Evernote for Android Gets a Tablet Redesign, Swipe Navigation and More


Evernote for Android Gets a Tablet Redesign, Swipe Navigation and More

Posted by on 17 Jul 2012

Posted by on 17 Jul 2012

Today we have a bunch of great improvements to Evernote for Android (version 4.1), particularly for tablet users. There’s a completely redesigned tablet interface, an entirely new note view and lots of other enhancements. Plus, the app works beautifully on 7″ tablets, such as the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire. Let’s take a look.

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The New Tablet Interface

In this update, we’ve made the tablet interface much easier to use:

The New Home Screen
When you launch the app, you’ll be greeted with a sleek new home screen. Tap to create a new note or jump directly into your notebook, tags and place views.

We’ve added a number of swipe interactions that dramatically improve navigation through the app. From the home screen, tap on Notebooks and a notebook panel slides in. You can also swipe the note list to make it full-screen, swipe it in the opposite direction to bring back the left panel.

Improved Note List Design
We redesigned the Note List to make it easier to browse and read than ever before. We changed the shape of the note thumbnails and improved the text contrast in the titles.

Whenever it can, Evernote saves the location associated with the notes you take. From the home screen, tap on Places to see your notes as pins on a map.

Tablet List View

You asked and we listened. Evernote for Android Tablets now has List View, a compact note list that shows you basic information about the note in a single list including title, tags, text snippets, attachments, and the date. The attachments icon also shows the number of attachments in the note. This view displays everything you need at a glance.

Updates for All Android Users

This update also includes a number of improvements for both mobile and tablet Android users.

You can now add additional levels to your bulleted and numbered lists. To do this, either create a list or tap into an existing one. You’ll notice indentation arrows appear in the formatting bar. Tap these arrows to indent the line further.

Improved slideshows
When viewing a note, tap on an image and you’ll be taken into slideshow view. In this update, we made the slideshow view faster and more reliable.

A Better Evernote

With each update, we strive to make it easier for you to save, find and relive all of your memories. We hope you like what you see. Let us know what you think.


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  • Irina I

    Looks great! Can’t wait for this to come to the iPhone app!

  • Rickje

    Will there be a iOS GUI overhaul as well?
    Because this new GUI looks very nice 🙂

  • Frank Waive

    Evernote is a great app, i practically depend on it as my notebook in meetings, when alone, writing articles, speech writing, storage for frequently used css snippets and much more!

  • Javier

    That’s great. It would be awesome if you could make the items that are being checked off in a checklist move to the bottom of the list.

    • Brian

      Or a small seperate “TO DO LIST”

  • Dmitriy Goldner

    While trying to update Evernote on my Android Nexus One (Android 2.3.6) I got the error message “Invalid Package File”. Is this because it is error with installation package or its incompatible with my phone?

  • Frank McPherson

    Nice to get this update on the day the Nexus 7 is supposed to arrive.

    Will we ever get encryption on mobile devices? Right now we can decrypt snippets of text in notes that are encrypted on a desktop, but we can’t encrypt snippets on the device. Is that too difficult for smartphones/tablets? I would like to be able to do encryption some day if possible.

    • Anne Wareham

      Yes! Total ability to encrypt files please!

  • Evernote lover

    Getting a “Package file is invalid” error while attempting to update both my Acer Iconia Tab A500 and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, both running ICS.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Thanks for letting us know. We are aware of the problem (it’s related to Google Play’s upgrade process) and are working on getting it resolved!

  • Philana Crouch

    Will this be implemented on the iPad anytime soon? It looks great!

  • John Frew

    Fantastic work on the new interface for Android… Looking forward to Penultimate for Android……..

  • Tyler

    Hey, will this app be ported or replicated to the playbook?

  • Jo

    On my PC I love being able to drag frequently used notes to the top ribbon. Unfortunately when I am using my Android tablet I still have to search through notebooks to find this note.

    Being able to replicate the PC layout on Android would be really helpful.

  • dangsuryana

    thank you for infomation nd i want tray.

  • rainman

    This is great! Now for handwriting input since you acquired Penultimate, right?

  • Jon

    Looks great! I’m loving the new interface!

  • ManojKS

    The new interface is amazing!

  • Revs

    Very nice!
    Marking each folder as an offline folder is still a huge tedious pain! Can’t we just have a checkbox for “mark all as offline”?

  • Rob

    Could you put this update in online at Amazon also for the Kindle Fire users (what a pain that we can’t log into Google Play for our Android updates)?

  • Neil

    Hi there just got the nexus 7 and it works great on it but the widget doesnt work, is that on the upgrade list?

    • Tom Carding

      Have you tried the new specific download widget: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote.widget

  • Tom Carding

    New interface is brilliant, particularly on the tablet (Nexus 7).

    Can I lodge a request for a saved searches menu item below places? This is one of the features I use very heavily on the desktop and would love to have for the new tablet interface.

    (Posted here because the Android forum isn’t letting me start a topic at the moment)

  • Kelly Jolley

    I hope Evernotr for iPad receives a similar list view upgrade soon. I became a premium subscriber expecting to use Evernote wherever I am – for work especially. However, until I can use stacks on the iPad, the Evernote app is of limited use. Plus, the iPad app shuts down and dies not save notes frequently enough. The iPhone app is far superior but it is difficult to type large notes. Please fix the iPad app!

  • tom waznis

    Evernote on my Nexus 7 tablet. I do not care for the screen set up. Too much white space in the data blocks and menu items; especially for a small tablet. I’ll keep working on it though.

  • Justin Pocta

    This is really, really beautiful. Wonderful job, guys. I just bought the Nexus 7 and it is a treat to use this app on there. I am sure that I am with many others in saying, I’d love to see this approach applied to the iPad app, especially if they do create the ~7″ version. Great user experience.

  • Cerise

    Waiting for this gorgeous UI to come to iOS. Notebooks, stacks, we’ve been asking for it for a year 🙁

  • Jeff P

    STILL no support for multi level indented lists! Why??? I keep hoping I’ll be able to use this app someday, yet it lacks this essential feature, which the iPad version had last year!

    I keep downloading the updates, hoping, but this app remains largely useless to me.

  • Mark Preece

    Can you make a alarm for when I set up a reminder note.

  • yeyintaung

    It’s so got to me.

  • Jorge Diéguez

    Please do something like this for iPad!!! We desperately need a better interface…!

  • Nancy

    One improvement -?pretty please? Can u make it SAVE Without EMAILING EVERY TIME? It’s a REAL nuisance to have to delete 1st bazillion copies from email. I make running shopping lists write down DELETABLE thots b4 I WANNA KEEP final drafts. Great app tho!!

  • Peter

    Suggest you add a painting

  • andy

    How does it look on the 10 inch android tablets?