Evernote for iOS Update: Redesigned Screens, Improved Usability, New Settings, and More

Posted by on 08 May 2012

Posted by on 08 May 2012

This has been quite a week already, and it’s only Tuesday! Today, we have a major update for iOS 5 that includes redesigned note screens, improved editing, better checkboxes, new attachment options, and more. Let’s take a look.

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iOS 5 iPhone: Major note editor upgrade and redesign for iOS 5

The first thing iPhone users will notice is the completely redesigned note editor. We’ve spent the past few months exploring ways to make the interface more intuitive and easier to use, and we’re very excited about the result.

Attachments on top
All of the attachment options now run along the top of the note editor, so you can add a photo or audio recording with fewer taps.

Intuitive text styling
The text styling options are now accessible from a new tab that appears above the keyboard. When you tap on the styling tab, the keyboard is replaced with formatting options. This way you can place the cursor where you want, set the style, then flip back to the keyboard to keep typing.

Redesigned note info
Tapping the “i” in the top right corner of the note brings up the newly redesigned note info screen. Here you can quickly set the notebook, add tags and see the location of the note on a map.

iOS 5 iPhone: Better checkboxes

Making lists in Evernote is really straightforward. Create a checkbox from the formatting tab, and off you go. With this update, we made checkboxes more intuitive, and more useful to the super checkbox users out there. First, when you’re in a checkbox list and create a new line, Evernote will automatically add a checkbox to that line. Additionally, we now allow you to indent your checkboxes, great if you’re making lists within lists.

Improved attachments

Above, we mentioned the new location of the attachment options in the note editor, but that’s not all we changed. We improved how these functions work, too.

New recorder
The audio recorder has been beautifully redesigned. Now, when you tap the microphone icon, the entire top bar transforms into the recorder, showing you audio levels and recording time. When you’re finished recording, tap Done.

Your recording will appear in the body of the note. You can even play it back right away to make sure you like what you captured. If you don’t, simply delete the audio and record again.

Photo Stream
If you use iCloud to sync your images between your devices, then you have a Photo Stream group in your photo library. The new Evernote update allows you to attach these images to your notes.

More control

The latest update also adds a couple of new settings that let you better control your Evernote experience.

Auto-titling settings
In Settings, you can now turn Note Auto-titling ON or OFF. Note Auto-titling is the feature that predicts a note title based on your location, calendar events or contents of the note. The feature is on by default, but if you prefer not to get title suggestions, then simply turn it off.

Save to Camera Roll
One more feature that you can now disable is automatically adding snapshots you make in Evernote to your Camera Roll. If you would prefer not having the same image in Evernote and in your Camera Roll, then disable the function and the app will only save the snapshot in Evernote.

And more…

In addition to all the visible changes described above, there are lots of improvements and fixes that make this version of Evernote even more reliable. There’s more to come.


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  • Chris Gonzales

    Really digging this redesign, especially in regards to the attachment bar and styling tab.

    As for checkboxes, has an option for deleting all checked items at once been added? If this feature exists already, I haven’t found it yet.

    • MidMoMan

      I agree an option to ‘delete checked marked lines’ is needed.

  • Ivan

    Downloading this update now, but when will you add the ability to only look at tags that belong to a specific notebook like in the Mac App?

  • Dave B.

    Does the “Section”, “Subsection”, “Paragraph”, etc. mean that Evernote will be gaining style functionality for formatting? I would like very much to see this on all platforms! I also hope that indented checkboxes (instead of indented text beside a left-aligned checkbox) make it to all other platforms as well.

    Thanks for the continued work to make Evernote a great auxiliary brain!


    Wow!!! this is a wonderful iPhone update great job guys. Now if you would only add a spell check toggle button to the Windows app, I’ll be happy Ever-notely after

  • Travis

    Love the new look and functionality of the audio recorder, b still waiting to see an option for higher quality audio offered. The 13kbps may be passable for voice notes, but it doesn’t quite do it for songwriting. A secondary default setting of at least 64kbps would still be compact, would give much improved fidelity, and would also be like an amazing early Christmas present 🙂

  • Dan Stuchbury

    Can we please, please, please have handwritten note entry! This feature alone would make Evernote the only notebook type app anyone would ever need. Even make it available to premium subscribers if necessary, but it is a very-much missing feature.

