The New Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

Posted by on 24 Aug 2012

Posted by on 24 Aug 2012

Over the past year or so, Evernote has begun to really focus on the design and experience of our apps. We’ve been inspired by a wide range of companies and products that do this right, from Apple to Uchida Yoko to Moleskine. In fact, in Moleskine, we saw more than inspiration, we saw an opportunity to do something amazing together that fully embodied our Experience First thinking.

Moleskine is the maker of beautifully designed notebooks and accessories that are the go-to choice for creative individuals of all types. While these notebooks are beloved for their quality and style, they suffer from an issue common to all physical notebooks…they’re physical.

That’s where Evernote comes in. We’ve partnered with Moleskine to develop a new, limited edition Evernote Smart Notebook that’s designed specifically for the new Evernote iOS application.

Together, we created a gorgeous notebook that includes a number of special features that allow you to take your ideas off the written page and place them right into Evernote, where they’ll be searchable, organized and available forever.

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New Features. Magical Pages. Smart Stickers.

Our goal was to create a notebook that met Moleskine’s aesthetic standards, while adding an entirely new level of functionality. Here’s what we did.

Special pages
The Evernote Smart Notebook comes in two page styles: ruled and squared. For each, we designed a special dotted paper pattern on the pages that was optimized for new features in Evernote…

Page Camera
Evernote for iPhone and iPad got an update today (version 4.4) that includes the new Page Camera functionality, which is designed for photos of physical pages and documents.

To use the Page Camera, launch the camera inside of Evernote, then tap on the new Page Camera icon at the top of the screen. Hold your camera above the page and center the image inside the rectangle. Snap a photo, then move on to the next page. Using your flash ensures that you’ll get the highest quality image. Tap on the page numbers to review the images you’ve taken. Tap the checkmark when you’re done.

Page Camera automatically improves the contrast of the page and removes any shadows. For the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine, it finds the dot pattern and even corrects the skew of the photo. This means that the images that end up in your account are perfect for Evernote’s handwriting recognition, so that you’ll be able to find you thoughts anytime. But, there’s more…

Smart Stickers
As if that wasn’t cool enough, in the back pocket of each Moleskine notebook you’ll find a set of multi-color Smart Stickers. When you apply a sticker to a page and take a photo, Evernote recognizes the sticker and instantly associates a tag with the note or places it into a notebook that you specify in your Settings. The Smart Stickers come with some pre-defined tags, but you can customize them to be whatever you want.

In addition to the Smart Stickers, we also included some handy Skitch arrows. Use those to draw attention to important things on the page.

Check out our Getting Started with Evernote Smart Notebook for some guidance on getting started.

Premium included

As if all of that wasn’t great enough, each notebook also comes with 3-months of Evernote Premium.


These beautiful and powerful notebooks will be available in two sizes, pocket ($24.95) and large ($29.95), beginning on October 1. If you would like to be among the first to get your hands on one, you can pre-order them today from the Evernote Store.

Pre-order your Evernote Smart Notebook »


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  • Tim Boone

    Whoa that notebook takes care of my iPhoned wife but I am an Android man. Where is our app??

    You guys do good work just don’t forget us.

  • Gareth Botha

    What a great idea! I just ordered a large!

  • Vince

    Hey will you be adding this to the android app as well? I’d like to order but am no longer on an iPhone

  • Sean Doyle

    Moleskin for Android??????? I have used Moleskin for years now and was excited to see this, but no mention of Android? Estimated release for android?

  • Jon

    Wish this wasn’t exclusive to iOS

  • Brian Caldwell

    Great idea. Any plans for an Android version?

  • la

    i LOVE this idea but it’s kind of pricy.. .now if you could make that for college students it would be great…

  • Zac

    First!* (jk)

    Just wanted to say I’m really excited about this and like the new update. A lot.

  • Matthew Gerring

    Will you be releasing an update to the Android app compatible with this notebook before launch?

  • Shawn

    Any plans for having this on Android as well?

  • Drew

    So first I was like aww yeah this is awesome, then I saw that it’s IOS only and I was like this sucks! Where’s the Android love?!

  • evernoteuser56

    It doesn’t say how many pages are in each book – at least no where I can find.

  • Peter Corbett

    Clearly this is amazing – I just tried to buy 30 of them for our team…an $1000+ order…but the crappy e-commerce solution used punted my order 3 times.

    Forget it. I’m going to set a grand on fire another way.

  • Ben Ouellette

    Are there plans for this to be available through the android app?

  • Greg Lynn

    brilliant way to bridge the gap between paper and the digital, well done!

  • Scott

    Absolutely glorious! I hate to be the first one to do the platform whine… but my iPad 2’s camera kinda sucks. Is there a chance this’ll show up on android at all?

    Aside from that, the idea is wonderful, and I hope the popularity goes past ‘limited edition’ into full on product. I would be so happy to have something like this with me all the time. I love to write physically, but digital organization is just too convenient.

  • Eric Sinclair

    May I make the bold assumption that this will subsequently be deployed to the Android versions as well?

  • Tony Karakashian

    And, for those of us on Android?

  • inches

    This sounds wonderful. I’ve always had a hard time deciding whether to use my favorite notebooks or Evernote when writing or designing.

    One thing though, it looks like the pages always end up in the wrong orientation after you capture them with the new Page Camera.

    Also, it seems to favor the regular journal size, and not the larger 8.5×11(ish) sized notebooks.

  • Martin Harvey

    Android please!

  • JJ

    When will this be available for Android? This is a must have.

  • Daniel Gold

    This is pure genius! Congratulations to the Evernote Team!! I shall code name it “The Magical Evernote Moleskine”!

    I love the Moleskine notebooks. In fact, in 2008 when I first got into the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, I ended up using the Moleskine after reading about how to “hack” the notebook to get things done.

    When Michael Hyatt talked about ditching his Moleskine for and Ecosystem alternative, I thought that was clever because it had perforated pages that could be ripped out, scanned with my Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100, and shredded. Evernote would pickup the OCR in my handwriting, and I’d be done. While that too had its advantages, I felt as if I wanted something better.

    That lead to the Livescribe pen! I found this to be the perfect marraige between “old school” writing flare and new technology.

