Evernote Sharing Improvements: New Design, Permissions and Re-sharing


Evernote Sharing Improvements: New Design, Permissions and Re-sharing

Posted by on 07 Sep 2012

Posted by on 07 Sep 2012


Editor’s Note: This note was updated with minor edits on June 5, 2015 to more accurately reflect the current Evernote feature set.

Update 9/17/2012: You don’t need a client update to see the sharing improvements described in this post.

Today, Evernote Web, Evernote for Mac and Evernote for Windows got a number of much-requested sharing improvements. You can now easily update sharing permissions for individuals, and you can even allow others to re-share your notebooks. In addition, the whole sharing interface got a nice redesign. Let’s take a look.

Changing Permissions

Changing notebook permissions used to be a hassle. Not anymore. If you decide to change someone’s permission from read-only to modify and back again, simply open the sharing options for that notebook. You’ll now see a drop down menu near the names of everyone who has access. Click on the drop down and change the permissions. Then click done. That’s it.

I Share, You Share

If you’re working with another department at your company, you can now share a notebook with the head of that department. With the new functionality, she can share that notebook with individuals within her group.

To re-share a notebook, select “Modify and Invite Others” from the permission menu. If at some point you would like to revoke or change that permission, you can do so by following the instructions above.

All of the notebooks that aren’t yours, but that you have permission to re-share, are listed in the sharing screen below your own notebooks.

View Notes and Activity

We’ve created a new read-only permission level called View Notes and Activity that pushes notebook updates into the recipient’s Activity Stream in the desktop versions of Evernote. This is great if you want to keep people aware of changes to your notebook without granting them access to edit your notes.

A new look

Our sharing interface was getting a little long in the tooth. We made all of the buttons and labels clearer, and significantly improved usability of the menus and screens. We hope you like it.

More to come

Sharing notes and notebooks with your friends or your team is an incredibly useful way to share ideas and keep your projects on track. There are many more enhancements to come. Stay tuned.


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  • Mickey

    (Note: I love Evernote, and will continue to extol its awesomeness to everyone, but…)

    The title excited me, but I leave disappointed.

    In Dropbox (and Google Drive), my folders look like this:

    – Folder A
    – Folder B (shared)
    – Folder C

    In Nozbe, my task lists look like this:

    – List A
    – List B (shared)
    – List C

    However, in Evernote they look like this:

    – Notebook A
    – Notebook C

    Where is “Notebook B” that a friend shared with me? Under a completely separate tab, with the notes not appearing in my main “all notes” tab, nor easily searchable.

    Among my peers, it’s a race to share first. If I share the folder, it’s in with my main stuff. If I accept a shared folder, it’s buried back in the “shared” area.

    Is this a technical hurdle you can’t get past, or do you consider this the better way to do it?

    • Bruce Grieve

      I have exactly the same problem as Mickey. I was hoping the sharing improvements would fix it, but sadly it does not. I also don’t think shared folders can be offline on my iPad? Key reason we cancelled our company account.

  • Andrew

    I agree with Mickey. This is one area that sharing on Evernote falls short and feels clunky by comparison with other shared file/folder services.

    Two other major downfalls with sharing in Evernote that our office has experienced are:

    1) You can’t share a notebook with sub-notebooks. This means you may have to share multiple notebooks with another user, and they have no ability to move notes between notebooks for organization purposes.

    2) Users that don’t own the notebook can’t add their own tags to notes. I can see why you might want to prevent this, but there should also be the option to allow it too.

    Hopefully these are being worked on as the blog post says, many more enhancements are to come!

  • Elisa

    I don’t see the update for Evernote on Mac. Is it because I’m in Canada?

  • JMichael

    As of Sep 8, 2012 2:00 AM CST, no updates are available to EN Mac 3.3.0.
    Evernote > Check for Updates says “You’re up-to-date! Evernote 3.3.0 is currently the newest version available.”

    When will you actually release the new version, and what will the version# be?

  • Dan

    Is it now possible to share a notebook and other anonymous user will be able not only read the notebook but also can edit the notebook without login in?

  • Charles Mount

    How do I get the new version? Do I download it from the website or will me desktop version be automatically updated?


    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Charles, select to check updates from your desktop version, then update.

      • Charles Mount

        Kasey, thanks for that. I’ve got it set for automatic updates.

  • JMichael

    When will the new version of EN Mac be released?

    As of Sat, Sep 8, 2012 5:00 pm CST, no updates are available from EN Mac 3.3.0.

