Evernote for Android Update: Speech-to-text and Big Widget Enhancements

Posted by on 27 Mar 2012

Posted by on 27 Mar 2012

Today, we have an exciting update to Evernote for Android (3.6). We’ve added a great speech-to-text capability that makes dictating notes in Evernote really easy, plus we have a bunch of new features for the Evernote Widget app. Let’s take a look.

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Speech-to-text feature

Audio notes have been a core feature of the app since day one. Today, we’re giving you a new option: speech recognition. Tap the new speech bubble icon in the tool bar above the keyboard to launch the feature. As you talk, the app instantly places your spoken words into the body of the note as text. Magic.

When you’re done recording, we also attach the original audio to the note. By having both recording and text together, you can now easily search and find your audio notes.

If you’d like to capture audio without the speech recognition, then simply tap and hold the speech bubble icon. It will switch to a microphone. Tap the microphone to start recording.

Speech-to-text availability
The speech-to-text feature uses Google Android’s text transcription service. You must be online for it to work. Also, this capability is available on version 4 of the Android Operating System (aka Ice Cream Sandwich) and some devices with version 2.2 and above. If you see the speech-to-text option appear when you update, then you’ll know that your phone or tablet supports the functionality.

New widget features

In this update we’ve added a bunch of great new capabilities to our widget app, available as a separate download from the Google Play Store.

Customize your widget
We’ve added a new gear icon to the widget that lets you customize a number of features:

  • Widget Color: Choose between original green or a new dark theme
  • Custom buttons Choose which Evernote functions appear in the widget
  • Large widget notes Choose what notes appears in the large widget—last viewed; last updates; specific notebooks, tags, or Saved Searches

New tiny widget
When you long press on the phone’s home screen and go to the Widget menu, you’ll now see a tiny 1×1 single function Evernote widget, which takes up the same screen real estate as an app icon. This widget is great for placing a single Evernote function anywhere you like.

Quick snapshot
The newest widget function is the Quick Snapshot. This feature truly lives up to its name. Tap on the Quick Snapshot icon, camera with lightning bolt, to launch the camera. Snap your photo and tap save. That’s it. A new snapshot note will be added to your Evernote account with an auto-generated title.

Lots more to come

As always, besides the new features you see, there are lots of behind the scenes bug fixes and stability improvements that make the app faster and more reliable. We’re hard at work on some great new features, too. Stay tuned and let us know what you think of this update.

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  • Travis

    Will it be available to convert audio files that are already in Evernote to text? For instance, if I record on my mac and then open it on my android, can I convert it to text?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      This feature is only available for live transcription of spoken text. You might want to check out some of our speech-to-text partners in the Trunk:

      • Travis


      • jo whitson

        Love this app, but can’t figure out how to make the Widget app work. Directions say to click on settings, etc. I can’t see settings, nor anything else as seen on this web page (above this area where I can reply). What am I doing wrong? thanks.

  • Z

    Very slick.

    For the next release resizable and scrollable widgets for ICS would be appreciated, since the arrows are a bit clunky. Not being able to choose direct links for notebooks/individual notes when you set down a 1×1 widget seems like a bit of an omission too (especially since you can already do so from a long press on a note!).

  • Keith

    Awesome update…. Solves the problem I had using the phone as a voice recorder for to-dos and then moving it to Evernote…. Worth the price of admission…

    • Jozef

      Hi Kate, how do you transfer todo notes to OneNote, please?

  • Gary Ebels

    Trying to download to Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus with ICS and it keeps telling me I cannot install it in “this country.” I am in Michigan USA

    • xavier.delplanque

      Please make sure to download “Evernote” and not “Evernote for Android” which is available only for a few specific countries.

      You may want to try again now, we have also fixed a few minor issues.

  • xidalf

    What’s the difference between the snapshot and the new quick snapshot tools?

    • xavier.delplanque

      The quick snapshot doesn’t go back to the note editor. It reduces the process to 3 clics (launch/capture/done), and thus is as fast as the phone camera.

      • rjmiller

        Not sure where quick snapshot is… I have changed button to “quick snapshot” but still launch/capture/save/done. Am I missing something?

  • Sandy

    What about those of us who don’t have that version of Android? Will it ever be compatible with I use my Evernote to keep track of all sorts of documents and the speech to text feature would save me all kinds of time.

    • xavier.delplanque

      Devices above 2.2 may have the speech to text capabilities, 4.x is a conservative requirement.

  • Steve - United Kingdom

    Quick Snapshot is amazing, great job EN!! 🙂

    Was amazed to see Speech-to-text works on my 2.3 HTC WildfireS.