    Though I’d love to go paperless entirely (check out Evernote’s Facebook 30-day Paperless Challenge), I’ve written before about how I do love the pen to jot down notes in meetings; and I also think it looks far more professional than trying to type notes on the iPad.

    This marriage that Evernote has created is incredible. ‘ll leave off with this: with all of the competitors in this “note taking” space, Evernote continuously impresses me with their innovation and out of the box thinking! Hats off to the entire Evernote team!

  • Nathan

    Any love for the Android users?

  • Flora Korkis

    That’s so neat, but I can’t see when it would be practical for me. Will think about the practicality some more.

  • English

    Android version PLEASE! Poor Android stepchildren. 🙁

  • M Ursula Herrmann (@lothie)

    What about Android?

  • Virgil Patterson

    When will support be available for Android phones and tablets?

  • Anti Apple

    Hopefully you can upload images of the pages on the web and android works too.

    Boycott Apple for stifling innovation.

  • MrRubenstein

    What if I’m already a premium subscriber? Will I get 3 additional months free? Should I cancel my premium subscription to use the free 3 months? Thanks!

  • Tracey Smith

    Useless for those of us who don’t bow down to the iphone.

  • Brady

    Great idea!

    I have HIGH HOPES that you’ll be updating the Android app with the same functionality. I’d purchase that in a heartbeat!

  • Wendy Cooper

    Can you please demonstrate of the quality the information that is digitalised with a video? Cheers!

  • Ryan

    $30 for a notebook and stickers? Count me out.

    Cool ideas though.

  • Americo Pagliuca

    I would absolutely love one of these beautiful Moleskin smart notebooks… but will there be an Android app?

  • T.C.

    Can Android users expect a similar update to allow us to take advantage of this amazing notebook? Any timeline? Thanks!

  • Colin Lewis

    Will this be coming to android also?

  • Justin

    This is awesome, it ties 2 of my favorite productivity tools together, shame it doesn’t work on tool #3- ANDROID!

  • Allyson G

    I am so very excited about this! I love Evernote but I still love notebooks. Nice job Evernote and Moleskine!

  • AC

    I’ll order one when I hear that it works with Android.

  • Russell P

    Hoping to see this for Android soon as well. This would make an excellent Christmas present for a number of friends and family.

  • Shahram Khorsand

    OH US ONLY!!! Bad Evernote, bad bad evernote !
    What did Sweden do to you!?

  • Ze

    No shipping to the UK..?

  • Jarvis

    Your product development is incredible! keep it up Evernote 🙂

  • @joshblackmun

    what about those android peeps!?

  • Ben

    Will we get the page camera feature in the Android app?

  • Jon

    Great, I’m sold.

    I love the concept, and the screenshot of the notebook makes me want it.

    Then I went to the storefront/ reservation page.

    I know it’s powered by BigCommerce, but wow, that’s an embarrassingly crude, unusable page.

    So, crude in fact, that the opening remarks regarding design in this post just seem inauthentic and disingenuous. Upon hitting that reservation page I immediately abandoned it.

    Would Apple put out a page like that?

  • greggT

    brilliant idea, but instead of asking us to buy a special book, evernote should be tuned recognize the lines on normal paper. just sell the stickers… if evernote does not, someone else will.

  • NJ

    Will the Android app eventually be updated to work with the Moleskin notebook? If so, when is it planned? Please confirm so I can pre-order!

  • Geoff Collins

    Android please!

  • machbio

    that is one nice notebook to have, it would have been good.. if a digital pen was allowed to write on the notebook which would sync with the evernote ..

  • Deborah

    This is only going to work with the iOS and iPad? Not the Android app?

  • Scott Perkins

    Hope there will be a version for Android phones!

  • James

    Do you know when the notebooks will be available in the UK?

  • Tom

    Android or it didn’t happen

  • Zack

    This will really kill my goal to go paperless. But I bought 3 anyway.

  • Brett

    I was so excited to buy one of these and already have a normal moleskin notepad… But ordering options have no selection choice for Australia 🙁 Boo!

    • Alicja for Aussie orders 🙂

  • Jeff Porter

    The aesthetic qualities of the notebook alone make it a tempting buy.

    I already use the Evernote app and Moleskine notebooks, but I’m not sure whether combining the two would work for me.

  • Devfrost

    I’m interested to buy the notebook but I have two questions first
    1. Will that update come to android?
    2. Can that notebook ship to Indonesia?

  • HughW

    Will this be coming to android any time soon?

  • Franz Milec

    Will this feature be available on Win Phone anytime soon?

  • Alisha

    Do you guys plan on including the Page Camera functionality in Android. I would love to have one of these notebooks, but I don’t use Apple products.

  • Deborah

    Excited to read about the notebook. When will Android version be released?

  • Dave

    Any ETA on update of the Android app? I think this is a great idea…

  • Guillaume

    Can’t order it outside the USA… too bad

  • bryan

    Why do you keep leaving Android users out in the cold?

    • Jim

      I think it is because it seems as if the Evernote team are mostly “Apple” folks… so they tend to develop first for them, then Android. A bummer for Android folks… especially considering that Android is running on a larger percentage (over 50%) of the smartphone market (and is still growing… to the tune of at least 1 million new activations each day).

      I am a HUGE Evernote fan… a premium user (and have been for years now) and always recommend it. So… I feel the pain… I wish Evernote Android was given as much consideration as Apple. 🙁

      • Jonathan Bond

        I have been a very long term evernote user as well and have been premium member for a few years. I have an ipad 2 and a nexus 7 and the android app blows the ios app away. I absolutely have to use the ios app on the ipad but I have to right now to capture my notes until the android is updated. I will still use my nexus and capture my notes on the ipad when I get home.

    • Matt

      I believe that Evernote has actually been looking for Android programmers. If you look through their Developer and Career section, there are ads.

  • Patty

    I’d love it if the stickers would work on ordinary paper. I’ve been trying to use Evernote to file my bills, and automatically tagging them would be amazing. No chance of getting my phone company to print their bills on Moleskine note paper, I’m afraid!

  • D

    Will you bring this functionality to the blackberry app too?

  • Richard

    What is the benefit of the dotted lined paper, as opposed to say any notebook paper?

