Trunk Spotlight: Visual Conference Calling with UberConference, Special Invite for Evernote Users

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 29 Aug 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 29 Aug 2012

  • App/developer name: UberConference
  • Platform: Web
  • Price: Free / Premium plan available soon
  • Type: Conference Calling

Conference call systems can sometimes be a challenge to use. You need to enter a long and complicated PIN (which is easily mistyped), and on calls with larger groups, it’s hard to know who’s on the call or talking at any given time. UberConference takes the pain out of conference calls. When you connect your Evernote account with UberConference, you’ll enjoy a completely new conference call experience. Participants are authenticated based on their phone number (not a PIN) and call summaries along with images of participants and stats are automatically sent to your Evernote account, where you can add notes and Note Links to related notes in your account. Keeping track of your calls and action items has never been easier. Let’s see how it works.

Getting Started

Connecting UberConference to your Evernote Account

To make your conference calls more useful to you after you get off the phone, be sure to connect UberConference to your Evernote account. After you log into your account, go to the Settings page. Under Link Accounts, click the button that says Connect to Evernote. You’ll be asked to enter your username and password to authorize your account. Once authenticated, UberConference will create a special notebook in your Evernote account where all of your call summaries will be saved.

Schedule calls directly from UberConference, then use a mobile phone or landline to dial in. Be sure to log into your UberConference account to see when participants join, who’s talking throughout the call, select to record the call, and more. Once you’ve set up a call, UberConference will send a text message to your mobile phone (if you’re using one) with a reminder that your call is coming up, and will also alert you when the first participant has joined. This saves busy professionals those precious few minutes typically spent sitting around waiting for the call to actually start. When the call is over, a summary of the call with the recording (if the call has been recorded), any chats and stats, will be automatically sent to your Evernote account.

UberConference  + Evernote

As an Evernote user, you’ll find that UberConference lets you get more out of your conference calls. Beyond saving you time by letting your join calls without a PIN and alerting you when participants have joined the call, UberConference lets you tie important information like call agendas, meeting summaries, and previous conversations to call summaries that are all stored in your Evernote account. Once in your Evernote account, call summaries can be edited to include additional notes, as well as Note Links to notes you’d like to associate with specific conversations.

Quickly pull in contacts from your social networks

To help you quickly schedule calls, without digging through your address book, UberConference also lets you connect your account with Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, so you can invite any of your contacts to a call, and view contact information by clicking on profile pictures. From scheduling to follow-up, UberConference creates a seamless user experience for professionals who take anywhere from two to twenty calls per day.

Special invite for Evernote users

UberConference is currently in waitlist-only closed beta, but the company has offered Evernote users an opportunity to  check out the service using this link. The service is free to use; the company plans to introduce a premium level plan with additional features in the near future.


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  • sandy lenner

    How do I connect UberConference to my Evernote account ?
    Do I need to sign into Uberconference and enroll five new people first?

  • Mie

    Hi Sandy,

    You can connect UberConference and Evernote by clicking on your login name at the top right. Choose Settings, then Link Accounts. There, you’ll find options for several services, including Evernote, where you’ll then need to authorize UberConference to connect.

    You do need to create an account, but you don’t need to enroll five people first.