Trunk Spotlight - Sony Reader, Quality Reading For Your Evernote Content


Trunk Spotlight – Sony Reader, Quality Reading For Your Evernote Content

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 17 Oct 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 17 Oct 2012

Are you an avid reader and find yourself saving Web articles, research papers, or newspaper clippings to your Evernote account so you can browse them at your leisure? Consider checking out Evernote’s integration with Sony’s new PRS-T2 Reader, which lets you enjoy a great reading experience while taking advantage of the searchability of your Evernote account.

A better reading experience

Whether you are a student who needs to annotate research notes, a traveling professional who wants to catch up on in-depth news articles while at the airport, or a busy parent taking advantage of snippets of free time between drop-offs and pick-ups, the Sony Reader enables you to access and read the important content you’ve saved in Evernote at your leisure, on a device that is optimized for reading.

Once you’ve connected your Sony Reader with your Evernote account, the Reader will automatically sync your Evernote content to your device so you can access any article or post you’ve saved to your account and view it on a crisp screen. If you love being able to sit in your favorite chair and flip through physical pages, you’ll be pleased to know you can ‘turn pages’ with you finger by swiping across the page, recreating that feeling you love on the digital device.

Continue to add fresh content to your Evernote library with a simple click using Evernote Clearly and have it automatically sync to your Reader by managing settings in Evernote Clearly. For readers who want to save passages or add annotations, the integration also allows you to highlight excerpts of text and send notes to Evernote, so you can read and take notes at the same time.

How It Works

The Reader comes integrated with Evernote so all you have to do is click on Applications from the home page, click on Evernote Setup, and sign in with your username and password (the Reader must have a Wi-Fi connection). Next, select a destination notebook for content you want to download to the Reader and a notebook for uploading passages and annotations you want to save. To access the content in your destination notebook, simply go to Bookshelves on the homepage, and choose Evernote. There is also a sync button at the top to refresh, if needed.

If you’d like to save a passage or quote from an article you’re reading, use either your finger or the Reader pen to touch what you want to save for 2 seconds. A highlighting tool will appear so you can specify the text you want, highlight, or add a note. When done, choose Evernote from the Send To options.


We are giving away two Sony PRS-T2 Readers to two lucky winners. Simply leave a comment on this post that includes the hashtag #SonyReader, and respond to the question: “What kind of content in your Evernote account would you read using the Sony Reader?” We’ll select two random winners from the comments.

Note the PRS-T2 model in this giveaway is the UC version for North America that supports English, French, and Spanish only. Winners must be residents of North America. This giveaway closes on October 24, 2012. Official rules are here. Good luck!

[Update: This giveaway is now closed. The winners will be contacted directly. Thank you!]


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  • THolla

    Recipes! I use Evernote Food + Evernote to store recipes and it would be awesome to refer that using the ereader #SonyReader

  • Paul

    I’d read short stories that I find online saved using Clearly on the #SonyReader. I find new ones all the time and it would be great to read via this device.

  • Steve Arman

    I’m so happy to see the integration with the #SonyReader. I work with small businesses and I’m always scouring various sources of articles for content that would benefit my clients. I use Google Reader, Zite, and other resources. When something catches my eye, I immediately clip the article or whitepaper to my Evernote inbox to save for later reading.

    I love to just crack open my inbox in the evening and read the articles like a magazine. It’s one of my favorite features of Evernote. As a result, I’m always ready with topical ideas that benefit small businesses.

  • Dan Hamilton

    I’d like to read my email on #sonyreader

  • Karen Highland

    I would read news, blog posts and research, and even contracts, that I save to my evernote account on my #SonyReader. The mobility would be the greatest value… to read and research on the go, filling in those wasted times, like waiting at an appointment or waiting in line.

  • Jasmine White

    #SonyReader I would use it to read articles and notes for class. #collegestudent

  • Jennifer O'Connor

    I use Evernote to hold the hundreds of notes that I generate for my books, and to have that on an e-reader would be brilliant. Evernote is the most essential tool I have.


  • Bill Given

    I would use a Sony reader to review and annotate research notes for my blog #SonyReader

  • Rich Dailey

    The kind of content that I would read on the Sony Reader would be long-form journalism – stuff that you just don’t have the time to read from your desktop or laptop. I’m always saving interesting long reads into an Evernote folder for later consumption. Reading this on the Sony Reader’s e-ink display would be perfect.

  • Don Gentry

    I would use my new #SonyReader to go through the pictures I have on #Evernote, and share with my family the amazing year I have had !

  • Bill Greene

    I would use the #sonyreader and Evernote to help with work presentations and mind mapping exercises.

  • Poushal

    #SonyReader economic journals because that’s what I do now.

