Web Clipper for Chrome gets Related Notes and More

Web Clipper for Chrome gets Related Notes and More

Posted by on 14 Jun 2012

Posted by on 14 Jun 2012

If you’re an Evernote fan and you’re not using our Web Clippers, then you’re missing out. Evernote’s Web Clippers let you save the Web pages you love into Evernote with a single click. This deceptively simple promise ends up completely changing how you interact with the Web. Today, our Web Clipper for Chrome starts doing even more with the addition of Related Notes.

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The Power of Related Notes

When you put something into Evernote, you’re making a statement. You’re saying that this idea or experience is something you want to have at your fingertips forever.

Our goal is not only to make it easy for you to find those items when you look for them, but to help you magically rediscover them at the right moment. This is where Related Notes come in.

Related Notes have been a part of the Evernote Food and Evernote Hello experience for some time, and now they’ve arrived on our Web Clipper for Chrome.

How Related Notes work

Whenever you clip a Web page, in addition to saving the content to your account, you’ll see a redesigned popup appear in the top right of the browser window. In this popup are two tabs. One shows Related Notes and the other shows every item that you’ve ever clipped from the domain that you’re visiting.

The Related Notes section is instantly populated with three notes from your account that are somehow related to the page that you’re clipping. These Related Notes give you a glimpse into similar things that you captured or created in the past. Click on the thumbnail to jump into that note.

If you prefer, you can hide the Related Notes section by clicking on the small text below the thumbnails.

Keeps getting better

In this update, we’ve also improved the quality of your clips and fixed a bunch of issues. Check it out and let us know what you think. Stay tuned, we’ll be bringing this functionality to other platforms soon.


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  • David

    I would love to see the web clipper consistently pull up the right notebook and tags. It does a little over half the time but the other half…

    • Jon

      Yes, this issue has been killing me. It seems that the clipper is now re-loading the list of notebooks each time you clip. Could it at least show the default (or the last one used) until they are all loaded? The pause while waiting for the list to load is long enough to interrupt the flow of what I am doing. This issue only appeared recently – about the same time as Related Notes. I see this from home and also from my office in Mountain View, so I don’t think my internet connection is the issue.

  • Stephen

    Hi guys,
    Hopefully this hasn’t been asked too many times but I’m wondering if these cool new Chrome features we keep seeing are ever going to make make their way to clippers for the other browsers. I mean, I like Chrome, but what about Firefox and maybe even Safari?

    • Philip Constantinou

      Yea! we’ll continue to enhance other browser extensions.

  • Misty

    Is there a way to share to Facebook via the web clipper? I would love to be able to do that but cannot see a way right now.

  • mickey

    “Evernote’s Web Clippers let you save the Web pages you love into Evernote with a single click.”

    how do we save pages with a single click?

    it takes me at least two clicks – am i doing something wrong?

  • Patrick Lalande

    This is a great function but I’d like to see the similar notes before I clip. This would almost eliminate double-clipping articles Which is one of my biggest problems.

  • Paul

    Nice addition, and the UI redesign is classy!

    Have you considered warning before saving a clip from a URL that’s already been saved? Double-clipping seems to violate a deep sense of parsimony, DRY and memory lapse denial for some of us.

  • Joe

    I just had related notes pop up for the first time and absolutely love it. Thanks for putting this in.

  • Kari

    Using Web Clipper for Chrome clipped selections of several recipes, edited and all seemed fine but then went to look at them on iphone and formatting is totally off. How do I fix this?

  • lornwel

    I am a new Evernote user. When I use WebClipper (in Chrome), it often “suggests” multiple in appropriate tags and not the tag I want. There is a button at the right of that line for clearing all the suggested tags, but the button does not seem to function. So I cannot save the webpage with the tag I want. Solutions?

    • MaryD

      I’m having exactly the same problem. I now delete the “recommended” notebook that appears and put the clip in my default (Inbox) notebook so I remember to change the tags in Evernote. It’s a nice feature…if it worked!

    • Jaycie

      I have the same problem. The web clipper often recommends the wrong tags. The “x” button to remove each individual tag does not work and neither does the “clear all tags” button. This is very, very annoying.

    • Matthieu

      Same problem here. Takes me a lot of time to edit the tags in Evernote again.

    • Kyle

      Same problem for me too – REALLY annoying. I just started using this today and if a problem like this exists on one of the most important tools available – how can i trust any of the software will work.

      • Jakob Bignert

        Hi all, if you are not finding the Smart Filing suggestions helpful you can disable it fully or just get suggestions for Notebooks or Tags. Visit the Web Clipper options page by right clicking on the Web Clipper toolbar icon and choose options.

        Hope that helps.

  • igoncang

    I hate the fact that I cannot disable the view permanently! I don’t need to be told about related notes; that’s what tags are for. So how do I get rid of it other than to click a button to hide it everytime?

  • Lee

    Can I share web pages that I clip with a limited list of people to whom I grant access to my clipped web pages?

  • Dragan Ruzic

    Why can’t I get this “version” of Web Clipper, I’m on Mac, using Chrome browser and I’ve already got the Bookmark bar items “Clip To Evernote” and “Add to Evernote”?

    Here’s more info and screenshots:

    Totally confused. Will try to start from scratch but I’ll have to find out how to remove all Evernote extensions and plugins first…

    • Jaycie

      I don’t know about on the Mac, but in Chrome with Windows to change the extensions you click the wrench (tools) icon, choose settings, choose extensions from the list at the top left of the screen (under the word Chrome). From here you can check or uncheck the boxes to enable each extension, click the trash can icon to delete an extension, check or uncheck the box to allow in incognito, and edit options for each extension (if available). Hope this helps. (:

    • Jakob Bignert

      Hi Dragan, the ‘clip to Evernote’ bookmarklet is not the same thing as the Evernote Web Clipper. You need to install the Chrome extension from here:

      Hope that helps

  • Grace

    Would LOVE to be able to use Web Clipper with Chrome for iPad!