The Totally Redesigned Evernote Trunk

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 24 Aug 2012

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 24 Aug 2012

If you read our blog, then you already know that Evernote offers many great applications including Evernote, Skitch, Penultimate, Clearly, Evernote Food, Evernote Hello and others. But did you know that there are over 15,000 developers around the world building products and services that work with Evernote?

To showcase the best work of our partners, we built the Evernote Trunk. The Trunk is our curated collection of apps, products and services that help you to get the most out of Evernote, hand-selected and regularly updated by our editorial staff. You’ll find apps, gadgets and how-to guides, plus T-shirts and other gear that let you show off your Evernote love.

After many months of work, we’re proud to unveil the next generation of the Evernote Trunk. We’ve redesigned it for better usability and organization and we think you’re really going to like it.

For new Evernote users, the Trunk provides a complete collection of our applications and instructions on how to get started. Are you an Evernote power user looking to take Evernote to the next level? In the Trunk, you’ll find a multitude of hardware and software products providing everything from business card scanning to expense management to simply creating better memories — and they all work with Evernote.

Newbie or ninja, the all-new Evernote Trunk has something for you. You can browse the entire collection by platform (iOS, Android, etc.) or by subject (travel, school, etc.). And we’re regularly adding new products and services. Take a look and let us know what you think. You can find the Trunk in our Mac, Windows and iPad apps, or at

Developers: got a great idea for a new Evernote integration? Get in touch with us. We’re always looking for excellent integrations to include in the Trunk and we’d love to help you build something awesome.


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  • Steve B

    The multiple photo upload on the iPhone app is brilliant – at last !

  • Jürgen Haas

    Like it a lot but the one disappointing thing – which has been there in previous versions too – is missing navigation features. Especially a “Go back” butoon is desperetly needed, ideally so that it doesn’t have to load the content again, but to display the previous content from a local cache.

  • Nathan Sudds

    The new Trunk looks great, but is it possible in this newly redesigned amazing Trunk — there’s no Search feature?

  • Mary V

    I do like the new style of the trunk is a lot better than what it used to be.

    I was looking at evernote hello and it has the right pictures but the wrong words it has words for Evernote food so you might wanna check that out get that corrected it might confuse some people.

    Also I’m still not for sure that everything is listed in your apps/partners because I went to look at all them and when I scroll down to see what apps that are related I would find some that weren’t actually in the list to begin with.

  • Soni C

    Love the Trunk redesign but you still need more Android apps.

  • Kenn

    FYI, the Overview of the Android version of Evernote Hello in the Trunk is actually a description of Evernote Food. Might want to fix that. 🙂

    • Geoffrey Barry

      Thanks for flagging! Should be correct here: Send us a link if you find anything else for us to check out.

  • Jane

    I sure wish someone could show me how to get my ScanSnap S1100 to put a scanned document into Evernote! And install the web clipper on my laptop. I’m older than the boomers but I still think I can handle some simple instructions!!

    • Karen

      Just got the Scansnap S1300i, but I assume it will work about the same.
      Plug the Scansnap into your computer and wait for the blue button to stop flashing (ready to scan).
      Right click on the Scansnap icon in your tray and select “Scan Button Settings” Uncheck “Use Quick Menu”. If you have not installed Evernote as one of the applications it can scan to, click on the “Applications” tab and click on “Add or Remove”. Click on “Add” and navigate to the Evernote program and add it.Close and apply.
      Click on the down facing arrow on the “Profile” button (on the top right) and select the profile you want that has an Evernote icon by it. Select the Scanning,File Options, Paper, etc tabs and set the desired option. Save it to that Profile. It should work for you then. If you scan JPG, it will send each document to a separate note and it seems to go to whatever notebook you happen to have highlighted in your Evernote program. If you select PDF, it will make a multiple page PDF, but each page needs to be the same size.
      Hope that helps. I’m still playing with it myself.

  • santos

    Does evernote has a feature Where i can collect email addresses on my skin along of my choice compiled for lateral use as i wish . Please let me know Thank you .

  • Hans Christiansen

    If you´ve written an email on your iPhone, and you want to add one ore more Pictures or documents – how do you do that.

  • Mark P

    PLEASE make a CRM App you are almost there.
    I could just tag my customers info and retrieve their file in a jiffy. Make notes, set alerts and reminders and move on.
    to selling
    PLEASE GUYS. I know you can come up with a brilliant App

    Thank you

  • Kjio

    The Evernote Trunk is really useful! With almost a millions apps available, some pre-selection is mandatory, some good pre-selection is a gift! I discovered Beesy for professionals on the trunk and I’m so grateful to Evernote Team for having giving me the opportunity to find such a good app.