    Have you released updates for EN Win and EN Web?

  • Barbara

    I love Evernote but with this last upgrade it has been crashing a lot. I’m the official Evernote trainer for all of my friends and co workers. I think it is difficult for some to learn this app but once someone does they love it. Thank you for this app but please fix it.

  • JMichael

    After all this time Shared Notebooks still have a serious limitation: Searching

    You are limited to searching within one Shared NB at a time. Searching in your account does NOT search ANY of the notebooks that have been shared with you.

    What’s worse is that Evernote does not document this major limitation anywhere.
    So this misleads many people into thinking that Shared Notebooks is a good solution for them, only to discover after they have implemented this approach and entered many Notes that it will NOT work due to the searching constraint.

    Does Evernote have any plans to make searching global, to include all shared NB in searches in your account?

    • Bill Ziobro

      I completely agree. I just started sharing notebooks and while it looks great on my end, it isnt easy on the end of the person getting the shared notebook.

  • Eduardo

    When will the Mac App Store version be updated?

    • Christian

      I am also interested in the new MAS version!

  • maggie kean

    Just went premium to make shared notes editable … but WHERE IS THE MAC VERSION?
    Not in the App Store, Check for Updates says I’m up-to-date …

  • Eduardo

    So 3.3.1 is now in the Mac App Store but the release notes say it only “improves scanner support” ???? WTF?

  • Cyrus

    Yup just got 3.3.1 for Mac and you cannot share an editable notebook (can only view notes/view notes & activity) any news on when this will be available for the mac?

  • Jesus Sanchez

    When I try to share the ‘modify’ options don’t show up, only ‘view’. Am I doing something wrong? I’m using a PC.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Jesus, modification rights are only available to Premium users. Are you a Premium or Free Evernote user?

  • LaShae

    First, let me say I love Evernote for my small design business! Love the easy syncing on all devices.

    I’m a premium user, my assistant is a free user. We are able to share a notebook but I am unable to see the image she included in one of her notes. Help….

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      LaShae, in order for both of you to be able to modify notes in a Shared Notebook, both of you need to be Premium.

      • Shaun Hunt

        Premium users can create shared notebooks that may be edited by free users. Images added by the free user should appear in your account. I use this feature all the time.

        The BIG DRAWBACK is that the person at the other end (either free or premium account)CANNOT SEARCH for your content unless they first select the notebook containing that content. In otherwords, if you share multiple notebooks then the person at the other end has a serious search limitation. I only discovered this AFTER sharing multiple notebooks for my employees to access shared data. I was shocked to discover this limitation.

  • Bruce Greer

    I love the sharing feature, I use evernote for basically all my online work now. I have to admit that I am also using google docs a lot, since it is easier to share and do online editing with my clients.

    I am worried that google will create as good as clip to notebook service as evernote has, and then they will have everything I need. I guess on the other end, evernote (or a developer) could merge this with a Sync to google docs option , that allows better sharing.

  • Chris Montoya

    I am waiting for Evernote to allow users I’ve shared a note book with to move or copy notes from their other notebooks into the shared notebook. It would make it so much more convenient for my family to share information on the go. Thank you. – Chris

  • Alex

    Is it possible for more than one person to add things to a shared notebook? Or am I missing something in the set up?

  • Micael

    Hi Evernote team,

    I wonder why I have to subscribe for a premium account to share an evernote note? In Onenote this feature is free.


  • chinarut

    ok – i get from this post there is a new “View Notes & Activity” option – can someone explain in a bit more detail in regards to what is *not* shared if I were only to select “View Notes” with someone? how do you guys use the “View Notes & Activity” feature?

  • Jen

    YES, we are Premium, both of us. I have successfully shared to my husband. From his account however, we are having a prob getting “Share this Notebook” right-click to WORK. It creates a popup window, but it’s incomplete. I logged out and back in as him, no change. Stumped. Had “chat” in another window, but they were taking a really long time. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when we right-click to share: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s411/res/21adac81-3b80-4894-9ffa-560d85305f9a/resource.jpg?resizeSmall&width=786

  • scott

    Hello I have been using evernote for personal for a bit , have recently upgraded to the 5$ version . I can share now but people still they can not add to my notes. I am a general contractor and each note is a job site , As the men finish the job on site I want them to be able to check them of in real time . When I read about the product it seem doable. please help I have never try a blog in my life am curious to see if these things work