Evernote Food Gets Search, Date and Location Updating, and Lots More


Evernote Food Gets Search, Date and Location Updating, and Lots More

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 05 Apr 2012

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 05 Apr 2012

It has been about four months since we launched Evernote Food on iOS, and in that short time the app has profoundly changed the way I think about the meals I cook and eat. From family dinners to food adventures, I now chronicle everything, and judging by the number of shared meals, it seems like many of you do, too.

Today, we have an update (1.1) that not only adds some highly requested features and improvements, but also comes with one of the single most beautiful interface elements we’ve ever designed. Let’s take a look.

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Meal Search

Now that you’ve been using Evernote Food for a few weeks, you probably have a bunch of meals saved in the app. In this update, we added search so that you can quickly jump to that amazing brunch you had. The search bar is just above your latest meal, pull down on your meal list to reveal it.

Location Search

We’ve added the ability to search for restaurants and points of interest by city and name. So, no matter where you are now, you can find the location you were back then.

If you can’t find the right spot, just create a custom one by entering the place name and location. Don’t know the address? Tap on the map image and drag & drop the pin as needed; perfect for finding that picnic or food truck. Next, tap Done.

The Beautiful Date Selection Screen

Our designers outdid themselves on this one…Tap on the date field to set the date of a meal. This brings up our new date selection screen. As you swipe through the months vertically, notice how the illustrated seasonal header images transition. When you find the month you need, tap on the day. Next, swipe or tap through the time slider to find the right time of day. When you’re finished, tap Done.

Create meals from your Camera Roll
Take these two items above together, and you’re able to create beautiful meals in Evernote Food from the images you have stored in your camera roll. So, even if it happened years ago, you can add them to your Evernote Food history.

Custom locations with My Places

This version of Evernote Food allows you to create your own favorite locations, called My Places. Creating a place is easy. When in a meal, tap on the location and give it a name, such as Home, then add an address and tap Done. This place will now be saved like a bookmark in the My Places screen, which is accessible by tapping on the little house icon in the Place screen.

Here’s something cool about My Places: let’s say you move, and now “Home” is somewhere new. When you assign the Home location to a meal, you can tap on the map and change the address. This will update the address associated with all new meals assigned to Home, but will keep the old address for anything you made previously.

Thumbnail transitions

To help you remember all the amazing photos you took during a meal, we’ve added thumbnail transitions to the meal list. As you browse your meal list, you’ll notice that new photos from a given meal animate every few seconds. This makes the list much more dynamic.

If you prefer a more static view, you can turn off transitions in the app settings.

Lots of new languages

Evernote Food is now available in Spanish, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Turkish, and Malay. Sweet!

Big improvements and lots more to come

We made some huge upgrades under-the-hood:

  • Overhauled sync makes the app faster and more reliable
  • If you have Evernote installed, you won’t need to sign into Evernote Food
  • Much improved Facebook sharing

We’re really excited about this major step forward for Evernote Food and we have a lot more to come, including a version for Android. Stay tuned.

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  • Christopher Regan

    What an informative, well written and displayed blog post. The sketchbook’s inclusion/creation is priceless. Kudos, Evernote folks.

  • Ken

    I do see the convenience this app brings to people who wants to remember good food they’ve had, either by memory triggers of the location or people they were having the meal with.

    However, rather than a convenient interface for a targeted demographic to get them to adopt using the Evernote service, I would hope for more powerful features to extend the Evernote ecosystem (e.g. what Skitch can possibly add on to the value of the core Evernote system if integrated and branded properly)

    For example, I see that Evernote Food is leaving out an equally significant group of potential adopters such as the health-conscious people. These people usually count their calorie intakes a few times daily and need a log of the meals that they have eaten. What can the Evernote Food team do to cater to this untappted pool of rigorously active users?

  • Marlon

    It is not starting anymore… only splash screen and then closes. Should I delete and reinstall?

    • Naomi

      Hi Marlon, are you still having issues? If so, I’d try to uninstall and reinstall.

  • kenneth Guerrero

    Evernote for food Android app coming when?

    • René


  • Dennis

    Is there a way to remove the location under details? I see there is a way to change the location, but there may be some occasions when the location needs to be “undisclosed”

  • ER

    One more “Android version, please!” here. . . .

  • Nicola

    Each time I see a post about a product you don’t have for Android yet, I immediately do a search for “Android” on the page, to see if you mention an Android port.

    This time, you came through! :-)

    Antennas ready.
    Tuned in.
    Android devices ready.

    Fire at will! :)

  • Patrick Hamlett

    Android! Android!!

  • Tim G

    Can’t wait for the Android version. As of now, I’m stuck using my girlfriend’s iPhone to put in our data 😉


  • Scott

    Beautiful sketch — more please!

  • Alex

    I made the switch from the ‘notable meals’ app to ‘evernote food’ because of its greater visual appeal. However, I do find it frustrating that I can’t attach audio recordings to my meal entries like I could in the ‘notable meals’ app. It’s always nice to listen to my fiancee and I describe what we liked about a meal we had or stories surrounding the meal.

    Thanks for the cool app and keep up the good work.

  • Marlon

    I did delete and reinstalled. Still crashing!

  • Darla

    I discovered Evernote Food last night on Pulse and downloaded it right away (to my iPod Touch)! Last week, I told my husband I wished there was an app to record our favorite meals, new restaurants, etc. and then I discovered Evernote Food. I’m a little late, but I’m so glad I’ve found you!!

    Love you Evernote!!

    p.s. Looking forward to the Android app.

  • Dimitri

    I’m waiting for an Android version.

  • alexandr

    I’m already getting crazy from all this features, but its all the time better and better!!!

  • Lorene Romero

    I was in Anchorage AK (prior to this update)with a group of people. I used Evernote Food at every meal. By the end of our trip everyone sat back in their chairs automatically and waited for me to come by and lean over to take a shot of each different meal.

    It became a fun game. Everyone would order something different so we could record all kinds of food. When we returned people posted on FaceBook: “meal time is just not the same without Lorene taking photos”

    Anchorage has some wonderful foodie places. And Evernote Food makes the photos look so wonderful. They are a commercial in themselves

  • Vladimir Campos

    Love it!

    Now I can reinstall and start using Food again! I was so upset about the impossibility of uploading my old experiences that I kept my regular food/restaurants Evernote notebook for my food history.

    Now I can import everything to Food.


  • Julie Capell

    Pleeeez make this for Android!!!