Evernote and Evernote Food: A Food Writer's Companions

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Evernote and Evernote Food: A Food Writer’s Companions

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 05 Mar 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 05 Mar 2012




Kristi Willis is an Austin-based food writer that contributes to Edible Austin. She writes two blogs; Kristi’s Farm to Table focuses on farmers markets and restaurants who work with local markets, and Ditch the Box helps people take control of what they’re eating. See how she uses Evernote to keep track of restaurant meals, blogging, freelancing, and more.

I use Evernote, Everywhere

I love…

Evernote: My Food Writing Companion

I got into food writing as a hobby and then it turned into a career. My background is actually in tech writing. About six years ago, I started working for a group focused on productivity and over the course of my work there, I began to explore how I could make my life easier. At some point, I stumbled upon Evernote and I haven’t look back since.

The work I do for various clients is very different and switching hats multiple times a day can be a challenge without the right tools. As a freelance writer, I know that I need access to the right notes and documents at the right time — otherwise, I’m in trouble! Evernote helps me keep clients and projects organized. Here are some of the ways I use Evernote for keeping my writing projects organized:

  • I have three computers, but Evernote is my one constant when I travel. I travel a lot for food writing in different cities, which means I’m not always in front of one computer. If a client calls while I’m on the road, I need to have access to all of my notes and documents related the project I’m working on for them. With Evernote, it doesn’t matter where I am, I feel confident that whatever I need is always with me.
  • I use Evernote as a capture tool. I clip everything. I have a notebook for each blog that I write for (my two blogs and a client’s tech blog). I clip anything interesting I see on the web using the Evernote Web Clipper and tag everything so that I can cull story ideas at one time. I’ll sort ideas based on whether they’re relevant for one of the blogs I write for or a magazine article. Having it all in front of me, in one place, is a great way to focus.
  • I utilize an extensive tagging system. I create ‘subtags’ for my notes. For example, I can tag a note as a story idea and then add another, more specific tag like ‘restaurant review idea.’
  • I use Evernote as a writing tool. I draft articles in Evernote and recently started using Michael Hyatt’s (Evernote Blogging Ambassador) story idea flow.
  • I use Evernote to share with others. When I was starting Ditch the Box, I was working with a few people on how to change their food habits. I saved recipes to a Shared Notebook that they could access before the blog was live. When it came time to add them to the site, I was able to quickly access them myself (and I didn’t even need to retype!). [Learn about sharing from Evernote]

Evernote Food for recalling meals

I recently started using Evernote Food for keeping track of my impressions of dishes when I dine out. When I review a restaurant, I need to be able to capture what was in the dish I’m eating, and I have to be able to recall these details months later, when I’m writing. At that point, the dish might not even be on the restaurant’s menu anymore, so I have to be able to recreate the experience and recall my experience in that moment. [Learn more about Evernote Food]

Evernote for Everything Else

My Evernote use doesn’t end when my workday does. Here are some ways that I use Evernote to capture and remember other aspects of my life.

  • I scan in recipes and workouts. I used to have physical notebooks with magazine cutouts, but when I was on the road, or at my sister’s house, I didn’t have access to my stuff. I eventually got rid of those notebooks in a bid to go paperless and now, if I see something in a magazine, I scan it into Evernote. That way, I can access workouts when I’m away from home, and my dad’s holiday dressing recipe when my family gets together at my sister’s house.
  • I snap photos of wine labels and gift ideas. I can never remember wines that I like, so I’ve started taking pictures of wine labels. I also snap photos of gift ideas when I’m in a store. To recall them later, I add the store name and any relevant information that I might need to help my decision.
  • I use Evernote to help me familiarize myself with my new grocery store. I moved a few months ago, and after eight years of shopping at the same place, I was completely disoriented by the new store. One day, I created an Evernote note in which I included a layout of the store, annotated with items that I buy every week. Now, I waste less time getting lost!

My discovery of Evernote has been life-changing. So much so, that I convert someone into an Evernote user about once a week!

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  • Mitch C.

    Sounds great, but since I have an Android phone I guess I’m screwed! I’ve given up asking Evernote when It will be available for Android program. All I get is, It will be soon! rrrrrrr

    • Sabrina

      I use android AND evernote. 🙂


    • Anton Engen

      Evernote for android is no problem. I,ve had mine for months

    • Herb Bonner

      I have been using Evernote on my Android phone for the past couple of years. Couldn’t live without it. I’m not sure who told you it wasn’t available. Now what are you waiting for? Head to the market and get started with that download!

    • bb

      I think Mitch is referring to “Evernote Food” – and this is only available for iOS for months.

      I am also waiting for a hint when it will be available for Android.

  • Marshall

    Evernote + Kristi Willis = Perfect match for a brand ambassador.

  • Shane Phillips

    I love Evernote too. I am going to Texas march 16-28. I am trying to find out if evernote gives tours of there office.

    • Heather

      Sure we do! They’re called “Job Interviews” 🙂 Check out http://evernote.theresumator.com for updated listings for our Austin office (and worldwide!)

  • Joan

    I’ve just been using Evernote for a couple of months. I have it on my Mac & iPad. So much to learn. I haven’t tried tagging at all yet cause I’m so uncertain of what it does. I write a blog on Google. Can I use Evernote to write my blog & still post it on my Google account, or do I need to use some other site? I also take pictures of the wine that we like. In fact I did learn to share that one publicly!

    • Brian from HotSauceDaily.com

      @Joan – tagging is a great way to be able to search your notes later. Don’t over-think tagging. Just start adding them for future searches.

      Speaking of taggin, I recently learned a “tip” from another Evernote Ambassador… decide in the beginning if you want to use the “singular” or “plural” version of a tag. I.E. “recipe” vs. “recipes” – this will help later. 🙂

      Also, Joan, you can certainly write your blog post in Evernote, fleshing out ideas and paragraphs… just be aware, when you Copy & Paste your Evernote into your blog, you may have formatting issues. I tend to keep my draft in Evernote to a simple text file with no formatting, and address the formatting issues in the blogging platform.

      Hope that helps!