Evernote World: How a Hair Stylist in Japan Uses Evernote

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Evernote World: How a Hair Stylist in Japan Uses Evernote

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 12 Apr 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 12 Apr 2012

Name: Nana Ogihara
Occupation: Hair Stylist
Company: Kinoshita Gaien East Street
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Website: http://www.kinoshita1894.com


Nana Ogihara is a hair stylist at Kinoshita Gaien East Street in Yotsuya, Tokyo. The 118-year-old salon and barbershop where Ogihara works is owned by 5th generation owner Hiroaki Kinoshita, a well-respected stylist in Japan. Ogihara uses Evernote on her iPad to collect ideas for hair styles, stay on top of new trends, and help her clients find the perfect style.  We recently paid her a visit to learn more about how she uses Evernote and, naturally, made sure our CEO got a new haircut.

We hear you use Evernote quite a lot in your work. Tell us about the role it plays in your day-to-day job.

Ogihara: As a hair stylist, I am constantly learning and Evernote is vital in helping me study my craft. I need to keep up with new cutting techniques and trends and Evernote allows me to capture everything in one, easily-accessible place. With Evernote, I’m able to snap photos of hand-drawn pictures and attach images to notes that I can later annotate, something that is especially helpful when it comes to learning new cutting techniques. Because I have a number of different styles saved in my Evernote account, I’m able to quickly search through my notes and show customers various options when discussing styles with them. I also attend hair styling seminars and use Evernote to save whiteboard images with added notations. Having everything in one place, including images, drawings, and notes makes Evernote incredibly convenient, especially given that I’m often on the move.

Does your job extend beyond store hours?

Ogihara: After store hours, we practice on wigs, and on weekends, I often attend seminars to continue my education. Evernote allows me to manage styles, and share what I learn and find with colleagues in my field.

What Evernote features do you find most helpful in your profession?

Ogihara: One of Evernote’s best features is that it allows me to quickly record something and retrieve it. The ability to access my notes from multiple platforms is extremely handy as well. While my iPad is perfect for communicating about styles with customers, I can use Evernote on my desktop to do more detailed work or use my iPhone for quick note taking when I’m on the go.

How else do you use Evernote?

Ogihara: I teach a lot, so I upload pictures from training sessions, model cuts, and examples to show at seminars. I also store images from special events and contests. I can add notes to all of these images, so I’m able to remember more from all the classes and events I attend. I use Evernote to keep me organized around seminars that I teach. Every week, we have a seminar at the salon about new trends, and I pull together articles from various magazines and the web with Evernote. I can then easily share specifics about what new styles my students need to be aware of. I also use Evernote to organize my travel schedule.

Anything to add about using Evernote?

Ogihara: A key part of my work is communicating with customers so I am careful not to be intrusive when using Evernote to show them hair styles and cuts. It is important for customers to be relaxed, and not interrupt conversations, and Evernote makes this valuable engagement time feel casual.

We get some style

We were so impressed by Nana’s work at the salon that our CEO, Phil Libin, and the Evernote team stopped by for a cut on a recent visit to Japan. The salon handles both haircuts and shaving, so the team got quite the full-service treatment, including a massage.

Evernote’s goal is to be a 100 year company, and experiencing such service from a 118 year old company was inspiring!



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  • Dimitri

    Wow, it proves again, that Evernote has endless possibilities!

  • Susannah

    Great ideas!!! We use evernote too here in Culver City, CA – so awesome to see how you are using it and how versatile it is! 🙂

  • Shane Phillips

    cool. do u guys give tours of your office in Austin. I am going there the first two weeks of november. thx

  • Hair Stylist omaha

    Thanks for sharing the information. Keep it up.


  • Corinna

    Your goal is to be a 100-year company? That’s a great goal… I’ve never thought about it like that before. Love the pic of you all getting shaved together… such an experience.

  • St Charles Home for sale

    We find many potential home buyers using Evernote to log all the homes they are looking at. Endless possibilities really.

  • john naplitano

    Great application that seemlessly works on all my devices. The power of the cloud has never been so good. This is an excellent tool for business and my son uses it in college.

  • Ted Hermanen

    I work for an environmental consulting company. My immediate team has been using evernote to document observations about different projects throughout California. We are trying to develop methods of creating PDF reports directly from Evernote to send to our clients and government agencies. This will save us considerable time and effort. The only problem we are having is trying to arrange information within the reports. We don’t understand how notes are ordered when they are conglomerated into a report. Any help with understanding this dilemma would be appreciated. Thank you for your product!

  • Ken Moshier

    I to am a stylist. I work & play in San Diego Ca. I use Evernote for grooming bty. snippets, supply lists, fav. web sites & the list goes on. I will be collecting data on Wigs for my cancer clients soon.

    I have a Keune color manual that I often reference. (may share it with other Keune enthusiasts) The notebooks grow with you & go with you………….can’t top that!

    “NOW”, if we could get the cosmetology industry to learn & share with Evernote………. wouldn’t that be beautiful. (pun intended)

  • Jane Ace

    And probably the 100 year mark in Japan is not considered quite the same as in a country like USA whose history is so brief. Just a different perspective. That said, however, I miss the Japan hair salon experience…I’ve not found anywhere that comes close the exacting detail and quality time spent with client as one can find there, even is less long-lived establishments. Evernote uses mentioned are both innovative and intuitive. I can certainly see Evernote on the cutting edge of many design and style industries.

  • Maria Célia da Cunha Lopes

    I love evernote, I am using all the time when trasvel and work. but one thing I wonder know… How could I put my notes in alphabetic order. Sometimes is difficult to find an special one to add more details. if anyone knows, tell me!
    Thank you!


    Previously i was not aware of evernote.But after watching this i think this is very useful & helpful for all ages of people.Now i will use evernote in and also tell my friends about its wonderful features.