    I don’t see why I can’t just take a picture of a regular notebook and have the same result (apart from the smart tags that is)

  • netviber

    If you like stationery take a look at this

  • Nic

    Not page recognition camera support in Android?

  • Tbone

    +1 for Android… seems odd to not even mention in the post knowing there would be many of us immediately asking about it.

  • Gale

    The cover design is ugly, although the notebook itself (pages) is beautiful. The traditional plain Moleskine covers were pretty enough on their own.

  • Hannah

    PLEASE update this to support android and please make the notebook available internationally!

  • Stephen Collins

    As with many others in this thread, I am deeply disappointed I can’t order these to ship to a non-US address, Australia specifically in my case.

  • Jens

    I already (pre-) ordered one even though I mainly use an Android-driven Galaxy Nexus. So I hope Android will see the version 4.4 with the page camera very soon as well.

    Any hope?

  • Mark


    if it’s coming for android, I’ll buy 5!

  • seb


  • Alan

    well if they didn’t hear about the lack of love for android by now they never will !

  • Paul McEnany

    Awesome! Bring to Canada please!

  • Ian Patterson

    When will the notebook be available in the UK?

  • Mike

    I love my Moleskine, but am partial to the blank page version, rather than ruled or squared. Would like to see a blank page version of this.

  • Andrew Violette

    I also would like this for android!

  • Daniel Smart

    Android already has an answer. It’s called the Nexus 7 😉

  • Bill Dowd

    Did you guys not hear Android outsold IPhone? C’mon get on the Android bandwagon

  • Geoff Jones

    Only seems to be available in USA, very disappointing 🙁

    • Geoffrey Barry

      Moleskine notebooks are up for pre-order in US, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia via different store links. Each site indicates more specific country availability (Asia for ex: Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc). See the bottom of the page here for the various pre-order links:

      • Minty95

        I ordered my from the European site two days ago, I have just received the shipping confirmation, so should receive it in about two days, for info I live in France

        No need to wait until the Android versions becomes available

  • Erwan

    Available on Android & in France ? Thanks guys!

  • Chuck Jones

    Sadly, the post says limited edition and iOS exclusive. As an Android and LiveScribe user I would love to get some of the same flexibility without a special pen. Hey Phil, this has potential beyond a one time deal. Android will dominate your user base, if we don’t already so please consider us as real customers;-).

    • Rich Simone

      Android users dominate the category under free users of evernote while iOS users dominate the category under paying customers. Go figure why they give preference to iOS users

      • Jeff Farris

        I’m sure if Android users didn’t have second-rate apps and support, we’d have as many premium users as iOS. A large part of the reason why I haven’t upgraded to premium is the poor support for Android.


    I’m already a premium user. Does the free three month premium membership have an expiration date?

  • Laura Chutny

    Android and Canada PLEASE!!

  • BR

    C’mon, people, treat us Android users equally for once.

  • Neelesh

    Er.. how much..? Bonkers

  • Lafe

    Android. Android. Android.

    Oh, sorry…. I mean “Android – Please?”

  • JohnnyA

    This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Please provide a way to purchase in Canada!

  • Rasmus W

    This just shows how retarded android users are.. 🙂

    90% of the comments are about: “looolz me wants androidzzzz”..

    I think they get the point. So please. The next android-guy writing “can me has android?” i’m going to.. to.. i don’t know…

    • Jenni Lathrop

      I’m sure name calling and being rude is unnecessary.

      As a premium user and Android fan, I was disappointed there was no mention of an Android version coming soon or not. The Evernote peeps have always been pretty responsive to their customers and we just want our voices to be heard (and the fact that a lot of us want this functionality). If you don’t want to hear our “me toos!” Don’t read this thread.

  • Brian

    Android for the love of all things lacking in my taking of meeting notes with moleskine and then having to key into word later!

  • Jeff Farris

    Please add Android support for this function as quickly as possible. I would be pre-ordering a notebook now, if the feature was available to me.

  • Paul RC

    I liked the idea of this journal along with a mobile app. Too bad Evernote is hooked into the Apple fanboy base. As a long time android and Evernote user I am disappointed and also question the logic of not developing for Android as they have a 69% mkt share (IDC). Anyway, Moleskine, nice product but for the above reasons I went with Leuchtturm Master Notebook.

  • Shahram Khorsand

    Wonder if they will ever offer the product outside of US.
    Funny thing, I commented this blog as soon as it came out … my comment was removed I guess!!
    not cool!

  • Alexandra

    I purchased one in hopes that by the time I receive it using it on my Android will be an option. I am such a fan of Evernote and am hopeful that they will listen to their Android customers.

  • Buck Little

    Oh MAN! I want it for my Android!

  • Stormy

    +1 to Android support.

    I would preorder one today if I knew the Android Evernote app would support it.

    • Lordcoasl

      I will also be waiting for the Android App.

    • DocWild

      hmmm.. slow to moderate as well. Must be hyper-sensitive?

  • G

    Why no ANDROID ????

  • David J. West

    To add another voice to the fray …

    I have loved Moleskin notebooks for 5+ years.
    I have loved Evernote since it became available on Android.
    I have tried without success to convert from paper to electronic for years.

    This is the perfect combination for me. I love the look of the notebooks!

    Based on the amazing support for the Android app that I have experienced, I am sure an Android update is in the works. And I can’t wait to purchase my Moleskin Evernote notebook!!!

  • Ben

    ::::::::::::: ANDROID USERS! ::::::::::::::::

    I tweeted Moleskine the other day and within like an hour they told me that the page camera is indeed coming to android. I don’t know why Evernote won’t confirm this, but I guess we just have to be patient. Let the Apple hipsters have their 5 minutes of exclusivity. They did after all invent rectangles and rounded corners 🙂

    • Michael Kelly

      Good info, thanks Ben. And hilarious btw

  • Mark

    Excellent idea! I’ve been using Evernote since March 2009, and premium since 2010 … Please bring on the Android version!

  • Philippe

    Evernote is great, nothing new.

    What would be good is for the Evernote team to keep up to date with the evolution of Operating Systems demographics – can you please release Android an Ios at the same time. Android is growing and overtaking other system is some countries, you should cater for that.