    If this update is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see what kind of features you guys have got planned for us PRO users!

    Keep up the good work guys.

  • Marcel

    Very good additions.

    But unfortunately there seems to be a bug that is important for me:

    When I edit a note on android that has complex formats (this warning is shown in the first line) and then save this note, then this note is saved, but it never syncs back to evernote. I have tried it a few times now.

    When I force a conflict (editing the same note on my windows-computer) and sync again on both devices, then this note is suddenly uploaded to evernote and added as a second note with a conflict. I have tried this scenario 2 times and have both times exactly the same behaviour.

    Andy idea?

    • Marcel

      After rebooting my phone it seems to work now. I will monitor this. Thanks.

  • Dave Beauvais

    From an aesthetic standpoint, THANK YOU for allowing the widget to be black now. “Evernote Green” is nice and all, but really looked out of place on my home screen. The only thing better would be a user option for some slight transparency for the widgets.

    The speech to text works a little better on my phone (Verizon GNex) than on my tablet (Wi-Fi Xoom). Both are running stock ICS. On the Xoom, it’s almost as if it doesn’t even hear some of the words I’m speaking because multiple words and sometimes entire sentences never show up. This was in an otherwise silent room.

    Great work on this update!

    • xavier

      Thank you for the feedback.
      The quality of speech to text may change depending on different factors such as the quality of the microphone.

  • Diana Clarkson

    I am so excited about Evernote … I think I have tried to get everyone I know on this … But to see the new Android widgets and the speech to text … Wow … I think it is a bit slow Compared to Dragon speech … But I do like it … Will go try the quick snapshot … Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve for future !

  • Misha

    SPEECH-TO-TEXT is so useful!
    You guys are THE BEST

  • DroidLuvr

    Great big thanks for the continuing wonderful updates to your Evernote for Android capabilities!!

    However, I’m really disappointed that only the iPhone can get the Food, Hello & Peek for Evernote… As a paid subscriber, I’m truly hoping that will come to Windows/Android platforms soon… Is there any plan in the works for the Apple features to transfer over to us PC/Android users??

    Thanks for the rest of the great Evernote features though! As a relatively new user, I already don’t know how I ever lived without Evernote 🙂 🙂

  • nabulaer

    great update , but what about text alignment ? how can I align to the right ?

  • Adalbert Pakura

    Had a workaround on ICS … wrote an Email by talking to the phone and then sending it to Evernote. But this is really amazing, thanks very much for this update!

  • Michael McClure

    When will this be available for iPhone?

  • leo

    Yo estoy en España y desconozco si esta aplicación está disponible en Castellano, pues para enterarme de su funcionamiento tengo que estar traduciendo constantemente y resulta muy engorroso
    Un saludo!!!

    • Heather


  • Erik W

    Do you think the transcription service will be available for iOS anytime soon?

  • Rahux

    Great update – particularly appreciate the new widget theme because it was just the day before that I was frowning at how out-of-place the old widget looked on desktop.

    The voice recognition doesn’t cope well with my Australian accent on the Transformer Prime but it’s a nice option nonetheless especially since e’note keeps that original recording regardless.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Harwood

      Rahux, go to your Android settings, then Voice Recogniton and set the language to English-AU (if not available on your phone try English-UK, it might work better) since the recognition is a function of Google and not Evernote. I learned this from EVA, which does lots of stuff and front ends Evernote. I highly recommend EVA to everyone, just like Evernote.

  • Neal Bowes

    Long-time pro user. Thanks for these new updates! Evernote is so useful…between my Xoom and laptop. Now, with text-to-speech, maybe my phone, too!

    The update I would really like to see is for the editor in the Android app to handle formatting, so that I didn’t have to edit the text cell-by-cell on those notes. That is so annoying that I only have notes with no formatting. It would be nice to have formatting.

    Keep up all the good stuff!

  • Dom

    I have the HTC Evo. It has a note app that aleady syncs to Evernote. Can I still install the Evernote app? Will it replace the built-in one? If not, will the built-in app ever be upgraded?

  • ryan

    When will evernote android allow indentation of bullet points? this is something very basic yet it is missing from the features!!

    Evernote premium user

  • Justin

    Any word on highlighting in notes/Rich Text editing? The iOS app is currently way ahead of the android version, lots of features I am itching to get at.

    • mimiwu


  • JohnBUK

    Thanks for the update, speech to text works perfectly on my T-Mobile Vivacity 2.3 (not an expensive phone by any means) and the whole app is very useful indeed.

