Skitch for Mac Gets Sharing Through Evernote!


Skitch for Mac Gets Sharing Through Evernote!

Posted by on 19 Mar 2012

Posted by on 19 Mar 2012

Today marks a major moment in the life of Skitch for Mac: you can now share through Evernote. With a single click, send your annotated images, screenshots and ideas directly into Evernote and share them through our beautiful Skitch sharing interface.

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Sharing with Evernote

Ever since we launched Skitch for Android and Skitch for iPad with Evernote sharing, you’ve asked us to bring it to Mac. Well, here it is.

There are a couple of ways to set up Evernote sharing.

  • Click on the new Evernote elephant icon along the top of the app
  • Go into Settings and choose Evernote from the sharing options

Once you have it set, all of your images will go straight to Evernote. We recommend setting Evernote as your default sharing option.

Access everywhere
Now that Skitch for Mac can save images to Evernote, all of the photos, screenshots, maps and mockups you choose will be available on any of your devices. So, wherever you are, you can always access the images you sent to Evernote.

A look to the future

Easy sharing to Evernote is one of the big Skitch user requests. The other big request has been to simplify and clean up the site. Rather than rebuild, we wanted to create a great image sharing experience for all Evernote users. So, we did. It’s completely clutter-free and perfectly highlights the image. Plus, now you can see your Skitch images right inside of Evernote.

What this means for users
If you’ve been using, then today you’ve gained a new sharing option, but otherwise things are unchanged. In the near future, we will transition away from sharing in favor of Evernote sharing. This transition will allow all Skitch users to experience the many benefits of Evernote.

We will continue to support existing content, so all of your images (and related links) will continue to be available. We’re also working on an export tool, which will allow you to easily download all of your old Skitch images and then save them to Evernote, if you like. That’s coming soon.

We’re very excited about this change. Moving to Evernote means that Skitch for Mac maintains all of its fun, easy sharing features, while gaining cross-platform sync, a much-improved shared view and a significant reliability upgrade.

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  • Andreas

    Nice, but what about Skitch for Windows users?

  • Rick Vugteveen

    I’m happy for the announcement and like the general idea of being folded into Evernote.

    That said, I do think this implementation is problematic. I just clicked share for the first time after connecting Evernote. This produced a share link but also saved the image into my default Evernote folder. Is there any way to generate a share link that doesn’t end up in my Evernote account? I use Skitch many times though out the day for filing bug reports and do not want the images saved into Evernote. On the flip side when I do save Skitch images into Evernote I would like them to land in a different Notebook.

    With a few little tweaks I think this will work out great. I hope the real world feedback proves helpful!

    • Geoffrey Barry

      It does. You can expect that we’ll continue to work on making the integration between Evernote and Skitch that much more seamless. This is our first step in that direction. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Mike Laurence

      I must agree with Rick V., as many of my Skitch (have been using for 5 years) captures & markups are destined for local storage only (client confidentiality). I would definitely like a “send to Evernote” option on each capture.

    • Paul

      Another vote for retaining image links to .png for forum [img][/img] sharing. Both going forward, and for legacy images currently stuffed into I’ve posted hundreds of screen shots to forums and shudder at thinking this feature will die with no transition path. When Tiny Grab had its melt down I started with — hope that we won’t now see a skitch meltdown.

    • Pascal Antoine

      Yes, by all means, please bring back the ability to copy simple image links to forums. Integration with Evernote is great, but should not be the only option. I was a little disappointed the first time I shared an image after I upgraded. (It completely changes my workflow.)

    • mtrono

      Please bring back the direct link option to share links directly to the image file, not to an html page. My workflow was impacted by your changes. Now I wish I hadn’t updated…

  • Morten

    Can you also import notes from Evernote to skitch onto?

  • Ryan

    I don’t particularly like how this feature has been implemented. After updating Skitch from the Mac App Store, it forgot account settings and I had a hard time getting my regular Skitch account enabled again.

    I also don’t like how the Evernote integration works. I don’t want a bunch of images interspersed with my note list. I’d greatly prefer to have Skitch content exposed in the Evernote application through a gallery user interface that is separate from the notes. If that’s not possible, then there at least needs to be an option for setting a default tag and notebook for shared Skitch content so that it doesn’t pollute my main notebook.