  • Kimmie

    I am feeling bad for all the out of towners and Android users…. I am iphone gal and really really really want one of these. As an Art Journaler, and girl who loves to Doodle and Zentangle, this is awesome. Will definitely make posting work online much easier.

  • Satai

    Android +1

  • Michael

    How do I order one of these in Canada as it is a great pairing and I would like to spread the word?


    • Johnn

      Go to the Moleskine USA site. They ship to Canada & US. Shipping is expensive ($29 when I checked just now). I’m hoping a local retailer will carry them after launch.

  • Richard

    Too expensive for a simple notebook with stickers…

  • raoul

    Android +1

  • SidethSoul

    Evernote camera wont zoom in and out. Can anyone help me out pleez? (Iphone 3GS)

  • Birgit Schultz

    Android +1 !!!

  • David

    What advantages does the Moleskine notebook have over a regular notebook? It seems that using the page camera with a regular notebook would work just as well.

  • Ron

    What about Blackberry Play book

  • Frederik De Backer

    AFter you scanned it with your camera can you edit the text? that would be aweseome! otherwise i don’t see why i should buy this special notebook.

  • sue

    yes – agreed – brilliant idea but I need it in Android please!

  • sue

    and – how about Kindle Fire too?

  • James

    Android please!!!!!!

  • John

    +1 +1 +1 Android – avid Moleskine customer, avid Evernote premium subscriber, avid Android user – what else is there to say?

  • Rob

    Come on Moleskin….yep your notebooks are nice, but I stopped paying those exorbitant prices for them ages ago, even if they do have…..Evernote dots!
    My local supermarket does one very close to yours but at a 1/5 of the price, and I could easily do without the dots for Page Camera.

    And here’s me thinking the blurb was touting an actual iPad like Evernote Notebook!

  • Herb

    Thank you. thank you. THANK YOU!!!

    I was one of those folks who bought a cyberpad back in the days of evernote 1. I have .top files on my computer now. LOL

    Being from the old school, i like to write on paper and alternate on my tablet pc and text.

    and for android folks, ice cream, jelly bean… difficult to keep up. Android implementation on one tablet/ phone is not necessarily the same on another.


  • John

    Android +1

    Please. Seriously, there are half a billion Android devices in use, with about 1.3 million NEW activations PER DAY. I’m a premium Evernote user, and loooong time Moleskine owner (on my 11th notebook so far).

  • Bammi

    +1 to Robs comments, this is case of out of control marketing adding very little value,
    (yes i gladly pay top dollar for real quality …)

  • Nicky

    A great idea but come on, what about Android? I don’t understand why, with there being more Androids out there now than iOS, there isn’t a launch for both platforms. Very disappointing.

    • Rick

      The reason iOS stuff gets released before Android is (1) iOS folks buy more gear even though there are more Android folks. (2) Android is more diverse in software and also in the hardware that runs it. This makes writing software for it a pain in the butt and less profitable. This is a bad combination.

  • Daniel

    Android Support please! I would order also.. but no mention of us android users!

  • Carlos

    I ordered a ruled and a squared, these will be great for helping me prepare for the GMAT. Thanks!!

  • Nanci B. Roberts

    I love Moleskin notebooks and have used them for years and I am Evernote Premium subscriber. I am also an Android user. I would be ordering today if only the application was available.

  • marcovic

    Android +1

  • Canuck

    No shipping to Canada? FAIL. Guess I will spend my money elsewhere. Marketing genius’s…..

  • Pierre Joris

    I have used Moleskin notebooks for eyars & evernote for years too — but I hate ruled or squared books, I only like unruled notebook pages — so I’ll have to wiat to buy one until evernote/moleskin produces one of thsoe (which will also be much more useful to anybody drawing)

  • Pat

    I look forward to ordering as soon as it is available for Android!!

  • Margo

    I’m a Circa user. Can the stickers be purchased separately or do I have to buy the Moleskine notebook? I guess I could slice out the pages and punch for Circa.

  • Adam

    This is a great idea but if it’s exclusive to ios “smart” needs to be taken out of the name. Iphones are toys, real work is done with Android.

  • Tiffany

    +2 for Android… As a premium subscriber of a few years, I use Evernote almost exclusively on my Motorola Xoom running Jelly Bean and my Motorola DROID Razr Maxx running Ice Cream Sandwich… I understand that it is necessary to develop for iProducts, but would it be too much to ask to have a confirmation on if/when the Page Camera feature will be coming to Android?

    For reference to other Android users, currently my paper to Evernote procedure is to take my written notes on whatever notebook/paper is handy and then to use Droid Scan Pro to properly adjust the skew, contrast and page size. From there, I can choose whether to send the page (or multiple pages) to Evernote as an image or PDF. I usually send pages as PDF which works well with Evernote’s OCR.

    Evernote, you are one of the most innovative solutions for a multitude of tasks… Please acknowledge those of us who refuse to conform to an iClone because we enjoy the diversity and freedom of being able to have a platform that works on multiple handsets and tablets. One of my favorite features of Evernote is the openness of the system which allows for utilization of Evernote in as many different ways as you have customers. As a leading innovator in your field, surely you can respect that.

    It would be wonderful if you could update your users on whether you have any upcoming plans to offer this feature/product combination for other platforms (i.e. ANDROID, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.) and to address those who are interested in purchasing the Evernote Moleskine from outside of the US. Clearly, there is a lot of interest in this product (as shown by over 100 comments, many of which fall into the Android or outside US categories). I look forward to an update soon! Would love to purchase a few EMoleskines for myself and others! P.S. I am in the US, just lobbying to get an update for non-US customers who are clearly interested in your product!

  • christof

    ok guys, seriously: a notebook for creative individuals who want to pay 25-30 bucks for a paper notebook?
    Some really creative thinking must have been going on. The most creative individuals take a standard issue notebook, get creative on the outside and inside of this notebook, thus creating a tweaked notebook. And yes, you can indeed take pictures of the pages with tons of pdfing apps… Miracles do happen.

  • Guy Swarbrick

    You know what’s coming… Android support, please. iOS is yesterday’s news.

  • Joe

    R there any plans to add a weekly notebook/planner to the mix?

