Beautiful Shared Notes and Evernote Web Improvements


Beautiful Shared Notes and Evernote Web Improvements

Posted by on 01 Oct 2012

Posted by on 01 Oct 2012

Experiencing Evernote on the Web just got a lot nicer. There’s a completely new design for shared notes and lots of improvements to the overall look of our web interface.

Single Note Sharing

Every version of Evernote lets you share individual notes with anyone via social networks like Twitter and Facebook or more privately over IM and email. We’ve given the shared notes a beautiful online makeover that puts the note content front and center.

When viewing someone’s note, click on the Share icon to re-share it with the social network of your choice. If the shared note has several images in it, then click on the Slideshow icon to launch the Slideshow View. Plus, if you’re logged into Evernote Web, then you can copy the shared note into your account.

A Cleaner Look for Evernote Web

In this update, we also made some significant visual improvements to our Web version. We redesigned all of the notebook icons, added a label to the top of the note list so that you know what notebook you’re in, and improved the green bar along the top of the app with larger, clearer text. For users with small screens, we made it easier to hide the left panel using the new hide and show arrow at the bottom of the note list.

Check out Evernote Web for yourself and lets us know what you think of the improvements.


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  • Arco

    Nice redesign!
    There is only one thing I just can’t understand, why is there no default font in the web version. Most times I create my notes on Mac, Windows or Android those all have Arial as default. But when I open the notes in the webversion they do not have a particular font, just the browsers default.

  • Photojenic

    Looks great!

  • jbhq

    just for a moment I had hoped …
    (you are doing such a good job … BUT …)
    these list view date column widths still do irritate
    they are SO wasteful … and besides … just don’t look good.

  • Anubha

    I am loving the new design. Its cleaner and greener :)) However, the name of the notebooks don’t appear properly…For a notebook called Mailbox, It appears as “Mail…(NoteCount)”

    Can’t seem to understand why that is!

  • Marcel

    This is now the second time that someone has deleted my detailed comment at this place. It this a bug??


  • mathew

    To be honest, I’d much rather you spent your development effort adding the missing functionality to the web client — like providing a way to edit the created date and subject date, and a way to choose my preferred date format.

  • Benjamin

    I’m just stsrting,but it seems powerful…thanks

  • Marcel

    The interface is better than before.

    Long time ago I have asked to remember the sort-order and the last view of the lists in the web-version. Now I have found out that the sort-order and the last view are saved in the cookies on my own computer which I have set to always automatically delete after every session for security reasons.

    In my opinion it is not optimal to save this states in the cookies because every time when starting the web-version on one of my friends computers there are often shown my most private notes and pics that I absolutly don’t want to see on other computers. It would be great to store the default view on your servers or make the default-view somehow selectable.

    One other thing that makes the web-version still not really usable is the following:

    I hope this will also be fixed some times.


  • Shane

    Argh…A table that I have in one of my shared notes is not completely showing in the web version. Users have to scroll over to the right to see the rest. Some will not notice that the scroll bar is all the way at the bottom of the page (it is a long table).

  • James Tiet

    It’s great, I used to hate the GUI of previous one as it is too much green color, but it is great now :), love it

  • cookimonster44

    I love this app.

  • Art Blackey

    Great job, I was looking forward to a new UI for the web version! Now, being able to choose the view like it is the desktop version would be part of national museum of awesomeness !

  • MrWagstaff

    Single note sharing: it is NOT beautiful (beautiful online makeover that puts the note content front and center) now that my clients cannot read my shared work schedules published in WIDE tables.

    Why force all shared notes into the centre of the screen? Many users create notes using the full wide screen viewing features in Evernote clients for Windows and Mac. To see these notes squeezed into a tiny portion centre of the screen when shared is beyond belief!!

    The horizontal scroll is not visible in a long note and it becomes necessary to VERTICAL scroll down to find the HORIZONTAL scroll bar by which time one loses the place at which it became necessary to horizontal scroll. This is very frustrating when I take an existing feature-spend many hours creating usable notes which I then publish to clients- THEN HAVING THAT FEATURE REMOVED!!!

    Please undo this damage or please add the function that exists in the Web version which allows the viewer to open the note in a new window and take advantage of wide screens.

    • MrWagstaff

      Still unable to view many shared notes in a browser properly due to the limit on the width of the note. It is hit and miss as to whether or not shared notes are usable or not. Shared notes are STILL not fit for purpose and it is beyond belief that this problem exists close to 3 years now.