  • Chris Dee


    I would finally be able to snap pictures/scans of my binders and notebooks and be able to carry the information with me everywhere without having to drag around nearly 900 pages.

  • Ari Winokur

    I clip articles from news sites and from Wikipedia with Clearly. Then I often highlight key points, still using Clearly. I would definitely use #SonyReader to take those articles on the go!

  • Rodrigo Blanco

    What kind of content in your Evernote account would I read using the Sony Reader? The Stanford Social Innovation Review & Harvard Business Review mostly.. #SonyReader

  • Opher Banarie

    Wow, this integration with the #SonyReader looks very exciting! I would use it to access the technical reference documents I keep in Evernote. The automated PDF search features of Evernote make this the best way to find all related documents for a project I am working on.

    And speaking of working…I also have workout exercises in Evernote that would be handy to read using the #SonyReader, too!

  • Benzo

    I send a lot of articles, essays, and journals to my Evernote from work and from my iPhone to read later. I’ve been trying to decide between a Kindle or a Sony Reader for catching up on all of my reading while saving my eyes, and Evernote integration puts the Sony way ahead!

  • Michael Johnson

    I would read articles on politics and the economy as I’m in the middle of researching and writing an article about the future of the American Economy.

  • Leslie Currie

    I could use the Sony Reader to review all of the research I accumulate during the day for work. It would make my life so much easier! #SonyReader

  • Caroline

    Wish this was available for the Paperwhite!

  • Sheryl

    I would use the #SonyReader for Google Reader blogs, as well as for keeping track of to-do lists and current projects.

  • Paul McGrath

    #SonyReader I would use the SonyReader to read the health care IT articles I highlighted with Evernote while in my browser researching important topics. I commute on a bus so the portability of the reader will be very helpful in doing reading and keeping up with the latest news.

  • La Donna Robinson

    #SonyReader “What kind of content in your Evernote account would you read using the Sony Reader?” I would use my Sony Reader to read, write and edit my first novel.

  • Michael W

    I too would use the #SonyReader for my to-do lists, and info on the go that I keep in my evernote account.

  • Taylor Maloney

    As a full time college student I take a lot of notes. Evernote has been the most helpful tool for me. I would use the #SonyReader to have a more portable way to read notes I have taken as well as notes and articles that I have saved through the amazing technology at Evernote. The partnership between these two products would be so beneficial for me to have in moving towards a higher education.

  • Ben

    I save a LOT of articles in Evernote on a daily basis. I would read many self improvement, personal finance and business articles I typically save in Evernote on the #SonyReader Sometimes I have trouble reading it on the computer and have to print out the articles…this device would just help me become more paperless.

  • David McDanal

    Love to read long web articles and wikipedia pages on the #SonyReader

  • Stefanie Kato

    Research notes and news articles #SonyReader

  • Veronica Fleager

    I would use my #SonyReader to read my class notes for my MBA program. My professors believe in notes and test heavily off of them so to have a device to help me study would be great!

  • Erik


    I’m very enthousiastic about evernote and the things I can do with it! But I mis the functionality in the above blog on my Ipad. Could you please fix this and make it work like the sony reader?

  • Christopher Matthews

    I would use the #SonyReader to read my many e-books and textbooks. I love reading sci-fi novels, spiritual texts, kids books to my kids, .pdf’s, cooking books, and much more, and I love that I don’t have to lug around hundreds of pounds of reference books where I go.

  • Ronald Payne

    I often research in both books and online articles for my freelance work and the #SonyReader would be a godsend with its connection to Evennote.

  • Jo

    #SonyReader would be perfect for reading the books I have in my To Read notebook in Evernote.

    I clip reviews, take note of recommendations and photograph the New Release section in my local bookshop so my reading wishlist is quite extensive.

  • jason lamont

    I would use the reader to look up professional development for becoming an effective teacher.

  • Amir Masoud

    Why only US? I do news this one. What id I pay for shipping if I win 😉 Please 😉

  • Ed

    I would use the #SonyReader to read the long-form journalism I save to my evernote account for later reading.

  • Sam


    I would use Sony reader for my research files. I store a number of articles on Evernote related to my work as a pastor. I like to periodically reread these articles.

    I love Evernote

  • Curtis

    Articles #SonyReader

  • Adam

    I save important business documents to Evernote, and also great articles on management and my hobbies, including cricket, tech/geek stuff and cars. Being able to combine access to that in a distraction free way (as opposed to via browser) with the mighty #SonyReader would be a great business and personal productivity workflow!

  • tedsvo

    I would use it to annotate journal articles for courses in my phd program, which I would keep synced with my Evernote account.

  • Emily

    On the #SonyReader I could actually annotate the notes for my classical mechanics class on the same page in different coordinate systems, for example. Or read several different versions of my own attempts at a problem which I’ve scanned and uploaded for assistance, as I work on my homework. Past homeworks, exams, useful math relations and trig equations. The possibilities are endless.