  • Robert

    Hi, need some advise on my “China” problem. (evernote is not the only one with that problem)
    I am German but I live in China at the moment.
    When I want to update my evernote app, I get the message ” not available in your country”. (I have the “normal” evernote app installed, and I think I don’t want to change to a Chinese adapted version…”Evernote for Android”, which is available in the market.
    1) could s.o. tell me exactly the difference between those versions?
    2) may it be possible to give me another link to download the original app?
    3) if Evernote doesn’t want to touch this problem, may be one the user’s here can send me the app by email:
    Greetings from Sichuan China

  • Jay

    Love Evernote – awesome!!!!!!

  • diana

    I could do without the new features, just let the pen work. I’m currently switching between Lecturenotes and Mobilnoter on my Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet. I need to be able to handwrite notes as I can do with OneNote on a Windows Tablet.

  • meeester

    I’m puzzled by the excitement about speech to text which I’m using right now on my keyboard( using you picked keyboard or slide it keyboard)
    What I would find really useful in evernote is the ability to sort with in a note such as alphabetically. That Feature is what already has me depending on g notes now Though I will keep an eye on evernote and check things out when you do updates..

  • Peter

    It would be useful to put reminders into notes.

    I use Evernote for making notes on meetings and it is bad that I have to switch to Tasks or Calendar to set up reminders, while the contents and details are in Evernote.


  • Tom Tanner

    Loving the new speech to text functionality and the new widget options. Evernote continues to be in my top three apps. The other two are Touchdown for tablets, and the Chrome browser.

  • FrankinMI

    Is there an option to not keep the audio portion of speech to text? I love the idea of being able to ‘dictate’ a new note but I do not want to store the audio as well — it will end up being very large in size over time… Thank you.

  • Steve Mack

    Tried the new Evernote dictation. Have a Droid Bionic. I could make one note, then (as it DID) save the note and give me the drop down saying “Sorry! The application usb (process com. motorola.usb) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Had to re-crank the phone to make it take another note. But I do like the idea. I would find it useful and, while it does not seem to do punctuation, it seems to otherwise take dictation accurately.

  • Marv

    Any chance of a speech to text app for the BlackBerry OS? Blackberry’s speech recognition capability is superior to Android’s. The bb playbook has been a great asset, also.

  • Bella

    Updated without my permission and I do not like the update – I appear to have lost functions that I used regualrly

  • Lars

    How long could I use Evernote 3.5.1? This version doesn’t has the right to read the contact information, newer versions does, so I couldn’t update. How long will 3.5.1 be compatible with the thrift format?

  • Calvin

    This new Text-to-Speech feature is going to be the feature that finally gets me to move from Springpad. I’ve had a long love-hate relationship with Springpad because of their many great features but terrible text editing in notes. You are now my new favorite information organizer. Thanks for the great work.

  • David Page

    I had a full laryngectomy in October and need the reverse application from text to speech. Handy in some instances, not all, but some. Some of my friends don’t read or write English, but understand the spoken word. I used to talk to them all the time. Now I write only the simplest of words for them, it could be better. Thanks, David.

  • Craig

    Excellent. Only thing missing now is ability to add reminders/alarms to notes. I still have to use a separate to-do app for that. It would be great to use Evernote for to-do’s too…

  • KyleN

    This is an awesome idea, I just wish it would work.

    Unfortunately I got 0% accuracy (no joke, it literally missed every word) when using it during our design meeting when we were discussing design ideas for our video game.

    Thankfully the audio file is still there and not discarded so kudos for being smart about that.

    Great idea, I look forward to improvements.

  • thuydung07

    Evernote is really a good application on my phone (I use it almost everyday). However, I wonder why I cannot work with “number & bullet” (after hitting enter, it doesn’t create the continuous number/bullet automatically). My phone is Arc S, can you Evernote team fix this problem? Thanks so much.

  • Charlie

    When will you add voice to text for us Windows 7 users?

  • Thomas Evans

    Your product is great but I have to be able to set a reminder for tasks and I can’t find how to do that. Will you be adding this? I’m using Gtasks right now because I can set reminders. Thanks!

  • Elsebeth

    Why is it only in english ?

    I am from Denmark.

  • amorn d.