    As a paying subscriber of both Skitch and Evernote, I was originally really optimistic about the acquisition. But the way that Skitch functionality is being integrated in Evernote is really disappointing. It is materially degrading the quality of the user experience on both sides.

    • Demian Turner

      I also had problems being forced to login again, particularly because I was asked for an email as my username and in fact my username is demianturner, not an email. Same unnecessary confusion happens with the website login.

  • Royston

    How do I get the mac update?

  • Jon

    Nice, but no cigar for windows users. Yet.

  • Alecio

    The new evernote sharing in new Skitch cannot support Chinese characters

  • Mackley

    I do not like this sharing integration with Evernote, please review your transition strategy from service and Evernote !

  • Vida

    I have loved Skitch for a long time, but I lost it as soon as Evernote got hold of it. I am running OS 10.4 on my Mac and can’t possibly use skitch again.

    Anyway you could bring it back to life for us?

    Thank you;

    • Geoffrey Barry

      If you’re still running OS 10.4, here’s the link for the version of Skitch that works with it. Please note, we no longer support this version.

  • Guy

    Hi: so when do iPhone users get the love??? Taking ages

  • Rafael

    What will happen to the Skitch images and URLs after you shut the service down? Can we assume that those will get deleted and all links that point to images on the Skitch web page will stop working?

  • Pedro

    How about Skitch for iPhone? It would be lovely.

  • make

    This is useless.

    I don’t want my Skitch stuff to clutter up my Evernote account.

    If I’m going to lose sharing in the future, then the very least you can do is improve the evernote aspect of skitch, ie. the ability to have all Skitch images to go a specified place where I don’t see it all the time.

  • Phillip Jones

    I would prefer Notes and screenshots be separated. Just like separates Jing, SnagIT, Camtasia Uploads. The size of of Screenshots would overwhelm my Blackberry Bold phone.

    I’ve already had an issue with a too large video/screenshots locking up my phone. And had to plug phone into computer and remove the offending items.

    And by the way if your going to send a video for start up screen have a larger cache setup. It skips no end. Although I have 3 MB DSL connection It skips terrible.

  • George Ellenburg

    I have to agree with what some others have said.

    I am a paying member of both Evernote & Skitch. I use both applications for entirely different purposes.

    In fact, this new “direction” scares the ever-loving bejeezus out of me.

    I already had Skitch sharing with Evernote before this so-called “integration”. All I had to do was to drag the image into Evernote and et voila! There it was.

    If I lost sharing I might as well make plans for transitioning now. Might as well minimize the damage before it gets too worse.

    • fotofah

      When I try to drag and image into Evernote, it crashes it. 🙁 I’m running Skitch v1.0.7 (the newest according to the app itself) and Mac OS 10.7.3 and Evernote v3.0.6.

  • Phillip Jones

    I’ve just tried out the sharing signed in to work with evernote.

    I find 2 glaring problems.

    One is the link provided is a half a mile long. often getting split into multiple lines. While SeaMonkey and Fire FireFox can Handle it. The lat time I used IE once a long link brakes to a new line the rest is dead. Some Forums I use have that problem.

    problem two:
    When you use the skitch server and you click share, and then copy the link The share window quits, leaving the window open with the graphic.

    When you sign in using Evernote the share window can not be made to disappear except by closing out of the main window and there is really no indication you’ve copied a link.

    The way I use these type tools I use in answering questions, or showing an error message or asking a question on sveral forums daily. I afraid I’ll end up having to pay 60+ buck a year just to be able to have enough space.

  • Russell Greenwood

    Two quick things:

    1. A “default notebook” would be good as a setting so we can appropriately file these things in Evernote.

    2. Slightly larger request, unrelated to this release – would be great to be able to click a link on one of those shared image pages to bring up that shared image in skitch again. eg. Send someone a screenshot, they open it back in their copy of skitch, comment/edit it in Skitch, save, and it gets added to the same page online back for original person to view comments etc.

    Thanks for the update though – great to see integration starting.

