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Quick Tip Friday: How to Share a Single Note

Quick Tip Friday: How to Share a Single Note

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 05 Oct 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 05 Oct 2012

There are a few different ways you can share single notes from your Evernote account: you can post them to your social networks, email them, or copy a public link to a note that you can send any way you like.

When you share a note with your social network and via a public link, you’ll notice that it’s presented in a beautiful new Web format (thanks to a recent redesign).

  • To share from the Web: Simply select the note you’d like to share, then hit the arrow in your formatting bar. From the dropdown, select if you’d like to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, via email, or by creating a public link.
  • To share from your desktop: Follow the same instructions as above. Instead of clicking the ‘Link’ option, select to Copy Share URL to Clipboard. Then, simply paste the link into your browser, calendar invite, document, or IM client. On your Windows machine, you’ll find the share button in your Toolbar.
  • To share from your mobile device: Tap on the note, then tap the arrow or sharing icon next to the editing pencil (if you’re using an Android device) in your formatting panel at the top or bottom of the screen, depending on the device you’re using. Your sharing options will include: Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Print.

When viewing a Shared Note in your browser, notice that you can save it to your Evernote account and re-share it to your network. This is useful when someone else has shared a note with you that you’d like to remember.

When this feature comes in handy

When might you want to share a single note? We couldn’t possibly cover every example, but here are just a few ideas:

  • Share a reading list you’ve compiled.
  • Share a list of restaurants you’d like to try.
  • Share an interesting article you read.
  • Share your holiday wish list.
  • Share a conference agenda or speaker list.

Have you tried this feature? How are you using single note sharing?


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  • Robert Oschler

    Quick tip drive-by.

    Can you pass this tip on to your readers? Free utility for power searching Evernote on Windows via Tags, for those that are heavy Tag users:

  • Sachiv Mehta

    once you share a note like this – can the other user edit it, and will that affect the note that i own…

    and are they free to move it to any of their other notebooks?


    I Love Evernote with all its features. Our hole team uses Evernote to share and archive. I miss te feature to colaborate and work together on/in one shared note(book).

    Love to hear more about this!

  • Nick

    Any chance of adding support to share single notes with specific users the way you can notebooks? Sometimes I have a note in a notebook that I want to share with a person, or even allow them to edit, but I don’t want to give them access to the whole notebook.

    • Ruth Baker

      I would like to see this feature too. What I wish is that I could share a single note directly to a specific shared folder I use for collaborating with a colleague.

    • Steve Chayer

      I’d like to see this too

    • Jason Smithe

      I would really like to see this as well

    • Muriel

      I would love to see the single-note sharing feature added, as well.

    • Gareth

      I agree, it would be massively useful to be able to share individual notes like you can with notebooks so that they are editable. This would be a major improvement. In business teams it would be very useful to be able to share specific notes with specific persons. This is not really sharing – it’s just copying a static note.

      • Ronda Scott


        As of yesterday, single note sharing is available in every client. Make sure you have the latest and give it a try!

  • jack. wiley

    I Bought a new Gaxley s 3 and can not get it to syn back to my mac or
    Mac to phone. Why or how to make it work again ??????
    And Merry Chirstmas

    • Jersey Dude

      You should have bought an iPhone.

      • passerby


  • Justin

    I’d like to see the functionality where a shared note can be edited on the fly by every shared user and then updated automatically in everyone’s notebook. For example, sharing a grocery list with my girlfriend, such that we can both update the same list remotely and then whoever gets to the grocery store has the complete list.

  • L.S.

    Does sharing (notes, notebooks, etc) affect the other person’s (the person you shared whatever with) monthly usage? If so, might want to be careful especially if that person is a Free user…

  • richard kraines

    How do i update the new screen to the android tablet

  • Jerome L.

    This is a great feature! I would also like to have the possibility to use my full name (as displayed in the upper right corner on evernote page) to identify a shared note, instead of my username.

  • MLT

    I want to share the actual Skitch file that I created with multiple users – this file would be a “template” that each user could manipulate, so it has to be an actual “editable” file. I made a simple map matching activity where students would drag text with the state name to the correct state. I want to share the file that can be manipulated, NOT an image or screen shot of the file. Is this possible in Skitch?

  • Andreas Blom-Bakke

    Make sure Auto Sync is enabled.

  • amuramoto

    When an Evernote user saves a note from a Shared URL, it saves a separate copy to their Evernote account. Any changes to this copy will not affect your original. Please be aware that this is not true of Shared Notebooks. For these you will want to make sure the user permissions are set to view only.

  • Mike

    It should be possible to share a note whereby the other person accepts and a copy is made of their note.

    Currently an HTML looking version of a note is shared via email that doesn’t quite copy correctly. i.e. if I receive a ‘shared note’ via email, and then forward it on to my Evernote, the formatting isn’t quite right.

    The formatting should be EXACTLY like the original note 😉