Evernote for Android Update: Improved Premium Feature, Simplified Note Editing, a New Widget, and More


Evernote for Android Update: Improved Premium Feature, Simplified Note Editing, a New Widget, and More

Posted by on 18 Oct 2012

Posted by on 18 Oct 2012

Today, Evernote for Android (4.3) gets a bunch of nice new features, including an improved toolbar in the Note Editor, Offline Notebook multi-select for Premium users and redesigned Action Bars for Android tablets. We also added a stretchable widget to our widget app. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

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Premium feature: Easier Offline Notebooks

Offline Notebooks is one of our most popular Premium features. It lets you download as many notebooks as you like directly to your phone or tablet, allowing you to access your notes and any attachments quickly, whether you’re on safari or in a submarine. With this update, we took all the hassle out of taking notebooks offline by letting you select multiple notebooks at once.

To do this, go to your notebook list and tap on one of the following:

  • Android phone: tap the download icon in the bottom Action Bar
  • Android tablet: tap the three dots in the top right corner, then tap Offline Notebooks

You’ll now be taken to the multi-select view. Tap the notebooks that you’d like to keep for offline access. Once you’re done, tap the check mark in the top left of the screen. Your notebooks will begin downloading in the background.

Evernote Premium: There are lots of other great reasons to consider Evernote Premium, including 1GB of monthly uploads, faster support, PDF search, and more. Upgrade your account today.

Simplified Note Editor Toolbar

The Note Editor toolbar on Android got a lot cleaner with this update. We took out everything that wasn’t actually related to editing and put it into the Action Bars along the top of the note. Use the toolbar to style your text and to organize it with bullets, lists and checkboxes. You can even hide the toolbar by tapping on the arrow.

We moved things like adding attachments and audio recordings into the big “+” in the Action Bar. If you’d like to add tags or choose a notebook, simply tap on the three dots.

Android Tablets: Smarter Action Bars

Android Tablet users now get context aware Action Bar options. You’ll notice that the actions in the bar change depending on which panel is currently open. For example, if you’re in the Notebook List, an arrow will appear beneath Notebooks. Tap the Action Bar label to show a menu of sorting and grouping options. The same is true for Tags and All Notes views.

The New Grid Widget

Evernote has a separate widget app available from Google Play that lets you create new notes right from your device’s desktop. The new Grid Widget is designed to fit perfectly on any sized screen.

After downloading the widget app, tap and hold on your device’s desktop. Next, choose the Evernote Grid Widget. Select the note types and functions that you’d like the widget to display. The widget will now appear on your screen. To re-size the widget, tap and hold it until you see a frame appear. Drag the frame to match the dimensions you want.

More to come

As always, there are lots of additional improvements under the hood that make the app faster and more reliable. We hope you like the newest Evernote for Android. We have lots more to come.

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  • Ed Ritchie

    Happy with all these changes!

  • David Varela

    Nice, now it’s not that much inferior from the iOS app.

    • Anton

      Are you kidding? I use both versions and iOS Evernote is far inferior compared to this.

  • Jack

    Please bundle the widget with the app like most everyone else does. No need for separate apps.

    • Dave Beauvais

      I believe they separate them into different apps because some users wish to move the large main app to their device’s SD card. Android widgets cannot be loaded from SD storage and must be installed to main storage.

    • Marcel

      In the first versions of evernote the app and the widget were bundled. After many asking of users they have added the “feature” to devide them in to 2 separate parts to be more flexible in saving memory:

      1. Not all users want to have a widget.
      2. As far as I know now, the most imoportant thing is that you are now able to use app2sd for phones with small internal memory. This is not possible when combining the app with the widget because the memory of widgets can’t be moved with app2sd.

    • Me

      Yes there really is. If you bundle them together you can no longer move Evernote to the sdcard.

  • Aaron

    No smart camera? 🙁

  • Dave Beauvais

    I like the improvements to the app and the simplified formatting toolbar. I will continue to use the older “Evernote Small” widget, as it can pack more buttons into the same space. I’d love to see THAT widget gain the ability to be resized if I hide one or more of its buttons!

