Safari Web Clipper Gets Related Notes, Simultaneous Search, Smart Filing, and More

Safari Web Clipper Gets Related Notes, Simultaneous Search, Smart Filing, and More

Posted by on 20 Jul 2012

Posted by on 20 Jul 2012

Editor’s Note: This note was updated with minor edits on June 5, 2015 to more accurately reflect the current Evernote feature set.


Our Web Clipper allows you to save all the great pages and content you find online with a single click. Today, we have a big update to our Safari Web Clipper that makes this process easier and smarter than ever. Here’s what we’ve added.

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If you already have the Web Clipper installed, then it will automatically update to the new version.

Smart Filing

I have a bunch of sites that I visit all the time, from Uncrate to Smitten Kitchen to the Onion. When I see something that I want to save, I’ll clip it and organize it using notebooks and tags. This update adds Smart Filing, which automatically suggests destination notebooks and tags for your Web Clips. Of course, if you disagree with the suggestions, you can easily change them. This lets you keep browsing, rather than thinking about how your Web Clips should be organized every time.

Related Notes

Your Evernote account is getting smarter and smarter. Today’s update introduces Related Notes to the Safari Web Clipping experience. Whenever you clip something, Evernote searches for notes that are somehow related to the item you’re clipping, based on a variety of attributes. You’ll see three Related Notes displayed right in the clipper popup immediately after you’ve captured something from the Web. Related Notes are a great way to find connections and rediscover all the things you have in Evernote.

Article detection

The Web Clipper detects the body of the pages you’re clipping so that you don’t have to worry about highlighting and selecting content. We’ve adding a new feature that lets you use your keyboard’s arrow keys to select more or less of the page. No mouse required.

Clip into Shared Notebooks

Working with friends, colleagues and classmates is an important part of the Evernote story. Now, you can use the Safari Web Clipper to help you with group projects by clipping directly into Shared Notebooks. You’ll find the Shared Notebooks listing in the clipping popup’s notebook selection dropdown menu.


Simultaneous Search

Simultaneous Search brings Evernote results into your Web search. After turning it on, searching in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others will also search inside your Evernote account for matching notes. You’ll be surprised by how often you find the answers you’re looking for inside of your account.

And more

In addition to all these great new features, we also made the Safari Web Clipper faster and more reliable than ever, and added a new options page, which lets you change Clipper settings at any time. Enjoy!


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  • JR Hughson

    I love the idea of related notes and the related notes I’ve seen have been great. Is there a way or will there be soon to be on a note in evernote client and say “Show related notes”?

    That will be something.


    • GrumpyMonkey

      I like JR Hughson’s idea a lot! It would be great to see some of these automated suggestions for notebooks and tags, as well as identification of related notes, make it into the desktop clients 🙂

  • Wanasit T.

    Thank for bringing the better clipper to my favorite browser. I don’t have to open Google Chrome when I want to clip something anymore.

    Wanasit T.

  • Mark

    Love the Google integration. But is there a shortcut key for the web clipper? I’ve been waiting for this feature.

    • Jakob Bignert

      Hi Mark – shortcuts in Web Clippers are not available at the moment. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Pierre Bernard

    Thank you soooo much. This is a very welcome update.

    It was installed silently by auto-update. After trying it out, I searched for some place where I could express my thanks to the Evernote team. This version is so much better and more reliable than the previous one.

    Reliability problems with the Evernote WebClipper in Safari almost made me switch to Chrome. I am glad the new WebClipper is now on par with the Chrome version.

  • Did

    Hi, Simultaneous Search is cool (really!) but I would like to be able to turn it off. How can I do ?
    Thank you.

  • Steve bridges

    Marvellous !

    Very interested in using Evernote and foolishly assumed that web Clipper would be good idea.

    But technology has confused me as usual.

    Asked if I wanted to open in Dropbox yes please I reply.

    Cannot open this application………..brilliant useless.

    Best regards


    Stephen Bridges
    07769 974074

    • Betsy Glad

      I encountered the exact same problem. What gives?

  • Carlos

    How does it work on Safari 6? Has anybody tried it?

  • Benny

    I am new to Evernote (and to the blog), and so wasn’t sure where to post this.

    I just downloaded the program and scrolled through the get started guide.

    Simple question: How to upload existing notes (notepad, Word, etc.) into Evernote? Would be great to be able to do it in bulk.

    Follow up question: How the heck is this feature not in the getting started guide?! Seems like 99% of Evernote users will come to Evernote with some existing notes in some other format, right? Or have all new Evernote users never made a note/list in their lives before finding the program?!

  • Michael V.

    The Safari web clipper does nothing for me. All it shows is the Icon and ‘Evernote Web Clipper’ and nothing else. What’s going on?

  • Jerome Carney

    I appreciate the effort, but honestly, you guys should think about redubbing this newfangled guy “Web Clippy”, because just like it’s great uncle over at Microsoft it’s 1) obtrusive 2) slow 3) sufficiently inaccurate that it’s counter productive to even think about leaving it installed.

    1) I do not need notebooks and categories suggested. Even when “Web Clippy” is right, it fills in the data slower than I can just type it in myself.

    2) I DESPISE popups, especially those that I have to click to make go away. Honestly, are you trying to make Evernote look/feel like Spamware?

    3) First do no harm! How can you turn something so friendly and unobtrusive into something so annoying, without at least including options to disable this crap? I don’t want to see related notes, I don’t want condescending suggestions … and if you want to add these features as options in Evernote for newbs, fine, but get out of my Safari where I”m here to work and do research.

    As a 2+ year subscriber to Evernote, a service that I adore and which is absolutely a lifeline for my job, I just uninstalled “Web Clippy” and now I’m off to find one of the old version so I can return to the sane, elegant way to upload snippets of web data.

    • WandaFreely

      Totally agree with you, Jerome. Luckily I still have the last version (2.2.3) stored in my “Revert after Upgrade” folder within the Applications folder. I’ve learned from past bad experiences to never get rid of an older version until I’m sure I really like and will use the upgrade.

  • Rose

    I’m sure you’ve heard this before and might well be working on it as we speak, but it would be really handy to have this on Safari! I used to use Firefox and this was the best part of it, but Firefox doesn’t speak to my other platforms forcing me back to Safari. Web Clipper would make the transition a lot easier! 🙂

  • Rose

    Wait no sorry I’m getting confused!! Clearly is the one I’m missing, Web Clipper is great!

    Clearly on Safari would be super 🙂

  • Holly P

    I love the new smart filing feature! I would always forget to change the notebook and end up with everything in the wrong place! It also seems like it is better at detecting the articles now, just a really great upgrade!