    • Russell Greenwood

      I’m a fool – reskitch is there…

  • Omar

    To add to what others have said here… I use Skitch primarily to share images. Skitch’s link length was short. Evernote’s is gigantic. Can you please get a link shortener?

    • Mike Lopez

      +1 to this. Shortening the evernote link would really make my life complete.

  • I can't seem to find the elepant in skitch

    Unlike others here, I love the idea of skitch and evernote being integrated. I would just like help figuring out how to do it. I just updated to the latest version of skitch, and no elephant. Also no ‘evernote options under the share tab.

    • Geoffrey Barry

      Have you checked the upper left hand corner? That’s where you’ll find the Evernote integration.

      EDIT: it’s also possible you might still be on 1.0.7 and not 1.0.8.

      • fotofah

        I’ve had Skitch since it was beta, bought it, and am an EN Premium customer. In the version of Skitch on my Mac, it’s v1.07. When I check for updates within Skitch, it says I have the latest version, though you mention here that it’s actually v1.0.8 now. Why can’t I access that from within Skitch then? (There is no elephant icon in v1.0.7, no way to access EN as the preferred account to upload to. 🙁

  • Calum

    Embedding Skitched images in forums with IMG tags is no longer the easy job it used to be.

  • make

    Okay, a couple of more notions.

    What about the nifty features where I can have the forum, bbcode, html etc. quick codes directly from the picture’s page? on the right hand side.

    That isn’t coming over to Evernote, right?

    What about the NECESSARY feature what I’ve used to death, which is the ability to get a link to an anonymous picture url, so called “direct url”, which doesn’t give out my Skitch username.

    You guys need to step back and do not go forward with this integration.

    Make it an option. Not a forced integration.

    Not unless you can bring all the features I mentioned and others have mentioned to Evernote.

    If you make the move and these features are missing, well then I need to find a similar service to, which I don’t know if one exists.


    • APL

      I like and the way I can share my screen captures easily on forums and in html email anonymously. I don’t need an Evernote account, and the lack of sharing features makes this a bad move. works well for me, taking away that feature won’t make me become an Evernote user, I’ve tried and just couldn’t get on with it.

  • uberEllis

    Sharing to Evernote is great! Thanks for the integration. I would love to see the Android version to allow sharing to a web url like traditional Skitch as well.

    It’s great functionality for developers and creatives to discuss workflow and user experience live while chatting on IM or IRC

  • Paulo Moniz

    Hello, quite a few ‘problems’ as I read but I am positive and take this opportunity to ask whether a skitchEnote integration will be available for Android tablets. Moreover, skitch in tablet as I use is very ‘uncomfortable’: you cannot hand-write a note or even draft annotating on top of a figure (eg a plot of y=x^vs x); in my galaxy tab writing with skitch does not follow naturally, the pen line is to thick, and there is no flow. I need skitch to be like Windows Journal on my old Toshiba tab (XP).

    best regards, Paulo

  • Jason Carman

    This is what I wanted out of integration.

    A default notebook already exists: the one labelled “Default”

    Sure, being able to choose would be nice, as it would be parallel to the other ways EN can be used, but in two steps I have images inside EN–it isn’t such a hassle to tag & file thereafter given drop and drag in EN.

    Good Job! I say!

  • JD

    I was not able to update to the latest version of Skitch (from 10.0.7 to 10.0.8) as the new version don’t show up in my updates-tab in App Store. When I click on “Check for Updates…” in the App itself is says “Skitch 1.0.7 is currently the newest version available.”! Strange.

    Anyways, after reading all the comments about the new version, I think I stick to my current version 10.0.7! (Or look for a alternative App!)

    • Giles

      Me too. Can’t update. Is this an app store thing? I don’t like app store.

      • ranjit

        Ditto! I suspect this has something to do with the fact that I *may* not have originally installed from the appstore. I could always try uninstalling and the re-installing from the appstore, but I dont want to loose any data. Any advice?

  • Quite

    I can’t believe what’s being said in some of these comments, reading you it appears that this update has been a fiasco! really… let’s see what skitch does so wrong:

    – push a button
    – skitch transfers its content to your evernote incoming folder.
    – THE END.