  • Rachel

    I’m with the Android users – let’s get going on that Evernote! 😉

  • barbara i

    Why no android version?

  • Josh

    Love Moleskin, love Evernote. Would buy today if it worked for Android.

  • Kae

    Not in Android? Come on, guys! 2007 is long past. The iOS only development is outdated. We are in 2012. Please, do not overlook the (huge) Android community. Do not skip features in Android, please.

  • Mike

    Will it come for the BB Bold ? I would love to get my life of Moleskine notebooks on my Mac and my cell is a BB.

  • Peter Witham

    I’m happy to use it with my iPod and iPad but I really want to see Android support before I give up the money for buying one.

    That said, this is brilliant for avid moleskin users like myself.

    Thanks Evernote!

  • Ton

    Android!!!!!! pretty please !?

  • LeNore

    Can’t wait for the android release! I love moleskine (and all fancy notebooks for that matter). As soon as I see news of an android release I will order. I do a lot of mind mapping and brain storming on paper. Perfect solution!

  • Dave Busse

    Android +1

  • Georgia

    Can this Smart Notebook be used with an Android tablet such as Asus, our only Apple based iPads?

  • Helen McConnell

    Brilliant! My two favorite ways to jot down design ideas, take notes, and doodle -together in ana interactive format.

  • Chris Fox

    Windows Phone?

  • David Parsons

    Us fountain pen users have loved Moleskine notebooks for a long time. May I suggest you spread the word on The Fountain Pen Network? I’m sure there will be some excitement about this there.

  • DAU

    ANDROID +1 !!!

  • Allie

    Definitely support this project, the only thing keeping me from pre-ordering is the fact that the page camera isn’t available for android yet.

  • k s prabhakara

    don’t see the advantage.

  • Jeff Camp

    Android+1 I’m in. Let me know when you’ve caught up to Android and you’ll get me to dive into Premium and Moleskin will get my bucks as well.

  • Beatrice

    Adding to all the other conments ..Android needed!!

  • Katie

    I wonder if we hav

  • Carol Richards

    What about Android systems? Feeling left out here!

  • Shauna

    Count me among those who just does not get the love of Moleskine. They are at least 3x what a reasonably priced alternative is. There are plenty of apps available that can scan docs through the camera.

  • Korkwin

    Great idea; bring this to Android and you’ll have another customer.

  • Wayne Goo

    +1 for Android

  • Virgin Android

    Have carried a Moleskine and Android for years, but never an iPhone. Sorry to see you’re only available for the iOS.

  • Alex Zhang


  • Tous

    Why no Android. Androoooiiiid !!! And what are you’re plans for Windows Phone which is going to come on strong in the next year?

    Thanks – love your product. Also – more voice recording is always great.

  • Mike Z

    I’m amazed at the comments, but should have expected the types of comments posted here. Here’s a company that works to merge paper and technology with an excellent first strip in collaboration, especially since it’s still pretentious to take notes with tech devices in a meeting.

    What do most of these comments reflect? Congratulations? Accolades? No – they’re indicative of the ME generation that wants it for the Android. Give it time, folks. If every company waited until everything was perfectly set to go, nothing would get done, and innovation would not come to the marketplace.

    Personally, though, I’ve set up both Apple and Android devices. Apples are simple; Androids are complex. Just depends how you like your technology prepared.

  • RT

    Not interested until Evernote confirms Android app will support this.

  • IkSeong Jang

    I expect that it will be possible to convert what I wrote in Evernote to my real note someday. If it becomes possible, that will be an revolution in the human history.

  • Charlie

    +1 more

    Android, would order immediately. I currently use a moleskine/Evernote combo.

    I’d love to try this out.

  • Karen Runnels

    Great idea but, I, too, am an Android user & am very disappointed that Android users have been left out of this launch. I agree with the poster who said if you don’t sell the stickers as a stand-alone product, someone else will. Users should be able to use the page camera & stickers with regular, non-Moleskin notebooks.

  • Denbigh Gill

    Best thing yet

  • Beverley Van-de-Velde

    Are you rollng this out for Android? Please say yes!


  • mb

    Nice idea, but I think the stickers not flexible enough.

    Also, I would like the functionality for me to be able to add a special tag of my own in say the top right corner of the page which would then enable the app to file under the correct notebook!

    tag: wine
    note:wines = note will get filed in the “wines” notebook

    that would be really handy!

    great app anyway

  • Hugh Macfarlane

    One more voice: BIG fan of both Moleskine and Evernote (although newer to both than many of your fans), but I want it on Android. My tab is Android and my phone will be as soon as my plan expires.

  • Gene J.

    I’m not entirely convinced that the pages of this notebook will work any better with the Page Camera portion of the Evernote application than the pages of any other notebook. I do prefer Moleskin notebooks and I’m highly tempted by the cover on this one. I could live without the stickers, but I can see where others would use them. Is there any chance of a few sample pages being made available to try out with the app once Page Camera is supported on the Android version?

  • Michael Saporita

    Guys, C’mon ANDROID please!!!!!!

  • Scott Barkla

    No Android, no UK sales, not really Livescribe functionality. Nothing to see here.

  • Ben B

    1st off, no Android? That seems like such a shafting of an absolutely huge market, especially seeing as this is a decent idea and Youve decided to align yourselves with a compang who feels the need to stifle innovation at every turn.

    And 2nd, €30 for a paper notebook that does nothing unless you have the FREE app? Get real. I can buy the exact same notebook for less than a tenner and ill be of equal quality. Rip off merchants. Its a shame because its a fantastic idea just poorly delivered.

  • Melanie Penn

    Sounds helpful and fun to use! Again… Android would be fantastic!

  • Pat

    Are Android users always going to be the “poor relation”?

  • Eric

    BlackBerry is The productivity smartphone. Can please get the same for this OS including the playbook and BB10.

  • Wesley Quigg

    Where is the version for Android? It makes no sense to alienate all us Android users, especially because there are more of us than those using IOS. Thanks for making us feel unwanted. I may have to reconsider using Evernote.

  • Kevin

    Another android user who would order today if android version were available.

