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Quick Tip: Remember Everything You See on the Web

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 05 Jul 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 05 Jul 2012

We interact with a lot of useful information on the Web. From research to gift ideas, home decorating inspiration to recipes, there’s a lot of stuff on the Web that we want to be able to quickly recall, revisit, and save to our memory bank. Once you start using the Evernote Web Clipper, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

You can get the Evernote Web Clipper for:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (comes automatically installed when you download Evernote to your desktop; available with Evernote for Windows, only)

Use the Web Clipper to capture anything and everything you might want to remember including: articles, blog posts, recipes, restaurant menus, products you might want to buy, advice and inspiration, fitness plans, travel recommendations, and more.

Remember that the Evernote Clipper is intelligent. It will automatically capture the URL associated with each Web clip, meaning you can always return to the page you clipped by clicking on the URL inside of your Evernote account. More, our Clippers are becoming smarter and smarter, letting you do less work and get more out of your Evernote account. The Chrome Web Clipper, for example, smartly assigns suggested tags for your clips, using the tags you already have in your account, and displays other notes you clipped from the same website. It also now includes a new feature called Related Notes, which pulls up to three notes from your account that may be related to the content you just clipped.

The cool thing is that everything you clip from the Web gets saved alongside everything else in your Evernote account. You can even take advantage of the Offline Notebook feature, meaning you can browse your Web Clips on multiple devices where you have Evernote installed, even without an Internet connection (Note: Offline Notebooks on mobile devices are only available for Premium users).

Have you tried using the Evernote Web Clipper? Share how you’re using it in the comments.


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  • David Stevenson

    That’s great, and I use it on my PC, but most of the stuff I see in the web is on my phone or iPad. Web Clipper for ios and android please! Chrome on ios would be particularly cool 🙂

    • Jenni Lathrop

      I use the Dolphin browser on my Android phone and it has an Evernote web clipper add-on. Not sure about iOS

      • TJ

        Apollo browser for the iPad has web clipper support.

    • Ignacio

      I also would love to see the web clipping feature on Safari for the iPad.
      At first I thought I had to dig somewhere to find this feature, but now I know it’s not there to start with!

      Thank you.

    • Pam

      Found the instructions for setting up Evernote Clipper on the iPad by googling for ir. Works fine.

    • Thomas

      why don’t you chexk out everclip on the appstore.

  • Chris Butterworth

    I clip A LOT of ideas & notes from the web, and I really like that the web clipper captures the url address automatically. But I find that, probably more than half the time, I use the screen clip function, especially when trying to grab parts of the screen rather than an entire article.

    Double helpful that you can hold the Ctrl button down while clipping, and then paste the screen clip into an existing note. (that’s a great way to pull multiple bits of web-info into the same note!) The downside with the screen clip method is you don’t automatically get the url – I typically copy & paste that as well if I think I’ll need it later..

    Both functions are very useful, but both have some limitations – best to know all the tools available in the Evernote quiver, so you can select the right one at the right time..

    • Tom M

      Can you further explain the comment “Double helpful that you can hold the Ctrl button down while clipping”… I can’t seem to get anything to happen when I hold down the Ctrl button.

      I’m using PC desktop version by the way.


  • John Kaess

    I’d really lie to see a blog comparing/contrasting Evernote Clearly with the web clipper. I switched to using Clearly a while ago in Firefox and find it a great way to get web content into Evernote. Is there a reason I would want to use the web clipper with or instead of Clealy?

    • Michael

      I know this is a bit old but someone might want to know the answer to John’s question. One place Clearly is shorted is for specific sections of a page. For instance if you used Clearly to read a piece and you want to clip just a paragraph you’ll need to use Clipper: highlight section, click Evernnote Clipper (not Evernote icon within Clearly). If you highlight and click the Evernote icon within Clearly you’ll clip the whole page. The only way to get a section of a page saved through clearly is to highlight it before you click the Clearly icon which is one extra step and a bit pointless IMHO.

  • Sprklz

    I have a Samsung android phone and I use a app called ‘Netfront life browser v2’ it has a pair of scissors to clip just part of the article that I want to put in evernote and copies the Url automatically for that page it is awesome to use for evernote.

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      You can actually do this in the web clipper as well – just select the part of the article that you want to save before clicking on the Web Clipper icon. If you do this, the drop down menu on the lower right corner will now have 4 options: Save Article, Save Full Page, Save URL, and Save Selection. Clicking Save Selection will give you just the bit you wanted

  • Florian Dorfbauer

    A couple of weeks ago using the web clipper sparked following idea:

    Why not having some “shared” web clipper where visitors of my site can leave visual feedback which are then collected in a evernote-notebook?
    Here’s the result:

    This might be very useful if you want someone else clip something for you, e.g. a typo on your blog.

  • T.J. Janneff

    I’m a writer, so I use the Web Clipper to capture writing articles and inspiration for my stories. I also use it to capture instructions for a project, like if I want to sew a dress or make some origami. Ever since getting it, I actually don’t think I’ve gone a day without using it . . .
    Regardless. The one thing I don’t like about the Web Clipper is that sometimes, it clips more than I want it to. For example, there are some sites where it won’t just let me clip a single image; it’ll want to capture the whole page. I don’t know if it’s just the formatting of the site I’m on or what, but I end up resorting to highlighting the image before I try and clip it, and sometimes even then it doesn’t work.
    Other than that, I really have little complaint with the Web Clipper. I use it for Chrome and enjoy the freedom with it, because it means that I can have my articles on the go to read and study. So helpful!