  • Will Kelly

    I would use the #SonyReader to read job hunting and personal branding articles I clip into Evernote as I was laid off from my day job last month.

  • Tom


    I would read various journals.

  • Wheeler

    I would use the #SonyReader to catch up on web articles for school

  • Mathias

    I would read articles, white papers and the occasional PowerPoint, converted into PDF.

  • David

    I would read business information on the #SonyReader.

  • Sandi

    I would use the #SonyReader for my knitting patterns.

  • Michael Steffens

    I’d annotate articles about computer applications. I teach computers for a living at a public library, and I’m always looking for ways to track all the funky little notes I accmulate about applications. The #SonyReader would be great for associating screen shots with explanations, too! And I might just keep up better with a 365 project I want to do with the books I read on my ereader.

  • Andy

    I’d love it for reading tech articles and white papers I find useful for my job. #SonyReader

  • Vanessa Palomo

    I’m an avid dessert recipe collector so that would be one of the main things I would do on the #SonyReader. Also I love clipping “to buy” items on the web and this would come in handy.

  • Keri

    Is there any way to send the handwritten notes to Evernote, or is the Evernote import strictly limited to text excerpts?

  • Gladys Grimaldo

    i would like to read my books on Sony Reader

  • Phil

    The Sony integration sounds awesome. Just a preview of things to come. I save a lot of multi-page documents to my Evernote account as PDFs which makes for easy reading. #SonyReader

  • Mike Zhang

    Hi! I love ereaders!

  • Scott

    I would use my #SonyReader to ready articles that I tag for studying at work. I love reading on e-ink better than a normal screen.

  • RogueTess

    I would read EVERYTHING from Evernote on a #SonyReader!

  • Harish

    #SonyReader I would prefer to read my technical books and forum articles on sony reader on Evernote.

  • Mark Modesti

    I would definitely use it for research for my new business venture ( bible study notes for the group I lead on Friday mornings, and books, blogs, and Google Reader. The Evernote plug in was something I was envisioning as I read from my android phone recently… interesting!

  • Mike Pags

    Only the best kind! #SonyReader

  • Jefferson Svengsouk

    I would use the #SonyReader to read the writing ideas I’ve captured in my Evernote account.

  • fwest

    I would use it to read my saved newsclips while sitting on my deck in the sun where it’s almost impossible to read on the shiny tablet screen.

  • Colleen Gander

    My husband already makes notes and keeps quotes on his ereader but to integrate this process with Evernote would be a real timesaver. He often refers to quotes from his reading in other work and the ablility to access this research on other devices through Evernote would simplify his life.

  • Liam

    I’d use it to read all the interesting items I star within google reader, (including evernote blog posts) which are automatically added to one of my notebooks.

  • Erica

    Everything! No really this gives so much power to the Sony Reader! It would provide benefits for recreational reading,particularly mystery novels, and academic reading. #SonyReader

  • yahu

    I would use my #SonyReader to prepare/draft all my blog posts; also to collect info for work (as a personal assistant/bookeepper) as well as to read all the books in world!!!!!

  • Kenneth

    I can think of lot’s of ways I would use the #sonyreader to read my Evernote notes, especially since I put practically everything into evernote: scans of smail mail at work (ministry), research notes, recipies, blogs I clipped to read later, articles I’ve been working on, etc., etc., etc.,

  • Grant Bentley

    Sony + Evernote – Make Believe and you Remember Everything #SonyReader

  • Grant Bentley

    I would use the Sony Reader + Evernote Web Clipper to grab some great online short stories and read them anywhere. #SonyReader

  • Kelvin Lau

    I would read ALL of my Evernote notes as needed on my #SonyReader if I won one.

  • Tobias Mann

    I do a lot of research for my classes in College. As a Journalism student I am constantly saving web pages and pdfs to my account. Being able to review my notes and pull highlights into my account would increase my productivity greatly.


  • Carmen

    I have a Tips folder and some notes tagged as #mustread that are longer, helpful notes to read later. It would be so helpful to have a #SonyReader to carry with me to read at times when I am waiting and can catch up on some of these notes (I don’t own a smartphone)

  • Shane Phillips

    #sonyreader. I would read books about evernote,tech and cookbooks

  • elden

    #SonyReader I would use it to read anything I find interesting.

  • Andy Lunsford

    I would use a #SonyReader to study my notes I take in class on my laptop through Evernote and I would use it to read text excerpts I clip from the web to read later.

