Evernote Web Gets Image Slideshows and LinkedIn Sharing

Evernote Web Gets Image Slideshows and LinkedIn Sharing

Posted by on 02 Aug 2012

Posted by on 02 Aug 2012

Here at Evernote, we use our Web version all the time on shared computers. It’s a great, full-featured way to access your notes wherever you may be. Now, we’ve made it even better with a new slideshow view for images within notes and LinkedIn sharing. Let’s take a look.

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Viewing photos and images is all about framing, you want to remove distractions that might affect your viewing experience. That’s what we did in our new Slideshow view. Whenever you’re browsing a note that contains images, click on the Slideshow icon in the top of the note pane. When you click the icon, the screen goes dark and your photos take center stage. You can then click through all the images contained in the note. On some browsers, you can even take the images full-screen.

At the office, we often use Shared Notebooks for product designs, and we use this Slideshow feature to easily walk through the image during design review meetings. Slideshows are also a great way to view travel photos or that multi-course meal you saved in Evernote Food.

LinkedIn sharing

We use Evernote for all aspects of our lives. While most of what’s saved in Evernote is private, some of it deserves a wider audience. In this update, we let you share your memories with your professional network through LinkedIn. Take advantage of the new feature by clicking on the sharing arrow at the top of the note pane.

Check out Evernote Web

We’re constantly improving the Evenote Web client for those times when you don’t have your computer handy or don’t want to install software. If you haven’t seen the Web client in a while, check it out.


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  • The Traveler

    The slideshows are great, thanks!

  • jeorgette

    I am trying to get a thing for me to hear the mucise to my lounge

  • Tony Michel

    This is a great feature on the web version, but more than a year later it is still not available on the desktop application. Hope there are plans to include it in the next update.

  • Livingland

    I’m looking for the button to use this, and having no luck. I’m on the web version, on a Macbook… Is it perhaps not available on Chrome? Or for Mac?

    Many thanks,