  • Ketil Vestby

    Want it in Europe, with Android

    Please let me know when it get available at the store for Europe, with support for Android. Apple’s no fun anymore

  • Shari

    What about android users? I have an android phone and tablet that I love. It is frustrating when app developers treat android users like redheaded step children, when deciding to not develop for such a huge market.

  • Jessie

    +1 Android. +2 actually!

  • Kathleen

    Add my name to the list of people who would have bought this if it was available for Android. Why do people who buy the inferior and over-priced Apple products get Evernote’s app but not us Android users?

  • raysxr

    Now if this would come with the third type of page, the blank one (not ruled or squared), I would definitely buy. Using Moleskine is an acquired personal science. After more than a decade evolution of use, I only use blank page, medium size Moleskines. So unfortunately this is not good for me. Pity, I think this is the start of a perfect combo but the discrimination of no rule users is a disappointing ommission. Probably not enough of us around. Or maybe just forgotten.

  • Kimberly Vance

    Your continual pandering to apple is very annoying. Not sure why you would not release both versions together…

  • Dean

    What about androids?

  • M. Brown

    Want Android also!

  • bill

    Is android coming???

  • JB Voss

    Will this be available for Android OS?

  • Mike Z

    Request – you don’t have to publish this…

    The Moleskine collaboration is awesome. I ordered mine already. For future planning, though, consider loose-leaf versions. I’ve finally downsized from an 8 1/2 x 11 binder to the 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 binder, simply because it’s easier to carry, the same size as the iPad, lets me organize notes, and can carry other stuff – biz cards, boarding passes and Southwest drink coupons – in an organized fashion. Thanks again! Can’t wait to start using this!!


  • Spotmatic

    Please, android and overseas…

  • JMorris

    What, no blank page notebooks?? I would love one of these for travel and was going to pre-order one until I realized that there are none with blank pages. Please let me know if there is one in the works because that will be my new go-to notebook for travel.

  • Justin Nelson

    Another Android and Evernote Premium user feeling neglected …

  • Najia

    I’m wondering the same thing as those who ask why a special notebook…is there something special about the Moleskin that makes it (a) work better with Evernote camera and (b) justifies the inflated price?

  • Terry

    For shame….a little Android love please.

  • Gavin Hill

    I have a load of LiveScribe moleskine notebooks, is the dot pattern the same? Can I use these with the new Evernote app?

  • Gregers

    Android and iphone user, I just tried ordering a notebook to be send to Sweden, where I live.
    By the Moleskin chat support, it is only possible to order from within a country ….. and only france, england och germany carry the notebook in europe. So no evernote notebooks to scandinavia and the rest of europe!
    As a evernote premium user for years also receiving the promotion, its kind of silly that it is out of reach.

    come on, if you promote it, you should be able to deliver it.

    and yes Android version please.


  • Martin

    +1 for Android and sale of the Moleskines in the UK.

  • Gareth Johnson

    This sounds like a good even a great idea. I would order today if you’d let me but it’s US only, it’s iOS only, so I can’t. Unfortunately I’m in the 97% (yes) of the world’s population that lives outside of the US, so sending me stuff via email that I like that I can’t actually buy is just plain annoying. Also, additional to that, how about the many tens (hundreds?) of millions of us who have converted to Android?

    If you are trialing this and “hope to bring this to the rest of the world and other platforms” that would be a hell of a lot better message if you’re going to pimp this to every mail recipient globally. Just a thought: a bit of thoughtfulness and you’d probably have a lot happier Android / non-US customers.

    • linda westmore

      Well put ! agree.

    • Ole

      To team up with Moleskine seams to me like a brilliant idea. However I agree with Gareth Johnson in his posted comment

    • Kent

      the android/worldwide version is here. it’s called camscanner with an everyday old note pad. and it’s free by the way (if you use a note pad from the office).

    • Damien

      I’ve just bought two from the UK Moleskine site!

      • Iain

        Which site did you buy from? I can’t find a UK Moleskine site.

    • Tony Willenberg

      Well said, Gareth!

    • Ian

      I agree. Yet I decided to order the large one for $29 this week, since the local store has ” never heard” of the Evernote moleskin. Cost?

      $29 for the moleskin notebook and $29 for shipping to Canada. I’ll pass thanks.

  • TM

    When are companies going to get their heads out of the sand and realize that a far higher percentage of smartphone users are using Android phones as opposed to iOS phones? Why does everyone feel it necessary to create things for the small percent of the market that is using iPhones, and completely spit in the face of the much larger number of people with Android products? I’m also a premium subscriber, but things like this make me wonder if it’s worth giving Evernote my money if they’re going to continue to ignore and disrespect such a large part of the population.

    • April

      This times 1000!

      • Mike

        TM, you know the answer to your question, which is why you have the “I” complex. Buy the second best phone and get apps second…it’s really that simple.

      • seb

        Yeah it’s wierd because I distinctly remember buying a phone that was better than the 4, and now that they launched iPhone 4s and 5, you’d think those would be better, and still Evernote does not deem it nessesary to make it available to anybody outside the cult. It’s like they don’t enjoy money.

      • DGarf

        Mike – best is relative, to say that android is the “second best phone” (assuming by phone, you mean the operating system) then you’re very arrogant. People that own an iPhone seem to think they are part of some premium club of heroes, and the rest of us do feel sorry for you guys. Though companies like Evernote doing products IOS only isn’t helping the matter.

    • Steve Z

      My gut tells me one of two things is happening. Either 1)they’re just responding to the market and a majority of their premium users use iphones or 2) it’s easier to implement in iOS because it’s one OS and one device. Either way it’s market driven not because of iSnobbishness (unless of course I’m wrong and it is).

    • JM

      Providing iPhone support before android support is by no means disrespectful against android users. Why should it be? Saying something like that sounds like a child is speaking. Have patience, it will come to android soon enough if it is going to be a success. And if you decide not to give evernote your hard earned money anymore just because of that, then so be it. It doesnt speak for you.

    • Chuck

      I so agree. My Android tablet (Samsung) is so much nicer than the iPad. I think TM that as the majority of smartphone users are Android users the majority of tablets are probably Android based as well. I too get really tired of second-class citizen status. Wake up app designers, start with making sure the Android users get your app then you can do the iOS people later if you feel the market warrants it

    • Chris

      Less Android users pay for apps so they are usually developed after ios. In March 2012, Flurry crunched data from developers using its tracking tools in their apps, and claimed that given the same number of users per platform, a developer who got $1 on the iTunes App Store would get $0.23 from Google Play.

