Evernote for Windows Phone 7 Update: Notebook Sharing, Improved Editing, Smarter Searching, and More

Posted by on 29 Mar 2012

Posted by on 29 Mar 2012

Editor’s Note: This note was updated with minor edits on June 5, 2015 to more accurately reflect the current Evernote feature set.

Today, we’re excited to release a great update to Evernote for Windows Phone 7. This update (2.2) includes a number of much-requested features, including native notebook sharing and better editing. That’s in addition to improved usability and reliability. Let’s have a look.

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Notebook Sharing

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 now lets you share your notebooks with individuals or the world. There are two ways to enter Notebook Sharing mode:

  • Tap and hold a notebook in the list, then select Share Settings
  • Tap on notebook, select more in the action bar, then choose Share Settings

Once in the Notebook Sharing mode, you can swipe right to chose the preferred type of sharing. The People panel lets you share with individuals via email. You can also invite recipients to add and edit content in your notebooks. The Public panel creates a URL to the notebook, which you can paste into an email or share it via the social apps of your choice.

Contextual Search and Note Creation

When you find yourself inside of a notebook or tag, searches that you perform will remain within that notebook or tag. The same goes for new notes that you create. If you aren’t viewing a specific notebook or tag, then searches will be global and new notes will be placed into the default notebook.

Better Note Editing

Editing your notes is much more intuitive in this update. The editor for notes you create on your phone now displays all the text and lets you edit it directly. Any images or audio attachments are presented in the gallery above the note area.

And more…

In addition, we also made significant stability improvements to the app. The app is faster and more reliable, plus you’ll never see that pesky “we need to check your notes message”. There’s lots more to come. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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  • JD

    Awesome. Installing now!!

  • Ben

    It looks great. Still loads up slow for me though. I have about 419 notes. Is there a way to set it so that it doesn’t have to sync all of them on load each time? That only certain ones could get synced? Something like that or speed improvements in general would be greatly appreciated. I love your products and am excited to see that you’re working to support Windows Phone.

  • sergio

    I just switched from Android and I’m a little confused… How can I send to Evernote the webpage (content / link) I’m currently on?

  • Mike Torres

    Love it! Thanks for all the great improvements & hard work here.

    Nit: but I think it’s OK to just say “for Windows Phone” now.

  • TonyC

    Thank you for the update! Nice to see Windows Phone getting some love… and now, because it must be asked – stacks and list view on the ipad? ever? 🙂

  • Eduardo Campanelli

    Una aplicación excelente para todos is trabajos.

  • dave™

    ha i just sold off my windows phone only two days ago because evernote just wasnt up to scratch. i was just too used to evernote on android i think so i had to go back

  • Joe

    Is there a way to see shared notes on windows7 mobile I can see that i can share but I do not see notes that have been shared?

  • Gordon

    Hi, I am comparing OneNote and Evernote on my Windows Phone. Evernote wins on the one hand because it is available for Palm, and the Android app is far better than the OneNote version. On the other hand, Evenote always loads a splash screen first on my Windows Phone, and I also have to tap the location for text entry. OneNote opens without a splash screen and goes directly to text entry at the title, which is quicker. Is this fixable?

  • jeff

    Please add ability to view shared notebooks as well. Very much miss this ability on windows phone app.