  • Craig

    This update seems to fix all the style problems that have plagued the iOS app for several months. Thank you Evernote!!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    Anxiously awaiting the Penultimate integration update. It has been over 24 hours now. Where is it!! 😀

  • Tetcha Simmer

    That’s great, but the app was already pretty good to begin with, whereas the blackberry app version is barely functional, let alone useful. When will we see an upgrade for that. I am a huge evernote fan, but frankly it’s very frustrating…

  • Jason

    No cancel button on the note edit screen? How are you suppose to cancel changes you accidentally made it the edit screen if there’s no cancel button?

    • Craig

      Yeah, the lack of cancel button is an oversight. But it is a small price to pay to get reasonable editing capability from iOS.

      • Jason

        It’s a pretty big oversight in my opinion. I really wish I didn’t upgrade I push the cancel a lot of times because it’s so easy to make mistakes on a mobile device.

  • Paul D'Auvergne

    This is a terrific improvement. Very powerful & intuitive. Well done 🙂

  • mike

    Really awesome, fewer clicks to attach stuff and format text… can’t complain one bit. Every time I come up with something that could be better, you guys are on it. Nice to see that a few million dollars doesn’t slow your roll.

  • Vladimir Campos

    Very nice update! Loved the new elements disposition on the iPhone screen and the “tap to edit” a note. This is great!

    But what happened to the iPad version of Evernote? I looks like it is abandoned by you guys. Its beginning to get unusable, when compared to the iPhone version.

  • ZeeD

    I do love the new update as well, but one thing is still missing or I am not able to find it:

    Copy and paste a link to a note like in the Mac version, so I can have a little “taste of a wiki” within my Evernote notes.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Andreas

    what I really need to have are stacks, where are they?????
    It is so frustrating waiting for this functionality!!! I love stacks on my MAC but Where are they in the iOS version?

  • Martin


  • Courtney

    Awesome update…still begging for the ability to collapse stacks on my iPhone though!!

  • Mark

    Stacks, stacks, stacks! The iPad version is dying for stacks. Without them it’s like having to look through a messy desktop for a note. If you started organizing with stacks on the Mac version, you can’t be without them on the iPad version. This is a great product, but to not have stacks on the iPad version is unfathomable. Why would this feature, which is a major tool to organize notes, be on every version except one?

  • Matt

    Why isn’t the Source URL field editable? Why can’t you add it when adding a new note?

  • Tim

    Add my vote (yet again) for stacks. Also, a non-thumbnail view. The lack of these 2 basic features (which exist everywhere else) makes Evernote on the iPad a clunky experience. These have been asked for up and down the forums for well over a year and Evernote’s response continues to be, “it’s on the list”. WHEN?!? you seem to be doing everything BUT this and my experience on the iPad with Evernote continues to suck! Listen to your users or I will bolt for the first viable competitor – and some are getting very, very close.

  • NeuroJoe

    The ability to draw a table on iOS would really help. I use 2 column tables all the time when teaching; left column for what I plan to do that day, right column for what I actually managed to do in that class.

  • JPM

    Great improvements! Wanted to know what happens when we’re recording something on iPhone and the phone rings. In the past, it would stop recording.

  • vv

    Problem report:
    After the update, the offline notebooks no longer can be visited offline.

  • Ej

    Worst update ever, everytime I save a note the app crashes!
    you should focus also on stability and reliability and not only on features.


  • Trevor

    While I have to agree with the style improvements, it is now very difficult to record a voice note with one hand. I use this feature a dozen times a day, and what was previously accomplished with several taps in the same general area is now an exercise designed by the Rubics cube guy. Could you add a “big smuckers fingers for voice notes while driving” option that will triple the size and locate the Record/Stop/Save buttons near each other.

    I did go the route of purchasing 2 separate partner Apps for “simple recording”. Both of these 3rd party companies unfortunately decided to record in audio formats that Voice2Note does not support. Rather frustrating, and the reason I use the native Evernote app for recording.

