New Developer Site Helps You Build Apps That Reach Millions of Evernote Users

Posted by on 27 Mar 2012

Posted by on 27 Mar 2012

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As the ecosystem for Evernote apps expands, we are actively building news tools and resources for developers. Today, we are thrilled to share our fully redesigned developer site,!

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The Evernote Developer Community

Currently, there are thousands of developers who are building apps and services that integrate with the Evernote API. Using our SDK and code walkthroughs, developers have already built an impressive collection of apps and products that let you do more with your Evernote account. These integrations allow our users to manage their expenses, go paperless, transcribe audio notes, connect real-life objects with their notes, and more. You can find the growing collection of these services and products in the Evernote Trunk.

Since the Evernote Trunk Conference, we have been in constant contact with our developers, discussing ways we could improve our API tools. In the last year alone, we have tripled the size of our developer relations team, organized several international hackathons, and reworked our technical documentation from the ground up to make developing on the Evernote API and building the next great Evernote-integrated app more straightforward than ever before.

Our new developer site will better arm developers with the information and tools they need to get started and to reach millions of Evernote users with products that make their everyday lives better.

Here are the core sections you will find in the new


The technical section of the site is aimed at providing a solid overview of the Evernote service along with information about how to start building right away. This is where developers will find chapters on authentication, note creation, and many more areas to review.


With the launch of the new developer site, we have also created multiple ways of staying involved in the community. Our Twitter account, @evernote_dev, allows us to share updates that are relevant to Evernote’s developer community. In addition, developers can stay updated via our email newsletter, active developer forum, and by following the Evernote TechBlog.

Developer Support

We have streamlined the steps involved in building an application that integrates with Evernote. From the support page, you can review recent developer forum posts, register for an API key, check the API status, and contact the developer support team for solutions.


From recent conferences to workshops, we are collecting material for the Evernote Developer Community.

Developer Showcase

A section we are very excited about is the developer showcase. This is an area where we display solid examples of Evernote integrations and how they approached building their apps.

Take a minute to check out our new dev site. We look forward to helping our developer community in every way we can!


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  • Gary Howard

    I am looking for a partner who can share the development of an app that I can foresee being highly attractive to a certain community.
    I will require a partnership (including a NDA) as I have the knowledge and am a subject matter expert in the discipline but have no idea how to write code at all, and although i would love to try and learn have limited time these days.

    • Alexander

      Hey, we are a pair of English iOS coders graduates from UCL, London, UK

      We’ve made a fair number of paid apps for clients so far that were pretty bad ideas but they wanted to pay up front, we’ve put most of our efforts into an app currently awaiting approval by the appstore but we are looking for our next project as of this week.

      I know marketing and UI design and my partner knows databases, social media, Gmaps, location, wirless network integration etc. We’re grads, but I’ve already done time in Citigroup M&A and my partner came top of his year in computer science. There are only a handful of apps on the store that couldn’t be programmed by a fifteen year old coder these days (even facial recognition is now an out-source-able feature)- it is now a matter of aesthetic design, ergonomics, speed and how quickly you can get the product to market. And that’s what we are good at. We also have a pretty strong contact-base with a number of graphic designers, advertising guys and web specialists as well as an established qualitative consumer feedback channel around London that we put together for our last app.

      Anything knowledge specific does sound interesting, most people just have very flimsy ‘visions’ hehe. We both know how to work hard and work efficient and we’re looking for the next big thing, so get in touch, lets see if we can sort something out.


      Alexander & M,
      AppSmart iOS and Android App Design.

  • Aditya Kanade

    Sweet! 🙂
    I am web developer and I love Evernote. I chanced upon this beautiful website and now am bookmarking it, using Evernote 😀
    Looking forward to using the Evernote API!

  • Robert Oschler

    Awesome work guys and gals! Just clipped the article to Evernote. 🙂