Heavy Breathing Episode

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 07 Mar 2012

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 07 Mar 2012

Editor’s Note: This note was updated with minor edits on June 5, 2015 to more accurately reflect the current Evernote feature set.

In this episode, we talk about big updates to Evernote, Phil and Andrew interview Adam Davidson from NPR, we learn about the difference between couches and sofas, and lots more.

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  • Jon Tappan

    It’s about time!
    (Seriously guys, if you got these podcasts out on a regular basis you wouldn’t have us waiting on tenterhooks.)

  • Mitch C.

    With all the heavy breathing going on, I thought Darth Vader was in the room with ya’ll!

  • Mie

    I was wondering about the title. Now I get it ; )

    Also, I liked the part about the new Hello Evernote icon. I can totally imagine what the JP team said.

  • JustinTime

    Wow…seriously…the breathing drowned out the interview..lolol…

  • Bjorn Bengtsson

    I am a premium user and blogger about Evernote and GTD. I would really like to have a link to saved searches, much like the note linking capability. I frequently search for project tags in different norebooks and instead of typing it manually, I would like to put the saved search in the top of the project note. An even better way of searching for tags would be to just right click on the tag in the note and search the workbook or stack, which is marked for the moment.

  • Bjorn Bengtsson

    Norebooks aka notebooks

  • nicolas

    evernote for school…. without latex support ?
    we dont go in the same schools !

    • Heather

      There are some applications built on our API and in our Trunk that support Latex formulas. Check out our Discussion Boards for more information.

  • John Mayson

    I was in a meeting on Friday and saw the auto-title feature from my calendar. I nearly let out into geek squeal in front of everyone. I should have listened to the podcast the day before. 😉

  • TJ

    I wish you would go faster with your tidbits in podcast. I don’t have time to listen to an hour+ of ranting, joking, etc. Your stuff is great; just make it in smaller chunks (searchable by topicl of course)

  • Anne Kubek

    I love Evernote and am using it more and more. I just started using the concepts from The Secret Weapon in conjunction with Getting Things Done (GTD). This is an amazing approach to leveraging Evernote. I hope you’ll do a podcast on these topics soon. Also, please allow tags to be shown in the line list on Mac as they are in PC. Also some sort of system where you could tag for a specific date with a reminder would be awesome as well! Keep up the great work! I am a fan!!

  • Allan Scahill

    Are there any plans to have a version of Evernote for genealogy notes?

  • Shark Mom

    Hey! Wake Up! Time for a new podcast. I miss you guys.

  • alex

    I have been waiting….subsribled to the podcast in itunes and nothing has shown up in months… Its time for a really long one to update everyone!!!

  • Roy

    Premium user here. DEVOTED to the product. Tell everyone about it. Tell people that couldn’t care less about it, because, well they will realize their error somewhere down the road and then the lightbulb will go on. So let me say with all sincerity that you guys STINK at podcasting. I agree with TJ’s post on 3/22. Not-funny inside jokes, constant giggling and one-upping, towel snapping locker room antics. All that fluff drives me away
    from hearing the tips, tidbits, and announcements that I WANT to hear. I love you guys, will continue with the product, and spreading it around, but the podcast, I cannot bear.

  • unitseven

    Where’s the next edition?! I’m missing the podcast…

  • Chris

    Not just waiting for next podcast, but how about the development of 2-factor authentification for our Evernote accounts? I’m a premium subscriber, love your products, but am thinking of going elsewhere for a less robust but more secure cloud-based memory system. Please consider!

  • Sk8rCai

    Six months without an Evernote podcast?
    *tut* *tut* *tut*
    I think this might be a record!

    Maybe you need to let Andrew withdraw from these activities and hire someone to get these out on a regular basis.


  • Unclejerry

    Seriously guys. It’s time for a new podcast. I miss the puns and jokes. And the occasional info about the products!

  • Paul

    Hi Evernote Team

    My question to you is why are you not using Evernote to teach Evernote? What do I mean? Look at how the first time you load penultimate, it has a notebook that shows you all the features, tricks and tips – Very effective and something I can refer back to at any time for a refresher. Very elegant of showcasing the product. Even if you used a Penultimate Notebook in Evernote to do this?

    Either this could be a shared note, or a note that you can import from the help page. Maybe there should be an Evernote Company account that simply contains shared notebooks?

    Similarly, you could do this for pages like the ETC conference page.

  • Paul

    Hi Evernote Team

    I save a ton of files to Evernote as my repository. The biggest downside with with this is that to edit a file, I double click on the file, edit it. But my save does not update the file in Evernote. So now I have to re-add the saved note to evernote and delete the old note. A bit of a pain.

    IMO, I would bet this feature would be huge.

    • Sk8rCai

      Hi Paul,

      Evernote already has the functionality in the desktop apps, in fact I use it all the time.
      I’m also using iOS based Evernote, although I only really view data and edit native Evernote text notes on these platforms.

      If this isn’t working for you, then I’d advise looking over the support pages and maybe submitting a support ticket. You can find it here: https://support.evernote.com

      Stock answer for generic support, I know. But the support people know their stuff and they’re very responsive!

      Hope you get it sorted, Paul