    I do love the podcast!

  • JR Hughson

    I’m a huge fan of the auto title feature. I think the one tweak I would made would be to ignore all day events when choosing the title.

    Or, and I’m sure you’ve thought of this more fine a grain settings as to what to choose from and what not. For example my work calendar but not my personal etc.

    Really great feature though.

  • NYer :[

    Good work. I would like to see “Intuitive Text Styling” in my Evernote for Android too. It’s annoying editing formatted text in the current version.

  • Caroline Lee

    iPad: when will you introduce the Hierarchical Tab Index system which I find works so well on my Windows Desktop EN version?

    The iPad and iPhone EN versions are confusing to use and inefficient in comparison.

    • Nicos

      I totally agree with this request. Hierarchical tree is a must for the iPad app. You are already doing it for the iPhone, so why not the iPad.

  • Nicos

    Since the update the app crashed on the old iPhone 3G 🙁 I shouldn’t have updated.

  • apricot018

    This is a fantastic website, i really like your post, I will wait for your next post.

  • JoeM

    I love this (picking up title on new note from context), also from the iPad calendar. If there is any option to pick up the selected (open) event instead of a general one that would make my day!

  • elisathon

    Yes the update is good, though I think that the Card View is not as good as the old thumbnail, but what about the font size – readability of the index, the list of all notes, is not good. I use Evernote on my MOBILE device most often, I need to be able creating new notes in the field, and then to be find and refer to them in the field, for research projects, often in a library or a file room or an storage space – Evernote seems to forget that especially for professional users is that many of us do not spend all day sitting at a desk in a brightly lit office. Mobile apps have to be as mobile as the device they are used on.

  • AlleyKat

    I love Evernote on my PC and also on my Android Tablet, but still not on board with the iphone app. All of the new bells and whistles make it more confusing. Oh and by the way, did someone forget to add the ability to add a new notebook?

  • Zoa Chimerum

    Was so excited to see the last item on the list: that there is an option to keep snapshots from going into your iPhone’s Camera Roll (this had been an incredibly disruptive “feature” for me). However I can’t seem to figure out how to disable this. Does anyone know how to do this? I’ve been looking online for an hour and found no instructions on how to do so. Help!

  • Luis Aura

    Hello, I’m a happy user of Evernote and the app for iPad, but you can make me happier if:

    * Expand the toolbar of format options, my fat fingers push the record button when I try to change paragraph or insert a checkbox
    * Expand the edit window to fullscreen
    * Add an option to change font family

  • Kathy

    Why can’t I edit the source URL? This very annoying to have to go to my computer to do it.

  • Tim

    i love all of your stuff!

    What I miss for the “perfect App” is the ability to use “Links to saved searches”. In the iOs-App as well as in the mac-app. When i try to use reminders for doing this and that, i have to open the App and click on the saved search i want to be reminded. It would be a huge benefit when it would be possible not only to link single notes but whole searches.

    I’m using EN for my GTD-System and its great, but this feature would it make even better!

    think about it 😉


  • Scott

    Still the best non-Apple app in my whole iPhone and now (finally) iPad experience, which is almost two years as a premium subscriber. My only issues are a major design flaw that others commented on here and a feature request:

    Problem: I, too, wonder why the “Source” URL field is not editable on the mobile apps (at least iPad, not sure about iPhone). Can/will this be added in the future?

    Feature request: There are many ways to take notes and sync/org them, which is why we’re all here. The one thing that would be a phenomenal benefit would be a way to make these tasks, to-do’s, etc. A calendar integration or reminders at least would be great. Something other than just organizing notes as tasks (like tagging).

    My two cents. Worth what you paid for them, LOL, but as an avid supporter and recommending-to-all-friends fan, maybe my input is worth at least the two cents. 🙂

    Keep up the great work and thanks for Evernote!

  • Steve

    thanks for the useful information

  • GruntEntertainment

    I have found two resources to help you do what you are asking for in your Feature Request:
    1. gives info on how to set up tasks and to-do’s.
    2. EventNoted will allow you to set up an account to sync your evernote with calendars on your computer.
    Both are free and well worth the time to check them out.