constantly trying to learn new ways of using Evernote. Thank you for the tip about taking pics of your clothes. That is also a good way to keep inventory of what you have too. I really enjoyed this article.

  • Mhrdad

    I run a small youth lacrosse program. I also handle the retail sales for the Organization. Inset my price list up in Evernote so that when when I am out on the field and parents want to know about pricing, I can access that info through my m iPhone or iPad. Don’t need my MacBook to be productive anymore!

  • Colleen

    Great post, thanks!
    I also love storing key documents, such as a project budget spreadsheet in excel right in Evernote.

    How do you create your outfit guides? It looks like you have it set up in tables with the date above each photo?

  • Nikki

    I’m a extremely new user and still getting accustom to using Evernote. You even given me extra ideas and encouraged me to use it more. Thanks! 🙂

  • !Xobile Mambutu

    What a great and inspiring post. Great for song writers too if you need to brainstorm lyrics quickly.

  • Gye Nyame

    I am also a new user of evernote and enjoying it already. This has really given me great insights and extra uses. Thanks. Ayekoo!!!

  • Jean Issler

    Thanks for some new ideas on using Evernote. I have recently discovered I’m using iftt to add emails to Evernote simply by starring the email (in Gmail). There are several other functions in ifttt that interface with Evernote.

  • Coach

    I need to get organized! I appreciate your help.

    Which Evernote version do you use? And, which GTD system do you use?

    On their website GTD endorses other software too. The Brain, etc. Will Evernote do what they do? I have a small consulring business (5 employees).


  • William


    Thanks to Lindsay for these tips. I use Evernote for GTD, both business and personal.

    EN is often a bit too slow for personal use (it has become a bit clumsy) , but I find more convenient to have a single tool. And some things may not be segregated between personal and pro. For instance, I need a one list when I go to stationery shop.

    But if you want to try a simple, light and efficient lists tool, you may have at Wunderlist.

  • warwick

    Thank you for the good ideas to work with Evernote. Evernote is new for me. I´ll try to use Evernote in the daily work in my business on and

  • Polichronis Moutevelidis

    Evernote for me for Almost a Year, The absolute reference. The Most powerful program notes for tasks, and project planning. I can think of a Life without Evernote Hardly Imagine. I use it across systems to iOS, iMac and Even Windows. I use it every Day !!!!

  • Lou

    I use Evernote for everything – that’s after I realized its full potential. After reading this post I just gained more ideas to put this app to use.

    Thanks for the Ambassador program.

  • Marilia

    Thanks for the great ideas. I’m new to Evernote but love it already! You mentioned using it on several devices; if I do that (home PC, work laptop, tablet), do I just use the same password for everything to synch properly?