Evernote Raises $70 Million Financing

Posted by Phil Libin on 03 May 2012

Posted by Phil Libin on 03 May 2012

I’m happy to announce that Evernote has just raised another $70 Million in private financing led by Meritech Capital and CBC Capital. You can see the official details here.

This financing brings us another small step closer to our long-term goal of building a hundred year startup that can be everyone’s second brain. As was true when we raised our previous round last July, we took this financing not because we need the money to fund operations, but because we see building our financial infrastructure to be a crucial component of remaining an innovative and durable company. We’ll use the money to ramp the speed of product improvements, expand internationally, and make future strategic acquisitions. Most importantly, we wanted to have the resources on hand to ensure that we don’t get distracted by anything for the next several years; whatever happens in the economy or the market, we can stay 100% focused on building the best products and providing the best user experience.

I am both proud and humbled (if you don’t think this combination is possible, try raising $70 million) that some of the world’s best late-stage investors have decided to help Evernote in our quest. Together with the exceptional guidance we’ve been getting all along from our existing investors — Sequoia Capital, Morgenthaler Ventures, Docomo Capital, and others — this new expertise will help us achieve our next level of success.

Of course, none of this could have been possible without the passion and support of our users. The entire Evernote team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for finding us, sticking with us, and telling us — repeatedly and loudly — how to make Evernote great. We’re listening.


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  • Jeff R

    Congrats evernote! Really thankful for you guys.

  • JT

    Good things happen to good products. Congrats.

  • Dave


    Next stop, IPO?

  • Ali E

    “The entire Evernote team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for finding us, sticking with us, and telling us — repeatedly and loudly — how to make Evernote great. We’re listening.”

    Introduce text highlighting. End. Of.

  • Sebastián


    Are you going to release a Linux version?

  • Brian

    Please add the ability to only sync selected notebooks to our local drive(i.e. iPhone), I am worried my Evernote database will eventually grow too big for my hard drive.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re spending a lot of time thinking about how to optimize the Evernote experience for users with large accounts. We’ve already made a number of improvements and more are on the way. The way storage sizes are increasing, it’s hard to imagine that your account would outgrow your hard drive, but you raise a good point. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Raul

    Congratulations! The passion and support of users to Evernote is because his team has done an excellent job. Thanks to you too!

  • rob minnaert

    Great! no put some of that money to good use and update the Mac client. Great job on the Windows version, BTW, renaming attachement was one of my top requests.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There are lots of great updates in the works. Stay tuned.

  • JD Francis

    That’s awesome gang. It’s uplifting to me that investors seem to get what you’re doing. Yes there is money to be made in drawing and picture taking apps, but what do you fall back on 5 years from now when those companies are fond memories. Not trying to be harsh…just realistic. We need more companies out there like Evernote. I pray that one day I’ll be able to capture the first pictures of my grandson using Evernote on my cerebral implant. But first I need to get my kids out of diapers and pull-ups.

    And if we get loud sometimes, it’s only because we’re like family. We love Evernote and want nothing but the best for it.

  • Vin D'Amico

    I’m a paying customer and Evernote is worth every cent. I use it on Windows, iOS and Android. Love it! Congrats!

  • Robert Oschler

    Congratulations! No one deserves it more than you.

  • David

    I’ve been an off again and on again user for a few years (I even used Evernote when it was a local only desktop app) but was feeling the need for my own personal Wiki type of storage and recall a month ago, bought the Evernote For Dummies book and used it so much that I signed up for a premium account. Now, in less than a month, I’m addicted!

  • Will

    Congrats and thank you for your commitment to being a 100 year old company. I’m counting on my kids and grandchildren viewing my life and memories in evernote 76 years from now.

  • Adrian

    A linux version!

    Code syntax highlighting.

  • Jason

    Is there a To Do application coming soon? That would be an awesome mobile (iPhone) app to have

  • H H

    Yet you say you do not have enough resources to release an evernote client for linux.

  • H H

    Also your web-client for evernote has a horrible UI. Its 2012 not 1995. The client for windows has an outdated GUI as well. Its time to step up the game and innovate. I am writing this with best intentions. This is the flagship product of your company after all.

  • Hajime

    I hope this event accelerate the appearance of the next generation Cloud services!

  • dara

    Need chip

  • Rimbaud

    Well done guys. You should be able to develop a Linux version now…