      • zooloo

        Chris, completely irrelevant comment as the app is free.
        And your Flurry study doesn’t make any sense, it’s not like users pay whatever they like when they buy an app. The price is fixed. So it’s not like a user is gonna ‘give’ $20 for an iOS app and $2 for the same app on Android. Plus a android dev gets a higher percentage on the selling price than a iOS dev. So all in all, your comment doesn’t make sense and is just very wrong!

  • Richard

    1. Will this only work for it honestly?
    2. Will you work with other paper companies to produce paper portions for other vendors such as arc or Circa?

  • Chris

    Sounds great, but when I look a bit closer, I can’t find the advantage of buying an overpriced notebook with special dots. I can photograph any page of any other notebook and import the picture to Evernote.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Evernote, but this cooperation with Moleskin doesn’t make any sense to me. Perhaps I have missed something important…

    • Joe


  • Joel

    I got better results with CamScanner (Android), and “sharing” photo scan of receipt to Evernote than I got with your camera app.

  • Tony Mujica

    Every soft cover moleskine that I’ve owned has fallen apart. It looks like this might be traditional hard cover binding. Is it?

    Also, this “not for Android” nonsense has go to stop. We all know that Droid blows away iPhone. This is a petty marketing scheme that will not win Droid users. We simply ignore these products until you comply. Remember this: “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!” lol

    • Curamente

      Tony, I have gotten around the issue of the moleskine spine coming unstuck (usually by the time I reach page 7) by ripping open the spine and applying some good old fashioned glue. (remember not to put back into jacket pocket until dry, because then your “struggle vill be very fruitless”.

      My limbic system / memory etc. relies hugely on Evernote and I am happy that moleskine and evernote are converging in a round about way.

    • rxfelix

      I have carried Moleskines in my back pocket for years. They lasted about six months apiece before falling apart until I bought a leather notebook cover from Saddleback Leather. They now last up to two years or until full.

      BTW, I think it’s disrespectful to Windows Phone users to provide utilities to iPhone _and_ Android users first… 😉

  • Robert

    Lots of companies release their apps first on one platform or another, so I’m confident we’ll see the Android version soon. No sense diverging the product line based solely on the hardware’s OS.

    I’m looking forward to photographing my handwritten notes into Evernote. That will be very useful. Typically, I leave them lying about, then on cleaning day, then go to the recycle bin. Soon I can save them in Evernote and recycle immediately! Cleaning day will be sooo much easier.

  • Jill Tooley

    I’m so excited about this! Not only do I love Evernote, but I also love the lost art form of physical note taking. What a delightful way to combine the two. 🙂

  • Dawn

    Won’t Camscanner App for Android work the same way?

  • JL

    So, can’t pre-order to Canada and when I go to Moleskin Store website, Standard Shipping to Canada is $28.95, not including duties or taxes!!! I’ll wait, thanks. Last time I checked, we are ON THE SAME CONTINENT, and our dollar is at par.

  • Dave

    Android version pretty please!

    • Tim


  • Sheila Sullivan

    A great idea – WHEN will the Android version be available outside of the USA????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      It’s coming!

      • Tim

        Riiight. When they develop more android products, they’ll get right on it….

  • Halva

    Would love to see this on Windows Phone. I use Evernote on Nokia’s Lumia all the time for business.
    Also +1 for being outside of the USA.

  • Carl Parrish

    I’m confident that the Android version will soon be upon us. As soon as that happens I’ll be happy to pick this up. Until then its simply something for me to keep my eye on.

  • Ravneson

    No Windows Phone love…? (great blending of analog digital though 🙂 )

  • CR13

    Send out that email again when the Android app is ready and I’m sure you’ll get a more positive response 😉
    The only iOS I have is an older iTouch and nothing will help the camera on it take better pictures of text.

    But my phone takes great text pictures, as I’m sure a lot of phones now do, why not sell the stickers without the book? Or is that part of the overall deal with Moleskine?

  • Janus Kannuberg

    Wish it was for Android also.

  • Vanessa

    I love this idea. However, I am rather disappointed this is exclusive to iOS users only. As someone has already pointed out, when are companies going to realize there are a lot of Android users out there? It’s a shame really. Evernote and Moleskin are definitely cutting out a lot of potential buyers. *shaking head*

  • Avram Friedman

    I am amazed by all the comments about Android devices.

    Mind you I think the Android OS is wonderful as are most Android devices.

    I wonder how many commenters actually read the following line in the description of the service

    ” then save it all with Evernote’s new iOS Page Camera feature”

    You see it is not Evernote’s new Page Camera feature.
    It is not Android’s Page Camera feature
    it is iOS’ Page Camera feature!!!

    Evernote is doing a nice job of exploiting an iOS feature.
    Now should Evernote write a page camera feature for Android?
    I think it is outside of there product line.

    On the other hand I am sure something like the page camera feature will be available some day on Anddroids. Then Evernote or one of the many independent developers produceing products for the Evernote platform will exploit it.

  • Hani

    +1 for Android!

  • JP

    Would love to put my hand on one of those. This is the best of both world all in 1! This just great, in some cases it’s easier to draw/write things down a paper but you’d like to have it digital so that it is easier to “remember”. This is the full transcripting process, when 1+1 is more than 2.

  • Al

    Sounds cool but at that price it is never going in my backpack.

  • Susie Wyshak

    I love that as I was recently inventing this in my mind Moleskine and Evernote had already done it! Luckily I’m at the end of my old school Moleskine notebook!

  • lallous

    I hope you add support for Windows Phones too.

    I don’t believe in “Number #1” or “Number #2” phones, I believe each person has his taste and I chose Windows Phone.

  • Alison

    This is a great idea but I was a bit worried to see that it’s a “limited edition” in the description – what do we all do when the limit is reached?
    I just received mine pre-ordered from the Moleskine UK website- absolutely beautifully designed notebook with the embossed front cover and the Evernote green elastic and bookmark – much nicer than the plain black. Even though I’m a very long term user of Evernote and a big, big fan, I still use paper notes too and I’d buy this whether it worked with Evernote or not!