    One person even complains because HE forgot his account settings… seriously people… sigh

    Developers: you are doing a Great Job and I’m thankful for that. Keep it up.

    • richard

      I completely agree .. this new integration is perfect, of course there are some things that need to be improved, but overall you guys are exactly going into the right direction

  • Stacey

    I love Skitch and Evernote! I use them both for all kinds of work and home projects plus hobbies.

  • John Dyer

    This is nice but the fact that they get stored in my default notebook is kinda crap. I was so excited to see how fast images uploaded but was really upset to see all my test images cluttering my default notebook. Guess I will go back to the slow Skitch image upload until you guys get this sorted out… 🙁


  • Dion du Plessis

    Excellent app

  • Barrett

    Personally I’m a fan of the Evernote integration. What I really want to see is sharing in the other direction. If I have an image in Evernote, how can I edit it in Skitch and save it back to Evernote?

    • Steve

      Yes – this is exactly what I want. I use my Xoom a lot to draw diagrams in Skitch as attachments to notes in Evernote. I’d love to be able to then further edit them in Skitch once they’re on my Mac. This goes for my iPad as well – I can’t edit an existing attachment in Skitch the way I can on my Xoom.

  • justin

    Like some of the above comments, I am not offered version 1.08 via in-app update. I’m at 1.07.

  • Philippe Dame

    For the Mac edition of Skitch, can you please support PNG sharing to Evernote?

    PNG files are getting renamed as “…png.jpg” and are JPEG compressed. This doesn’t look good for screen capture imagery as it’s no longer crisp and accurate on colour. The link pasted in your clipboard should be that of the image, not a page with the image (as done with sharing as an option).

    I look forward to some old bugs being solved as well… if for example you Export to a file and select a file to replace, it doesn’t replace it. It creates a new file with a doubled-up file extension (e.g. myskitch.png.png). Also, simply adding a shadow to an existing skitch doesn’t work well as the space added to the capture isn’t enough to show the entire shadow!

    Overall I love the product but I hope things start to move faster. It hasn’t changed in ages beyond this update to include non-PNG sharing to Evernote.

  • Rechercher

    I have been a very satisfied Skitch user since 2007. I hope you will not eliminate image sharing. But if these plans are set in stone and user input will not change your mind about eliminating the service, then PLEASE give users fair warning so that we can move our images to another host. Several of my images have been blogged and I don’t want them to disappear online if goes away. and Evernote (which I also now use) are both great services; they each have their own unique uses but they are not interchangeable. I’m really grateful to Evernote for saving Skitch, but Skitch won’t serve the same functions for me without continued access to

  • Harry

    I too have tried evernote and find it confusing so I would like to see more sharing options like Dropbox

  • Bob

    I’ll update when it’s available for down OUTSIDE the App Store

  • Enrique Delgado

    I also think marrying Skitch and Evernote. I use both apps, but for different purposes. Please don’t loose track of what made Skitch great up until recently. Please reconsider what you are doing here.

  • Enrique Delgado

    Sorry, I meant to say:

    I also think marrying Skitch and Evernote is a bad idea. I use both apps, but for different purposes. Please don’t lose track of what made Skitch great up until recently. Please reconsider what you are doing hee.

  • Ron Eliason

    I Like the Skitch integration with Evernote. One question I have is how does one use Skitch with existing Evernote notes? I can right click on a note and use with Skitch, make my changes but then it saves it back to Evernote as a new note. Am i missing something? How does one make changes to a note with Skitch but not have it save to a new note but rather update the existing one.

  • Jim Klo

    My only gripe is as a person who paid for 2 years premium Skitch shortly before Evernote acquired and made it completely free… Evernote seemed to have forgotten about those “old school” folks as the app terms us and could have rolled the subscription into a paid Evernote account.

  • BJ Heinley

    Can you guys do a quick thing for me? In Skitch.. can you make it so the ‘ENTER’ key actually ends the typing function? Right now if you hit return it goes to the next line, but enter is typically used to close the function of the (in this case) text box. Thanks!

  • Claude

    Is there a way to annotate an image made Evernote, through Evernote, using Skitch on an iPad? For instance, I have some photographs that I took though Evernote, and made a note out of them. Now I want to annotate them with Skitch. It doesn’t seem like there is an integrated Skitch function in Evernote for iPad to do this (I have the Skitch app on my iPad).

