Evernote for Windows: Know What's Happening In Shared Notebooks With Activity Stream


Evernote for Windows: Know What’s Happening In Shared Notebooks With Activity Stream

Posted by on 14 Jun 2012

Posted by on 14 Jun 2012

Editor’s Note: This note was updated with minor edits on June 5, 2015 to more accurately reflect the current Evernote feature set.

Today’s update of Evernote for Windows (4.5.7) is all about helping you work more effectively with your colleagues and friends. One powerful new feature in particular is going to make this easier than ever: Activity Stream.

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The Activity Stream, available by clicking the new satellite dish button, allows you to see what’s happening in all of your Shared Notebooks, as well as those that others have shared with you. Whenever something changes, a badge appears on the icon.

Each item in the stream includes an icon that illustrates the event, text describing what has occurred with a link to notebook, and the time that Evernote checked for updates.

Here’s what you’ll see:

Who’s new?
Whenever you share a notebook with an individual or group, you’ll now get a notification in Activity Stream showing the usernames or email addresses of individuals that have joined that notebook.

Updates and edits
Every so often, Evernote checks for updates in notebooks that are linked to your account and notebooks that you have shared with others. If Evernote notices a change in a notebook since the last time it checked, the app will describe that change and the user that made it.

You’ll see alerts for:

  • New notes
  • Edits to existing notes
  • Deleted notes

It’s important to keep in mind that Evernote will only alert you to the most recent change. For example, if Evernote checks for updates twice, and in that span of time five people made edits to a note, the Activity Stream will show only the last change, not the four before it.

Discover more about Evernote

The Activity Stream serves double duty. It not only updates you on the goings-on in Shared Notebooks, but it also helps you get more out of Evernote. Click the satellite dish to see several useful tips and features. We will be adding a variety of tidbits here that will be great for newbies and experts, alike. To hide an item, simply click on it or click the ‘X.’

Auto-download of linked notebooks

One of the other new teamwork-friendly features is automatic linked notebook downloads. Now, whenever you accept an invitation to join a notebook, that notebook will download to Evernote for Windows. This significantly streamlines the previous, multi-click process.

Reminder: The Premium side of things

Evernote Premium comes with ten features designed for the active user including Offline Notebook support on mobile, larger monthly uploads, and faster support.

More to come

Activity Stream makes Evernote dramatically more powerful app to keep your team productive. Let us know how you’re using it.


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  • Karolis

    I think it would be a really great idea to have an ability to send a particular note to a particular evernote user. The functionality of this feature could be very identical to Spotify’s Inbox feature.

    • Vladimir Campos

      Agree! Sometimes I now a person is a Evernote user and it would be very nice to send the note itself instead of an email.

      • Harry "Hershy" Orenstein

        If you know their Evernote eMail address, surely you could send it to them?

  • Lucas Repolês

    Fantastic feature! Very useful. Any chance to get it on Mac soon?

    • Bill

      There is a download for the MAC. Visit http://evernote.com/download/get.php?file=MacUnsupported

  • Eric

    Can’t wait for the Mac version of Activity Stream. Look gorgeous!

    • tianglim

      Yes! Can’t wait to see it on the Mac!

  • Sherry

    This seems a step closer to providing the track changes information available in Google docs– all that is needed is an ability to highlight changes instead of just telling you there is a change. That would be really useful for shared notebooks.

  • Michael

    How can we create shared-notebook-specific email addresses to submit data by email right in?

    PS. Ditto – Mac – if somebody is subscribed to beta program thick clients on Mac – do they already have beta activity stream?

    Ditto for the google docs change tracking feature

    Also-simultaneous team editing of notes (collaboration on single notes without overwriting each other) is a great step

  • Véronique


    A feature to monitor activities in shared notebook would be very useful, indeed!

    The “only most recent change alert” is a pity though, because you can not be sure not to miss a interesting change.

    But the main problem is that I’ve just upgraded to and the activity button does not show ??!?

    It is the window version. Has someone experienced this ? Any idea about how to fix this ?

    • Véronique

      activity button shows after update (Windows)

      feature suggestion: ability to manually mark as read / remove from stream in order to be able to treat new items in several times and keep track of what has been treated already / what remains to be checked

  • Architectonica

    Hope this is available for Mac users soon

  • Lucas

    mac! mac! mac! mac! mac!
    Please upgrade evernote for mac!!!