    Great update as always. I look forward to the page camera in a future update!

    • xavier

      Thanks for the nice feedback!

  • peta

    whats with page cam for all those moleskin smartbook lovers and handwriting recognition fans?

    • xavier

      That’s on our list.

  • Ernie

    Will this work on the Kindle Fire? I can’t find a version newer than 4.2.1.

    • xavier

      It should work on KF. We are looking into this problem now.

  • icoco

    Evernote is one of the few apps I know that are much nicer on Android than iOS. Come on guys, send some of your Android designers over to your iOS team. 😉

  • jo

    Still yearning for the option to drag key notes to the top as in desktop version.

    • xavier

      Thanks for the feedback, that’s on our wish list too.

  • Bobby

    When are we getting the page camera so we can use the Moleskine notebooks?????

    • xavier

      That’s on our list, but we don’t provide ETA.

  • Aileen

    I have been using this app for a couple of months now. I was a faithful Note-one user previously. I also just learned how to use tags due to your app, I honestly don’t know how I have existed without using them before.

    I am not sure if this happened with this Android upgrade or Web Clipping, but don’t like that I now have to take more steps to add a tag when I am clipping from a website. It used to be in the toolbar of the note being saved. Maybe in the future we could choose what goes in the toolbar?

    Also, I would like to be able to save the whole page instead of just the link, so I do not have to re-download it when I go to my computer (or maybe there is a way and I don’t know how?).


    • xavier

      If you use Evernote’s web clipper, you should be able to tag the note from within the clipper.
      That’s the fastest way to do it.

  • Michael

    Page Camera? Where is Page Camera? Can you at least provide some estimate or, at a very minimum, a confirmation that it is coming?

    • xavier

      This is on our wish list, but we don’t give ETA.

  • Jiunjiun Ma

    Now the only thing I wish for is the penultimate on android.


  • mohamed

    +10 Michael
    Its good to hear that there is same updates for the android Evernote. but we still not able to use moleskines notebooks!

  • Nadya De Angelis

    What happened to the *, that allowed to save the note and to continue editing? Why is it gone?

    • xavier

      We moved it under the “more” menu (the 3 dots button) since you shouldn’t need to save very often, but only from time to time when editing a very large note.

  • PR

    Why is there still no reminder option for your notes? This is such a simple feature that would be so useful!

  • Carherine

    Unfortunately the update means Ive got much less note visible on my screen (Galaxy Ace) or so it seems… Tick top left ten green notebook name then note name….so barely any actual note visible…

  • Scott

    Please add the tag button back on the bottom toolbar. My threemost used features on the editing page are ccheck boxes, tags, and the done button. I can deal with the change to the done button, but please give me my tags button.

  • Daniel LeRoy

    -Thanks for the update! One thing I appreciate is you guys are always rolling out new updates.

    I’m always trying to squeeze Evernote into other parts of my life. I’m ordering a Galaxy Note 2 and am anxious to see how the large screen befits my Evernote lifestyle.

  • A.S.Bhasker Raj

    Evernote is one of the most useful apps which has multiple applicatpions unheard of.
    Every one should have this on their systems.
    I have Installed on my smart phone, laptop and my tablet.
    Will be experimenting this app and will learn more about this app

    A. S. Bhasker Raj

  • Steve Q

    Can I have the “done” button back where it was? I don’t like the “+” symbol either…makes me think extra.Thank you.

  • Kristal

    Love, love, love Evernote!
    A highlighter would be a wonderful addition to the toolbar.

  • joshua

    Is it possible to have your lists actually appear as a list in the widget? Why do the bullet points or numbers disapear and turn your list into one long wrapping sentence?

  • LGR

    Hi there,

    great update. One thing I can`t seem to figure out is this: On Android, I want to create a note in a shared notebook. For example, say i am browsing on my phone, I want to clip a website to a shared notebook. When I use the Android contextual Share menu, I then select Evernote, and I am given the choice of notebook to use – but none of the notebooks shared with me are available.

    However, if I try creating a new note in a shared notebook directly from the app, this is possible.

    My qestion: is it possible to create a new note in a shared notebook directly from the Android Share menu?