Trunk Spotlight – IPEVO USB Document Cameras

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 09 Oct 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 09 Oct 2012

  • Developer name: IPEVO
  • Platform: Max OS X 10.5, XP/Vista/Win 8
  • Price: $69 for Point2View, $89 for Ziggi
  • Type: Document Camera

We love seeing great partner integrations that let you easily put important information into your Evernote account. This one is definitely worth checking out. IPEVO document cameras let you digitize paper documents and their USB document camera models, the Point 2 View and Ziggi, even let you capture 3-dimensional objects. These cameras are great for anyone looking to digitize physical items or go entirely paperless, and they’re especially attractive for use in the classroom.

IPEVO and Evernote for Education

There are a number of ways IPEVO and Evernote can help both teachers and students be more successful in and out of the classroom. Teachers can use the document camera to project a lesson, then easily save their lesson sheet to a Shared Notebook in Evernote so students can access the material at home or later in the year. For students, the document camera makes collaborating easier; groups can project a document to easily work on it together, then save completed work to a Shared Notebook to submit to the teacher or to share their work with the rest of the class.

Together with Evernote, the IPEVO document camera can also help students create and maintain a digital portfolio. Students can capture projects, papers, and artwork using their IPEVO document camera and seamlessly save these artifacts to Evernote.

How it works

After you’ve launched the Presenter app that comes with your camera, be sure to click the Evernote icon in the top right corner to authorize your account. Once you’ve connected your Evernote account, you’ll be able to click the Evernote tab in the left navigation to take a snapshop of your object or document and save it right to your Evernote account. After you’ve snapped a photo, you can choose a note title and target notebook for your image so it’s easier to find in your account.

Have you tried the IPEVO document cameras? If not, how would you see yourself using one with Evernote?


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    KenAVision has released a new FREE document camera iPad APP for its line of document cameras and digital microscopes.
    The EduCam APP is easy to use. It shares the video image from a KenAVision camera with a classroom set of iPads and Androids. Advanced features allow a student or teacher to annotate, share and save the image.
    The initial APP is for Apple products, however a Widows based platform is being developed and an Android APP will be released soon. These advances will gretly enhance a BYOD program in your schools. Visualedtech