Upgrading the Evernote Infrastructure [Brief Downtime at 9am PT]

Posted by on 11 Aug 2012

Posted by on 11 Aug 2012

Over the past few months we have been busy moving the Evernote service to a new datacenter. This new facility is with a top tier service provider and gives us plenty of room for future growth. Not only that, but it also means that your Evernote experience will be faster and more reliable. Most of the new datacenter work has been happening quietly behind the scenes. However, there are some parts of the service which require a brief downtime in order to be moved.

This morning, August 11th at 9am PT, we will have a brief scheduled downtime during which our Operations team will upgrade the central Evernote user database, known as the UserStore. Once the process is complete, the UserStore will be on new hardware at the new data center with three times as much memory, twice as much CPU, and much faster storage than its 4.5-year-old predecessor. This upgrade and move is a key milestone of our datacenter project and is one of the few remaining components that need to be relocated.


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  • Mike

    The best thing on the Web is only getting better…

  • Ron Marshall

    I wish there were some mention here of the problems surrounding the 4.3 and 4.31 updates. I’ve lost data. I’ve seen the iPad app crash over and over. What’s being done? Negative reviews are stacking up at the App Store. I wish Evernote would keep its loyal customers updated. Please don’t make me go back to Catch. 731 notes to copy/paste.

  • keeps getting better


  • belgique

    Maybe this is why my notes won’t synch.

  • TehnoTool

    Great news! I hope this upgrade will help you to prevent crashes and data loss.

  • Kathy Griffey

    I paid for a premium package, but I am still getting the response that Evernote cannot open my docs that are larger than 500 kb. I am not happy. The reason I spent $45 was to be able to open the docs I get. Almost everything I need will exceed thief 500 kb limitation V
    Can anyone help me???