Week In Review: A Recap of this Week’s Posts

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 30 Jun 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 30 Jun 2012

Here’s a quick recap of blog posts you may have missed this week:

The Evernote Burger Cook-Along

We’re kicking off the Evernote Burger Cook-Along this Saturday, June 30th! Join the Epicurious Favorite Burger Recipes Notebook to get recipe ideas or create your own tasty take on burgers, then use Evernote Food to capture the experience and share it! Be sure to join the Evernote Burger Cook-Along Event page on Facebook and check the Evernote Lifestyle forum and Twitter anytime between today and July 5th to see what’s cooking!

Evernote for Screenwriting: How Héctor Cabello Reyes Wrote a Movie with Evernote

See how Héctor Cabello Reyes used Evernote to manage his creative process for the script of his film, ‘Bienvenue a Bord‘ (Welcome Aboard).

Evernote + Skitch for the Perfect Proposal

Alex Karpman, founder of Datevitation, shares how Skitch and Evernote helped him shape his business, communicate more effectively, and orchestrate his proposal to his girlfriend!


Also, if you missed our announcement of the agenda for ETC, take a look! It’s going to be an amazing weekend and we’d love to see you there.

The Evernote Trunk Conference Agenda: Sessions, Workshops, and Weekend Events
The Evernote Trunk Conference, our 2nd annual user and developer conference, is coming up this August. Don’t miss out on the daytime, evening and weekend activities we have planned for you. Check out the agenda and get your ticket.


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  • Bruce Bradford

    I’m new to NFC tag programming, but now with a Samsung S3 I want to create a tag that will open an Evernote audio note do that as I get into the car after an appointment I can immediately dictate the details of my visit. Any help appreciated!

  • george lulos

    I do not consider myself a power user, but I have been a dedicated even ardent user since January 2006. I have almost 20,000 notes. I would regret having to abandon Evernote and move to a different solution, and have to migrate all those notes, but I am left with almost no choice. For well over 2 years I have experienced chronic problems of Evernote locking up or freezing on routine tasks, including most notably adding a pre-existing tag to a new note (or even one already registered and synchronized in the DB). It can be any tag, not a particular one, and it can be any kind of note tho most of mine are web clippings. I have complaned about this frequently, but it has never been solved. Two minutes ago, I experienced it again twice in rapid succession. Within the past few months, a new problem (related?) has emerged – Evernote spontaneously closing either becuase of “unusual behavior on the client side” or a “Runtime error”. This has now happened dozens of times. I have had at least 3 trouble tickets addressed to this and no solution. On the latest trouble ticket I was passed from tech to tech and instructed to uninstall and re-install the DB – THREE TIMES! I dutifully did that but it was not a fix. I commplained that each of my emails was being reviewed in isolation and that no one was noticing that I had experienced similar and possibly related problems for over two years, asking staff to please review my entire case. I got a nice email from “Summer” telling me that Enote was doing exactly that and that I would hear from them soon. Two weeks later the trouble ticket was closed DUE TO A LACK OF RESPONSE FROM ME!!! Once a trouble ticket is closed, you can’t communicate further with Evernote. You have to open a new ticket. So here we go again. Except I refuse. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Closing my trouble ticket because I did not respond when I was expecting a response from Evernote was an act of war, in my opinion. Please tell me of other programs you have tried, and how they stack up.

    • Heather

      Unfortunately, we simply do not have the ability to keep tickets open indefinitely with no response from a user. If the case is being actively worked on, then it stays open. If there is no action on it for 14 days, then it will close.

      When you open a ticket with an ongoing problem that has not been resolved to your satisfaction (or something that had been resolved but has reopened) it helps to reference the previous ticket so our technicians can pull it up and then better identify the next steps. Otherwise, you are starting as a “new” user every time.

      Additionally, over the course of a few months, we may have released multiple versions of the same product – ones that may improve your issue. You may *need* to follow the same troubleshooting steps simply because that’s the only way to ensure that you have a clean-slate system.

      I do realize that with an extremely large database such as yours that there can be performance issues, but we can generally pinpoint the specific issue causing it (ie, your database may open properly on someone else’s computer) and work from there.