    Basically, it seems like there is only information flow between Skitch and Evernote on the iPad in one direction- Skitch to Evernote, and not the other way ’round. Is this right?

    This can be done in android (phones at least)by the way- annotate notes made in Evernote with Skitch…….

    Thanks for the help.

  • Arie

    I know I’m late updating to this, but it was because I was really hesitant about being forced to go through Evernote for quickly sharing Skitch images. And it seems my concerns were justified. I use both Evernote and Skitch daily for work, and until now had absolutely no complaints about either. Skitch is super convenient for taking a quick screenshot, uploading it, grabbing the URL and then pasting it into our work IRC channel to discuss things. Or it used to be…

    I used to get URLs like this:

    But now I get this unwieldy behemoth, that I then have to go to ANOTHER service to make manageable enough to actually use:

    I’d really like to see a more manage URL here, or maybe have the option to automatically use a URL shortener service to get it to something I’m not embarrassed to paste to others. Can this please be added to the future features list?

  • Paul Helmick

    Please restore ability to quickly and easily get a direct link to a public shared image file .png, etc vs the preview page – very necessary to have with regard to capturing / sharing images via a blog, etc.

    vs putting into the inbox stream

  • juandesant

    After updating to Skitch 2.0, I’ve downgraded to the latest Skitch, just because the Snap Safari function is missing. I do use Paparazzi! for PDF captures, but for some workflows Skitch is easier and less cumbersome.

    So I won’t be updating until that capability is restored… unless it is a problem with sandbox entitlements, in which case this might never get solved.

    • juandesant

      I mean, Mac App Store version 1.0.9

  • katherine

    hmmm well I love evernote but Ive never had much use for skitch because I can’t import anything into it. For example, I created a file, typed in some text and wanted to add an image, save it to evernote for future reference and to possibly share. ALas that isnt possible. I could open an image in skitch and then type all over it..but that defeats the purpose of trying to bring together several elements into a visual note. One must needs be able to copy and paste between notes.

    Still love evernote…not sure how skitch improves things at the moment…but its a start.

  • Shino

    Please restore the ‘direct url’ sharing feature

  • candymankz

    For the people that wanted to use Evernote go ahead and good luck i say. And for the ones that wanted to use skitch and didn’t want to be policed By Evernote and god noes who els etc
    it would of been nice to have a choice and
    i would of had no problem with paying a good dollar for the use of the skitch application

    And I wasn’t one bit happy about being forced to go through Evernote at all. i have been a user of the app From day one, i have no idea why they would destroy such a great application, to only complicate tasks witch has crippled the app! to the point that many find it unusable and alien to one’s workflow. For instance, many of Skitch’s users value the ability to upload content via FTP onto their own servers, as it allows sharing and previewing images privately, so to speak. In contrast, pushing all content to Evernote means publicly displaying these images using Evernote’s service.

    And I don’t understand the reasoning behind the decision to remove and/or complicate simple features, such as resizing, cropping, running silently on the menu bar, etc. Since these are some of Skitch’s successful features, it’s clear that Evernote didn’t test this version for initial user feedback before making it available to the public. If the premise is to make Skitch 2 work similarly to its iOS counterparts, it’s definitely not working for Mac users at all….

    After i signed into Evernote it wasn’t 5 minutes before i was being asked to upgrade to a paid plan, why would anyone in there right mind give Evernote money for downgrading an application, that worked just fine before they stuffed it up…….
    this will open the door for someone to come up with a new app, something like the skitch app
    i just hope its not to long

    • dan

      When trying to transfer photos from android phone into evernote I now get a message “transferred to skitch.” Why would I automatically want the photos in skitch. If I want to annotate something then I will do just that. I really can not believe how misguided this is…”if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

  • Stephen

    Please restore the direct link feature. I really dislike having to share to a page, going to the page, locate the resource URL and then pasting that into basecamp/blog/documents etc. Your changes have negatively impacted my workflow 🙁

  • ronaldtoledo

    You can download the previous version of Skitch here