  • George Frankly

    I currently use Instapaper and prefer to read what I save on my Kindle (the cleverly named “Kindle Keyboard” model). However, in order to manage my articles real-time (i.e., delete the ones I finish and don’t want to archive) I have to use the web interface, which is a bit cumbersome and takes me out of “the zone” when reading. I love the e-ink reading experience, though, as well as the forced single-tasking of a dedicated ereader (as opposed to, say, an iPad or iPhone, where distractions are just a tap away).

    So, long story short: if I had Sony’s ereader, I think Evernote would quickly take a much more prominent role in my article-saving workflow. From the screenshots and description above, it seems like it’s a winning combo!

    Here’s hoping….

  • Coral

    I have a #SonyReader, which I love, but it’s the older Pocket Edition — it takes a few more steps to import content into it.

    It would be great to be able to read articles about web design, specifically library website design, on a Sony Reader. I save a lot of LifeHacker articles that I don’t have time to read right away (I see them when I’m scanning Twitter), and I would also read those via ereader if it were easier. I also volunteer with a wild bird rescue organization, and we have a handbook that I’m supposed to read, plus a really large reference manual. I have both of them imported into Evernote, but I would like to be able to read on an eInk screen!

    Anyway, this is very cool. It’s nice to see two products I already like finding ways to work together better!

  • Safira Alya

    I’d read the summaries i made from the copied articles and news from websites mainly from Wikipedia for my study.#SonyReader

  • Ronald van der Vegt

    #sonyreader . Greatest update feature of the Sony Reader is the Evernote funtion imho. As I tend to forget to read stuff, I’d send article’s to read that I get at work to Evernote and read those later anywhere I can. Best thing about that: Make notes, send back to Evernote, and continue at work. Awesome thing to have!

  • Rene

    #SonyReader. I would read medical content.

  • Brian Tucker

    I would read news articles and product reviews that I save in Evernote on the #SonyReader

  • Dale Rose

    What kind of content in your Evernote account would you read using the Sony Reader? My reference notes and materials primarily, though I imagine almost everything would get read on the Sony Reader eventually! #SonyReader

  • Scott Gillespie

    #SonyReader I would sent all my work reading from various websites so I can read later when I have time.

  • blessedta

    #SonyReader Tips and tricks

  • Kelly Smith

    I would read my shopping list from evernotes on my ereader.

  • Robin Larson

    I would read my first ebook.

  • Marcia Mitchel

    I would read up on my spinal cord injury site info.

  • Frank McManus

    #sonyreader I’d be sending lots of book reviews and articles on politics to the Reader (and lots of quotes from books from the Reader to Evernote!). I could also see myself sending old scanned b/w photos from my childhood, and my wife’s childhod, to the Reader — maybe just because it’d be neat to do!. This is the coolest feature I’ve seen yet on a new Sony Reader, and I’ve been using them for years.

  • Vivian

    I’d use Evernote to read book reviews and other bookish info on the new #SonyReader.

  • John

    #SonyReader – I would love to be able to sync quotes from books to Evernote for writing book reviews and it would be awesome to pull some feeds and the very numerous, long winded articles I have to read for class onto my reader through evernote! I’d be able to get so much more done on the train or bus!

  • JD

    I would use the #SonyReader to view and update all my lists in Evernote.

  • Pat Hoffmeister

    I would use the #SonyReader to surf Evernote.

  • Madelena

    The #SonyReader would be great to read all the articles I keep on evernote about my work and my hobbies! Also, it would be a great tool to review my own texts.

  • Greg Younk

    I would use the #SonyReader to read my reference documentation for the many games while in the heat of adventure or battle. Pause the game, look up the info on the #SonyReader then get back to the game fast! 😀

  • Blake Kaplan

    I’m a journalist and I’d keep up with industry trends if I had one of these bad boys. #SonyReader

  • ddj wright

    I am in the over 55 age range and having difficulty finding a job. I decided since age discrimination is trying to interrupt my life I would use the social media skills I have learned and help the over 55 group set up their social media presence. This also includes the ex-offender population I watch come into the Dept of Labor totally unprepared for this new technology. I have been using my Evernote to clip the articles I have been researching to read and expand my skills at developing social media platforms. I decided if no wants to respond to a knowledgeable well educated professional I could build a business on what I have learned and am learning. The #SonyReader would allow me easier access to reading the material while riding the bus or when I am in bed after my day ends. Like a lot of other Americans I have had to return to my mother’s home and to keep in sync with her schedule I am in bed early with lights out. I write this not for pity but to remind everyone with the election coming there are a lot of people like me educated and off the Labor Department radar still looking to rebuild after the economic mishap. I will be victorious.

  • Tyler Brainerd

    I would use the #sonyreader to read notes, articles, and blog posts.

  • teresa

    #SonyReader I would use the Sony Reeder evernote to read the news,books,and homework assignments.

  • Antonio

    What would I read?
    – History notes
    – Programming code
    – NY Times articles
    The #SonyReader would be so convenient.