    I think quick snapshot did not work (because I still have to do every steps like normal snapshot. (I used samsung galaxy nexus (ICS) with application FX camera zoom as default camera)

  • Vicky

    Thanks for the update 🙂 but I think one thing is missing from evernote – a remember me feature. I think it’s essential because I can’t access my notes if there is no internet. I’m sure it’s a common problem at least for people who want to use evernote on the go or lets say on the tube. Constantly being asked to log in is a bit annoying and time consuming.Maybe in the next update you could change this ? 🙂

  • nomoreviolence

    Widget won’t do anything but sit on the screen. StraightTalk on a Samsung Galaxy. ? I have never used a widget before but find basic Evernote quite useful. The speech to text works 🙂

  • McNerdius

    Hello, i am trying to find out the “com.evernote.action.??????” string i’d need to use in launcherpro to start a new speech-to-text note. i’ve been using com.evernote.action.NEW_VOICE_NOTE (gleaned that info from prior to this as a shortcut to jump right into a new recording from my dock – i’d like to “upgrade” this shortcut, so to speak. ’till then, i’m using the new black+white 1*1 widget.

    Any info/help would be great ! If only i were a developer i might know how to ninja-detective this info for myself :-/

  • grandmameme

    I want Hello and Food for Android. When is it coming to PLAY?

  • pat ambre

    Thanks for improving an already great product. Making this hands free upcoming? Woof.

  • Tom Hooker

    This sounding pretty cool. I love the new upgrades.

  • ready2ride

    Any hpoe of a reminder function?

  • Christ Centered Teaching

    This is going to be great.

  • Traci Loudin

    I’ve been waiting for the speech-to-text option for awhile–glad you finally implemented it! Audio is so cumbersome and not as easily searched. Can’t wait to use this feature.

  • Alan Bryant

    Hi there!
    …am quite impressed!

    Do you have any intentions to add LinkedIn to your list of sharing options for ‘Quick Note Share’.

    If not, could you do so?

    • xavier

      To be considered, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Dontriston

    Hello from Spain.
    I have the last version in Spain, and I can´t see these new features.
    Another thing: dou you think to add reminder for the eventes and notes nearly?

    • Ellen

      About the reminder yes, please. For the time being I email the notes using in which you set date and time of a specific task. Maybe this could help you too.

  • john

    using android os 2.3.4 on smartphone “droid”
    why can’t i access Speech-to-text ?

    • xavier

      Do you have on your keyboard a microphone icon?
      On this screenshot, you can see it next to the space bar:

      If not, it may be because your phone doesn’t support this capability.

  • BrothaTech

    Shoutout to Evernote for using Skitch for their screen capture illustrations

    *In my Navi Voice*

    “I see you”

  • mark in Denton

    If Evernote had free floating text and graphics like Onenote I would be in heaven.
    I can put a note, image or any other entry in any location on a document. In Evernote everything is top down like notepad.

    I don’t want to sound like I am bashing Evernote as I use it on android and in Fedora Linux via website and Onenote cannot do that. I am saying this would be a very useful feature and I would pay for Evernote pro if that was a feature.

    • Ken

      Yes! This is what is missing from Evernote.. En is much more stable than one note but good notes include free form sketches and diagrams that Evernote can’t handle yet (notice I said yet.. Hint hint guys!)… Either way great product, keep it up!

    • xavier

      You should be able to add a piece of rich text anywhere in your note, as long as it is not using some unsupported formatting.
      However, it is true that you cannot insert resources (pictures, document, audio) in line. I understand that this is your request. Feel free to correct if not.

  • Karin Grobler

    I have problems that my Samsung Galaxy Tab does’nt support the evernote audio files. Di yoiu have any suggestions?

    • xavier

      Do you mean that you cannot playback an audio file created with speech to text on your Samsung Galaxy Tab?

      This audio file uses actually another format, it is a technical constraint due to the speech to text technology. We will try to make this file more cross platform compliant.

  • Daniel

    Now if I can just get multi-level bulleted and numbered lists. Until I get that, this app is a useless notetaker on this platform. Stop wasting time on these grand features until you get feature parity on the basics.

  • Michael

    Great update… speech to text makes Evernote so much more useful.

    Any possibility of adding a capability to “tag” a note with a date/time pop-up reminder?

    • xavier

      Reminders are on our wish list. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Ryan

    Evernote is a great app.
    However, I think it would be convenient to be able to double tap on the text to edit a note, instead of having to use the edit button.
    Also, I would like to see the password protection in the free version.

    • xavier

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  • NigelD

    Tried to update app on my Android tablet after getting the e-mail about the new features today.
    “This app is incompatible with your Telechips KATBL10AND.”

