Evernote + Skitch for the Perfect Proposal

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Evernote + Skitch for the Perfect Proposal

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 29 Jun 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 29 Jun 2012


Alex Karpman is the founder of Datevitation, a company on a mission to inspire couples to be more romantic and have fun together. His website hosts an abundance of date ideas, videos, and custom love coupons to help you be more creative with your special someone. Alex shares how Evernote and Skitch helped him with his business, and even helped him plan the perfect proposal to his fiancé, Olga.

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Planning the Perfect Proposal with Skitch

I first met Olga on a plane in 2005 and felt an instant connection, but we were both in relationships at the time. We stayed in touch, and when we found ourselves single last year, we reconnected and started a relationship. I quickly fell in love with Olga and her daughter Eva, and knew I wanted to make them a permanent part of my life. I started to cook up a plan to propose to Olga in a way that would include Eva, too, and make it a special day for all three of us. I finally settled on constructing a huge sand castle so Olga could be my queen and Eva could be my princess.

As you can imagine, this wasn’t a simple task and I needed to enlist the help of a sand sculptor to make the proposal perfect and a videographer to film the whole event. I initially set up set up a conference call to get the whole thing planned, but after a long and frustrating conversation I began to feel that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. It was so tough to get my point across, and I knew that if anything in my plan was off, the magic of my proposal would be ruined. Then, I realized how much more simple Skitch would make the whole process. I searched images of the beach where I wanted to propose and marked them up with Skitch to show where I wanted to build the sand castle, how I wanted to approach it with Olga, and where I wanted the videographer to be positioned to catch the looks on Olga and Eva’s faces. It took no time at all to do this, and both the sculptor and videographer instantly understood exactly what I needed. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how my plans turned out, and both of my girls said yes! You can watch my proposal to Olga and Eva here and see firsthand how, with the help of Skitch, I was able to pull off this incredible proposal.

Evernote for Everything Else…

I used Evernote to clip ideas and do research when I was buying a rental property and doing renovations. Being able to save and search for every little detail is really handy when you have a lot of smaller things to keep track of.

I save places I want to visit in my Evernote account – when I get to take a vacation, I already have a lot of ideas and planning at my disposal. Getting away is so much easier when I’ve done the work in advance!

Whenever I want to make a bigger purchase or get a gift for Olga, I like to do a little research to make sure that I’m getting just the right thing. Evernote lets me keep all my ideas and information in one place so that I can make sure I’ve thought of everything when I finally make my decision. Check out my blog to see more about how I use Evernote for picking the perfect gift!

Making My Business More Efficient

I was a lawyer for 5 years before I decided to make a change and pursue a radically different career as an entrepreneur. Starting up a business requires a lot of organization – I was constantly communicating and sharing ideas with my designer and developer, and I needed tools to make sure we were always on the same page. Evernote and Skitch have helped me coordinate with all the various parties I’ve needed to work with to make my ideas into reality.

Gathering Inspiration

As I worked on fine-tuning my vision for how Datevitation would look and feel, I used the Evernote Web Clipper to save articles, designs, and ideas that inspired me and kept them in a notebook that I shared with my designer. This way we both could view all these resources anytime we needed to reference them for a part of the design process.

Skitch has taken a lot of the hassle out of giving feedback on projects. Before Skitch, I would spend hours crafting ridiculously long emails to my developer to describe exactly what I wanted. Usually, I wouldn’t be able to get my point across 100% correctly anyway. Now, I just snap quick screenshots and use arrows or circles to indicate exactly what I want moved or changed on the website. Having the ability to visualize what I’m trying to say is critical to communicating with my team, and it has saved me an incredible amount of time and money.


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  • Michel

    Why on earth is the outlined text default in Skitch?
    It is of course my personal opinion, but I find the text more clear without outline.

    Am I the only one to think that, or other happy Skitch users would be even happier without outline?

  • Michael Persson

    Its a great tool and really perfect for editing any written information any device I want to use. I used it for a year composing proposals as well as collecting statistic and organice project management…

  • Ilene Karpman

    I am Alex’s aunt and have seen his business grow and all the work he puts in to it. Evernote and Skitch have been a time saver for him, helping him communicate his ideas to others and organize his thoughts. His proposal was amazing thanks to your business.

  • Robert Oschler

    Wonderful fun Evernote usage story! How long until someone comes up with a Cyrano de Evernote plug-in that whispers romantic lines in your earpiece to echo to your loved one, taken from Notes stored in your database? 🙂