  • Flobright

    I received the Smart Notebook last week and have been having a play. The handwriting recognition is OK – doesn’t recognise all my writing, but gets most of it.

    Currently, handwriting recognition can only be used to search the notes. It would be really nice to be able to extract the text so I can edit any notes I make. Are there any plans to add this functionality in future?

    The notebook is lovely quality, as you would expect from Moleskine. I’m disappointed with the high price tho’. It is twice the cost of the equivalent “dumb” notebook, the Moleskine Classic (which is already pricey at around £12). It seems a lot extra to get patterned paper and a few stickers! Would really like to see the price come down to something more palatable.

  • Trinitie

    It’s a notebook. Seriously, what is the big deal?

  • ben

    Little green robot.

  • Lisa

    I love Evernote and loved the idea of bridging Evernote with paper world…but unfortunately, delivery to Canada is SO excessive that it will cost 2x the price to get one of these books.

    Once again, the neighbours to the north are forgotten. Time to get a Canadian store to carrier the products.

  • Shawna

    Dang I bought this notebook and then realized it didn’t work with the Android app. 🙁 you should make that more obvious.

  • erwin

    do the microdots work with a livescribe pen ????? if so i would like to command one because of de nice view/front.

  • Jari

    No Android, no purchase.

  • Simon MacDonald

    Please line up a distributor so you can sell these new notebooks in Canada.

  • Tim

    I’ve been a paying user of evernote for some time. I have quite a bit of information stored here. I use it for work to catalog business intelligence and this tool would be great for me, especially since I cant always use electronics OTJ. Unfortunately, I am unwilling to ditch android for iOS.

    Evernote, you’d better hope that I (and others) don’t find a similar solid alternative because I will not be renewing my subscription when I do.

    Take some friendly advice, spend a little money and develop more apps that work on both platforms. I know your making money on me. we’d both be happy.

  • pfm1040

    I must be missing something here since if I need to carry a special type of paper AND rely on trying to get a photo of the page (which always seems slightly difficult), why not use something like LiveScribe, which requires a special paper and pen, but can send the page to Evernote without messing with the camera (framing, focus, lighting …)?

    • Tom

      Livescribe does work quite well. If they could develop a pen that fit your hand better, like most standard pens, I would gladly go back to using it. One other problem I see with the Livescribe pen, is the fact that I need to carry the docking station in order to charge and/or synchronize to the computer and Evernote.

  • Blair

    I agree with the comments about a lack of Android support. In one of the videos about the moleskine it tooks about “any device”. It is not obvious that you need an app for which there is only an iOS version.

    I’m surprised that many companies continue to produce iOS apps long before Android, considering Android is a bigger market both in terms of market share and growth.

    I am a member of a private list of business people who are discussing physical notebook solutions right now. I was about to mention this until I notice the lack of Android support.

  • Barry Pokorney

    WELL DONE, Evernote!. I have been a user of both and I am a fan. Now, if you would have Moleskin print the paper so that Live Scribe could read it, well, that would be a completely DIGITAL solution. The Livescribe pen would capture the written note and then upload it to the users computer and Evernote! No camera needed.

    The paper just needs a faint registration, I’m told, to digitize whatever is written or drawn on the paper.

    Please, just check it out.

  • Tiago Vieira

    See the notebooks that I created:
    You can find notebooks and daily planners. These products offer a good design and quality paper. In the daily planner you can organize your appointments and your tasks in a simple and efficiency way.

    You can order how many as you want and you can personalize it with your name for example, and it’s free.

    More information send an email to:

    Thank you

  • grudo

    Good grief, why no Android app?

  • Fiona

    It’s a shame there’s no Android version as yet. I’m very interested! Until then, thank you to all those who recommended Camscanner. I’ve just downloaded it.

  • S-Werks

    I already use moleskine and I really like Evernote. This is a great combination. My recommendations:

    Add software to make your own stickers using your own categories/tags.
    Partner with Avery for sticker labels.
    Add this as a premium feature for revenue.

    Now I can use the existing notes on my years of moleskine notebooks. Also, I don’t like the grid paper or the hardbacks. I use soft covers with no grid.

    Aquiring Penultimate was a good move. Now I want an iPad.

  • Ɲiƈoℓas Ȁ. Ṩégaud

    No Android = Shame! Some Evernote documentation mentioned upcoming page camera on Android but nothing in the update!

    • AndrewSinkov

      We’re working on it.

  • Nathan Chandra

    I was able to check out the Evernote HQ during a meet-up. Even better, I won a raffle that included an Evernote smart notebook. This company is doing some amazing things! Keep up the good work!

  • Axat Tech

    I am thinking about to buy this Smart notebook. can you share some thing more about this features.

  • amuramoto

    For a complete rundown on the features of the Evernote Smart Notebook, check out or our user guide

  • JB

    Can I, and How do I add a new page to the same note when the first page goes below the keyboard on iPad? Not a new note, just a second page to continue the same note?

  • amuramoto

    Evernote does not support pagination within individual notes.

  • Bob

    Love the partnership of Evernote’s electronic ideals of searchable and archival aspects with the quick convenience of a notebook from Moleskine. Well executed.

  • 300 Below, Inc.

    I’ve read all the materials on your website… but I’m still confused about what this smart notebook does. *Why* would someone want to buy this?

  • Notebooks Manufacturers

    Happy with the new idea but want to know if this is applicable for all category Moleskine Notebooks

  • chuck

    Where is this for Blackberry? Many note takers use Blackberries.

  • Dave

    Hi, I just bought moleskine weekly planner 2015. When I take a pitture the stickers are correctly associated to tags but are not associated to different notevole setted.

  • Sri Rahayu

    Is there a moleskine evernote daily or weekly planner?

  • Giacomo Lawrance

    I love Moleskines and Evernote!

  • David@technologyupdates

    Moleskine is the maker of beautifully designed notebooks and accessories that are the go-to choice for creative individuals of all types. While these notebooks are beloved for their quality and style, they suffer from an issue common to all physical notebooks…they’re physical.