Lauren Atkins, Home Cooking Ambassador Shares Tips for Cooking with Evernote and Evernote Food

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Lauren Atkins, Home Cooking Ambassador Shares Tips for Cooking with Evernote and Evernote Food

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 09 Apr 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 09 Apr 2012


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A few weeks ago, we announced that a Food Writing Ambassador would be joining our Ambassador Program. Today, we’re introducing Lauren Atkins as the new Home Cooking Ambassador. For the many home cooks out there, Lauren will offer her tips and guidance for using both Evernote and Evernote Food for grocery shopping, recipe collection, menu planning, cooking, and remembering the important (everyday!) meals of your life. A big welcome to Lauren.


Lauren Atkins is an instructional technologist for the University of Michigan and an avid home cook. Her biggest Evernote notebook is her recipes notebook, which currently has 1,037 recipes (and counting!). Lauren is also a food blogger and is the creator of the site Have Fork, Will Eat. Learn how she uses Evernote and Evernote Food for recipe collection and creation, capturing her food experiences, and more.

I use Evernote Everywhere

  • Mac
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Web

I use Evernote for…

I started using Evernote in October 2008 after coming across it in my research. Part of my job is to research technologies and teach workshops on productivity tools. I research hundreds of tools and review a few of the best ones I find, then teach workshops to 20-25 people at a time, introducing them to the best of the best. Evernote is the only tool that gets talked about all the time. I began using Evernote heavily in the workshops that I did and at some point, became an on-campus evangelist for it.

While I was introduced to Evernote in the context of my job as an instructional technologist, I quickly realized that it was the perfect way for me to capture and keep track of recipes. Here’s how I use Evernote for home cooking (and you can, too!):


  1. Audio notes for hands-free notetaking. When I’m covered in dough, it’s easier to record something verbally (for example, my thoughts on a particular recipe) rather than type out instructions or notes to myself.
  2. Use the Web Clipper to capture recipes you see online. There are so many great sites and food blogs out there. I use the Evernote Web Clipper to save recipes to my Recipes notebook. Once they’re in my Evernote account, I can add tags and text. The source URL automatically gets embedded in the note, so it helps me remember to revisit some of those sites for future inspiration.
  3. Use the Evernote search feature. It’s so easy to find things in Evernote — all you have to do is type a few keywords into the search bar. Sometimes, I’m searching for a specific recipe, so I can type a few memorable keywords into the search bar and find exactly what I’m looking for. Others, I’m just looking for some inspiration, so a few keywords will pull up a slew of possibilities.
  4. Utilize tags. Tags make it easier for me to search for recipes, especially when I’m on the move. If I’m in my kitchen, I usually have my iPad, but if I’m at the store, I have my iPhone. Searching my tags helps me find exactly what I’m looking for, fast. Since I have so many recipes in my Evernote account, I’m able to sift through them quicker if I can search by, say, all notes tagged ‘breakfast recipes.’
  5. Share your digital cookbook with a few lucky friends. My entire office uses Evernote for work already, and a number of us are avid home cooks. I started to share my Recipes notebook with a few of my favorite colleagues, who can piggyback off of my great finds and benefit from my notes and experiments.

Evernote Food for Memorable Meals and Food-Centric Events

I downloaded Evernote Food to my iPhone the day that it came out and have been using it ever since. My friends and I have several food-centric events every year (TamaleFest and our semi-annual grilled cheese dinner, the Melties). Documenting the event and the various foods that are made and shared is part of the fun and Evernote Food makes it really easy. For example, when we held our TamaleFest, I used Evernote Food to make a record of each tamale type we made (pork, roasted red pepper and chihuaha cheese, chili-lime chicken, and black/bean sweet potato) as we made them and then added in notes later once we got to taste them, as well as a few shots of tamale-making technique (spreading, rolling, how much filling should be in there, making the masa, etc). These notes, which are automatically synced to my Evernote account, will help us a lot next year when we plan the next one. In addition to using Evernote Food for tracking memorable food-centric events, I’ve also started using it as a visual daily food diary for myself.

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  • Oscar

    Thanks for the tips Lauren! Something that helps me is to look at examples that one could share. Could you possibly share a non-sensitive notebook with Evernote users for us to get inspired by?


    • Lauren Atkins

      Oscar, sure! My regular recipe notebook–the one where I stash all the new things I find and try out–is public and available. I’m up to 1115 recipes at the moment!

      I also like to use Evernote Food to, among other things, document eating experiences on trips, like my last trip to Chicago for a conference:

      If anyone else has anything to share, I’d love to see it. I’m always looking for new recipes and new Evernote tips.

  • Lauren Atkins

    This is so very exciting. I can’t wait to talk more with other Evernote users about all the great ways to use (and eat with!) Evernote and Evernote Food!

  • Oscar

    I just added them! Thanks again for your work Lauren!

  • Helene Dsouza I Masala Herb

    Hi Lauren!

    thanks for the useful tips. I am getting finaly into evernote. Wasnt sure first on how to use it in connection with recipes. your guide helped me out!

  • Billyjoe086

    I make spaghetti sauce and tacos using ground meat based recipies! My friends and Family rave about each of these and I put a lot of time into preparation! I use strictly Schilling spice packages as a starting point and build from there! I cook the spaghetti sauce all night so the flavor develops in the pan and not in my stomac! This is one thing I have learned; either You have a dish with spices, or You have a dish with flavor where all the ingredients have melded together!! Just some quick thoughts! I will be making spaghetti sauce tomorrow! I hope to learn through this connection and actually join some events locally, Orange County, Ca.

  • Joe

    Appropriate: 🙂

    • Lauren Atkins

      I will admit…I am totally one of those people!

  • Adrienne

    When is Evernote Food coming to Android?

  • Shawn Metcalf

    Lauren, thank you for your entry and for making your notebook available for viewing.

    Since you use Evernote Food extensively, can you explain what makes it superior to simply creating another notebook in Evernote and saving recipes there? I don’t understand what the Food application adds.

    Thanks again.

  • Chris Murphy

    Hi Laura! I’m the new Evernote Ambassador for Salon/Spa Operations. I also happen to be a foodie as well. As the holidays approach, I’m thinking of hosting a tamale making party. Would you be willing to share your Tamalefest notebook with me? I’ve never made tamales and thought your info would be a great place to start!


  • Sarah Jacobs

    Hi Laura! You were quoted in an Evernote article saying that you use Evernote with your regular cookbooks, too. I’ve been wondering if there’s a way I can be more integrated between Evernote and my cookbooks…any suggestions? thanks!

  • Sarah Jacobs

    Hi Laura! You were quoted in an Evernote article saying that you use Evernote with your regular cookbooks, too. I’ve been wondering if there’s a way I can be more integrated between Evernote and my cookbooks…any suggestions? thanks!