  • Edson Góes

    Na versão Android 2.3.3 celular LG P500 funciona o aplicativo so que o dicionário de português não funciona ou seja o programa entende como fosse fala em inglês. Obrigado

  • Edson Góes

    Ver meu comentário

  • David

    The evernote team does a fantastic job. This app is one if the best a available, and I love all the additions in this up grade. Cant wait to see what evernote comes up with next!
    Best regards,

  • Jorge

    A very basic question: how do I get Google Text to speech? It is not listed as a Google app or service.

    Jorge, Motorola Atrix



  • osman rasheed

    Themes = 🙂

  • Francis

    Speech to text, does not work!
    It does not work, only left a “audible file”, as oppose to the original record function left a “recorded file”.
    Please check it, I live in China,Beijin. Is that matters?
    BYW, I speak english to test the new function, but simply like “hello” or “hi” is not recognized by the new function.

  • Laura

    Please, PLEASE add the ability to put pictures anywhere in the note & not just at the top or bottom. I use EN everyday on/between my Samsung Infuse, tablet, & computer (windows)…I apsolutely LOVE it!! Not having this feature is extremely bothersome. I have faith in you, EverNote! If any1 knows how to work around this PLEASE HELP!

  • maks

    What is the difference between snapshot and quick snapshot?

  • Rebecca of The JC Klatch

    Evernote is a multiple’s best friend!

  • John Beath

    Why doesn’t Evernotes support the s pen in the Samsung Galaxy Tab – seems like a huge product support gap.

    • John Beath

      Meant to say why doesn’t Evernotes support the s-pen in the Samsung Galaxy Notes – seems like an important gap.

  • Android weather

    it’s great app. i use this for a long time, and i have never had any problem.

  • Boffin

    Great app. Would like to make one minor suggestion – with speech to text notes it would be nice to have the option not to save the audio file with the note. I just don’t see the point in saving an audio file if the text component is perfectly fine.

  • FrostWire

    <3 evernote… best app ever!

  • David

    Is there any chance on having this update ported to Android 2.3 devices like my Droid 4? That would be awesome.

  • Dave

    See Say android app is perfect for this topic, takes picture of words and speaks it aloud. Great tool for visually impaired.

  • Phil

    I’m running Evernote on a Razr Maxx with Android 4.0 (ICS).
    I cannot get the voice recognition stuff to work by either selecting the mic in a bubble icon or the mic icon from my keyboard. Do I have something set up wrong? Any advice would be appreciated. If I can get this feature working it will revolutionize my daily work.

    • Josh

      Hi Phil, I also have a Droid Razr Maxx with Android 4.0. And this isn’t an option for me either… did you, or anyone else, ever find out why?

  • Troy

    When will this feature be available on IPad/Iphones?

  • Berlina Bonilla

    Sometimes the voice recognition softwate can’t recognize my voice in commanding for a text.Is there a way to update my software?

  • uniphore mobility

    Nice,Its work smoothly on android system.

  • uniphore mobility

    Awesome,but there is a confusion for me is this only used in android .

  • Sherry Zhou

    Hello, when will the “dictate” be implemented in the desktop version of evernote? I feel like that would be very, very useful.

    Also, when I use dicate on my Samsung S3, it does not include the audio file with the transcript, which makes this not as useful because the transcript is usually missing words.

  • tdelmonte

    it works well on my Android phone but does not work on my Kindle HD. The menu option is there but it does not do anything.

  • tdelmonte

    it works well on my Android phone but does not work on my Kindle HD. The menu option is there but it does not do anything.

  • tdelmonte

    What I meant is that dictation works on the Android phone but not on the Kindle HD.

  • Marcus

    why does speech to text crash my Evenote on my Nook HD?

  • Marcus

    why does speech to text crash my Evenote on my Nook HD?

  • Katewinnit

    I was having trouble getting the Dictate speech to text function to work on my Galaxy Note 8.0 and searched a lot on Evernote for Android – dictate to no avail. After reading this blog I realized it was because I had my speech recognition engine set to Vlingo. Changed it to Google in my settings and Dictate now works like a charm.

  • aaron

    Will this excellent speech to text widget be rolled out to mac devices?
    If you record voice messages in evernote they can’t be exported to dragon dictate which is a shame

    • getch

      hi i want to do on speech recognition on another language offline..i record the languages voice but i dont know were i put and use this audio to command my phone using speech…at which folder from eclipse adt and the steps i follow

  • AnJam

    There is a persistent beep when I’ve tried to use the speech-to-text feature. Its intrusiveness makes Evernote unusable during meetings – one of the situations in which I’d hoped to most use it.

  • Fernando

    I think that I have adio to written notes option, but I have a problem because the phone S4 is not “online”. I really do not know what this means and I don’t know how to change it and make it online