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How to Use Evernote and Evernote Hello to Streamline Recruiting: A Salon Owner’s Story

How to Use Evernote and Evernote Hello to Streamline Recruiting: A Salon Owner's Story

Posted by Chris Murphy on 10 Sep 2012

Posted by Chris Murphy on 10 Sep 2012

  • Name: Chris Murphy
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Profession: Co-Owner/Salon Director
  • Company: MFX SalonSpa
  • Website:


Chris Murphy is the co-owner and salon director of MFX SalonSpa in Austin, Texas. Chris works with salon and spa owners throughout the U.S. and relies on Evernote to not only manage his business and various speaking opportunities, but to remember people and improve his company’s recruiting and HR processes.

I use Evernote, Everywhere

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I use Evernote for…managing my salon business

I had downloaded Evernote a while ago but couldn’t really wrap my head around how I could incorporate it into my business until I had lunch with Real Estate Ambassador Krisstina Wise. Once she filled me in on the ways she was using Evernote for her business, I thought that I should really have another look. And suddenly, all of the different ways I could be using it just hit me. Now, I don’t know how I could live without it.

I own an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa with multiple physical locations, so one of the most important things to me about Evernote is that it syncs and information I capture is available anywhere. The salon industry is a labor intensive industry so there are always lots of schedules to stay on top of, reviews to keep track of, etc. Being able to manage this type of information in Evernote and be able to access it from anywhere is so helpful.

In addition to the day-to-day management of information, one of the key areas of business that Evernote has majorly impacted is our recruiting process.

Evernote and Evernote Hello for recruiting

Aveda has institutes across the U.S. and because we have relationships with many of them, we tend to do on-site recruiting at different locations. We recruit most heavily from institutes in Austin, San Antonio and Houston. During our visits we usually give a presentation, after which we get approached by 50-60 people who want to learn more about our company and submit their resumes. Prior to Evernote, we didn’t have an efficient system for gathering contact information on site and staying connected with potential candidates.

Having recently downloaded Evernote Hello, I realized that we could be using it to take pictures of candidates who stopped by our table and capture all of their information right then and there. Because Evernote Hello syncs with Evernote, we could even pre-select a specific notebook (in our case, ‘Job Fairs’) to send all of these notes to. Now, instead of collecting business cards or writing down information on scraps of paper, we capture everything using Evernote Hello. I love that Evernote Hello also uses my phone’s GPS to capture the location where the note was taken — this makes it easy for me to connect certain faces with specific institute visits.

Our company has a 6 step recruiting process, and when you have a large volume of applicants rolling in, you can imagine it’s easy to get tripped up over where they are in the process. Between Evernote and Evernote Hello, we’ve been able to essentially streamline our system.

Creating a recruiting system inside of Evernote

We have several notebooks in a Notebook Stack that we use to manage the recruiting process. All of the applicants we capture using Evernote Hello get automatically saved to the ‘Job Fairs’ notebook. We have a separate notebook that includes all scanned resumes that we receive. We have another notebook that includes all applicants who we are interested in; we automatically send all of these applicants a list of questions as a first step. As candidates move through the process, we take notes along the way and funnel them on to the next step. If we decide not to move forward with a candidate, we add them to a separate notebook that we use as a reminder to notify these people.

Using Evernote as the central hub for our recruiting has allowed us to be a lot more efficient and provided more clarity around the recruitment process. I’m able to share recruiting notebooks with all of my managers, who can see applicants coming in, in real time. Plus, they can add their comments to all of the notes, so the interview and hiring process is really collaborative. Ultimately, we can process a larger volume of information and yet stay organized. We’re not a huge company with big management systems and using Evernote has really helped us! Evernote has completely changed how we do business; we end up hiring more quality people.

Evernote for performance reviews

In addition to being instrumental in our recruiting process, Evernote has also played an important role in the way that we handle performance reviews. We create a note for each team member in Evernote and then refer to the individual’s note during our monthly meeting, adding notes each time. Because everything is in Evernote, multiple people (including myself and a team leader) can edit the note simultaneously; I can have my iPad in the meeting, while the team lead can be taking notes on his/her device at the same time, throughout the conversation. Later, we can share the note with the team member we reviewed so they can have access to all of our feedback.


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  • Samuel Minier-Harvey

    Nice use of evernote, but it’s illegal to use it that way in Quebec, Canada because of the laws. :/

  • Gabriel

    Can someone advise me where there are simple layman’s instructions on how to use Evernote, I have had it downloaded fora number of months and cannot for the life of me understand how to access files . Anyone’s help QLD be gratefully accepted

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Have you checked out our Getting Started Guide? That and some of our videos ( are a great place to start!

  • krisstina Wise

    Excellent post. I LOVE this idea to use Evernote for a recruiting system …. Thank you for sharing how you are using both Evernote and Evernote Hello…I’m going to incorporate your idea into my own business.

  • Morgan Swanson

    This is an amazing app and very useful networking tool! I was just wondering though, If there is any kind of option on the iphone Evernot hello app where people can have the option to take a picture of their business card and it can be stored with their contact info, so I can input all their info later if it a quick pass by interaction, or a way that in my contact info I can have my business card sent to them with all my info as well?

    • Chris Murphy

      Your suggestion for taking a picture of a business card and then later entering the information into Evernote Hello is certainly one way you could do it. Although, a better way might be to take a picture using the camera in Evernote and store those contacts in folder marked “Contacts”. This will allow you to easily search for contacts later on using Evernote’s powerful search capabilities.

      As far as a way to have your contact info sent to a new contact, this is an automatic feature of Evernote Hello. As part of your initial configuration and setup, you will be asked to populate your contact information in Evernote Hello. Once you meet someone and populate a new record with your new contact’s information. Evernote Hello will automatically send them a “Nice To Meet You” email with a customizable message from you and your contact information. A nice touch, and a very powerful way to connect with people.

  • Claudio Crivelli

    Just installed Evernote Hello.
    Signed in with my Evernote premium account.
    Connected with Linkedin Account for a richer experience…… where is the rich part?
    It is ridiculous that I still have to fill in personal data like first name and last name… Uninstalled the app.