Evernote World: How an Argentinian Musician Uses Evernote to Compose Music

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Evernote World: How an Argentinian Musician Uses Evernote to Compose Music

Posted by Juan Carrizo on 20 Sep 2012

Posted by Juan Carrizo on 20 Sep 2012


Juan is a guitarist, composer and orchestral audio visual entrepreneur. He lives in Argentina and works as a freelance musician and composer. His interest in technology led him to discover Evernote, which he now uses daily to save musical inspirations, audio notes for projects, and notes related to his production work.

I use Evernote, Everywhere

  • Mac
  • iPhone

I use Evernote for…recording tunes, anywhere, anytime

Before I started using Evernote, I found myself forgetting the new tunes that came to my head while I would be walking to the supermarket or waiting in line at the bus stop. I wanted to find a way to capture them immediately so I could use them when I began to compose; Evernote turned out to be the perfect solution. With Evernote, I can record anywhere, anytime, and not worry about losing that inspiration if I’m not near my guitar.

I am always on the move, so I use the audio feature in Evernote on my iPhone to record myself whistling a melody, tagging, as needed, to make these notes easier to find later. At home, I listen to the recording and then play it on my guitar. I also use Evernote on my desktop to record what I’m playing. Being able to seamlessly switch from my mobile device to my laptop or desktop is very useful.

Evernote consolidates my recordings from various devices into a nice database of content that allows me to tap into my ideas whenever I feel. In my notes, I keep anything from melodies I whistle to drafts of letters, ideas for promotion, guitar playing and songwriting techniques I need to remember, and ideas for my blog. I also use the save to Twitter feature to send interesting tweets I might want to revisit to my Evernote account.

Tagging in Evernote

If you’re new to Evernote, I recommend you make use of tags and create a tagging system that works for you. It takes practice at the beginning, but it’s worth taking the time to create a logic with tags. Staying consistent with your tags will help you keep your notes in order and allow you to get the most out of Evernote. I also suggest you take the time to explore the various features and extensions available for Evernote (including Notebook Stacks, the Web Clipper, Evernote Clearly, and more); it’s very likely that Evernote can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


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  • Tiago

    One thing that I really can’t understand is why Evernote records audio clips in a such low quality. It is almost useless for registering chords progressions for instance. It records audio at 13.0kbps, 8.0kHz which is way too low. It’s even hard to understand a speech in a noisy background. A 64.0kbps, 44.1kHz format (as used by iPhone’s Voice Memo app) is much more adequate producing good quality audio quality while generating small size files.

    • Shane Phillips

      U can use the audio on the iPhone and then email me into your evernote account

    • Dragan Ruzic

      Wouldn’t the better quality still increase the size of each audio clip?
      It might be a storage issue for the Evernote Corp. and I believe even one of the reasons why they still haven’t offered us the option of video filming either.

      My working process of notating the musical ideas must therefore start in Curio (http://www.zengobi.com/ no aff.) which is my digital whiteboard. It’s a great program and I have several short films sorted per each song they’re related to, good organizing and very powerful options.
      The problem is that it’s all still and only on my MBA 11, laptop which I don’t always carry with me.

      If I could do it from the scratch in Evernote it would be fantastic, the only way to get the films there is to go into the Curio file – package info and then drag the videos (.mov) on to a note in Evernote.
      Tack about a _workaround_ …

  • Travis

    +1 to what Tiago said. I keep expecting on every update to see a user definable audio option to choose between 13kbps and 64kbps. We now how a great user definable way to get better snapshots of pages, so why not an option for vastly improved audio quality? I know the fear is file sizes, but most audio that would need higher quality is <5min and thus below the file size limits. These bigger file sizes would actually give me a reason to start going over the 60mb/month limit and I'd gladly start paying 🙂

  • Portll

    I keep hoping to see 64k – but I fear the EN team fear people using it as a MP3 collection of crud-quality files. In reality, most people want 320k and up for music. Even 64k is challenging if you’re hearing or layering anything remotely complicated.

    Still, it’d be nice to have rules back – just basic automatic date tagging and tag grouping would be nice – not necessarily an invasive rules engine.

    Can’t see either happening anytime soon.