    • David Barnett

      Try using Skitch. I find it works really well with Evernote and allows you to capture just the bits of a Webpage you want.

  • Laura

    The web clipper has become a favorite feature of mine as I’m beginning to plan a wedding. It has been super super helpful to gather lots of disparate information in one place. I’m also a career counselor, and I share a lot of information with students. Clipping just what I need has been great, and it lets me get right to the point. I didn’t know that you could select multiple things to clip-I’m going to have to try that!

  • Brian

    I love the web clipper but the clipper for Chrome doesn’t allow you to delete or change suggested tags. You have to go into EN to manually delete the tags Chrome assigned, which is highly inconvenient.

  • Andrea

    Look up the idiots guide for Evernote

  • Denis

    I cannot clip PDF pages, using Safari. Is that a limitation or is there a solution?

  • Alvin

    It must be difficult to design a clipper for the various browsers available for smart phones. I say that because if it was not difficult, you would have done so by now. Why is it so difficult?

    Evernote is the most valuable and most ised on my Droid phone. If only…

  • Betsy

    I have never figured out how to use the Clipper with Internet Explorer 9. I can only clip the whole article or the url. When I use Firefox if I highlight a portion of a page that is what gets clipped. Is there a way to do that with Internet Explorer?

  • Vlado

    what’s about opera browser.?

  • Theresa

    I would love to see a clipper for the Kindle Fire (one that worked natively, without installing a different browser). Right now the only thing I can do is send the URL to Evernote, which is not terribly useful if you are offline.
    Otherwise, I love the web clipper (also Clearly – I use both) and don’t know what I did without it. Thanks for the continuous updates and features!

  • Benjamin

    It would be great if I could also create a notebook on the fly. Currently, you need to be at your desktop computer.

    • Karen

      I found these instructions on the web. I’ve tried it and it works!

      1. Open up Evernote on your iPhone
      2. Click on “All Notes”
      3. Click on the big blue plus button located bottom center of the screen
      4. Within the new note you should see the “i” button located top of the screen, right of the paper clip icon
      5. Click the “i” icon
      6. Click the notebook icon, located far left of the icons you see
      7. In the search at top, type in the name of the notebook

  • dirk debruyne

    I don’t succeed to install the evernote webclipper on my Ipad 2.
    Can you help me please
    thanks beforehand
    Dirk Debruyne

  • Susan Morgenstern

    When I go to a google images page with lots of images I want to clip, I wish I could put them in ONE note, rather than one at a time. Couldn’t figure out how to do this.

  • Heather Allen

    I would love this for web os ( HP touchpad) and Windows Phone!

  • Hans Jensen

    I’ve had Evernote for moe than a year now and it’s unfortunately been quite a disappointment. I can’t really see what it adds or what it makes my iPhone/iPad do, that it can’t do already. The idea of the web clipper seems good but I’ve never gotten to the point of making it work, so I was thrilled to receive the news mail saying: learn how to enhance your web browsing experience with the web clipper. The thing is though, when you click on the link, I get to this page which is basically just people writing about how much they like the web clipper, and contains no learning info on how to get the web clipper let alone how to make it work. It can’t be that difficult to construct something that ordinary people like myself can figure out how to operate – or can it?
    Let me add that I already have seen the YouTube stuff about the web clipper but the interface there is different from the one I have. I do indeed wonder why?

  • Toni Alsina

    It is incomprehensible. What for when we have web clipping to ios? Please do it soon.

  • Bonnie Lefevre

    Evernote .has become the elephant I turn to on a daily basis. I am approaching, what I like to refer to as” the dawn of the next chapter.” I believe Evernote is so multi-faceted, for the young business person, to the shear delight of knowing where everything is when I need it. My sister and brotber-in-law, having their own catering company, were thrilled when I sent them a link to your Evermote Food. The ease of how they can chronicall their daily activities, from pihotos sent to prospective clients, menus, recuperate

  • Bonnie Lefevre

    To: Evernote Team
    Please excuse my recent communication. Having used my very small android phone, sending a.comment turned into quite a challenge. I hope you were able to make sense of it.’
    Brieflyl, having been in the for over 40 years,, Evenote Food
    sould be on the. computer of ever. Food and Beverage Manager, Catering Manager, Chef etc. etc. Every department of food and beverage, in live time, can be on the same page. The possibilities are endless….and very needed.

  • tangle

    Would love to have scrolling selection – ie if the area to be clipped spans more than one page then the screen scrolls automatically (Snagit does this)

  • Dr. John C. Green

    I don’t have the Web Clipper yet, but I shall get it immediately.

  • Andrew Dix

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I work for a Charity, we installed Evernote on our Desktop system using Firefox web Browser the web clipper displayed at the top right corner of the screen & with that system everthing works fine. Ideal for Cataloguing our vast number of Advocacy books. However, the proplem is, when we installed it on our laptop using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 we couldn’t get the web clipper to appear after it had been installed. I tried always but couldn’t do it. I then gave up & install Firefox on there, after installation I was asked by evernote to accept the evernote add-ons (which I did) & to my delight was happy to see the Evernote Web Clipper at the top right had corner of my screen. If you could leave me some instructions as how to set it up in I.E 9 I would be very much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

    Andrew Dix